What you see:

What kitty sees:

Kitties has such rich imaginationses, Annie M.



  1. fuguemonkey says:

    I was going to send in the Roomba kitty, but it’s better with the racing footage.

  2. Rommba kitty rommbas.

    I love how the kitteh’s tail just swishes along according to the roomba’s movements, and it’s not scared of the roomba at all.

  3. That may be what kitty *sees*, but it certainly *can’t* be what kitty HEARS!

  4. totalee puppy says:

    OK, NTMTOM…Another great one!

  5. Elaine Wilson says:

    Hehe I love the end of “what you see” where the kitty tries to thwart the Roomba with one tentative paw!!

  6. well, i did send in the Roomba kitty, but didn’t think to soup it up with the racing clip! nice. now what i’d really like to see is i’ll-fix-the-stupid-printer kitty take a spin on the Roomba!

  7. Aw, man, I submitted the Roomba vid days ago. Perhaps it wasn’t complete without the first-person view. : (

  8. Priceless!!!

  9. I saw the Roomba vid a few days ago and squealed with uncontrollable delight. The addition of this second video made me laugh out loud 😀

  10. berthaservant says:

    Groucho: Do you roomba?
    Lady: Why yes!
    Groucho: Then pick a roomba between one and ten!

  11. KristinAthena says:

    Oh, so sad! “Video no longer available.” Now I want to see it more than ever! A few minutes ago, I did not know it existed, but now I MUST see it!


  12. Wonderful!

  13. @KristinAthena: As far as I can see, both vids are still available. Here’s a direct link to the Roomba kitty vid:

    And here’s the race car video, not that there’s anything terribly cute about it:

  14. Both videos are definitely working; some folks just still don’t know to reload the web page & try again.

  15. Thank you for making me laugh (after that duck/dog video I needed it). What do you think is going thru the Roomba’s little mind circuits?

  16. OW! MY TEETH!

  17. ok, this is a brilliant post. The cat on the Roomba is hilarious enough, but then the racecar with the same whining roar makes it award winning worthy.

  18. GreenEggsAndSam says:

    I wish my kitteh was that friendly with the vacuum cleaner… There is usually hissing, spitting and poofed fur.

    Hilarious, but unkind to her.

  19. Doesn’t Toonses usually go over a cliff instead of spinning out?

  20. (the original) Mel says:

    I’m sorry, but that racecar vid looks like SOOOO much fun. Heh.

  21. WOW! Listen to that transmission whine!

  22. Comparing those two videos…LOL, active imagination indeed.

  23. LOL! great pairing! I love how the kitty just lets its little tail drag along in the back. I can’t stop replaying it!

  24. I thought Roomba kitty was perfect the first time I saw it, but NOMTOM made it more perfecter.

    Also, Teho, I thought Original Mel ran a drive-in diner in the 50’s?

  25. Also, Roomba kitteh’s tail cracks me up every time I watch the video. It’s like he doesn’t notice it’s dragging on the ground.

  26. I posted the roomba a couple of days ago!

  27. I love how the cat matches the robot.

  28. Roomba should use this video in its commercials! I’m so ready to buy one now for my rotten kitteh, for stherious.

  29. I have written about Roombas on CO before — mainly panegyrics for my own (love that it picks up the cat litter and fur) — but, sadly, there is no way this will ever happen in my house.

    My cats tend to treat the Roomba with disdain, or they ignore it. One of them did have a frightening experience with it once, resulting in poofed tail and hiding under the couch for several hours. She was the most likely candidate for “driving” it, so I’m afraid that’s that.

  30. Oh What gifts of God these little ones be
    to give so much to us without cost, all free.
    They hold our fears, our heavenward pleas
    in return God gives us them as we thank Him on bended knee.

  31. I didn’t know this would work in real life- the webcomic “Achewood” has had cats riding on Roombas for years!



  32. and you help to wipe the floor clean with your tail!

  33. Toonces! The cat who could drive NASCAR!

  34. Kermette (IRL) says:

    Play both videos together and watch kitteh on Roomba REALLY vroooOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!
    Hehe! 🙂

  35. criscodisco says:

    his tail is for getting the crumbs from under the cabinets 🙂

  36. I also suffer from watching too many Toonces skits. I expected the race car to show it hit something, go airborne, and probably do a couple of flips before coming to a stop upside down.

  37. What does the roomba see?

  38. It sees Johnny Cash!

  39. I was thinking either Johnny Catass or Joaquin Penix…

  40. Definitely Joaquin.

  41. When I sent this to my husband, he sent back a note saying if our 2 female kittys saw this Roomba in action they would be hiding in these 2 places: Murphy-she’d be in the rafters of our loft and Samantha (a/k/a Sam)-she’d be under the bed peering out! We have some toy robots that freak them out when you turn them on! They are so funny.

  42. Haha, what a great post! And what a brave kitty, arent most cats afraid of those things?

  43. “Call this number and find out how you can get a Hoveround in your home today!”

  44. (the original) Mel says:

    Teho! I LOVE THAT. I would drive Mad Max’s car anytime.

  45. Hahahaha! Love the look of absolute fascination on this kitty’s face!

  46. the tail! the casual tail! jasmine would be on the ceiling by her claws.

    just wonderful, just too too too wonderful.

  47. oh now that is why cats rock! i laughed when i saw this video. amazing the roomba didn’t run over the tail. also so funny when the cat batted at the roomba as if to say hey, keep going.

  48. I think we all sent in the Roomba video. That’s made for Qte overload!

  49. too funny….I loved this….

  50. Johnny Cash is be-awesome!

  51. Jeremy Clarkson says:

    …all we know is, he’s called The Stig.

  52. [snicker] @ Top Gear kitty

  53. Somebody needs to edit Primus’ “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” over the cat video.

    [Never did win no catnip mouse, but he never did come in last… – Ed.]

  54. Only $500 for a cool toy to entertain my cats. Sign me up!

    Next we’ll start seeing amusement parks for kitty’s.

  55. I love how the kitty’s colors even match the Roomba.

    Also, for some reason the song “Stingray Stomp” fits perfectly with the first clip and makes it even funnier.