Heeeeeey! You hoodlums! You just keep on walkin’! I don’t want you NEAR my tree, you hear me!?

[bangs broomstick on front door] Skeeeeee-daddle!


For reference: "Get Offa my Properteh Part 1" is here. Sender-Inner Matt H. spotted this cranky owl over at 😉



  1. he just needs a cocking gun with rock salt

  2. Hey you darn kids get off mah lawn!


    Amazing how well s/he blends in with that tree, isn’t it?

    And, BTW, I think that’s just a yawn. That’s what ya get when you disturb an owl in the middle of the day!

  4. EaterofShades says:

    he he he, awesome

  5. kellymurphylee says:

    I’m have irrelevant memories of a traumatic moment in childhood.. being bitten (if it can be called that) by a duck..

    his beak looks mighty sharp..

  6. Ahhhn! We had the crabby old guy on our block who yelled at us to stay off his lawn and ::pfft:: not pick his “prizewinning” flowers.
    But I never wanted to pet his pretty cheekfluffs like I do this little guy 🙂

  7. ‘The wizard will NOT see you!…The wizard says go home!’

  8. berthaservant says:

    “No, I will not deliver your stupid message to Hogwarts!”

  9. Awww, hello little owlie! I’m sorry, you can’t say anything to scare me away. *pets* 😀

  10. omg, he’s SO Archemidis!!

    the eyes are the best.

  11. Why so serious?

  12. Hee, this little curmudgeon is in my neck of the woods! LOVE screech owls. 🙂

  13. “GTFO!!!!!”

  14. You kids get off my lawn!

  15. Boy doesn’t he look like Old Brown from Squirrel Nutkin?
    (am I the oldest person here?)

  16. Poor little whoot-whoot. Who pissed him off?

  17. omg! is he furryreal?

  18. I call matchingks! Just cuz what he is matchingks isn’t another animal.. a tree counts doesn’t it?

  19. Mr. Owl has decided that he will not tolerate any more questions about those damn Tootsie Roll Pops.

  20. GreenEggsAndSam says:

    Oh god, this is the angriest owl I have ever seen. Hold me.

  21. GreenEggsAndSam says:

    So Soft, and Sharp… All at the same time! hehe

  22. He’s obviously animatronic.

  23. grumpy is teh new cute

  24. Very blendy. Does this tree go with my feathers?

  25. Awww! I luff heem 🙂

  26. cellarmouse says:

    @ Melissa – yer right – he looks just like that guy!

  27. “Insert Tootsie Roll Pop here.”

  28. “…thr-r-r-r-r-ee.”

  29. I love that his angry little mouth makes a heart! He might be saying ‘get out’ but he’s can’t stop from saying ‘I love you!’

  30. SCARE-EEEEE! :s

  31. Be orf afor I set the dogs on ye.

  32. cute and scary hee hee hee

  33. scooterpants says:

    where do i get one of these to sit on my computer monitor?
    linky pleezy.

  34. I especially like his heart shape mouth! 🙂

  35. For some reason this post makes me crave Quaker Oats.


  37. Man that’s beautiful. I am in LOVE. I want to take him and that tree home. Hmmmm.

    On another note, I absolutely detest how Jays harrass other animals, particularly raptors. They can be such punks.

  38. Is this the Land of Cute?

  39. hamster-on-rye says:

    Tired of birds crapping on your car? Owl-Alert, $19.95.

  40. It’s only a matter of time before this becomes a new cat macro LOLcat style internet meme.

  41. This mad owlie is sooo cute! I will get offa your properteh 🙂

  42. Does any one know what type of Owl he is? He is beautiful. I like his eyes.

  43. bookmonstercats says:

    Could a clever peep tell me whether he chose the tree because of the matchingks, or whether having chosen the tree, he became matchingks, or whether the tree was so overwhelmed by the cute, it became matchingks…… Have I got all the permutations?

  44. I can’t be the *only* person thinking “Mr. Rogers”, can I?

    [You mean because of X the Owl in the Neighborhood of Make Believe? X was never the grumpy one; that was Lady Elaine Fairchild — y’know, the one with the Museum-Go-Round. Not that I’d know. – Ed.]

  45. Yeah, X was always the nice one. The pussycat (whose name escapes me) was always kind of ditzy. Lady Elaine was grumpy and sort of scary.

    Honestly if this owlie were blue, he’d look very much like X, at least to me 🙂

    Loved me some make-believe as a kid!

  46. Henrietta, Eris. Meow meow Henrietta Pussycat me meow.

  47. I was a serious Henrietta fan. My favorite resident in the land of make believe. That and that sweet Daniel with his wristwatch.

    The purple pandas seriously freaked me out.

    BTW, I also love the way he picked that tree to match his feathers. Matchink indeed!

  48. Because he has a heart-shaped mouth, I have to say…definitely…this is the Land of Cute…

  49. I think he’s saying, “Ahhhhhh I’m stuck.”