People, a video this redonkulous comes across our Cute Overload desks once in a blue moon. It’s.. well, it’s so bad it’s good. Never mind the translation, you’ll get it.

Without further ado, Toby and Sheila…

You can pull my dead beak off and drag me around any time, Lee Anne.



  1. Oh God, I have never laughed so hard at a video here.

    Poor sweet dog!

  2. 00:48: NOOOOOOOO!! I broke Mr. Waddles!!!!

  3. tracyFlick says:

    It’s a little psycho.

    Psycho in the sense of weird, but also in the sense of taxidermy?

    Sad: 1


  5. That’s so sad!! 😦 😦

  6. OMG.

  7. Poor puppy. That was kinda mean of them! I’ve REALLY gotta see something cute now. I’m at -1!

  8. OH, how cute… wait… what? no, stop, STOP!

  9. I–…wow.

    This wins the Cute or Sad? Academy Award for all time.

    The beak falls off? SERIOUSLY?

  10. OMG that is really SAD!

  11. Move to gee-ross category immediately!!! That is hideous! I’m ashamed of myself for laughing. Those people are sickos!!!


  13. Oh, no! I feel bad for laughing so hard. The running through the field with the dead duck was the clincher.

  14. lurkingsmirk says:

    That was definitely an “AwwwwwwOHHH MY GOD” video.

    Poor doggie, I wonder if he’s noticed anything different about his friend?

  15. That started out cute but just got disturbing at the end 😦

  16. Aww, that’s so adorable! Look at the… with the… wait, WHAT?!

  17. wow…that’s just…perverse.

  18. What?
    I don’t know whether to be sad or laugh?
    Was this a joke? =(

  19. I feel dirty for watching, let alone laughing.

  20. biscuithead says:

    *hand over mouth*
    *shakes head*

  21. (stares)

  22. can you please remove that from teh Qte? it really doesn’t belong here… 😥

    and then please post something happy.

  23. I’m sorry – I really couldn’t get past the screechy Aerosmith cover. Ew. 😦

  24. OMG, I laughed and teared up at the same time!

  25. They do know Sheila is a boy duck, right? And that’s eff’d up at the end! Poor duck’s beak fell right off!

  26. Oh my goddd… I never thought there’d be a day where I’d be a nuffer! I never nuff, never never…

    But this really grossed me out quite badly. Omg, I’m writing a nuffing comment. I feel so dirty. 😦 😦

  27. That’s sick.
    Cute, in a way, but for christ’s sake you don’t go embalming animals and toss them around the yard just for fun??


  28. Ugh, CO I can’t believe you just put this up here. That was disturbing on so many levels.

  29. @doomchild: I dunno, that’s what a football is (or used to be, back in the day).

  30. don’t want 😦

  31. wee_squirrel says:

    THAT IS ****ED UP. I vote sad, on the part of the owners.

  32. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    My husband watched it solemnly all the way through to the end.

    Then he said: “The least they should do is put wheels on it.”

  33. Wrong, wrong, so wrong!

    But I can’t look away!

  34. Beak falls off.

    [viewer suffers embolism from severe case of didn’t-see-THAT-coming]

    What a truly…deranged, heart-wrenching, Adams Family moment.

  35. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA) says:

    This is too morbid, I don’ find it cute at all. I will never understand why some people would embalm a pet, as if they could preserve it that way. That’s what pics and vids are for! A stiff corpse tied to a rope would never be cute for me.


  37. Is there a psychiatrist in the house? We need someone to explain why I am laughing so hard instead of being horrified.

  38. I’m all kinds of not ok with that. It started cute but then it’s just saaaad. I mean, would you do that to a loved one? >>

  39. totally cute > totally twisted > totally hilarious

    btw: for anyone wanting an approximate translation it said she he arrived at the farm, she welcomed him, they had a beautiful relationship together, then she died of old age…

  40. Why?!!

  41. why would you treat someone you love like that?

  42. Wow, I guess I’m the only one who thought it was sweet and loved the moment when they unveiled the stuffed duck and the dog was sooooo happy. Sure it’s a crass and macabre, but it brought so much happiness to the pupper.

  43. that’s kind of creepy

  44. That is so f***ed up! I lol’d! And then died a little on the inside!

  45. I laughed so hard and I shouldn’t have.

    “So adorable — wait, what?”

  46. OMG, that was so sad I cried! I agree with missgirl, I wouldn’t do it to a loved one…

  47. I did not enjoy this. It was disturbing. And not cute. But mostly disturbing.

  48. aw I love it!

  49. I thought it was a fake duck they found. Yikes.

    Still crying, though. lol

  50. … is David Lynch running CO now?

    That was not cute. It was really sad and extremely disturbing.

  51. elle doubleu says:

    It *is* cute, until it’s not. The puppy is adorable. I love the licking action before goosie dies. It’s definitely a “cute or sad.” As for the way the “animal” (body) is treated, it’s bringing joy (albeit in a bit of a shocking way) to the little pup… it’s a more worthy thing for a corpse to do than be a pair of shoes, a belt, or a purse, right? 😀

  52. warrior rabbit says:

    That was…unexpected. Made me LOL, though. But I’m a sick bastard.

  53. Like someone above said, I never thought I’d be writing a nuffing comment here. But this is gross, f#$@%d up and totally cruel to the dog whom for an instant may even have believed the duck to be alive again, who knows. Absolutely horrible. Not even funny, it made me a little sick.

    This is definitely NOT the kind of website in which I would expect such a gross, sad, tasteless video to appear. Why, why?! *shakes head*

  54. I screamed really loudly. I don’t think the puppeh really understands? I mean, well, the duck was never much of a talker to begin with… I laughed a little, but just a lil’ bit : )

  55. I screamed really loudly. I don’t think the puppeh really understands? I mean, well, the duck was never much of a talker to begin with… I laughed a little, but just a lil’ bit : )

  56. I screamed really loudly. I don’t think the puppeh really understands? I mean, well, the duck was never much of a talker to begin with… I laughed a little, but just a lil’ bit : )

  57. I screamed really loudly. I don’t think the puppeh really understands? I mean, well, the duck was never much of a talker to begin with… I laughed a little, but just a lil’ bit : )

  58. I screamed really loudly. I don’t think the puppeh really understands? I mean, well, the duck was never much of a talker to begin with… I laughed a little, but just a lil’ bit : )

  59. I screamed really loudly. I don’t think the puppeh really understands? I mean, well, the duck was never much of a talker to begin with… I laughed a little, but just a lil’ bit : )

  60. the bug man says:

    I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. It’s like a mashup of Christian the lion and “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

    If “length” is a word, then “wrongth” should also be a word.

    That movie is so, so, so full of wrongth.

  61. SICK! 😦

  62. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Ponygirl- No I thought it was kinda sweet too, didn’t think it was all THAT bad, but when they dragged it across the yard I was like WTF? lol

  63. That made me sad 😦 I need a Unicorn Chaser.


    Teh horror!

    First sad dog, then dog who was HAPPY to see that THING again? Did he really think they were reunited? Had they fooled him into thinking it was alive, or was he happy just having the BODY around, or did he want to eat it or what??? What did he think it was?? AAAAAAUUUGHHGHH!

    < --not a Nuff, but... AAAUGH! That was surreal!

  65. omg, so the duck died, they stuffed it and now they’re DRAGGING IT AROUND?!

  66. Hold on, do the subtitles actually say that they got the duck stuffed? How is everyone so sure that the replacement isn’t just a toy?

    For what it’s worth, I found it hilarious. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when the woman ran by dragging the duck.

  67. AuntieMame says:

    I vote for the Gee-ross! category, too. I’m laughing, but I know I shouldn’t be. The dog doesn’t know the difference (come on, people!) but it’s still morbid. Gah! (Heh!)

  68. Poor, poor dog.

    I have to admit that I did burst out laughing. For shame!

  69. I think the best (i.e. worst) part was when the beak fell off…ON THE DOG’S HEAD!! and the dog just looked so baffled and confused :(. wtf indeed. so so sad, and yet so absurdly hilarious.

  70. i thought it cute.

    i think the people doing it had the best intentions for the pup.

  71. so sad 😦

  72. Noooo… too sad:(

  73. Um.. *crickets*

    I’m not sure what to do here.. is there a feeling that expresses both “awww so sweet, bestest of friends” and “OMG THAT DUCK’S BEAK JUST FELL OFF AND OMG!!!1! IT’S DEAD AND THEY’VE STUFFED IT”

    The jury’s still out on wether I think this is extremely (and morbidly) funny or just cruel to the poor doggy.

    I admit it, I LOL’d.

    *more crickets*

  74. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    “…entonces los Mac Kenzie la embalsamaron” = then the MacKenzies embalmed her.

    Yup, I’m afraid that was Sheila, all right.

    (And to add to the surrealism, as someone noted above: Sheila was a he. That mallard is – was – a drake.)

  75. Panda ^____^ says:

    It´s an internet company advertising. Really, it was a joke.

  76. Michelle S says:

    awww sad

  77. Gail (the first one) says:

    @A dude: They do use the word “embalsarmaron”, which with my spotty Spanish, I’m guessing is “embalmed”.

    The quick translation that someone gave above is pretty accurate.

    I must admit, I laughed when I realized they were pulling the ‘stuffed’ duck along. Are they CO peeps? (Just wondering, since yesterday we had the bad cover of Johnny Cash….thought maybe the Aerosmith cover might be deliberate!)

  78. I speak Spanish but do NOT understand this video. It’s sick / enfermizo.

  79. Started off so sweet, but kinda “ewww” at the end. But, that dog didn’t seem to mind, and was happy. I’m conflicted ha ha

  80. This is sick and shouldn’t even be here.

  81. What the….?

  82. wow

  83. This was apparently a commercial.

    See the original version here:

    Very effective at grabbing one’s attention. I don’t think anything I’ve ever seen before has made me both laugh and cry in the span of a few seconds!

    Oh my god.
    It’s a parody. They are making a mockery of the whole raised-by-a-different-species love story.
    I don’t know how to feel about this!

  85. That was creepy not cute …

  86. I really hope thats a joke as somone said :< its kind of sick.

  87. orangecandies says:


  88. Thank you, Steph. Now it all makes sense. And I feel comfortable saying:

  89. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    As Panda says… it’s actually an ad for an internet service called ARNET.

    The whole thing – including the 5 seconds of internet advertising – can be seen here:

  90. yeah, i don’ think that was cute at all. it was pretty gross.

  91. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Oops, missed Steph’s reply. Sorry…

  92. This is a mockup story for a commercial, none of this is true.

  93. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Who was that singing? It sounded like Elvis.

  94. This is basically making fun of… us. I can handle it.

  95. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @JohnnyJohnny: No, that wasn’t Elvis, it was Johnny Cash. Or Joaquin Phoenix. Or maybe Liberace. 😉

  96. That’s HORRIBLE!! It makes me want to CRY! His friend died so they showed him it and pretended it was real? They drug his dead friend across the lawn??

    I expect better from Cute Overload. I expect it to make me feel better, not depress the crap out of me…

  97. Squez mommy says:

    That was horrifically sad. Not cute or funny in any way. I feel terrible for both animals.

  98. Mario Rubano says:

    From 0:46 till the end could’ve done with NOT being in the clip!!

  99. berthaservant says:

    Well, the fact that it is a parody helps take the edge off, but I gotta say something…

    …as bizarre and twisted as it was, I thought it was BEAUTIFUL. The dog was very excited to have his friend back in some form and the people were just indulging that. I know the implications are disturbing but I just was very moved by the idea of the people trying to bring comfort to the dog.

    But wow. I mean, really, wow. I’m glad it’s fake because I can say to those who made it, ku-dos. It’s a masterwork.

  100. Why the heck is it sick? They got the duck stuffed so the dog would be able to be with his friend forever. They probably didn’t see the beak accident coming either!

  101. cute & adorable, until they stuffed & mounted the duck and DRAGGED IT AROUND!!!! Then it bacame sick and perverted…

  102. berthaservant says:

    P.S. Meg Frost, I heart you forever.

  103. I loved it!!!!!
    I have tears of:
    -joy (seeing the happy pup)
    -from LMAO

  104. i teared up! then the beak fell off, AND THEN THE LADY WAS RUNNING WITH A ROPE WRAPPED AROUND THE DEAD DUCK’S NECK WITH THE DOG CHASING IT, and it lost all the “awwwwwe!”

  105. I’m so glad I read the comments to find out this was just a commercial!!!

    If it was real then it would be SO WRONG! When one of my dogs died of old age the younger one grieved for months. I’m not one of those “animals are people too” types but they do have feelings! I have to say I don’t even see how anyone would find this funny. I just felt creeped out and sorry for the dog, who if it really had bonded to a live duck would have figured out the difference pretty quick.

  106. It’s official: CO has now become eBaum’s World.

    Honestly — do you moderators have NO filters? What is “cute” about a dead duck? What is “cute” about a dead duck having its beak accidentally knocked off by its former friend?

    I’m done here. You people have creeped me out for the last time. And I hope many of your other former fans do the same.

  107. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Liberace! I knew it!!

  108. I have to say I was about to start crying when I read the story. And then the reveling came I was really going to cry!!!! THEN you see the lady just running Shiela and I couldn’t stop laughing!! HORRIBLE! lol

  109. Christie L says:

    this goes from endearing to sick very quickly. it’s so sad when the Beagle freaks out when he accidentally breaks off his friend’s beak. so wrong to do that to a dog!

  110. Those mean people should all be put to sleep (and no, NOT stuffed)

  111. I have to say I was about to start crying when I read the story. And then the reveling came I was really going to cry!!!! THEN you see the lady just running Shiela and I couldn’t stop laughing!! HORRIBLE! lol

  112. I have to say I was about to start crying when I read the story. And then the reveling came I was really going to cry!!!! THEN you see the lady just running Shiela and I couldn’t stop laughing!! HORRIBLE! lol

  113. I have to say I was about to start crying when I read the story. And then the reveling came I was really going to cry!!!! THEN you see the lady just running Shiela and I couldn’t stop laughing!! HORRIBLE! lol

  114. rabidcalico says:

    I was shocked to see that on this website. It’s totally not something I would expect to see here. Cute at the beginning but at the end my jaw dropped. Wouldn’t be upset if this vid went away.

  115. ok, for reals, people. if this had been posted on any other blog, i don’t think very many people would have been so conflicted about laughing at it. and it would have been ok. but here? on CO?

    i think it’s high time we get a new post to set our cute barometers back to normal again! please?

  116. no me gusta =o(

  117. Well, my cold little heart thought it was pretty funny. Though I will admit that I probably would not want to be friends with crazy embalming duck draggers, but I would laugh at them from the safety of my own yard. At least the people meant well. You know that old saying about the best intentions…

  118. the other Brenda says:

    Wow! I’m not sure what I think about that. On one hand, Toby seems happy to be close to Sheila’s remains. BUT, Couldn’t they just have been a little more respectful of the dear departed?? I would never drag my sweet Chloe’s body around like that! They could have put it on a sled or something so it wouldn’t be bashing all around.

  119. that was just sad. Hey you’re friend’s back, but so unresponsive! His beak fell off!?! Let’s drag him around the yard like we did back in the day!?! 😦

  120. JohnnyJohnny says:

    I’m gonna start a band. It will be called “The crazy embalming Duck Draggers.” Who wants to join me?

  121. LOL THis was so funny and sad and bizzarro it just had to be some kind of commercial

    For those who care
    an exact translation

    in 1994 Toby arrived at the Mac Kenzie Ranch.
    Incredibly Shiela , a young duck adopted him.
    Together they lived as sisters.
    After time sheila died an old woman
    Then the Mac Kenzies Embalmed her.
    This is the video moment of when Toby saw the returned Sheila.

    At which point the weirdness of the video begins.

    No I take that back the whole thing was funny from calling the drake a sheila to the dog chasing after the dragged stuffed bird.

    I am only a bit ashamed that I teared up for a moment

    I am one of those who crys at commercials. but when the beak fell off. I LOL’d

    it was funny.

  122. “Why the heck is it sick? They got the duck stuffed so the dog would be able to be with his friend forever.”

    “Forever”? More like 5 minutes, until it destroyed it.

    “They probably didn’t see the beak accident coming either!”

    They videotaped it and posted it, and CO’s moderators posted it here. SOMEWHERE along the way, someone should’ve showed better judgment.

  123. I don’t see much wrong with it. Seriously except for the end with the lady dragging the dead duck around. Lots of people stuff dead pets. And these people stuffed a pet that was friends with their dog. There is nothing wrong with this video except the end with the dragging of the duck. I’m small town so I guess I don’t see the error in the ways…

  124. If dragging my preserved body around the yard made my friend that happy, I’d be fine with it.

  125. My only comment on this will be that I have no further comment on this.

  126. Oh. Come on.
    That’s a male Mallard duck!

    Stupid on SO many levels.

  127. LOL Peeps you did see the part that this was not real it was a commercial Right???

  128. It’s a parody people… come on, lighten up! Have a laugh, everything will be okay. =3

  129. abcdgoldfish? says:

    Whether the clip is real or not is irrelevant. The idea that we are supposed to gain enjoyment from the sadness of a dog for its deceased friend is sadistic. CO is way off base with this one…

  130. Ohmigosh! This is extremely wrong and should be removed from CO’s database! All in favor “comment” Aye!

  131. I’m with berthaservant, :P, and sara. Hilarious, a little sad, and entirely awesome. Maybe I’m a little less attached to the idea of corporeal remains as sacred objects than others are. I don’t know. All I know is, I want the ad company that made this to get an award.

  132. Looks like the reactions to this one are really mixed. I’ve never “nuffed” before, but I just want to say that I felt so sorry for the dog at the end that I’m actually crying right now. Please, Meg. Please don’t do this again.

  133. OH dear..I hate to say it – but I think CO has jumped the shark with this one..
    not amused.

  134. platedlizard says:

    Geeze guys, read the comments before you nuff. This is a HILARIOUS commercial.

    and animals really don’t have the same attitude toward death that we do, so there’s nothing cruel about stuffing the duck if it was real. At that point the dog would have thought it was an interesting toy.

    Man, I am still laughing.

    (btw, for all of those who are so shocked and appalled at the content of some of the posts here, I suggest you go back and look at some of the earliest posts. Remember the Pomeranian that chomped a baby chick? yeah, Cuteoverload has ALWAYS had some ‘questionable’ content)

  135. I would like to unsee that. Please advise.

  136. At least they had some time together. And they weren’t using the duck as a table.

  137. The music definitely made me think of the video about the lion being reunited with the people who’d looked after him as a baby. It IS pretty funny as a parody/commercial. Wasn’t expecting something like that here!

  138. CanIHasKittehWhoWantsHasCheezburger? says:

    It’s not even funny in a sick way. It’s just messed up.
    First entry on CO that’s no fun at all.

  139. I think that as a transition sentence, the sentence, “Then, the Mac Kenzies had the duck stuffed” is going to go down in the annals of history. 🙂


  140. I really don’t see how this is “hilarious” in any way.

    It’s sick and twisted. It’s NOT cute, not whatsoever.

    Why would anyone do that to a “friend”?? That’s demented on SO many levels.

    Shame on those people.

  141. Oh lordy. That is …. what is it? It’s so sad – it’s so absurd – and I’m laughing so hard I can hardly type. It’s kinda gross and kinda pathetic. It’s also the funniest thing I’ve seen yet on CO.

    I’m not going to read the 156 comments (so far). This is just too incredible. It transcends all categories.

    The cheesy Aerosmith cover is what really puts it over the top. The perfect finishing touch!

  142. snorglepup says:

    I admit it, peeps.
    It quacked me up!
    No. Nothing is sacred…

  143. Stephanie C. says:

    I laughed (so hard I cried) and don’t hate myself for it. And then reading the horrified comments made me laugh again.

  144. have you seen the second part????

    I don’t know which is worse!

  145. I got a little misty eyed at the sweetness of it all…

    and then I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed…

  146. A. Non Ymous says:

    I wish all those offended would realize THIS IS A COMMERCIAL. And one of the best commercials I have ever seen. If I hadn’t already had internet access and I saw this commercial on TV, I would definitely sign up. Or might even switch providers just to support the company.

    And I laughed and cried too.

  147. A. Non Ymous says:

    PS Thanks so much for posting this here.

  148. I’d like to think that was just a fake duck, but it’s sounding like they had the dead duck stuffed?! Did you see how happy those two people were when they revealed the dead duck to the dog, like they’d never seen anything so heartwarming? Poor duck, being dragged around like that. Sad.

  149. I speak Spanish fairly well, so I laughed even HARDER . . . I’m sorry, but I find this unbearably funny.

    Honestly–I’ve got tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard . . . .


  151. facepuncher says:

    wow, not only did they taxiderm the duck which is a redneck tacky thing to do to a pet to begin with, but they then presented it to the dog to fuck with him and then to top it all off had enough disrespect to tie the remains to a leash and run around with it? Really? Hope these folks never have kids.

  152. Jennie Mello says:


  153. There is something strangely Monty Pythonesque about that clip …

  154. I didn’t like it. I thought it was really cute until the end.. at first I thought it was a little funny but overall it just made me so sad. 😦

  155. Ahhrgh. I don’t care if it is an ad, that is frickin’ creepy.

  156. That was sick and mean!

  157. its a commercial in Argentina for internet service.

  158. That is disgusting! I hope that you don’t plan on posting any more like it.

  159. that goes along with the baby abusing a puppy in my mind….if I want to watch something depressing I don’t go to Cute Overload! Dang I did not need that!!! How dumb do you think dogs are anyway??? He must have been so horrified, poor thing. I find this highly offensive and don’t think I will visit this site as much as I used to.

  160. This. was. awesome.

    It was all “awww, cute” and then “OMG, WTF?1!DEADPONIES!!” Which of course, did make me laugh a little more because of the sheer absurdity and strangeness of this thing.

    I mean, it was weird and creepy, but I didn’t think “poor dog” because …well, here’s the truth: IT’S A DOG. As platedlizard said, animals don’t have a human concept of death. I think the dog was probably going “new toy!” rather than “oh departed soul of my favorite fowl companion” before bursting into tears and calling Oprah.

    Whether it was real or not, I don’t care, because it’s not my life, and my thoughts on whether this video is cruelty to animals wouldn’t matter anyway…so I embraced it and laughed and laughed and laughed, and my poor rabbit perked up his ears and looked at me like I was crazy. Which he does quite often.

    Bravo, Meg. Bravo! And when I found out it was a commercial, it just made it so much better because it isn’t actually real so it’s less creepy in that way, but it also proves that there are some very imaginative people out there.

    This was pretty hilarious stuff.

    Would I shed a tear if it was real? Maybe cause I was laughing so hard. But I’ve learned throughout the years that getting emotional and worked up over online videos is probably not worth it.

  161. Le Mallarde Imaginaire, de Nuffiere

  162. That’s not cute…that’s just sick…. O_o

  163. now that’s just sick. that poor dog, he lost a life-long friend and what do they do? stuff the damn thing and ‘play’ with it. yeah, i get that it’s just a dog but who among you would stuff a loved pet and then drag it around outside?
    sorry meg, but this is ~not~ cute overload material.

  164. “Animals don’t have a human concept of death” — so what? They have a different concept of death. That doesn’t mean they are void of feeling. Haven’t you ever watched a pet look for his friend after it had passed away? Just because they don’t speak our language doesn’t mean they don’t mourn. I’m sick of this.

  165. Being an ad explains why the dog didn’t notice any difference before and after.

    I feel better.

  166. OH! And you know what is INFINITELY more disturbing than dead duck draggers? The nuffers on this site who say the people in the video should be “put to sleep” (quoting Deborah Godin here) because they’re “being mean” to the dog.

    I say, WTF, people? Since when is it acceptable to advocate the death of human beings just because there’s a video of a perfectly healthy dog who happens to have crazy embalming duck draggers as parents?

  167. Ok for the billionth time.

    this is a commercial.

    not real.

    and it’s not elvis, johnny cash or joaquin phoenix either. it IS, however, a terrible, wretched Aerosmith cover.

  168. o_O

  169. berthaservant says:

    Because apparently people aren’t paying atten-shun and are just so upset that they have to ’nuff w/o reading:


    You can resume discussing whether or not you like it or how it makes you feel.


    And Godzilla didn’t really smoosh Bambi, either.

  170. Yeeeah, people really put too much human character into animals, it’s a dog, I know dogs do grow fond of companions and can often “mourn” their deaths as they are aware of its absence, but that duck was very well there! Dead or not, that dog didn’t care, I saw a happy dog chasing something it liked. What could a duck probably do for a dog anyway when it was living? Run away or sit there, that’s what it was doing…only dead. 🙂 No animal cruelty here, a family made their dog happy, and a dead thing was stuffed, nothing unnatural there. And it happens to be funny as well.

  171. if this is real — possibly is, even tho it’s a commercial — the dog must have known. He was trying to stop those ridiculous people from desecrating his friend’s body. If someone started dragging around one of my loved one’s dead bodies I would be chasing them down too. So disrespectful.

    I’m changing my homepage.

  172. Ew.

  173. Bahahahaha! This is hysterical. The only thing I don’t get about it is what the heck it has to do with internet service – lol.

    The best part, though, are the nuffers who say “I’m not a nuffer, but…”. You’re the same ones who tell other nuffers that it’s Meg’s site and she can post what she wants, blah, blah, blah. So it’s all okay until *you* don’t like something. That’s better than any commercial.

  174. madcat, was he? Was that dog really doing that? I think if the dog were actively protesting, it’d attack its owners or keep them away from the duck.

    You’re a human. That’s a dog. Your loved one is not the same as the dead duck, and to equate the two is actually kind of insulting to your loved one.

  175. um… i thought this was really cute/funny until the revelation of the stuffed duck – especially the part where they dragged the poor dead thing (laughing!) so the dog would run after it… I don’t mean to be hyper-serious about a stupid ad, but it’s just very disrespectful to animals: low-class. Now, I wouldn’t say people like this should be KILLED, but I don’t think it would be a great loss if this sort of low-brow attitude were eliminated. SIGH More Japanese commercials, please!

  176. Ok, second one not funny. Cancel the shrink, I’m normal. Well, normalish.

  177. KarlaB, you’re pretty much saying the same thing. It’s like “I don’t believe in the death penalty, but if these people were to just happen to be hit by a bus I wouldn’t shed a tear.” it’s the same thing – you’re wishing ill will on these people by saying you DON’T care about their wellbeing.

    It puzzles me to see how people rationalize their thoughts…as if it’s okay to say you don’t wish for them to be killed, but if it just so happens that way, you’re okay with it? How is that acceptable?

  178. Some people are really sick.

  179. wow, that did not go where I was expecting it to.

  180. Ok, now I’ve read the comments, which makes it even funnier.

    Oh duh! It’s an ad! Of course, it has to be! Nobody could have seriously made that as a home video with a straight face. It’s too flat-out Pythonesque absurd. The sweet husband-and-wife hug when the stuffed duck is unveiled! The inclusion of the duck’s beak falling off! The surreal romp across the yard, towing a giant stuffed duck on a rope! And especially the cheesy Aerosmith cover. That in itself should have clued us all in from the very first moments. It’s a dead-on Christian the lion video parody, and a brilliantly funny one at that.

    “Internet to talk about”, I believe is the tag line.

    CO is definitely Internet to talk about!

    Meg & the gang, please don’t change a thing! Y’all are brilliant!

  181. Disgusting.

  182. What I want to know is who thought that was a good idea. That is possibly the most morbid thing I have ever heard of.

  183. So not cute. Don’t know what to say.

  184. nooooooooo!

  185. Yeah, I don’t understand the angry “these people deserve harm” attitude either. Even if this wasn’t a commercial, and the crazy embalming duck draggers really do exsit, I’d say the worst they deserve is the sideways goink eye and a raised eyebrow. Perhaps I might even insist that they leave their duck at the door when they come to visit. I think we need to understand that there is a huge difference between being a little socially awkward with your already deceased duck, and being an animal abuser. At any rate, I suddenly feel that my non-duck-dragging internet service is a little sub-par.

  186. This is just not cute; made me really sad after watching that dog and duck so sweet together; wished you hadn’t posted that one, Meg.

  187. PEOPLE: please. stop. taking. the internet. so. seriously.

  188. whoa, that got a serious ‘what the hell???’ from me by the end! seriously, what the hell?!?!?

  189. HO EM GEE. Oh my, I find this absolutely hilarious. But then again, I though Eddie Murphy’s standup was beyond funny.

    Remember kids, the internet is indeed all fun and games and there’s an X (or a red dot, if you have a Mac) in the top corner of your screen for a reason.

  190. This is sick. Anyone who thinks that this is funny really needs to get checked out. Stuffing animals is cruel and unnecessary and that poor little puppy must be so confuzzled he doesn’t know what to do. 😦

  191. LOVED EEEET! come on people it was hil-friggin-larious and morbidly heartwarming – just the way i like ’em! i am reminded of the artist whose pet rabbit died and she served it to guests for lunch – she was thoroughly puzzled at their horrified responses – she felt there was no better way to honor her pet than to take it into her own body – she felt she was being reverent. Again – LOVED EEEEET!!!!!

  192. Personally I’m laughing at the OMG THATS SO CREWL! nuffers, who are probably all omnivores anyway…

  193. p.s. BTW how is stuffing an animal cruel????? the critter is ALREADY DEAD

  194. Julia (the one in BC): LOL!! I laughed so hard I snorted at your husband’s comment. freakin’ hi-larious.

  195. So not cute!!

  196. That video was terrible. It was stupid and cruel. We aren’t even going back to cuteoverload again after seeing that. Very disappointing.

  197. Stephanie C. says:

    “Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.” – Oscar Wilde

    Lighten up, people. The duck isn’t alive, and animals do not have the same emotional capacity that people have. I am not saying that the animals do not mourn/fear/whatever/etc., but to a dog, seeing a stuffed version of their “beloved friend” would not be emotionally traumatizing. It is people that assign such emotions to an animal in the first place.

    That being said, is it odd that people would drag a stuffed duck around their yard by a rope (former companion or not)? Yes, it’s a little odd, but you can tell that the clip was not meant to be taken seriously when the duck’s bill falls off.

    It’s a satiric commercial, for crying out loud, and it’s funny.

    And to all of the nuffers that say people who laughed are not right in the head: comments like that are totally uncalled for and are not a very nice thing to say. Didn’t your mamma tell you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all?

  198. By the way… what’s it a commercial *for* ??

  199. internet provider, Teho.

  200. Well… that is one way to draw all the angry nuffs out of hiding lol.. was it too quiet around here for you? Weird for me, but kind of funny. Post what you like it is your site. 🙂

  201. It’s the Circle of Life, Simba.

    You are born.

    Then you love.

    Then we stuff your best friend.

    Then we drag her around the yard on a rope and you chase her.

    Isn’t it beautiful?


  202. Flibbertigibbet says:

    “Lighten up”

    “It’s a commercial”

    “Stupid ’nuffers”

    “It’s not real!”

    etc., etc., etc.

    It’s also NOT CUTE. You want funny, semi-sadistic videos involving dead animals? Like someone else mentioned, there’s eBaum and a zillion other sites out there. THIS is supposedly “Cute Overload”. This video is NOT “cute”. Get it through your frickin’ skull, already. You’re driving away your fans.

  203. I just wish I would’ve stopped watching when the duck was still alive. *sniff*

  204. Funniest post I’ve ever seen here.

    I find it odd that people see a stuffed duck being dragged around and scream how it is cruel and disgusting and terrible. What if it was a piece of fried chicken? Do you know what fried chicken is? IT IS A PIECE OF A DEAD CHICKEN!!! Is it morbid and disgusting to pull a piece of meat around for your happy pup?

    The dog was obviously having a good time. Dogs are WAY faster than people…if he was angry and upset, he would have caught that woman and nommed her to pieces.

  205. Moto's momie says:

    “Why did Auntie Duck’s face fall off? … OH TIME FOR A WALK!!! Lets go!”

    I’ve never been so horrified, but not able to wipe the smile off my face.

  206. Moto's momie says:

    “Why did Auntie Duck’s face fall off? … OH TIME FOR A WALK!!! Lets go!”

    I’ve never been so horrified, but not able to wipe the smile off my face.

  207. Moto's momie says:

    “Why did Auntie Duck’s face fall off? … OH TIME FOR A WALK!!! Lets go!”

    I’ve never been so horrified, but not able to wipe the smile off my face.

  208. Moto's momie says:

    “Why did Auntie Duck’s face fall off? … OH TIME FOR A WALK!!! Lets go!”

    I’ve never been so horrified, but not able to wipe the smile off my face.

  209. Moto's momie says:

    “Why did Auntie Duck’s face fall off? … OH TIME FOR A WALK!!! Lets go!”

    I’ve never been so horrified, but not able to wipe the smile off my face.

  210. Moto's momie says:

    “Why did Auntie Duck’s face fall off? … OH TIME FOR A WALK!!! Lets go!”

    I’ve never been so horrified, but not able to wipe the smile off my face.

  211. wait – isn’t this a preview for a john waters movie?

  212. With all these strong emotions about this video, I would just like to contribute that
    A) Stuffing a dead animal is not cruel, it is already dead. It might be tacky, but not cruel.
    B)The dog seemed to be genuinely happy to have his friend back, so I see no harm done. It might be weird to us humans but the dog was loving it.

  213. As tacky as I would find this in real life, I totally laughed. I read the tagline about breaking off the dead beak and being dragged around the yard before I hit play, and I was like, “Nah. Couldn’t be. Really? I mean, REALLY?” Then I watched it and yup, really. I was laughing one of those, “Oh my gosh, I don’t know what to do with this at all” kind of laughs.

    I am quite relieved to see it was a commercial, but I’m afraid I still would have snickered in disbelief otherwise.

  214. How can anyone take this seriously? It’s pretty darn easy to figure out it’s not real even without being told that it’s a commercial!

  215. Two Silver Cats says:

    I know my tiny little comment down here isn’t going to matter much, but this video clip was hysterical and I am glad that Meg and Theo and everyone else don’t take themselves so seriously that they can’t put videos like this on here. I have TEARS streaming down my face and I think I ruptured something in my belly from laughing so hard. Dogbreath was right: Please don’t change a thing!

    (I could watch the beak bouncing off the puppy’s head on perpetual loop for the rest of my life and be completely content…)

  216. Ya know, it’s all fun and games until somebody loses a beak. 😉

  217. PArty

  218. I found this to be HYSTERICAL.

    am I going to hell?

  219. Ok, this is the first time CO has made me cry–in a bad way. The video was sweet until the unveiling of teh corpse. And the fact that the poor puppeh was so excited that its old friend was back really broke my heart. I have never nuffed before, but neither has anything on CO ever left me feeling sick before. I know Meg can post whatever she wants, but I don’t have to like it.

  220. That tug of war photo is AWESOME!

  221. Sorry C.O., sure cannot see the cute in this profoundly disturbing submission. To mess with the dog’s attachment to the duck postmortem is totally twisted. Ya’ll bombed on this entry.

  222. Julie (the one in BC): Thank your husband for his wonderful wheels comment. I know my husband might make the same comment once he sees this.

    NOMTOM: Flabbergastically awesome contribution, as always.

    Elizabeth Twist: I think I might actually see that version of The Lion King.

    Flibbertigibbet: There are billions and billions of internet users…really, in the grand scheme of things, this one little eensy bitsy video won’t drive away a lot of people. But then again, tomorrow is Bunday, so all of the pro-carrot-lifers will come out of the woodwork and wave pitchforks. You can’t win them all.

  223. Maureen (the one in BC) says:

    My husband watched it solemnly all the way through to the end.

    Then he said: “The least they should do is put wheels on it.”
    Julia (the one in BC)

    Oh, JULIA! I snorked wine through my nose when I read this! …it must be the Canadian humour in us.

    And yes, I did stop reading the comments after that, ’cause I just cain’t stands nuffers.

    And thank you, CO, for never EVER removing a post, despite the Nuffinghams. That shows a lot of character and integrity.

  224. This was cute at first, but then revolting.
    Not nice.

    I don’t care if it’s “really” a commercial, how does that make it any better?
    It’s still gross and might give people ideas.

  225. Second Maureen! (Also in BC lol).. Is it wrong that I have (funny) tears running down my face after reading the most recent nuffs? Read the comments lol!

  226. yeah, everyone who thought this was funny or cute, put a cat there in place of a duck, and picture it stuffed and being dragged across the yard on a leash, and you’ll figure out pretty quickly why it’s not funny. If it were more well known animal as a ‘pet’ then it wouldn’t be funny at all.

    I get why it’s a commericial, but watching it, i wouldn’t be able to tell you what product it’s for or why we should purchase the product – that’s why it’s a bad commerical. I don’t care if its an ad or not, it still sucks.

  227. That might be because it was a clip of the commercial taken out of context Kimberly? Just a thought 😉

  228. that is just f** sick aahahahahahaha

  229. Ok that is sooooo darkly weird! The beak! OMG the beak! Ok, I understand why some people are freaked out over this. But, the duck is already dead. This is just a very weird devotion, an almost necrophiliac devotion…

  230. Kimberly, I urge you to lighten up.

    Also, if you had bothered to catch any of the comments here, you’d see there have been several linking to the original video, in which it is clearly a commercial for an internet company.

    And, I actually did take some time to imagine if it was a cat. And that reminded me of Rowdy, the stuffed golden retriever on “Scrubs” and I laughed and laughed…so imagining a cat makes no difference to me, I think it’d bring out more nuffers, but I’m pretty sure it’d still be kind of funny.

  231. the bug man says:

    You know, if this site only featured cuddly pictures of baby red pandas and Scottish Fold kittens, it would be a lovely, lovely site.

    But for me, it’s the occasional self-puncturing snarkiness that pushes CuteOverload beyond “lovely” into the “work of genius” category.

    Meg & Co.: We love you. Don’t change a thing.

  232. This was LAUGH OUT LOUD funny. First it was sappy funny, what with the Aerosmith soundtrack, and then it took a sharp left into Monty Python territory. Question for the nuffers— is the MP Dead Parrot sketch (

    ) dispicable? …’pinin’ for the fjords’… absolutely hysterical.

  233. Capt' Tightpants says:




    *tips hat to teh CuteOverlords*


  234. Capt' Tightpants says:




    *tips hat to teh CuteOverlords*


  235. Capt' Tightpants says:




    *tips hat to teh CuteOverlords*


  236. Capt' Tightpants says:




    *tips hat to teh CuteOverlords*


  237. Capt' Tightpants says:




    *tips hat to teh CuteOverlords*


  238. Capt' Tightpants says:




    *tips hat to teh CuteOverlords*


  239. warrior rabbit says:

    My God, the nuffs *are* funny today. The outrage, the umbrage –the general -brage — over an already dead duck and an overly anthropomorphized beagle… Y’all make me laugh almost as much as the video.

    That duck is pining for the fjords!

    P.S. Julia in BC, I also love your husband’s humor.

  240. I see now that this was a commercial. I still don’t think it is very funny… What I want to know now, is was this a real video that the company used in their ad, or was the entire thing completely fabricated? Because you know somewhere along the lines a beagle had to be friends with a duck to get some of those pictures/ videos of them together. I don’t know.

    As to whether or not the Monty Python “Dead Parrot” sketch is dispicable, no. It is freaking hilarious. But in that case, the viewer knows for a fact that they are watching a sketch, and seeing a prop bird– This commercial is Monty Pythonesque, except for the fact that it is hard for the viewer to tell if this situation is real. This is especially the case seeing as the commercial was taken out of context when posted on CO, and most people did not know they were watching a commercial in the first place.

    I’m not sure if what I just wrote made any sense.

  241. Actually, imagining it as a cat just reminded me of my attempts to “walk” my cat as a child. They always ended in the cat flopping down on the sidewalk and refusing to move while I tugged at him until I finally gave up and carried him back inside. And I think that Rowdy on Scrubs is hilarious too!

  242. Real, not real, advertisement, real life story, get the dog a new duck! 🙂

  243. again that one guy says:

    First off: Even if all that’s shown is made up and faked, it is still in no way cute. People might find it amusing to play tricks on an animal, showing him happy about seeing a (taxidermed!) friend again.
    Just as much as theres a lot of people on the net enjoying a lot of weird vids to say the least.
    But this is no cute overload at all.

    And I find it hard to understand why people have so much fun reading comments by (over?)sensitive people (and laughing at them) who had a bad time watching this morbid joke.

    And face it, this vid is a 10 on the morbid-O-meter.

  244. you should die you sick discusting motherfuckers, you should be stopped

    ,merry christmas 🙂

  245. I laughed, I cried, I’d buy the t-shirt. Two thumbs up.

  246. again that one guy, I think we find hilarity and satisfaction from reading nuffs because, as you said, some of the nuffers are oversensitive. But we’re not laughing at the posts because they’re oversensitive, we’re laughing at the posts because other people find it righteous upon themselves to tell other people that they are sick and disturbed for laughing at an internet video, as if we are all such angels that we may only do what is right and in good taste.

    Anyway, that’s why I’m laughing. Some people really just need to lighten up, but SOME people seem to really have a tight grip on the righteous stick and are just swinging away like Barry Bonds.

  247. “First off: Even if all that’s shown is made up and faked, it is still in no way cute.”

    That’s not going to convince anyone, as it’s completely a matter of opinion. I thought it was very cute, and apparently plenty of others did as well.

  248. I’m a big fan of Cuteoverload but this is the point when Cuteoverload ‘jumped the shark’ or at the very least did a ‘Jonathon Ross’.

    It’s funny but does it belong in the land of cute?

  249. berthaservant says:

    I’m not sure I understand the “it doesn’t matter if it’s real or not” approach. As adults, we have the ability to appreciate the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Isn’t it funny to imagine Violet Beauregard plumping up into the shape of a huge blueberry? Would it be funny if a real live little girl turned into a blueberry? Probably not, but there’s a point to the satire, and we are capable of appreciating it.

    Why are we supposed to put limits on our imagination? Why is it at all rational to try to explain the dog’s “feelings” when THIS IS MADE UP? How can the humans be “cruel” if they are just encouraging the dog to play-act? Is it “cruel” to tell kids about Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny? (Some of you might think it is, but most of us go along with it in some fashion).

    And finally, the argument “even if it’s not real it might give someone some ideas.” WHAT IDEA? To stuff a bird? Been done. To try to console a pet who has lost a friend? Been done. People have their pets stuffed all the time (I know, weird, but it happens a lot). It’s not CRUEL to the pet — BECAUSE IT IS DEAD. What kind of horrendous behavior is this FAKE video promoting that hasn’t already been promoted and offered elsewhere?

    Really, people. You can not like it, not think it’s funny, whatever. But please, for God’s sake, SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS — a JOKE, meant to make you LAUGH and maybe THINK about the way in which people anthropomorphize animals in extremely silly ways.

  250. NOT CUTE!!! 😦

    Really really creepy. D:

  251. berthaservant says:

    P.S. CoffeeCup: Bonds had an excellent eye and swung and missed relatively infrequently to others, it’s one of the things that made him so dangerous. I’d say “swinging like Adam Dunn” to make your point (or perhaps BOBBY Bonds if we’re being historical), but Barry was actually pretty accurate with that stick swinging. (And as someone who apparently once used personally harvested yak semen for his training regimen, I think he’d think this vid was pretty funny.)

  252. hey! julia and maureen, i’m with you. i loved it. wouldn’t it be a good idea if a poll was put up for these controversial ones just to get an idea of the percentages of how everyone feels? i think so!

  253. Yitzysmommie says:

    It’s offishce: I’m sick & twisted!! I laffed harder the second time I saw Sheila’s beak bonk Toby’s bean. And then when the large lady dragged Sheila in the yard I was just howling. Sick & wrong, that’s moi.

  254. cheshirepat says:

    Jeebus…just…wow. Those are some freaky pet owners for sure…

  255. man, that is messed up. not funny at all.

  256. I really don’t care if it’s a commercial or not. The fact that it was made was sick. This is disturbing and I don’t tune in to CO cry.

    I’m not telling anyone else how to feel, but this doesn’t belong on CO.

  257. That’s so sad! I don’t care if it’s an ad… It hasn’t put me off coming on to CO on a daily (*cough* hourly…)basis, but it has sobered me up, rather than making me glow with a cute warming glowing glow after a night out… that’s definitely the last time I check on here when alcohol has lowered my emotional defences. *sniff* I’s gonna cry now!

  258. ZOMG, if I needed one more shred of evidence of how wonderful beagles are, this was it.

  259. that’s not funny or cute. It’s actually really sad. i cried a bit.

  260. Panda ^___^ says:

    People…Came on!! As i said before, it´s an internet provider advertising!!! Why are you taking this so serious???. Like other people said: IT´S A PARODY!!

  261. Just Some Guy says:

    Oh my…this video has /everything/.

    Academy award nomination, NOW.

  262. I’m not going to read the comments. It just made me “go awwww” and then go “huh?” and then go “wtf?” and then go “Lol”.

    Weirdness, unlimited. *still snickering*

  263. Thank you for putting me into a state of absolute shock at 10 AM in the morning! lol… when the duck’s beak fell off I nearly lost it!

  264. is it more fucked up that this made me cry?
    don’t judge people, they’re just tying to make their dog happy, and a bit morose but it worked. see how happy doggy was when they whipped off that sheet? kinda supercute

  265. Upset and sad that this was posted. Not funny or cute. When a pet looses a friend it is very sad. Just been through it with our pet.

  266. It’s like Monty Python does CO. I kept expecting to hear John Cleese narrate this in some weird accent.

  267. commercial or not, this is not cute.

  268. I believe Julia’s husband wins…. BWAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!! His name is probably Monty Python. 😀

  269. This is in very poor taste.
    and NOT cute.
    ‘nuf said.

  270. Well, seems Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bates enjoyed teasing Norman’s childhood dog too. Norman tried hard to give his dog a normal puppyhood but at every turn his parents subjected his dog to taxidermy humor. Eventually Norman had all the time in the world to show Mother just how disturbing taxidermy humor can be.

    Gotta go, time to clean the shower.


  272. wefdfgferw says:

    fukkin dumb fukk kids


    But seriously, that was a shitty video.

  274. Ok, KATIE, I lost it when I watched the second one. This is deeply f*#&ed up, and still hilarious. 🙂 I may have to go to Argentina. Just hope no nitwits out in the world try to do any of that, though I suspect nitwits will do stupid things without needing this kind of thing to help them along.

    For those who don’t speak Spanish, the story is REALLY FUNNY!!!!!!

  275. Barf. Seriously, I think I’m going to barf. Worst thing I’ve ever seen on CO.

  276. Julia and Maureen, I THOUGHT THE SAME THING about the WHEELS! The bouncing wasn’t graceful — thought it should be big wheels that would deal with the grass well. 🙂 Haaaaaaaa!

    Ok, and just to needle the nuffers more, you do realize that they had to either use a REAL taxidermied duck with a beak, or at least build a really convincing fake, which implies twistedness. AND do y’all realize how this is mocking either Brits or U.S. (or maybe even Canadians) because it was Toby and the MacKenzies?

    Now I really have to go to Argentina to get to the bottom of this.

  277. This… is… sick. X(

  278. Elaine Wilson says:

    Totally worth watching, and spending 20 minutes reading the comments! “I say, WTF, people? Since when is it acceptable to advocate the death of human beings just because there’s a video of a perfectly healthy dog who happens to have crazy embalming duck draggers as parents?” -CoffeeCup
    That made me laugh as hard as the video did! Yes, it’s sad; yes, it’s a commercial. A little morbid, but funny nonetheless. Glad to read it was a parody!

  279. I thought it was very funny, and my husband (who has an excellent sense of humor) thought it was very sad. To each his or her own.

  280. morality aside, real or fake aside, reasons aside, this was just distasteful. I would not be surprised or even that disturbed had it been on any other website. What’s it doing here?

  281. I thought i came to “cute” overload, not “disgusting and disturbing” overload. Moderators, will you seriously read these comments and listen to our opinions about some of these posts? I am extremely disappointed.

  282. Trixiekitty says:

    Have you seen parte dos?
    It’s worse.

    These people are fucked up.

  283. I laughed so hard I think I work my neighbours. Then I read the comments and felt a bit ashamed. Then I watched the video again and nearly pissed laughing AGAIN. Hilarious. Well done. I would also like to say that I think Rowdy on Scrubs is also hilarious, and I bet most nuffers do too, they just don’t like him out of context…

  284. WOKE the neighbors, Woke them! Gah!

  285. Coffee Cup you are cracking me up here…. Okay and the person who suggested how would we feel if it was a stuffed cat .. well I just laughed even harder at the thought..

    IT is an ad .. a made up story. Made up pictures and for some people funny and for others not funny but it is brilliant.

  286. Okay for those who missed it here is a translation of what it says again. I posted it up at the begining but heh taht was 200 comments ago

    in 1994 Toby arrived at the Mac Kenzie Ranch.
    Incredibly Shiela , a young duck adopted him.
    Together they lived as sisters.
    After time sheila died an old woman
    Then the Mac Kenzies Embalmed her.
    This is the video moment of when Toby saw the returned Sheila.

  287. Please pull this video. It may or may not be in good taste, but either way it doesn’t fit the site.

  288. Weird commercial

  289. ZOMG it’s a commercial?????????

    *HOWLS with laughter* yeah it’s an e’ffed up commercial, but it made me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt… my sides hurt, my stomach hurts!

    Talk about an unsuspecting ending LOL

  290. totalee puppy says:

    Please don’t do that to me.
    I’m only goin’ around once…

  291. BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish they would have just let the ducky pass and possibly gotten their pup a new, longer living friend.


  292. omg…that wus so sad….wow…but funny in a warped way…lolz…

  293. Oh, well…it’s Saturday

  294. I crack up every time I see someone write “this isn’t what I expected to see on CO” or the like.

    Anyone who expects nonstop noncommentroversial fuzzy cute sweetness’n’light HASN’T BEEN PAYING ATTENTION!

  295. Leik OMG, i r teh ttlly not leiking this video and leik, the ppl satans who made this video shuld ttlly die and i dun care if itz a commercial these ppl r teh stupidz and satan and cruel to do stuff to a ded duck and leik meeg shuld tttly take this vid down cuz, u kno, i leik tttly pay to see this site and megg shuld ther4 ttlly change it to fit my whims and leik i hate u. lol

  296. Why pull the video? Really, there’s no reason to just because some people dislike it.

    Berthaservant, half your Barry Bonds post had me googling names. Admittedly, I know nothing about baseball, and my comment about people swinging like Barry Bonds was more or less that he did, indeed, swing quite a lot. His accuracy is another matter, but what I was meaning was that he swung a lot…nuffers with a righteous stick, they swing a lot too. Accuracy is another matter.

  297. That was absolutely terrible. Not only was it terrible, it was tasteless (because what, was that suppose to be amusing??)!

  298. Oh and by the way, doxnsox, the happy smiling Mrs. McKenzie pulling the unwheeled giant stuffed duck on a rope boucing unevenly across the yard was what totally pushed it over the top of the ridiculous scale for me. Laughed so hard I woke up all three cats.

    But that’s just me and my warped sense of humor, twisted at an early age by Dead Parrots and the like.

  299. I’m not nuffing, I just wanted to say that this video did NOT make me want to use their internet service.

  300. Sad, not cute.

    I watched this twice because I was so freaked out when dead Sheila appeared. I knew it had to be a parody or a commercial or something…but it still made me sad. 😦

    I, like Dreamer, wish to unsee this. Going to scrub my eyeballs…

  301. i’m amazed how many people say “it’s an ad and therefore not real”.

    uh, ad people buy online videos on the time for use. they probably bpught this one.

    for the record, i think it’s sick but i defend CO’s right to post whatever they want.

  302. I agree with you, Hughman. Kiri posted the same thought way up the comments list. Even if it was staged, the doggie and the duck were friends at one point. I didn’t think it was really taxidermy when I first watched it…I thought for sure it was a duck decoy. That would make me feel better. Anyway, I’m not mad about this post, and it did make me uncomfortable, but I’m not mad at Meg for posting it. At least she didn’t post that video of Sarah Palin talking in front of a turkey being slaughtered.

  303. lurkingsmirk says:

    katgrrl, you “wish to unsee this” but you also “watched this twice” ???

    I call nuffing FAIL

  304. A brilliant illustration of the principle of montage in cinema: put any series of images in sequence and people will imagine a story to connect them, even if the bits were filmed on different days, the duck had a stunt double, and the dog was really trying to eat the duck every time the camera was off.

  305. I just want to say, regardless of my personal opinion on this or any other controversial content CO has put up (and some of it I haven’t like in the past), I want to thank the editors for actually putting up whatever THEY want on THEIR blog.

    And I really really hope all the people who have whined that this made CO ‘jump the shark’ or that they are leaving will actually leave. The rest of us quiet lurkers will sit back and have a good laugh at your expense and move on with our lives.

    And I’m sad at the lack of editor’s comments and comments by Teho in this thread. That’s some of my favorite parts, when people nuff, the comments by the editors.

  306. Susan Richard says:

    This is really really terrible and not like cuteoverload at all. Please please take it down.

  307. Elaine Wilson says:

    lurkingsmirk and Joanna: wOOT. And well-put. I can’t say that I’ve never nuffed. The ugly roach thingy first thing in the morning made me bleghhh. But that’s what is great about C.O… whether or not you agree with the cuteness, it’s always interesting, and avante garde. Bravo Meg and C.O. team, for having the guts to post, and keep comments open on an obviously-talked-to-death video!!

  308. Has this post reached the level of pa-sickie commentroversy?

  309. dear mofo, this video is sicko. psycho.

    i also wish i could un-see it. yet again, it proves my point that most humans suck.

  310. smo: chill. please.

  311. The nuffers must hate Daffy Duck and Road Runner cartoons. Do they cry when Daffy’s bill is mucked with or when Coyote gets smashed? I thought of wheels too but maybe something like skis would work better? Oh! I also laughed my ass of when Fiona made the blue bird explode and then made breakfast with the eggs.

  312. Jeff Mason says:

    I really think I am in agreement with the majority of the people here when I say take this down, it is not cute it is cruel, mean and sadistic, commercial or not I do not not feel it is in harmony with what cuteoverload is about, cute animal pictures and videos, and a majority of the time the animals are having fun.
    Seeing humans laugh at a dog’s misunderstanding that its companion is stuffed is so mean and vile, I cannot express enough my anger at it.

  313. Pa-sickie!

    I’ve been reading for a while but was never actually watching while a commentroversy broke out, so I feel privileged.

  314. Jeff Mason,

    Not in harmony with what CO is about? Wow, I didn’t realize that you got to decide what CO was about. I thought that was Meg’s job since, you know, she runs the blog and was the one who decided to post this video. Wow. You learn something new every day…

  315. Sick People says:

    Someone please bring in the psychiatrists. These people make me sick.


  316. This is really distasteful and sad. Not cute.

  317. Jeff, if you think you are in the majority, I suggest you take a refresher course in math.

  318. berthaservant says:

    “Seeing humans laugh at a dog’s misunderstanding that its companion is stuffed is so mean and vile, I cannot express enough my anger at it.”

    They are not laughing. They are pretending to laugh. The dog is not “misunderstanding” anything. It was trained to bark on cue. The companion is not stuffed. It is a decoy completely unrelated to the previously seen living duck.

    Furthermore: your interpretation of the scene as fiction is just one possible interpretation. Mine: the human characters are eager to make their pet dog happy. They laugh with delight when the dog sees a simulacrum of the duck friend. They are not being cruel, they are being kind.



    I’m sorry to shout but the ignorance and stupidity is starting to get to me. I don’t mind people not liking this, thinking it’s not cute, etc. But IT IS NOT REAL. IT DID NOT REALLY HAPPEN. STOP CRITICIZING IT AS SUCH. BE MARGINALLY INTELLIGENT, PLEASE.

  319. I think there are a great deal of psychiatrists who would find this funny.

  320. I smirk at nuffers who like to decree “what CO is about”. Again I will gleefully point out that they must not have been paying attention. CO is about whatever Meg wants to post, and she and her lovely cohorts post arguably un-cute-ish items on a REGULAR basis. I think maybe the easily offended are thinking of that *other* CO, you know, the one in the alternate dimension where everybody agrees on everything all the time.

  321. berhaservant, thanks! I had all those words and all that stuff bottled up, and I was all set to try to zen my way out of it (despite not believing in zen) but you let it out for me, and now I don’t feel the pressure to keep any of that silly political correctness that people keep saying I should grip tightly.

  322. CoffeeCup: I was not comparing my dead loved one to a dead duck.

    At this point I don’t care what the dog was trying to do and I don’t want to watch it again to find out.

    And made-up or not, I visit C.O. to cheer myself up after wallowing in this sick depressing world all day. That video didn’t fit.

    I’m not trying to tell anyone how to run their site…this is all just feedback. You need to know what your fans think, don’t you?

    Overall I think this site is very positive and animal friendly.

    P.S. I’m a vegan.

  323. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Thanks berthaservant. I tried several times to find the word and you found them for me.

  324. Bravo BerthaS, CoffeeCup and many others for their always eloquent commentary… as a commercial, this is a delightful nod to Monty Python. Like many ads nowadays, I would never be able to tell you what it was actually advertising…

    As for if it were real… I spend a majority of my time working with dogs. They recognize death, they miss & remember lost companions, they cope.

    If this were real, the duck’s stuffed body would not mean the same thing to the dog that the live duck did. Yes, the owners would qualify as demented, but ‘Toby’ would be just fine.

  325. I’ll agree it is a little strange, but what I don’t get is the flood of emotion behind these comments.

    Take a step back and all it really is, is just a scripted advertisement with some animals and absurdist humor. But for the sake of argument, let say the entire premises behind the clip was real. Then it still amounts to nothing more than a dog, a stuffed duck and a couple of wacky owners. There is no animal cruelty (the duck was dead) and the dog looked like it was having a good time.

    Take a further step back and compare it with all the *real* animal cruelty instances out there. From whatever PETA decides has the best shock value to really deranged videos on rotten. So in the grand scheme of things, I’d say this doesn’t even belong in the same realm of cruelty.

    But if the argument is that this doesn’t belong in CO, then I challenge if you’d like the see the same material day after day. Wet your palette at least, and if you don’t like it, then wait until tomorrow when your scheduled red pandas are on again.


    If y’all don’t like this video, don’t watch part dos, whatever you do. I laughed even harder at that one and without a translation. Some of the comments here only add to the fun. Two of my favorites: “The duck was never much of a talker to begin with” and “They could have put it on a sled or something”. And @JohnnyJohnny, yes I’ll join your band.

  327. Oh good lord, that went from sweetly touching to leaving me cracking up. Lighten up, folks – sheesh!

  328. That was sweet! 🙂

  329. mom2twinzz says:

    Personally I ROFLPIMPed over it. I figured it was a joke video rather quickly. I liked it because it was Monty Pythonesque. Meg, Theo and NTMTOM do ya thang – I have yet to find anything wrong with anything you’ve posted and if I do – I move along to the next thing and know I will find something that gets a smile out of me.

  330. Why are all vegans such assholes? You just come off like unhappy emo jerks.

  331. Sick people: Will send some psychiatrists to see you about your rage! Glad to help! 😉

  332. Well Gareth, I have run across some vegans who were decent humans, but the vast majority of vegans who want the entire flipping world to know they’re vegan and that everyone else is satan because they don’t agree with their views are giant tools.

    I’m vegetarian. But then again, I make cannibalism jokes all the time.

  333. John Woods says:

    OMG he is so curte, I must have one!

  334. crabaloons says:

    @ Julia in BC’s husband:

  335. Boy is that ever disturbing and incredibly depressing.

  336. Whether this video is real or not, it is still in bad taste. The concept isn’t funny at all, it makes my stomach turn. I honestly am trying to see why people think this is humorous, and I keep coming up short-handed. I really have no clue why everyone is laughing at this distasteful commercial/ad (?).

  337. I’m mostly laughing at everyone else’s reactions!

    But, yeah, that was cute at first, strange and disturbing after. I kind of wonder what the people who put it up were thinking. I mean, if the dog likes it, that’s fine, I guess, but I wonder what kind of reactions they were expecting from the viewing public.

  338. Vegans threatening death to all humans…
    another Sunday morning in CO nuffland.
    Pass the popcorn, pls!

  339. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    How ironic it is that people who make comments complaining about those who don’t like to see animals in situations where they are suffering – and then they object to an animal whose suffering has ended!
    How many of you are eating turkey this weekend in the states?
    Now THAT is sad and pathetic. A lot sadder for those birds you call dinner than the duck in the video. At least it looks as if he had a decent life before he died. Unlike your dead bird dinners.

  340. OK, maybe just one little comment.

    Vanessa, you make a good point. Very good point. Very very yummy tasty good point mmm-mmmmmmmm. Did you know, this year, everyone here in “the states” will be making THIS?

  341. warrior rabbit says:

    I would like to work at that ad agency. I think I would fit right in, or at least enjoy myself immensely.

    I’m also relieved to find all the overly sensitive people are apparently leaving en masse. That might mean fewer commentroversies in the future. One can hope.

    Rock on, CO, rock on.

  342. It’s not even the same dog from shot to shot. The dog at 0:06 has a distinctive white shark’s-fin pattern on its left side, which isn’t there later. The dog in the tug-of-war shot has a tail that is only tipped in white, while other dogs show six or eight inches of white on their tails. At a guess, they cherry-picked footage and still photos of ducks and dogs, spliced it all together, then filmed their own ridiculous ending with their own dog and duck decoy. More than likely, the dog at the end had never even seen a live duck, much less been friends with one.

    (Also, ducks’ bills are integrated with their skulls. If that had been a real taxidermied duck, its beak wouldn’t have fallen off.)

  343. But jere7my, it doesn’t matter if the commercial’s real or if they faked the whole thing or if it would’ve been a cartoon, cavorting taxidermied ducks and beagles is SATAN and the people who do it should be KILLED because DEATH IS BAD and enjoying anything having to do with anything is CRUEL. Come on jere7my, don’t you know anything? Or have you not had a humorless dick transfusion yet?

  344. the bug man says:

    Please, please, Teho– please tell me there is NOT a blog entitled “Bacon Today”.

    I mean, I can tolerate crazy embalming duck draggers going trolling for a beagle with its dead buddy Mr. Waddles, but some things are just… *wrong*.

  345. Only the first part was cute. And it was cute. The rest was derranged, like the people who made this thing!

  346. Psilopathic says:

    wow, i didn’t really take this video that seriously… you guys sound like a bunch of unhappy pissed off people, my goodness gracious. I don’t speak spanish, so I had no idea what was going on, but for some reason I teared up at the end. Until they were running with the plastic duck at the end- if the dog can’t handle one bird dying, what chance do the rest of us stand?! Dogs are not that freakin stupid.

  347. This was not cute at all. It was really disturbing.

  348. Meg, you would be my BFF if you weren’t already my personal jesus!

  349. warrior rabbit says:

    I will enjoy my dead bird dinner, Vanessa, with cranberries and gravy and stuffing and sweet potatoes. Can’t wait!

    [Blink.] OMG a bacon-wrapped turducken?! Wow! I can’t believe they baked it instead of dropping it in the deep fryer, though. 😉

  350. Um. Bacon Today? Well, the interwebs is complete–bacon has its own website. And also, Turducken? BACON wrapped Turducken? I feel my cholesterol rising just thinking about it. ^_^

    But way to take my mind off the very strange, kinda creepy, kinda funny video Teho. Ha. Turducken.

  351. elle doubleyou says:

    “So bad it’s good…” the poster says above the post. The blog is free to people, and owes no one. It doesn’t have to live up to your expectations. Quit imposing your morality on Meg. If she thinks it’s funny and wants it on her blog, so be it. Don’t like it, don’t come here. Get over it people. Anyone who found themselves truly offended, disgusted, and had their day ruined by this? Needs to seriously gain some perspective and get a life.

  352. Reading these comments I just realized we laugh for different things. I laugh at surrealistic idea of directing such morbid event (with music and all).. and you.. laugh at the duck. 😦

  353. Hey, commentroversy! Did the site need views or hit numbers bumped up for ad costs or something? 😉

    I love commercials from other countries. It’s exactly the reactions like the ones in this thread that prevent advertisers in the U.S. from being able to take more risks. We here in the States just can’t handle it.

  354. That is so traumatising!

  355. Not even remotely cute or funny. I’m disappointed that it was included on this site and quite shocked at the number of comments from people who considered it to be funny. It’s a disgusting concept for a video, real or fictional.

  356. Mmmh. Utter Cute FAIL, methinks.

  357. thats really sad. the poor dog who runs after the stiff thing. embalming an animal is just the saddest.

    thats not cute at all. of course the first seconds of the video when the duck is alive, very cute. but after embalming it gets ugly and psycho…

  358. To add more fuel to the fire, and liven up the Turducken chat, I present the ‘Roast without Equal’ –

    The largest recorded nested bird roast is 17 birds, attributed to a royal feast in France in the early 19th century (originally called a Rôti Sans Pareil, or “Roast without equal”) – a bustard stuffed with a turkey, a goose, a pheasant, a chicken, a duck, a guinea fowl, a teal, a woodcock, a partridge, a plover, a lapwing, a quail, a thrush, a lark, an Ortolan Bunting and a Garden Warbler. The final bird is small enough that it can be stuffed with a single olive.

  359. Oh, BRAVO. I might try playing it backwards with some wigged-out music over the top, thereby creating an animalised David Lynch take on Pinocchio, about a dog tormented by a fake beakless duck that inexplicably COMES TO LIFE causing even greater torment. Possibly stick a lady singing behind a radiator in there for good measure.

    This post is one of many reasons why I love CO. Don’t ever change.

  360. This was great BUT THE COMMENTS ARE THE BEST PART. 😀

  361. commercial or not, it was not at all cute.

    I mean, the dog was. And the was..but the whole video was… NOT.

    I mean, fine, post what you want. Meg and Co. would have to do much worse than post something like this to make me boycott CO.

    I just kind of wish I hadn’t watched it.

  362. I laughed so hard I cried, it’s so unexpected and brilliant.

  363. I’m tearing and laughing…and I cannot explain myself. This is so bizare.

  364. “Sheila” is a boy duck! Well….was.

    That is the….well? I don’t think I can put into words what it is.

  365. Baroo?

  366. ‘E’s a stiff! Bereft of life, ‘e rests in peace! If you hadn’t nailed ‘im to the board ‘e’d be pushing up the daisies!

    ‘Is metabolic processes are now ‘istory! ‘E’s off the pond!

    ‘E’s kicked the bucket, ‘e’s shuffled off ‘is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisibile!!

    Hey Julia, I’m with your husband, I also thought “they should have put wheels on it” at the end!

  367. I pressed “mute” immediately, for starters.

    Loved the first few seconds… then was aghast! Yuck! Maybe if I’d had an easier week I wouldn’t have cared, but when you’re already in bad shape, this can nearly be cause for defenestration!

    But not cause enough to drop C.O. Nah, never.

  368. i kept saying to myself, this is horrible, HORRIBLE, and all the same, i just coulnd’t stop laughing…

  369. Are people still not getting that it’s not a taxidermied duck? I mean, what about “real ducks’ beaks are part of their skull” says “real dead ducks can totally have their beaks fall off a la Daffy Duck”?

  370. This one went too far…it’s borderline sick. It was cute up until the taxidermy, (which I could’ve done without).

  371. Made me laugh. Read all the comments. Wish I was as sharp as others who saw it was a decoy duck and that the commercial used different dogs.

    Is a disclaimer needed for CO??

    “Occasionally the moderator of this blog finds stuff on the internets webs which may cause you to think she has a strange sense of humor. THIS IS A GOOD THING!

    Also, she may post occasional pictures you disagree with/think are not cute/have people in them/have babies in them or may generally show a weird side of the human species.

    Please realize that this site is FREE! If you paid a subscription to CO then you could complain heartily and boycott the site to try to get Meg and others to ONLY post noncommentraversial stuff. If you still want to boycott after reading this disclaimer, please do so as that makes more room for those who can handle a bit of weirdness every now and then.”

    My favorite (dyslexic?) comment from the Turbaconducken site:

    “I have never tried turducken, mainly because I avoid food that has a name that begins with “turd”.”

  372. This is digusting. Just another in a long line of questionable items Meg has posted here.

    And as for the tag-line? “You can pull my dead beak off and drag me around any time, Lee Anne.”

    Sometimes i’m glad that Meg is “allergic to pets” (even though such a wide ranging allergy doesn’t exist) and can’t have any of her own, if she finds that funny.

    I’m disgusted, and sorry to say that i’m done with cuteoverload.

  373. soooooo cute 🙂

  374. Whew! Glad Joanne is gone! Whoever thinks like that should just take their little mindset and go play off by themselves. Gooooooood riiiiidaaaance!

  375. That video was heartwarming slash hilarious! Great idea for a commercial, I about peed my pants when she was dragging the duck through the field! Macabre? Yes! But still HILARIOUS!

  376. Oh yea and…. SCREW YOU JOANNE… you’re obviously a high strung, anal retentive prude… and more than likely a cat person…


  377. oh lord… the bit at the end was TOO much

  378. How could something so wrong . . . be so right?

    And make me laugh till I cried.

    Still chuckling. So, so wrong, I love it!

  379. and now I’m laughing at the nuffin’. David Lynch running CO . . . bwa-haha- whee!

  380. I am traumatized for life. I don’t know why I am laughing. That was so messed up! So sad!!!! That dog must be so confused! He was so happy to see her again 😦

  381. The beak falls off?! WTF!!! I’m now officially a Nuffer. NUFF NUFF NUFF! Thanks CO

  382. The comments here just show how completely uncomfortable our society is with death. Rather than spouting false outrage, why not just look at how happy the dog is? The dog doesn’t seem outraged to me.

  383. I cried. I really did.

  384. I believe it is a commercial to advertise the Norman Bates Bed and Breakfast perhaps??

  385. tropicalgeek says:

    This is NOT cute! is disturbing.

    It is not being uncomfortable with death.. it is being uncomfortable with stuffing something dead.

    Poor duck.

  386. It started out so cute… I adore this site, and I never, NEVER have disapproved of anything about this site (except I think we need more rat action), but this is too much/not enough for me. I have to nuff this.
    To Bob: it isnt being uneasy with death, it is being uneasy with good taste 😛 No matter how much i miss my dead rats, Im not going to stuff them and tote them around like a build-a-bear… I think the dog just sees a “duck” now, not his Sheila… Sheila’s scent if proably all gone afte being embalmed and skinned and all the wonderful things that go on with taxidermy.

  387. OMG!! Gross!

  388. NIKKI,

    You say cat person like it’s a bad thing :p

  389. I laughed so hard I cried. Definitely a “awwww… what??? LOL” moment. Thanks for posting it!

  390. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face, THEN, I started reading the comments and laughed even harder. (I only got about 2/3 done the comments though…couldn’t handle any more nuffing. My favorite two comments were the husband solemnly watching then saying that they could have at least put wheels on it… and the person who said, “I’ld like to unsee this. Please advise.”)
    Hilarious. Made my otherwise terrible weekend.

  391. mandy_Reeves says:

    Well commercial or not..totally hilarious! I didn’t see the beak fall off the first time, but when I viewed the second time, I started laughing and crying and choking…I honestly sounded like a transgender santa claus with emphysema.

    My husband looked at me odd, and went to work. My tzu dottie came to sit with me bc she does that when I cry.

    Also, it’s ironic seeing this, bc me and hubby are thinking of getting a birdie of some sort to keep our dottie jean company while we are out. Like a parrot or something that talks.

  392. Kage,

    You said what I was thinking!

    Thanks to the CO editors and owner for putting up content they like or find entertaining without being slaves to what every nuffer thinks. A blog is not a democracy! You can suggest what you’d like posted, but you don’t have a vote.

    Personally, I found it twisted but freakin’ hilarious. No animal was harmed, nor even made to feel bad. The dog was a happy, tail-wagger thoroughout.

    Those here who didn’t like it should go away and not come back, just as they have threatened to do instead of whining about how it made them feel. You create your own feelings, and must take responsibility for them. Your viewpoint of life creates your emotions, not the maker or posters of this video.

    If you didn’t at least grin at this, it’s probably time to leave. Let those of us that do enjoy the site do so without having to listen to you whine about how life should be fair and no one should say or do anything that causes you to feel something you wish they hadn’t.

    When I saw the woman dragging the duck, my first thought was it was just a bot weird, but that taxidermy is expensive, she should put it on a little wheeled cart so it wouldn’t get dirty or bashed up. Oh, I was laughing my ass off though.

    The wheeled cart would have been fine for a mounted pet cat too. Slightly creepy, but funny.

    So, for those of you that got upset. Do your self a favor and just don’t come here to look anymore. Thankyouverymuch!

    Oh! And will happily have 13 people over to eat TWO dead turkeys on Thursday. We will have bacon in the cold cornbread salad too.

    So many vegatarians do seem like unhappy emos to me too. Perhaps they’d feel beter if they secretly were slipped some animal protein?

  393. Hi Patty!

    I didn’t grin, but I’m still fine with whatever Meg posts here. Can I stay, plz? ktkxbai!

  394. Read about half the comments. Got the BerthaS. posting of link of Bambi vs. Godzilla. Now I am laughing so hard I am wheezing. The beek fell off. *wipes tear from corner of eye*. Have to go now and find my inhaler.

  395. Wait… that really can’t be right with the embalming and the beak and the chasing through the field. 😐 Did I see that right? :S Frakking hell. The relationship between Sheila and MacKenzie was precious and it should have been left at that I think.

  396. Patty P — I was vegetarian for years, and while I can’t claim to have been perfectly happy & healthy every single day during that time of my life, neither can I so claim for my omnivorous times. (Actually I was probably healthier then, though I think it was mostly due to the fact that I was spending a lot more time being active outdoors.)

    No need to veggie-bash or stereotype.

  397. This… started off cute, and ended up horrible. I mean, I hate to be a nuffer, but it’s just.. upsetting. Especially when the beak falls off, and it gets worse when she’s frigging running with the stuffed duck on a leash.

    I mean, I love my boyfriend with all my heart. But if he died, I would not have him STUFFED and continue life as if he was just a little less active now. ‘Cause that’s some f***ed-up Ray Bradbury s***.

  398. Patty P – No, we don’t have a vote, as such. But if there is any place, online or physical, where you normally enjoy spending time, and you have a bad experience there (ie, a problem with your food at a restaurant, a rude employee at a store, or a post on CO that upsets you,) it is more beneficial both for you and the place that you’re patronizing to speak up and say, “I did not like this, and if it continues, I will not come back” than to give neither feedback nor a second chance. Now, they can do whatever they want with this feedback. They can even ignore it. But I think it helps noone to keep it to yourself – or worse, not to tell Meg & Co., but to tell all your friends; “Oh, they post such horrible things!”

    Also – you’ve either been meeting all the wrong vegetarians, or the whiny ones are the only ones who have been announcing their dietary inclinations.

  399. Baron Samedi says:

    This. Was. Fucnig. Sick.

  400. Whoa! I mean…whoa! Wow. Hilarious. I know the duck’s a decoy, but did this remind anyone else of Hotel New Hampshire?

    Hey, if the Beagle’s happy, I’m happy! Beagle joy is cute, no matter where it comes from. I bet this beagle was pining for his ducky until they got him a very reasonable facsimile.

    I hate to aniti-nuff (I’ve really tried to be good lately!), but I have to say it: I’m also happy if harmless and very interesting posts like this weed out a few more people who don’t appreciate Meg’s stellar sense of humor.

  401. WOW…. just.. wow….

  402. Oh, now I’ve read more of the comments (went searching for some Berthaservant eloquence in particular), and I have to say, I’m actually a little disappointed that it’s not real! Then again, I’m glad that there was never a pining beagle, and that, as B.Serv. said, the people that made this were so bright.

    Anywho, Meg, B.Serv. you are my favorite people who I’ll probably never meet. Hugs!

  403. Wow, the comments have really grown since I went to sleep!

    Here are some thoughts:

    Mmmm turkey. Gotta love turkey. Every time I think that maybe I should go vegetarian for a while just to be a tad healthier, I think “but there won’t be any bacon in veggie land” and I quickly resume my omnivoric ways. I’ll leave the vegetarianism to my rabbit.

    I think when it comes to animals, some people can get too sensitive. And when it comes to humor, some people have none. I’d like to have a venn diagram to show all of you.

  404. GRRRRRR that made me very depressed. PLEASE have a “possible sadness” spoiler icon or something. COME ON CUTE OVERLOAD. you are my post-political blog unicorn chaser – don’t lure me in with soothing pastel colors and cartoon hamsters and then KICK me whilst I’m weakened! cry cry cry

  405. warrior rabbit says:

    CoffeeCup, most excellent analysis. Hey, is Martin Eisenstadt a senior fellow at The Center for Nuff Theory and Treatment? If not, he should be. 😉

  406. ok ok now I am converted – knowing it’s a commercial makes me say instead that it’s brilliant. now I will find something else to cry about – like how the poor poor snowflakes are born only to melt immediately waaaaa

  407. I hated this.
    Makes me not want to come to this site anymore.

  408. Hi Anner Have some chocolate pudding.
    from one ex anti nuffer to another.

  409. Raises a cup of joe to Coffecup.

    HEhehehehe so very well done!

  410. Gail (the first one) says:

    Okay, way back when there were less than 50 comments, I thought this was funny (but I was a little startled, as I thought it was *real*). I enjoyed the word, “embalsamaron” a lot! Kinda sounds like a either a pine tree with grabby limbs OR a Latin ballroom dance. “Now, Bruno Tonioli will demonstrate the complicated footwork of the embalsamaron!”

    Now, at 380+ comments, I have tears in my eyes—-I have been laughing so much!! For some reason, the Bacon website really slayed me!

    Plus, anytime someone says “Pinin’ for the fjords?!?!!!”……it’s a good thing!

  411. Always look on the bright side of life… *whistles*

  412. not cool man, not cool

  413. To the commenters telling others to simply lighten up, I think you might be missing the point.
    Sure, some of us might be more sensitive to things like this than you are. And of course, it’s Meg’s website and she can post whatever she likes. That is not really the point. The point is, as a person who is very sensitive to things like this, I am generally weary of videos that I find on the internet, because I know that something that makes others laugh might make me feel uncomfortable, or sad, or upset. CO is the only website that I have never had this concern with. And now I will. And I am sure that many of the other “nuffers” on this post will too.

    I know people come on this website every day and are offended by completely ridiculous things. And maybe this video isn’t a big deal either. But telling people to “lighten up” just indicates that you have completely missed the point: if I find that a website posts content that makes me uncomfortable, I will probably avoid it. I think “nuffing” is just a way of saying, “This made me uncomfortable.” You seem to be upset/annoyed that “nuffers” expect to be listened to, but why shouldn’t a blogger take into consideration that they may be alienating a large portion of their readers?

  414. too damn phunny!!i had tears in my eyes.

  415. LOL I didn’t notice the beak fall off so I watched it again. SO ABSURD! Re DONK!

    Isn’t it a boy duck?

    And, it says “they lived a beautiful life” not “lived as sisters”….

  416. “there is no bacon in veggie land” lol

  417. Roz, there’s a difference between people who come here to say “this made me uncomfortable, I didn’t like it” in a rational manner and people who go “You people are sick *$%#&s and this should be taken down, and I don’t want to see it again, and you’re all terrible sick people, how could you find this funny? I hope you all explode and die in a fiery gas ball of rage”

    See what I mean? It’s one thing to express dislike for something, it’s another to express dislike for the people who don’t see things the way you do.

    Last I checked, we all had free will, and “like” was a subjective opinion. I don’t care whether you like this video — my objection is to the people who think that since they don’t like it, everyone who does must be mentally disturbed in some way. It’s that reasoning that irks me, and all of my responses (while also utilizing the finely honed art of sarcasm) are in response to those who feel entitled to being correct, and anyone who disagrees has to be wrong.

  418. read ALL the comments. Watched video again and still…

    freakin hilarious, Meg. and loved Coffeecups Nuff diagram!!

  419. Anyone in the mood for peking duck?

    Just wanted to throw that out there. I’m thinking about what Mr. CoffeeCup and I should do for dinner tonight.

  420. Being weary of anything posted on a site is always wise, and I expect no less of anyone who goes out in public (yes, I consider browsing the internet, being out in public, just as much as someone walking outside his home).

    If nuffers think they’ve been lulled into a false sense of security only to be “betrayed” by one of these posts, then please clue me in to where this expectation was set. I’ve come to expect and enjoy the sardonic sense of humor this site has, and appreciate this isn’t like the Disney Empire, where everything has to be sanitized and pass the must-be-palatable-for-a-13-yr-old test.

    There are just as many supporters as detractors of the commentroversies I’ve seen, plus the slew who don’t care or couldn’t be bothered to comment.

    The most mind boggling, as many have posted, is that this is a commercial. There are still posts speculating on the trauma of the dog over a relationship that was likely fake, and anti-taxidermy posts. Seriously, huh?

  421. whoa, some people be cursin’! The editor has some work to do!

    Cursing not as funny as the vid. Close though.

  422. OH HOLY JESUS!!!!!!! I’m totally scarred. And laughing.

  423. Real or not, I just don’t find it cute. Some people won’t agree, but that’s ok.

  424. Bonniebunnie says:

    I found that a very insensitive video.

  425. wow. to the people who say they’re leaving CO: bye bye, and don’t let your beak fall off on the way out!

  426. That went from being cute and sweet to sad and disturbing in less than a second… definetely not a fan… sorry…

  427. Chanpon, I don’t feel like I have been lulled into a “false sense of security,” and I didn’t say that I had been “betrayed” by CO, or that everything should be sanitized. I understand that I do not have a right to expect that the world be unoffensive to me. I just said that I had never been made uncomfortable by a post on CO, and now I have. That’s all. You seem to be taking this to mean a lot more than it does.

    And while, as CoffeeCup pointed out, some people who were bothered by the video were very rude, it seems that you are not bothered by the rudeness, but by the fact that anyone would express negative feelings at all, and I do not understand this.

    Sorry if I am engaging in “commentroversy,” as I usually find them as annoying as everybody else does. But I am really curious as to why “nuffers,” the vast majority of whom are simply stating a dislike for the post, bother everybody so much.

  428. oh, meg. just when i think you can’t possibly top yourself in the over-the-top sheer and utter weirdness department…ya do. in spades.

    i agree with julia’s husband- wheels would have definitely helped the situation. maybe then people wouldn’t have gotten so upset.

    (i must admit my first viewing of this commericial did leave me feeling a little queasy)

  429. Animals DIE. GET OVER IT Wierdos. You’re not living in fairy land where every picture of cute kittens you’ve seen aren’t also pictures of kittens that WILL grow old and die.

  430. I didn’t like it, I found it disturbing and upsetting

  431. warrior rabbit says:

    Roz, Chanpon never singled out you, so I’m not sure why you feel the comments about betrayal and security were directed at you. CoffeeCup was the only one (and now me) who replied to you specifically.

    Regardless, the vast majority of nuffers *aren’t* simply stating their dislike. They are impugning CO, insulting Meg, demanding it be taken down, hurling epithets, swearing, threatening, and so on.

    Stephyf82 simply said she didn’t like it and expected others to disagree with her. Great! Would they were all like that. Virtually everyone else, however, accompanied their statement of dislike with accusations, invective, and threats. Including lots of assessments of ‘this is not what CO is,’ which I think is what Chanpon was actually referring to.

  432. This video so bad it deserves no place on your or any other site. Don’t you people have an powers of sense and sensibility. This is a clear lack of good judgement on the part of Cute Overload. Find some scruples already. Of late you’ve taken to featuring more videos that are simply in bad taste and run extremely counter to what exemplifies being a good pet owner. This piece of dreck is exponentially tasteless and gives me pause about your judgement, or, more pointedly, lack thereof.

  433. Here’s my mental soundtrack.

    Oh. Ack, turn that singing down. Hey, cute, a dog and a duck are friends. Cute. Comic sans, why is it always comic sans. Please tell me the dog isn’t going to try to hump the duck. Oh, the duck died… AAAAAAAAA! HA HA HA HA HA HA oh man that’s bad. I feel terrible for laughing at that. Sicko. OK, what ten friends can I send this to?!!!

  434. What warrior rabbit said.

    Those who have a sense of entitlement are who bother me the most…like just because you happen to look at this site once or twice or fifty times a day makes you somehow part of it and entitled to an opinion as to what goes on it on a daily basis? Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. CO is not a publicly traded company.

  435. I fell into a burning ring of commentroversy
    I read down down down
    and the flames went higher
    and they burned burned burned
    that ring of Fire
    Flaming commentroversy fire.

  436. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Sorry, I still think it was Elvis.

  437. Wow, you people need to chill out. They didn’t KILL the duck. It was already dead. What the heck is wrong with you people?! LIGHTEN UP! If you cannot, step away from the computer!

  438. Redonkulous doesn’t cut it, this is downright creepy.

  439. Johnny johnny no no it was fred flintstone copying juaquine Phonix who was copying captain kangaroo who was copying Johny cash

  440. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    “Comic sans, why is it always comic sans.”

    Actually, that occurred to me too.

    {shakes fist} Darn those #$%&* Comic Sans nuffers!

  441. platedlizard says:

    Joanne said: I’m disgusted, and sorry to say that i’m done with cuteoverload.

    Me: Well, don’t let the door hit you on the donkey on the way out. However, I wonder how serious you are, since I seem to recall someone else commenting as ‘Joanne’ making similar comments in other commtraversies. Maybe I’m wrong, who knows, but I have a feeling that most of those who are saying they’re leaving over this aren’t.

    And whenever I see something posted here I don’t find cute or funny, I DON’T COMMENT! Something else will be posted soon, usually within a couple hours. Really, it’s as easy as that.

    I wish this company had a branch in the US, I’d totally sign up for their service.

  442. 😦 Why didn’t they just get him a new birdie?

  443. Cute or Sad?

    Definitely sick in my book. That would be like embalming grandma so that she can sit in her rocker and watch us out the window.


  444. hmmm…. thought the title “Cute Overload” would mean you would see postings of things that are ridiculously cute. This was not cute. This was disturbing. Talk about false advertising. Sure, this is Meg’s blog, and she can post what ever the hell she wants. But, really, Cute Overload? Not the right title here. Not at aaaall.

  445. warrior rabbit says:

    @DKN, it’s an ad. Different dogs used, no dog-n-duck bonding, no dead duck, no stuffed duck, no people (just actors), no nothing. Everyone involved was probably paid to scale, although the duck undoubtedly submitted a bill.

    Also, “cute” is in the eye of the beholder. (Ow!)

  446. Wow, I feel like one of the few who think that this is really cute, even if it is only a commercial.

  447. ” 😦 Why didn’t they just get him a new birdie?”

    Because that wouldn’t sell as much internet service, (as this is an advertisement for internet service and all) since it’s obviously much more interesting and controversial to view the dead stuffed bird video, as witnessed here in this thread.

  448. “:( Why didn’t they just get him a new birdie?”

    Because he never lost the old birdie. The dog chasing the decoy at the end of the commercial is not any of the dogs we see chumming up to any of the mallards in the beginning. The duck at the end is a store-bought decoy, not a stuffed version of any of the ducks we saw in the beginning.

    It was a commercial. It was a joke. The storyline you inferred was not real. No ducks were harmed in the making of this video.

    Different dogs. Fake duck. Actors. A satire of all those “cross-species friends” stories local news is saturated with. OK?

  449. Just Passing Through says:

    When they removed the sheet off the duck all I could think was “How did they get it to be so still?” Then I realized the damn thing was stuffed when the beak fell off. As the woman ran by dragging the duck all I could think was “Did they at least glue the beak back on?”

    I didn’t take it seriously and neither should anyone else. As others have said, it’s a commercial. But I may have had way too much Monty Python in my youth.

  450. ppattibpatt says:

    Can you say insensitive? Not even funny, kinda makes me sick to my stomach. (urp)
    Really in poor taste, maybe I’ll find it funny some other time. NOT!!

  451. I maintain that whatever reaction you have to this video is your personal issue. If you laughed and enjoyed it, that’s your thing. If you cried and felt like all cheerfulness has been taken away from you, that’s your thing. It’s not up to anyone else to cater to exactly your tastes every day.

  452. Wow. Commentroversies certainly bring out the creativity and colorful language. XD
    I enjoyed reading the funny and articulate posts in this thread. CoffeeCup, the Nuff Study Venn diagram is brilliant. I was trying to distinguish kinds of “nuffage”, and that definition of a “nuff” was helpful.

  453. I’m with the nuffers on this one.

    Dragging the dead drake around with the dog chasing it is really in poor taste. Faked or not.

  454. JustPT — I too have considered that Monty Python at a young age may have had a, well, lets say, “potent” effect on me, my sense of humor, and my sensitivity towards others. All in all, I’d say it’s a good thing. Well, you know, except that for a long time I thought “Nude Lady” was an actual species and/or profession…

  455. Every time there’s a “controvesial” post I notice many people who’ve never posted before asking “please don’t post stuff like this” and then the dozen regulars post OVER AND OVER about how Meg and the other CO people are deities that nobody should ever question.

    A super-popular blog like this with major corporate sponsers SHOULD listen to what their veiwers have to say. But I’ve noticed Meg never does listen, she just keeps doing things that alienate all but hardcore fans.

    I remember when my sisters and my cousin and my friends all used to check CO, now everytime I mention seeing something on here I hear “oh, I don’t go there anymore, it’s not cute anymore.” Between the intentionally UNcute posts to spark comments and the increasingly common (and lazy!) re-posts, this site has a pretty questionable business model.

    Whenever a hardcore CO defender suggests I go to other sites if I only want to see cute posts, I wish there was another blog that updated this often but had better taste. If anyone has suggestions I’m up for switching!

  456. “Commentroversy” was about as fun as the video. Thanks for the ride, folks!

  457. milquetoast says:

    OK, funny visual. Now, think what the ktenz who are being licked in the earlier post would think AND FEEL if their lickable friend was stuffed and thrown back into the basket, or better yet, tied to a leash like it had never been before, and dragged around by a …. h , human! yechhhh. Here’s a good bumper sticker: KEEP IT CUTE!

  458. Oooh! Are we going to have another “Best Commentroversery” vote at the end of the year? This is definitely in my top 5!

  459. JohnnyJohnny says:

    So . . . We’ve had the Airing of Grievances part of Festivus, when do we start the Feets Of Strength?

    [Ha! You know, I was going to correct your spelling, but I actually like it better this way. Seinfeld meats Monty Python. 😉 – Ed.]

  460. This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen. Eesh.

  461. “regular” and proud of it! Monique, there are a lot more then a dozen regulars. And I don’t think Meg has to worry about losing peeps after the CO calendar sold out in what?, like 20 minutes.

    to quote a program that shall remain nameless…Keep coming back, it works.

  462. Monique, what major corporate sponsors? The ads you see on this page are targeted, sure, but it’s not like CO is now sponsored by Toyota.

    “It’s not cute anymore” is really painful to see because it implies that this website is the same every day, and that one little video messes up the entire concept of the website. Get over it, there are no ideals as to what something should be or should not be. you aren’t always happy by this place, but nobody is 100% happy with the posts, all the time. I hate bugs. I ignore bugs, and when I do comment, I’m never angry about bugs. There are posters here, however, who have a sense of entitlement that they have some kind of creative say….turning on the thing you claim to be loyal to by threatening to “walk out” isn’t really very effective, because at the end of the day, you are one person among a million just like each of us. And if you feel you absolutely must leave, then you’re going to miss a lot of good stuff.

    The lesson here should be that if you find the content objectionable, and per your moral radar, you prefer not to see things like that…come back in a few hours. And don’t go storming into the comments section acting as if you’re a shareholder in this venture, because none of us are. We don’t *deserve* anything from this website, especially not creative say.

    “But Meg should listen to her readers” – a fine argument until you realize that 100 people out of XX Million page hits a month is barely a ripple in the ocean. If I suddenly stopped coming here (impossible) it wouldn’t matter. I am 1 person among several million, just like you are.

    Can’t please every one, so just try to please some.

  463. I have to come back to read all the comments. I sense we have Monty Python CO fan club here. Now I know where I got this sense of humour. :p It is creative but might not be for everyone. I mean…I was tearing when the duck died…and then the laughter just hits me I wasn’t even see it coming.

  464. I had the WTF reaction when I saw this, then found out it was a commercial and couldn’t help but just laugh.
    Defintely a darker/silly humor hehe

    As for the nuffers…. lighten up people. It’s already been said multiple times, it’s not real.

  465. Thank you, that just made my morning, in a good way 🙂

  466. Kristabelle says:

    I showed this to my husband last night and he laughed just as hard as I did. At least I know we’re both morally corrupt. ;oP

  467. HAHAHAHAHA. Classic.

  468. This is definitely not the kind of video to be put up on “Cute Overload.” :/

  469. darkshines says:

    ‘E’s pining for the fjords!

  470. VeganDragan says:

    Hey Meg, since the jury seems to be out on this one, I propose a warning for people that it may be a little off-putting for those easily upset. (and, as a former mallard duck owner, I’m kinda one too… baroooooo)

  471. That. was the worst CO videos I ever saw. I am totally disgusted and put off by how those people could still present the dead duck to the dog to make it happy for just a while only to realise it’s bf is gone, while those people can laugh about it and drag it carcass across the field as though life is a big joke!

    Come on! Imagine if you’re dead and someone esle drags your body and play with it as though this whole thing about life and individual meant nothing at all when we were alive?!

    Argh. I don’t hope to see anymore of such video in CO again, otherwise I think I may just stop visiting CO seriously… I’ve been a fan of CO for years and I hope things like this wouldnt happen again. =(

  472. X.X
    I’m guessing the dog is too. That’s just awful. I haven’t read all the comments, but if that is a fake duck, it’s still a real dog thinking it’s his lost friend, attempting to play with it, and then being horribly disappointed. Then dragging it through the field, that is a sad and confused dog, most likely trying to get to the bird to protect it from the craaaaazy b**** dragging it. If it’s a commercial, it’s still sick. That is a sad dog.
    I don’t even understand how people laughed at this.. I smiled at the beginning, but wow.. that’s just awful.

  473. That was hilarious, but more hilarious are the poor sensitive souls who took this video so seriously. Meg, your sense of humor is impeccable!

  474. Yeah, it’s like the content just writes itself. LOL

  475. “It’s just not cute anymore” oh lighten up and go look at the ocelots!

  476. Oh God, that was funny–the whole thing–the howlingly twisted video and then the endless Guinness world record commentroversy! Turboduckens and vegan pride and Monty Python and dead duck draggers and just when I stop laughing long enough to catch my breath and wipe away the tears, another earnest nitwit posts that it’s in bad taste and not what they expected! Oh jeez, Meg, you’re a genius! Viva, viva!!!

  477. I was amused, saddened, repulsed, then amused again.

  478. I’ve been enjoying Cute Overload for at least a year. I haven’t always been thrilled by everything I’ve seen here, though a lot of it has been great.

    That this video was presented here at all, let alone the way in which it was presented, is enough: I am not coming back.

  479. Oh my word! This is sad… but friggin’ hilarious.

  480. Yeap, showed my husband… and he agreed after quieting himself down… We are both going to burn in hell for a long long time.

  481. JohnnyJohnny says:

    “nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
    -Dr. Martin Luther King

  482. I’m so late in replying, but couldn’t help it: we all should have known it was a fake as soon as that picture of tug-of-war popped up. I don’t know that much about the jaw strength of ducks vs. dogs, but I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here saying that dogs beat ducks in that particular scenario.

    And it would be awesome if Meg established a rule that posters must read all comments prior to posting. Complain all you want, I guess, just do your homework first.

  483. This is so horrible. I cannot believe that you posted this on here. Very sad, disrespectful and disturbing.

  484. Yeah this is pretty twisted…

  485. The whole video was a rollercoaster of delights.

  486. You guyz still here…

    shooo…go home…enuff already…unless you want to start a who can be last contest…*evil laff*

  487. Animals die. People die. It’s a fact of life. It’s sad, of course — sometimes almost unbearably so– but it is how this world works. And I think it’s sweet that they brought his friend back so he could keep playing and loving that duck.

    Good for you, crazy Spanish people.

    Also, I laughed for like 10 minutes. Awesome.

  488. Oh bring me some figgie puddin’, oh bring me some figgie puddin’ yes bring me some figgie puddin’ and throw it right NOW!

    FUNNY! I love all the heartwarming “this is so sad..blah, animal relationship drama blah…..I can’t ever come here again blah…..”

    Dogbreath, Coffee Cup and Bertha you are made of awesome for having the patience to to have a battle of wits with such unarmed individuals. Fight the good fight, peeps, and pass the puddin’!

  489. omg please say this is a joke

    [This is a joke. – Ed.]

  490. Nooo! I didn’t see that coming- rofl the whole time!.. then I thought about it (ducks are my favorite animal), and even though I want to watch it again, I think I would get sick!

  491. Given that the post heading is WTF I don’t think people should be surprised by the nature of the clip. I figured the video would be slightly creepy in order to produce that reaction.

    So what are some other things that have been posted that received as venomous reviews as this? I absolutely loved this video (it was hilarious, even the second time) and I want more!

  492. This is not funny at all. Geeezzz I’m feeling really sick now. Very gutted about CO posting weird shit like this.

    This is not cute nor sad, it’s just perverse.

    I thought CO was a site you could credulously give your children to watch…

  493. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Sadly, CO is not always written for the credulous.

  494. Give it a rest, nuffers. I can’t stand pugs and Scottish folds (hit me now!), but do you see me going “I’ll never visit CO again!” whenever those get posted? Sheesh. Just accept that there is no accounting for taste, and that the world doesn’t solely exist to please you in particular.

  495. If this video makes you physically ill, you should probably see a therapist; that sounds like a deep-seated emotional problem you have there. You certainly have no business owning a computer with an internet connection.

  496. conflicted says:

    I laughed, I cryed, I wondered how the duck died in the first place.

    [For the last time: it *didn’t*. The whole thing is a joke. I wish I could truthfully say “I can’t believe how many people don’t get that”, but… – Ed.]

  497. “My husband watched it solemnly all the way through to the end.

    Then he said: “The least they should do is put wheels on it.”

    Julia (the one in BC) | Nov 22, 2008 at 09:55 AM “

    LOL – and…he’s right!

  498. This is just … sad. They don’t have children, hopefully-right?

  499. HAHAHAHA. The beak falling off was just…priceless. And then the duck bumping along while being dragged through the field.

    Oh nuffers, go play on some other site, ‘kay? Or Google “cute puppies and kittens” if Meg isn’t doing a good enough job for you.

  500. Aw…that’s adorable! It breaks my heart though at the same time.

  501. This actually made me cry (I’m in a rather fragile mental state at the moment right now though); I really didn’t see anything too amusing about it. The “cute” part ended when the poor thing died.

    This is what’s wrong with this world.

  502. That was really disturbing. I cried hard and sick to my stomach. That was something I didn’t expect to see on cuteoverload and I am very upset about this controversial episode. This was not overloaded with cute it was overloaded with poop. This is unfortunate. Please be more careful about what you post.