So, You Want To Be A Janitor?

If you are contemplating a career in the custodial arts, you will need to understand and operate a wide array of sophisticated equipment, everything from brooms and dustpans to today’s cutting-edge mop-wringing technology.  But no weapon in your arsenal of cleanliness is as useful as the Dust Kitty, which can crawl into tight dusty spaces other tools can’t reach. So remember: Keep your Dust Kitty handy!

Is that a kitten in your pocket or ... wait, we did that already.

For more information, consult your career counsellor Chelsea W.



  1. Make sure your Dust Kitty’s tail is well floofed up for those awkward corners.

  2. Dis is how we keep our Dust Kittehs handy for snorgles and scritches and huffing, in case we does not need them for getting into tight corners where they THINK they can fit and then need help to get out of.

  3. Cutie patootie sooty kitty.

  4. Dis particular dust kitteh is not quite at the “I-can-put-my-entire-hand-around-your-ribcage” stage. Dis one is more like “You-can-tewtally-fit-inside-my-hand” size, and may be a dust kitteh-in-training.

  5. oh I am *SO* tagging this “Pocket Pets” right now

  6. May I humbly suggest the category “Pets in Pants”? If no one has done it yet, of course.

    [ *SCHNERCK* – Ed.]

  7. Wait, there’s more! New feline cleaning technology can be found at

  8. I want a pocket kitten! I won’t use it for dusting, though.

  9. Hmmm – kitteh in pocket, raccoon in pants – I’m sensing a theme here.

  10. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    watch those claws though, YIKES! hehe *SMOOOCH!*

  11. These are especially handy for taking out killer Dust Bunnies!

  12. Which would you rather have all over your credenza – dust or cat fur?

  13. One of my childhood kittehs was named Duster because she used to climb behind the stove and refrigerator and come out with cobwebs dripping from her whiskers.

  14. I have to keep telling myself I can’t afford a kitten right now. Y’all aren’t helping. :-p

  15. berthaservant says:

    Best. Pants. Ever.

  16. Oh I dunno, I like the Ringtail Riders in the previous post too…

  17. Wait where is the pocket kitty protector…. every one should have one.

  18. Yes folks these cargo pants have the new ultra hip kitten pocket added to their versatile and utilitarian design. No longer will you be left hunting for your kitten it will be close at hand.=, in it’s very own pocket.

  19. NTMTOM, you should post the swiffer kitty video I submitted yesterday, goes perfectly with this! 😀

  20. NTMTOM, you should totally post that Swiffer Kitty video I submitted last night! Goes perfectly with the theme!

  21. Yeah we want the swiffer kitty!

  22. ::subtly hands a $20 to Annie::

  23. One important note for would-be janitors: do not put your Dust Kitty in the same pocket as your knifewrench.

  24. @ Alex, booyah “Scrubs” reference! You rock.

  25. The big kitty-witty can be on vermin control too!

  26. Gail (the first one) says:

    I thought the KITTEH was the Environmental Engineer until I read all the way through!

  27. Gail (the first one) says:

    Can I axe you computer expert-types a question?

    How come sometimes when I click on “Comments” from the main page, it opens a new window and sometimes it doesn’t?

    (I now return you to your regularly scheduled Dust Kitty comments.)

  28. I’m waiting for someone to make a comment along the lines of of a gun-slinger twirling his gun around his finger, and then jamming the gun in the holster – only with a kitten.

    Personally, I’d use a concealed shoulder rig for my kitten.

  29. Gail1 — that is one of the arcane mysteries of TypePad, utterly unknowable to all but a very few highly secretive webmonkeys in darkest Silly Valley, who both direct and record its development.

    It is a slow but steady saga.

  30. Now we only need a couple hundred more kitty heads and we have Flea’s animal-pants again!

  31. I tried holstering mine once….it must have been defective, ‘cuz it wouldn’t stay in my pocket!

  32. Gail, it’s an Explorer thing, too. It never happens to me on Firefox.

    I’m staying with a Dust Kitty this week, except that he gets his dust from outside. I think he’s slowly migrating the entire yard (all humpty-leven acres of it) into the house.

  33. CO Instructubuls:
    1 kitteh, long haired, smallish
    1 can Endust
    1 ping-pong ball

    While covering eyes of kitteh, spray lightly with Endust. Toss ping-pong ball under furniture.

    Kitteh is self-cleaning unless quite young, then mom-kitteh will reset kitteh to clean state.

    You may find it necessary to use more than one kitteh at a time. In this case make sure to have plenty of ping-pong balls on hand.

  34. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Theo & Auntie Mame: Thanks!!!

  35. Well, in Firefox, I usually get a new tab, though not a new window. You can set your IE to do the same thing.

  36. I would also like to point out that you may be in different browsers… I have this problem with agents in our real estate office… some of their computers have both explorer and firefox on them and so they open in different browsers thus getting different results
    Explorer always opens a new windo unless you set it to open in a new tab and firefox doesn’t. sometimes I forget I am in Firefox and close the whole window and have to log back in.

    And before some one says but Firefox is better. Some of the applications that I use at work for online transactions do not work in Fire fox so I am often in explorer there while at home I prefer firefox.

  37. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    NotElvis: that’s one lazy cat!! Cute!!

  38. AuntieMame says:

    I’ve tried to set IE to NOT open it in a new anything, and it ignores me. But then, most Microsoft products do whatever they want, regardless of what you’ve told them.

    [Yeah, I feel your pain. I spent many years coaxing MS Office & Server software into line. To be fair, I was usually able to get it to behave, but it’s not a trivial thing… – Ed.]

  39. the bug man says:

    Les and his Ping-Pong ball: That’s hilarious.

    NTMTOM: Do I detect a “Breakfast Club” reference? (Did I just reveal that I’m about to turn 35 tomorrow?)

  40. Kitty is the eyes and ears of this school.

  41. Happy Birthday the Bug Man! Many happy returns of the day!

  42. *checks pants pockets for Duster Kitteh and doesn’t find one*

    I must have defective pockets… I’ll go change pants and try again!

  43. Awww. I never find anything like this in my pockets. Old tissues, yes. Cute tiny kitties, no.
    JL Sigman – my sympathies, I’m in exactly the same posish right now. Sigh. WANT KITTEN!

  44. Bug Man, you’re a mere larva.

  45. PS For some reason this reminds me of what my mom says when she has her hands full, and someone wants her to do something else: “OK, put a broom up my butt and I’ll sweep the floor.”

  46. Theresa- or is he s pupa? Hmm, maybe he’ll tell us, unless he is in his chrysalis.
    HEY Birthday Bug Man! Are you old enough to pupate?

  47. Is her name Polly,by any chance ? if kitty is a girl,that is.

  48. I hope kitty does’nt do what pens sometimes do in our pockets,haha

  49. Katrina, now that you mention it, he might be a nymph!

  50. EEEEE! He’s smaller than my hamster! ^_^

  51. Theresa- one-upped again! You know if he is here at CO, he IS a nymph! Nice call!

  52. Can’t help but wonder if pantswearer was trying to sweep and said kitty kept getting in the way, so he scooped him up and put him in his pocket so he could finish.

  53. hamster-on-rye says:

    bug man…you’re a no-see-em.
    Also…35 is the new “Young and Restless”.

  54. Talk about Kitten in your Pocket…
    HAHA, what a knee slapper.
    *sighs then walks away*

  55. NotElvis–thanks for info about “feline cleaning
    technology”..but, y’know…I read feline as
    “female”…nearly aspirated
    my carrot-ginger soup…