These photos just might save your family.

Brace yourselves. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and your Mom is going to tell you that you made the potatoes wrong. I’m just telling you now. So, to successfully deal with the onslaught of family holidays, I’d like to suggest, in this order:

1. Carry a pocket flask for liquid courage as needed. Do not share it with your Druncle.

2. Whenever you need to, come back to these two photos to remind yourself not all families are full of dysfunctional morons. [head tilt]

I am so full from all the photos Johanna S. finds [patting belleh]. Specter and "his" babies and Happy Family by Boered.



  1. Wouldn’t the holidays be so much fuzzier if all your relatives were kittehs.


  2. meg, you are saving lives with teh qte!
    drunkle! ha!

  3. LOL at Meg’s genius cap-shons, agayn.

  4. oops, druncle!

  5. As if these pictures weren’t cute enough already.

  6. Gail (the first one) says:

    Jeez, first kitten riblets and armpits and now LICKINGKS!!!!!!


  7. druncle? DRUNCLE? why was i not made aware of this term earlier?

  8. what if you are the drunkle.

    LOL Must pin thes photos up at work

  9. You has same flavor; must be the dad.

    Look at the adorable bebeh kitteh head in the back, also looking for some lickingks.

  10. I am PMSing and hungover and I’m all “Look you can actually feel the love! That is sooo beutiful! wahhh!” Commence bawling!

  11. PS. Second pic. Background. Left.


  12. o! dadcat with the bebeh!

    and then all of them lickingks!


  13. The orange kitty is a male – and not even the dad! What a sweetheart. [melts]

  14. Is Specter the druncle kitteh?? He thinks thems his babies! The kissy kissies are adorabulls!

  15. I find that if CO doesn’t work, liquor does. Followed by a mantra of “I swear I must be adopted.”

  16. JohnnyJohnny says:

    “Drunkle.” Perfect!

  17. Post-Thanksgiving, are we all getting together for a chorus of “I Ate Too Moishe”?

  18. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    OHHHH, second pic, left… DO WANTTTT!


  20. My mom’s going to probably say, “why did you have to go to work?” not understanding that in the business I work in, people work every day. People WORK, mom! And NO, I DID NOT MAKE THE POTATOES WRONG! THEY’RE MASHED! MASHED!

    *ahem* I’m okay. Promise.

  21. Cats who love each other are AWESOME.

  22. Trabb's Boy says:

    And also remember, however maddening they are, deep inside, your Mom and Dad really want to slurp you just like that.

  23. Druncle is quite possibly the best word I’ve learned in a decade! Thank you, Meg. 🙂

  24. OMG “druncle” best term EVAR!
    OMG male kitteh who thinks he should be the momma.
    OMG Lickingks with actual momma cat.
    OMG little kitten in the back all sad face-what about me?
    Sorry for all the omg’s but it’s pretty much how it all went down for me.
    I bet they’re all delicious 🙂
    Cuteoverload you have killt me with the qte
    I Loves them. *le sigh of contentment*

  25. Awwww these are so sweet! What a great kitty! (I always knew orangies were the best of kitties.)

  26. well damn, you made me sniffle at the lurve in this picture! are they sure Specter isn’t the daddy of any kitties? he is not neautered and every time they try to take him to the vet he runs away. maybe specter is like the gay bachelor uncle? it is very possible! in any case, the lurve in that family is too much for this person. *sniffles*

  27. I am definitely bookmarking this for after Thursday. It’ll be the first Thanksgiving since my parents split this Spring, and I am not expecting anything less than stifled, tension-filled bickering.

  28. Very cute and cute story!
    Just a reminder though, please everyone spay & neuter so more kitties aren’t born in barns.

  29. Thanks, Melanie, for mentioning spay & neuter. I was afraid to be a nuffer. Specter is a sweetheart, but I’m sure glad my Druncle never kissed me like that!

  30. berthaservant says:

    If I drank I would so be a druncle! I love my nieces!

    And wow…that little face in the back of photo #2….


  31. A “druncle?” You learn something new everyday.

    I love these self-appointed fosters! How cute how he cares for Fat Kitty’s kittens. I love how that kitten’s caught in the middle in a good way.

  32. Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures. I can’t begin to tell you how they have brightened my day. I want to kiss them all!

  33. so cute. ahhhn.

  34. Nicolletta says:

    Baby kitties + Uncle Specter = Squeeeeee!!

  35. aw…… blink blink
    super heartwarming!

  36. Chasingthedog says:


    (trap neuter release)

    There are enough unwanted kitties–even barn cats.

    But yeah, it’s cute. <3

  37. hamster-on-rye says:

    This is real nice–loving
    kittehs–and we can pick up
    family-size mashed potatoes
    at Chucky Chicken–my treat.

  38. *gives thanks for tiny tabbies*

  39. NotAnotherMilo says:

    When i was little, we had a marmie cat named Mr. Tudball who loved to babysit his sister’s kittens. He even helped clean the babies when they were born. When mom-cat went off to do her own thing, Mr. Tudball would curl up with the kittens and snuggle until mommy came home. These pics take me back…. so cute…*wistful sigh*

  40. Was the mom cat named Mrs. He-wiggins?

  41. yankeebird says:

    “Druncle” is so entering my lexicon. I don’t know how I’m going to work it into conversation, but I’m determined to find a way.

  42. I checked out the photos on Flickr, and there a post she has that talks about how she took all her cats to the vet to be fixed, she also mentions that as soon as the mommies and kitties are ready, they are going too. I think these cats are strays and what a wonderful thing she is doing.

  43. Wow, I needed this, and we don’t even have Thanksgiving here.

  44. Ahhn, this is too sweet. I will need to check C.O. moar often in December when relatives visit and stay at our house for *gulp* several weeks.

  45. Hey, it worked for Howard Moon. …sort of.

  46. I’ll save these for Christmas as we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here.

  47. Gail (the first one) says:

    Whenever I’ve brought home a new kitten, each of the boys have been the ones to take care of the new one, cleaningks, lickingks, corporal cuddlingks….I don’t know if that’s typical of all males, but it’s SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! I always tell them what good big brothers they are!!

  48. That Flickr set is teh squee! She’s got moar pix of the tinee tabbees, and huffable puppees, and baby flop-eared goatseses in washtubs!

  49. serenity815 says:

    “druncle” is best new word i have learned in years!!! LOL

  50. Gail, “Uncle” kitties are the best!

  51. Kristabelle says:

    So cute!!!

    -points to sad kitteh on the left in last photo-

  53. Druncle?! HILARIOUS! Part of what makes Cute Overload TOTALLY RULE is the commentary that go with the photos. Someone over at CO Headquarters is very, very clever!

    I heart Cute Overload!

  54. We used to call our lopsided jack-o-lanterns “drunken punkins.”

  55. Our Henry looks a lot like Specter. Love them orange tuxedo tabbies!

    When we brought home a six month old kitten “brother” for Henry, Henry would pin the little guy to the ground and lick his ears and eyes. Too, too cute.

    Great story, great commentary. I add my hearty appreciation of the term “druncle” to all the rest. I will begin using that term as soon as possible.

  56. I thought tom cats killed their young.

    [Happy to disillusion you, then… – Ed.]

  57. Nicolletta says:

    First picture: “Delicious kitty….kitty is like a potato.”

  58. w00t!

  59. awww!!! how cute!!!! that just made my day! (-:

  60. omg this is so cut

  61. I love kitteys there so cute and adorable exspecialy these pitchers