Turkey Dinner for Turkeys

People, if you want an alternative to your turkey Thanksgiving dinner check out, Adopt-a-Turkey.com.


Check out these adoptable dudes, stuffing themselves!


Nommity nommity nommity


Jeanette P. way to pour on the guilt like gravy. Thanks.



  1. OK, I’m in! Thanksgiving for all!

  2. EPIC NUFFEST IN 3… 2… 1…

  3. As well as stuffing themselves, do they self baste?

  4. Masterfully!

  5. Theo, thats naughty.

    [Let he who is without sin baste the first… um, never mind – Ed.]

  6. I give thanks for Cute Overload! Thanks for talking about the Thanksgiving for the Turkeys dinner, which sounds like such a fun and positive event. Look at the beaks on those turkeys, btw–evidence of “debeaking” by the turkey processors. So sad. Go, little turkeys! Snap up those cranberries and dig into that pie! 🙂 P.S. Turkeys aren’t the prettiest animals, but don’t their wattles look like red neckerchiefs in these pictures? Perfect so they don’t get punkin on their vests.

  7. Psilopathic says:

    I love the top two photos- definite flufferkin material, therefore suitable for a long life of feastingks and attentions. I love this post, it makes me happy I’m a vegetarian.

  8. I’m feeling quite smug for being a veggie, too, Psilopathic. They look so happy! Chomp away, Turkingtons!

  9. Kristabelle says:

    Mmm, turkey lurkey!

    I feel conflicted eating meat anymore. It’s hard to divorce myself from the living, breathing animal anymore… and yet, MMMMM, Turkey!

  10. I wonder if they can somehow create meat without having to create a head connected to it. 😦

  11. stuffing themselves. ha!

  12. platedlizard says:

    Cute! but it won’t stop me from eating one this Thursday, they taste too good!

  13. I bought my Tofurkey, DID YOU???

  14. @Dave: scientists are hard at work “growing” meat in the lab:

    Bone-less Appetit!

    P.S. Love the turkeys in the pie-eating contest. Go you gobblers, go!

  15. I’m sensing extreme disapproval from the turkey in the top right pic. Perhaps disapproving turkeys need their own website and book…

  16. warrior rabbit says:

    That top right turkey seems very disgruntled about the whole affair. Sheesh. Gives bunnies a run for their money!

    I like nommity nommity, it has a nice sound to it. I think it might be better than nom nom nom. Discuss.

  17. warrior rabbit says:


  18. Janet in Cambridge says:

    Notice that the turkeys in the upper left pic and the bottom have been debeaked–an awful part of being a creature bred to provide meat. How can something treated like that taste good? Be a vegan!!

  19. I never thought turkeys could be cute — guess I was wrong!

    I wish they’d provide information on the organization’s website about finding cruelty-free meat. Not everyone wants to be vegetarian, but I’m sure lots of people would be open to finding local, free-range meat instead of poor debeaked turkeys.

  20. (fighting urge for a Palin joke)

    Check out this article on turkey-free turkeys:


    There’s more than Tofurky out there. Personally, I blame the 7th Day Adventists and their pioneering faux-meat ways. I am totally hooked on the (Morningstar) spicy black bean burgers.

  21. Kelthulu – They do talk about free-range and organic meat here:


    Apparently, not as great as you might think. I assume they are still killed in the same way, which is the main reason I try to avoid meat. No turkey for me this Thanksgiving!

  22. nommity v. nom nom? I kind of use these terms differently from one another… But it’s too difficult to explain.

  23. Yea, Happy Turkeys! I’ve been a vegetarian for 21 years, and am happier for it. There are free-range turkeys out there for those who would like to eat a turkey without the cruelty it endures at a factory farm. (My meat-eating-and-loves-it husband has considerably cut down his meat-eating because I cook vegetarian meals. He even likes fake chicken nuggets and Boca burgers, but doesn’t think they taste like meat.)

  24. oh you guys, having your thanksgiving all the way over here, so weird. (shakes head) turkeys look funny and i’d rather have salmon or lasagne for thanksgiving, like the one we have in october….

  25. warrior rabbit says:

    I guess technicaly nom nom is a verb and nommity is a… noun.

    “EPIC NUFFEST”… Except at first I read that as a superlative, you know, as in mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the nuffest of them all.

    Yes, I’m expecting a nuff fest, too, although so far so tame. Let the holiday season commence! Better go look at the licky licky Druncle kitteh again just to be safe.

  26. Um, just read about Adopt-a-Turkey at the website… forget about free range turkeys!

  27. temperance says:

    i don’t really like tofurkey- i prefer a good ol’ Quorn Turk’y Roast (baked in a roasting bag with lots of veggies, dried fruit and nuts): http://www.quorn.us/cmpage.aspx?pageid=462&productid=146

    nommity nom nom nom…

  28. I’m still debating whether to have any of the turkey this Thanksgiving (I gave up poultry last month). That turkey in the upper right-hand corner is not helping!!! He’s very disappointed in me, I can tell.

    Oh, well. So long as I can have my candied sweet potatoes and stuffing balls. OM NOM NOM.

  29. if they keep eating all that pie, i wont need to make desert. i can get it all at once.

  30. plaid-shirt pyrate says:

    The spouse and I were adopted two years ago by a free-range group of turkeys.

    They showed up on a Tuesday, and basically never left. They roost atop our greenhouse frame, or in the trees. We provide cracked corn and sunflower seeds and water. They wander at will on our property.

    As my mom put it: Those are the smartest, luckiest turkeys ever — they found the only vegetarians in (insert rural community name here)!

    One of the hens has become so tame that she’ll actually come in the house. She knows where the container of corn is, and she’ll stand there til you open it, then she’ll stick her head in and start scarfing down food like mad. Unnerves the cats, though. “Big Bird, in our House! AAAAHHHH!”

    Hey Temperance — I’d like more info on your technique for your Quorn turkey roast. We’ve got one in the freezer and are looking forward to baking it on Thursday. Your technique sounds yummy!

  31. I guess that’s a good way to fatten them up before the big day.

  32. Thanks so much for posting this! In 2007 271,000,000 turkeys were killed for food. And they didn’t have to. Go veg for this Thanksgiving!

  33. TamaraRose says:

    Uhhmmm, I’m really sorry…but there is absolutely nothing cute about those critters…..

  34. It really doesn’t matter if they’re cute or not; no living being has to die so humans can eat. Just my humble opinion folks… obvy you can do whatever you feel is right.

  35. SarahMonster711 says:

    Vegetarian approved!

  36. @Plaid-shirt Pyrate: Nothing is as unnerving as “prey” that’s five times your size.

  37. temperance says:

    plaid-shirt pyrate: there’s a basic recipe for it on back of the box, i just like to add extra stuff: cut-up potatoes, corn, carrots, red onions, garlic, something green, dried cherries, and pecans.

    my favorite ‘stuffing’ is a special k loaf (the kind without cottage cheese).


  38. Mmmmm turkey. I’m okay with these guys not being cute. But they sure are yummy.

  39. vigilant20 says:

    I hate when this comes up everything thanksgiving. What a terrible thing to waste money on when there are starving children and needy families out there (and yes, I’m a vegetarian but not the people hating sort).

  40. I still think they’re ugly enough to eat. But you folks are a month late, thanksgiving was B4 hallowe’en! (canadian eh?)

  41. How about an extra helping of guilt? See in that last pic, how one of the turkeys looks a little bluish-gray? Their head and necks turn bluish like that when they’re alarmed or frightened.

  42. DaytimeDeb says:

    Thank goodness you didn’t post the pictures of the Turkeys being interviewed. While they were happy about living, the guy in the background was firing up a woodchipper. I didn’t see any trees….

    (Can’t believe I’m the first to make a Sara Palin reference.)

  43. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Yummy and cute, nice!

  44. Dexter Fishmore says:

    I’ve adopted, bitchez!

    (I’m a sucker for crap like this.)

    Yayy, I get to feel unconflicted on Thanksgiving again. Not because I’m a vegetarian or ethically superior in any way. Just because I’m a bachelor who’s incapable of preparing any meal more complicated than dry cereal and bourbon (the Thanksgiving dinner of champions!).

  45. David Harmon says:

    Not very turkeyish, but I was playing with the Gender Analyzer (http://www.genderanalyzer.com)… and when I fed it Cute Overload’s URL, I got:

    “An error occurred
    Sorry, we can only classify web pages written in english”

    Maybe a little too much LOLspeak? 😉

  46. Just another crazy animal rights group wanting us to all become unhealthy vegetarians like them.

  47. Quinadal — spoken like a true red-blooded moron.

  48. Those turkey guys totally look like Skeksis!

    [Hmm, I bet you’re right, and turkeys are what inspired the design for the Muppet Workshop peeps, at least partly… – Ed.]

  49. Turkeys eat pie and cranberries? I didn’t know that. I’m learning things on CO.

    We bought lobster tails for Thanksgiving…so we’ve saved a turkey. It will be a disappointment to our cats though. They loved turkey leftovers.

  50. Janice the Cat Lady says:

    I was there! The Celebration for the Turkeys was incredible. The turkeys were every bit as cute as they look in the pics. 🙂 They gobbled in excitement and then gobbled up loads of pumpkin pie, cranberries, and other goodies. The birds’ welfare was the first priority, and they were surprisingly calm at being watched by better than a hundred people. If they were excited it was from rushing to the unexpected offering of tasty goodness!

  51. Turkeys are “jolie laide.”

  52. with those pics the turkeys aren’t getting any sympathy from me.

    i’m sure their mothers love them.

  53. I can still say they’re not cute and not be an animal hater right?
    What if I say they’re not cute and then eat tofurkey for T-day?
    The neck just creeps me out

  54. I second the Quorn Turk’y Roast. So damn delicious you’ll never miss again miss the real thing. Seriously, Quorn is god’s gift to veggies! It is from heaven. FACT.

  55. berthaservant says:

    I’m thankful that most of us are able to make choices about what we want to eat. Many people in this world are not so lucky.

    Animals eat animals. If you choose not to, good for you. Please respect others who disagree with you, that’s all I ask.

  56. scooterpants says:

    but, but, but, if they eat corn and stuff, doesnt that make THEM vegetarian, and if THEY are vegetarian, doesnt that make it ok for a vegetarian to eat one…of…them…hmmmm.

  57. plaid-shirt pyrate says:

    @Theresa — Oh, but there are a few things that unnerve the cats even more than indoor turkeys. For example:

    1. Rocks that walk. These would be our African Spurred Tortoises. The cats cannot figure out why those rocks get up and move around by themselves.

    2. Snakes. The odd snake on the property really freaks them out. And the cornsnake we have as a pet just flummoxes them.

    Turnabout is fair play, I guess. We get to unnerve them to make up for all the times they’ve annoyed us….

  58. I’m not sure what the point is to comment about how ugly any animal is? Does it make someone feel better? And if so, why? It just seems like a pointless endeavor.

    I’ve seen some ugly and A LOT of cat-boring stuff here on CO (lol!), but I just move along. No need to dwell on the obvious sometimes. Personally these turkeys enjoying a feast puts a smile on my face and like others not a little guilt. Geez.

  59. That sure looks like an easier way to make a punkin pie. Just slop a big splodge of filling in a pie plate and slap some cranberries on the top.

  60. Hey now, there’s a crust. C’mon. Pie is as pie does.

  61. Hooray!

    I’m celebrating my 9th year of adopting a Farm Sanctuary turkey! This year it’s Apollo.

    Tofurkey for ALL, I say!!

  62. Farm Sanctuary is great! Thanks!

  63. Janice the Cat Lady says:

    Mr. Disapproving McTurkeysons in the upper right has me giggling, don’t know why. 🙂 We def need a Disapproving Turkeys page!

  64. Berthaservant, the turkeys would be thankful if you made the ethical choice! You recognize that meat-eating is a choice, and not some irreversible instinct, so there’s a start.

  65. I couldn’t resist adopting a turkey after seeing those pictures! I wish I could have adopted more!!!

  66. If we all turned vegetarian and stopped killing animals for food, we’d just have to start killing them for population control. There is nothing ethically wrong with eating meat.

  67. Amen, AuntieMame, pass the gravy, wouldja? 😉

  68. CUTE turkey! (as far as turkey cuteness goes)

    Sorry but I’m NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    going to give up turkey diner!!!
    but they are still trying to do a good thing….
    🙂 Momo 🙂

  69. The Quorn Turk’y Roast is the BEST. I’m making two of them and six different sides this Thanksgiving… mmmmm.

  70. It’s sad that because an animal isn’t cute, some people then feel better about eating them. *sigh*

    Being a vegetarian feels so good. <3

    I can now look at these creatures in peace, I don’t eat them!

  71. Btw, *I* think they’re adorable!! 🙂

  72. Oh, and AuntieMame, chickens/ turkeys/ cows/ etc… don’t breed that much in the “wild”. That’s why they call it factory farming, they produce large volumes of animals using as little space as possible to make the maximum profit.
    Many vegetarians don’t object to the meat itself, just to meat raised in inhumane ways.

  73. i was just thinking earlier how fairly nice and friendly folks were keeping this particular turkey and i was all ready to chortle to theo how wrong he was- please don’t take that away from me.

    some of you like to eat meat, some of you don’t. but can’t we all agree that- in our current world situation- if everyone would have just one vegan meal a day it would take quite a load off of mother earth and give more fish & grains for the hungry to eat, yes?

  74. Om nom nom turkey.

  75. My cat prefers turkey, not tofu or any substitute. The only way to get hom to take medicine, get his claws trimmed, lure him back after an escape to the outside is with a reward of bit of non-nitrate containing turkey lunchmeat (Healthy Choice). Turkeys, chickens, pigs, and cows (and more) are for eating.

    I agree there is nothing ethically wrong with eating meat. I have seen animals killed on my in-laws farm right before the meat went to the oven. It was handled with quiet compassion. I believe the majority of small farms handle their animals in similar fashion. The farmers know the meat tastes better if the animal does not get scared.

    I will never give up meat. I’ve tried eating a balanced diet without it a few times years ago out of curiosity and didn’t feel good at all. I think some bodies adjust well to a vegetarian diet. Mine definitely doesn’t. I get terrible headaches besides if I don’t eat beef at least every other day. I am allegeric to so mmany foods that meat forms a central part of my diet.

    Turkeys, yum!

  76. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    I don’t bash vegetarians, why must vegetarians bash us? 😦 Agreed BerthaServant, we should respect each other’s choices.

  77. I’d eat em. And I also think they are cute!

  78. Gail (the first one) says:

    I was working in the North Bay (San Francisco) area a few years ago and I got to see wild turkeys somewhat close-up. They would be standing by the windows of the building, admiring themselves, apparently. One morning, their feathers were fluffed up and they looked just like Thanksgiving table decorations!! SO CUTE!!

    I’m not sure we have enough Disapproving Turkeys for a new category—-BUT, I think there could be an “Animal Disapproval” section, so we could capture the Non-Bunneh examples! (My kitteh Daisy had an extremely disapproving expression earlier….if only I’d had the camera ready!)

  79. We used to have a black turkey they are pretty cute in person ..Make that in turkey. He was fun and cute and funny and we miss him his name was Otis P. redneck for obvious reasons.
    BTW fowl (Turkeys, Chickens etc) are not vegetarian they eat bugs and toads and frogs and any other little creatures they can catch.
    WE have free range Chickens. They are great at keeping the bug population at bay.

  80. temperance says:

    i’m jealous of your ‘organic’ bug control annie- i wish i could have some free range chickens for my garden but i fear the feral cats of my neighborhood would make short work of ’em. they’re all fixed and well-fed but still enjoy a good hunting expedition.

    i’ve heard guinea hens are pretty ornery though, maybe they’d be a good choice?

  81. Thermoregulator says:


    You may not bash veggies but many people do. Any time I see a comment “I’ll never give up turkey,” or “Yum!”, or the like, on a site where there are vegetarians posting, it’s like a slap in the face every time. Anyway, cute turkeys! Happy Thanksgiving, all 🙂

  82. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    well people more than likely say things like “YUM” as a defense mechanism because statements like “the turkeys would be thankful if you made the ethical choice” is a slap in the face to the people that make the choice to eat meat. And I don’t feel the least bit unethical because I eat meat. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  83. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    I won’t comment again, I promise LOL 🙂 DONE.

  84. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Ducks, for instance really enjoy eating slugs. They look so cute with all that slime hanging from their beaks. (Am I helping at all?)

    Just think of all those poor carrots and other vegetables getting eaten alive by humans. 😦

    Any nuffs left? No? Good.

  85. Anonymous Coward says:

    this is getting hazy, so bare with me: in the 80’s, i think, the wall street journal had a bit on an accidental fad re. pet turkeys.

    the whole thing started when a ~recently immigrated asian family received a live turkey for thanksgiving. they did not know what to do with it (they did not know it was to be eaten), so they kept it as a pet.

    apparently, turkeys of the era (mid-late 80s iirc) were not too bright and could amuse themselves with the most inane things. they would pull hand-rags down and stare at them for hours or some such things.

    i’ll have to track it down and see what i could post from this article, unless someone beats me to it. the article was quite entertaining.

    hmm. ‘wall street journal’ and ‘entertaining’ usually don’t go together. oh, well.

  86. totalee puppy says:

    I really liked the Thanksgiving feast for
    turkeys…something about

  87. Holly Bees says:

    yay for the farm sanctuary plug! w00t!

  88. Oh my goodness. They’re so ugly, they’re cute! I still eat turkey, but we get a heritage turkey every year – helps keep the original breeds going. Also, they’re raised like real turkeys with room to ‘graze’ and don’t have those big, heavy breasts for the white meat. They are also extremely tasty, better than any of those freaky hormone laden ones.

  89. Hi, I’m CG and I’m a turkey eater.

    Dig the turkeys at the pie. That’s how I feel, but they won’t let me stick my face in there.

  90. hamster-on-rye says:

    Turkeys are cute! I’d rather spend time with a
    turkey than with some of my
    relatives. Happy Thanksgiving!

  91. I just adopted a turkey for Thanksgiving! Thank you CO and Farm Sanctuary!

  92. We visited Farm Sanctuary (where the turkeys are from) last summer and it was the best vacation we’ve ever had.

    The turkeys were so sweet and funny and they loved to be stroked under their wings! They followed us around, just like dogs, just to see what we were doing.

    Thanks for posting them!!

  93. And back in reality-land:


    (not suitable for sensitive viewers)

  94. lucy's mommeh says:

    Temperence, yes, guinea fowl are to be respected.
    Throw a couple of geese in the mix, the cats won’t bug them!

  95. Anyone else notice how like dinosaurs they look? You can really see the pterodactyl (or whatever) genes in these birdies. Btw this is not intended as a value judgement on their aesthetic or culinary appeal, before any nuffers jump on me.
    ANYhoo…Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the US of A, carnivores and veggies all!

  96. Hey you don’t have to give up meat entirely. We should all try to eat less of it though, because of its environmental impact. Less doesn’t mean never or even rarely. It just means less.

    Besides, the five a day of recommended fruits and vegetables takes up a LOT of room.

  97. Where can I get a Q’uorn
    turkey roast? Yes, I will
    check at the supermarket.

  98. The recommended fruits and vegetables is a ridiculous amount, just like the grains amount. Meat and animal products should be the basis of a healthy eating plan and most grains should be eliminated, just like sugar.

  99. Anything that’s from PETA should be ignored totally, since they’re nothing but an insane animal rights group that does nothing but lie and support terrorist groups like ALF.

  100. Run! Those cranberries are a trap!

  101. Just say no to factory farming.
    This is my 13th Tofurky Thanksgiving!

  102. I petted a wild turkey. omg they are so softy! And their heads are sort of spongy. *pets turkeys* *eatz moar veggie stuffing*

  103. temperance says:

    cachorro- i put up a link for Quorn in my first comment- if you go to their site you can type in your zip code and they’ll tell you where they’re sold in your area.

    thanks for the advice lucy’s mommeh. i will certainly look into it. a couple of geese would be just ducky for me…

  104. Having been pescetarian for a year now, my new year’s resolution is to go vegetarian. I’m making a headstart and started being vegetarian a week ago. It feels good. No living thing will die so that I can eat.

  105. No living animal, you mean.

  106. Thank you so much for putting this up! I love when CuteOverload (my favorite site ever) put up something animal rights or animal welfare related.

    I agree with one poster above- eating animals in a choice, not a requirement. I just can’t justify suffering if its not necessary.

  107. Hermesthecat says:

    This seems like it could be a farm sanctuary event. Every year we adopt a turkey from the farm sanctuary to help with the food and upkeep for the duration of it’s natural life. This year our turkey is a survivor of the 2006 airline disaster where turkeys were shipped on an airplane for thanksgiving and then they were all assumed dead because of problems in the cargo hold, so they were crushed, but they weren’t all dead. It was horrific.

  108. Amazing!

    These look like good alternatives to me if you want a turkey free thanksgiving:




  109. Although I don’t tend to find birds cute in the same way I would, say, marmosets, I still think it’s adorable to see them having their feast. I love when humans cook for their animal companions (like Lucy the hamster).

    As for food choices, can’t we all just do what feels right for us and refrain from proselytizing? That goes for both the “go vegan!” folks and the “farm animals are *for* eating” bunch. I feel good about being near-vegetarian, but I would never try to pressure others into doing the same – especially since I myself am a lot *less* likely to do something if I feel like people are guilting me into it. I think most of us are more inspired by those who lead by example than by those who feel a constant need to tell everyone else what to do.

    Now I’m going to follow my own advice and step off the soapbox. Who wants to sing the marmoset song with me?

  110. Thanks for posting the info, CO – donating to something like this is a nice way to start the Holiday season.

  111. We’ve completely cut out the turkey and cook only the usual “side” (vegetarian) dishes. We call it Thanks, Earth day. And just like everyone else we go to sleep stuffed to the brim and totally satisfied and thankful.

  112. I don’t think looks matter when it comes to judging the worthiness of a creature.

    [This part, I get. – Ed.]

    Cute is a prerogative. Being alive is not.

    […huh? If you mean being alive is more important than being cute, then OK. – Ed.]

  113. Lucy's Mommeh says:
  114. thats heartwarming. i was reading farm sanctuary stories the other day and started bawling.. they do beautiful work.

    p.s… tofurkey is way more delicious than i remember turkeys ever being!

  115. BabyOpossum says:

    I too have just adopted a turkey, marking what I think will be a new Thanksgiving tradition for me. I can’t wait to receive his/her photo so I can proudly stick it on my fridge!

    I agree the Quorn Turk’y Roast is quite good (though not vegan, just FYI). I always like the side dishes and pie best anyway, so I don’t miss the bird one bit. 🙂

    Thanks for the post, CO!

  116. These turkeys may not be the “cutest” animals on this site, but they are still creatures worthy of respect. This is what happens to most turkeys who wind up on the table:

  117. Josh Beater says:

    One has to wonder how much of the CSPI anti-quorn effort is funded by the meat industry. One look at their “science research” list clearly shows that they are basing their attack against the product almost entirely on anecdotal evidence.

  118. Yay, turkeys!

    Turkeys are the friendliest animals I’ve come across. I guess that’s why they’ve had a reputation for being stupid – no matter who you are, friend or hunter, they’ll walk right up to you and start barking and demanding attention!

    Yes, they bark, not gobble 🙂
    There used to be an excellent brand of fake turkey, UnTurkey, but unfortunately the brand went out of business. I guess it’s Tofurky for me then.

  119. temperance says:

    well, with the logic CSPI uses against Quorn products we should also ban wheat, peanuts, and dairy since so VERY many people have strong reactions (including death) to those food items.

    it’s my meat-loving husband’s favorite brand of the fake stuff and i do like that it gives us a break from soy.

  120. You know, forget the whole veg/omnivore conversation–does anyone else feel like this is a totally silly charity to give to? There are too many people starving in this world and too many sick people who need assistance. I mean, St. Jude, Salvation Army, Red Cross, local food shelter, women and children’s shelter seems to be a much better use of money that this. Of course, it’s your money but I’d rather help an abused woman that make sure a turkey has pumpkin pie this thanksgiving. *rolls eyes*

    Done nuffing.

  121. Awww, turkey’s are precious!
    Check out what I stumbled across recently!!
    Makes anyone think twice abt. Thanksgiving dinner:(


  122. Let me 1st set the record. I wuz vegan for years but now eat meat. I just wanna know if everyone who ‘preaches’ to not eat meat cuz it’s not right or not necessary have a clue as to whats in their daily hygene, cosmetics and perfumes? The products you purchase, do they test on animals or use animal derivitives? Do you know the animals used for products by major companies are treated far more inhumane than those used for human consumption? Do you know that a major company that mass produces bleach will pour the unconcentrated solution down a hose to a dogs stomach just to prove it’s fatal if swallowed. They take notes as the poor thing liquifies from the inside out. Check out PETA, you’ll find a better way to save these animals, not eating meat is only the beginning. I am not knocking vege’s and non, just want you to be fully educated before you knock anyone else.

  123. Vegatarianism saves lives!

    i tried it for a while, but not eating meat is harder than it sounds when you don’t buy your own food. My mom won’t let me live on peanutbutter. 😦

  124. platedlizard says:

    @ Becky:

    I eat meat and will happily be chowing down on a turkey that was probably raised in a factory farm (hey, I’m not the one buying or cooking it! Free food>>>>anything I might cook). I can also safely say that although the charity seems a bit silly to me, I don’t have any problem with others donating to it. I won’t be, for the holidays I usually donate to Child’s Play (which donates toys to children’s hospitals), and any donations I make to animals go to my local animal shelter. But if someone wants to donate to a rescue that specializes in turkeys, as long as they take good care of the turkeys (too many ‘rescues’ are actually hoarders, so do your research!) I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  125. Jelly03–seriously, I did not need to read this here, “Do you know that a major company that mass produces bleach will pour the unconcentrated solution down a hose to a dogs stomach just to prove it’s fatal if swallowed. They take notes as the poor thing liquifies from the inside out.”

    We come here for fun and giggles not for stuff I get more than enough of in the news. I agree that everyone should know what happens to animals in all aspects in their lives and should find it important to find out. But come on, comments is not the place to do that.

    Also, PETA thrives on sensationalism, I can definitely find better places to get my info and do. I don’t give them the light of day, cause that’s what they want. I’m all for animal rights, but PETA in my opinion is not the place to find it.

  126. temperance–Thanks for the link for Quorn Turk’y Roast–This is the first time I am looking into
    meat alternative–Quorn products are sold at my local HEB, but all the turk’y roast was sold out as of tonight. They did have some good-looking
    cuts of vegetarian “chicken” by Quorn. Thanks, friends at
    CO, for all that we learn here.

  127. Wow, the Quorn website is
    something special! I now
    have the names of several
    stores in my area that sell
    Quorn products, especially the Turk’y Roast.

  128. If you google “turkey investigation,” it’ll bring up a new video highlighting what takes place at contemporary turkey “farms.” Sure, there are many awful things going on in the world, but using that as an excuse not to care about animal abuse sort of seems like a cop-out . Not caring is 100% your prerogative, but don’t act like it doesn’t exist or isn’t legitimate or that people who do care are wasting thier time.

  129. @Becky @vigilant20
    I adopted a turkey this year but I gave to people charities too – something I do year-round (in addition to volunteering). People charities get donations at Christmas, but they don’t do so well in the summer so that’s when I give the most.

    There’s nothing wrong with doing good for animals, too. People can help themselves. Animals can’t.

    And for the record, I’m a meat-eater.

    I’m a fan of Heifer, Intl. and places like that that give animals to help people help themselves.

    *steps off soapbox*
    I think I like “nommity” better than “nom nom” personally. Seems to fit the turkeys better :o)

  130. Thank you for posting this!!!!!!!!!

    I just sponsored two turkeys!

  131. Choose Compassion! says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! Farm Sanctuary is an amazing organization. http://www.farmsanctuary.org

    As a vegan, I am happy to say that I won’t contribute to the sufferring of these helpless creatures.

  132. I attended this event & it was SO much fun! The birds are lovely, kind creatures & getting to feed them is a treat for all.

  133. woohoo! look like happy turkeys. remember kids, when you eat meat in place of easily available alternatives you are killing an animal for you own pleasure, and are no different from michael vick! have a great thanksgiving everybody!

  134. temperance says:

    and also remember: if you lecture meat-eaters about how horrible they are, they will never want to see what vegetarianism is all about, let alone veganism.

  135. Likewise lecturing veg folks about how stupid and/or unhealthy they are (whatever). People tend to live as their conscience dictates.

  136. Yeah, enough is enough. I’ve deleted CO from my bookmarks because when editors let people make comments such as omnivores are the same Michael Vick it’s pretty obvious it’s jumped the (liberalism) shark.

    Moderation in everything. Wacky crazy animal supporters who obviously value animals more than people need their head examined.

    Adios CO and there’s no need to respond to this because I won’t be around to read it!

  137. Compassion towards others is not a zero sum game. When someone gives to Habitat for Humanity, I don’t complain that they’re not giving money to the Red Cross, or Second Harvest, or to the local battered women’s shelter.

    Caring about animals doesn’t mean you don’t care about people. Quite the opposite. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  138. totalee puppy says:

    Come, friends of CO,
    for the truth it is tough,
    will the animals’ lives be
    changed soon enough?
    to protect them from ways
    that are hurtful and rough…
    may our thoughts be now
    for the times they are a-changin’…

  139. Hi Theo, yep, that’s what I meant, living animal. Sorry, I know we’re alive and so are the plants etc.! Mea culpa.

  140. totalee puppy says:

    May our thoughts be now
    and whatever our side, we’ll be swept by the tide…
    for the times they are a-