Michael Phelps, your Wheaties sponsorship is oooooverrrr! [singsong]

[Bob Costas whispers into microphone] "We now return to Olympic Caturday Whack-a-Mouse. The reigning champion; LeChat Lunatique, has held the Whack-a-mouse belt since ’03. It was then that he whacked a staggering eight mice."

"Can he beat that personal best!? Let’s… take a look."

Phelps, you might lose your Speedo endorsement tooooo! [singsong]



  1. I’m going to need a tear-jerking montage with inspiring music about the difficulties this kitteh has overcome in his life [beforehand/initially/for starters], please, Bob.

  2. haha LOVED the *baroo?* right before number nine

  3. Looloobelle says:

    LOL this is beyond redonk.

  4. Such dedicated coach too…

  5. Where’s his mom? And the entire basketball team cheering wildly in the stands?

  6. PS La Chat Lunatique– shnerk!

  7. Sadly, his Olympic hopes were dashed when he admitted to using catnip & entered Box-hab.

    My laugh for the morning, thanks!

  8. I’m thinking this could be the beginning of a whole range of Caturday Olympic events. There’s bookshelf climbing (and the more difficult curtain climbing), yarn unspooling (extra points for creative arrangement of yarn around furniture legs), and the ever-popular toy mouse hallway racketball. Not to mention marathon sunbeam sitting.

  9. hrhrrh 🙂

  10. @ Theresa — Of course! Why did I not know this already?!! (Now tell me how I’m going to get anything done today!!)

  11. I specially love the little mousy twitches. Now we need to see the “Nine Mouse” version for Extra Bonus Points.

    Boy did I need this on this Caturday Morn. Laugh Out Loud funny. AHHHH. All better.

  12. ROFL! That was cute! Whacka-mouse right there! Bet kitty got a bunch of cat-nip as a prize, eh?

  13. BING!! OOF.

  14. YES! this kitty is in fine form, I tell you.I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

  15. Oh wow, that is Chuck-E-Hilarious!

  16. Lilac My kitty found this very entertaining.
    She watched the whole thing.

    I am left giggling in a puddle on the floor.. as I am merely mortal and unable to comport myself with any amount of dignity after that.

  17. I have GOT to make one of these for my kittehs!

  18. berthaservant says:

    Next up: the daunting Skee-Ball competish.

  19. whackamouse says:

    Numba 8: “OH HAI mousey!” *WHAMM!*

  20. whackamouse says:

    ETA: meant numba 9.

  21. looks like my idea!

  22. Lol! I like how, on mouse 9, the cat’s head goes sideways like, “you must be kidding me.”

  23. berthaservant says:

    I’m sorry.

    I meant the SQUEE-BALL competish, of course.

    My bad.

  24. @Theresa – THANKS for that link!

  25. … I was using “not second” in a completely different context! Sheesh.

    […which is why I didn’t unpublish your comment. Substituting the ICHC version isn’t going to win you any points with me, though. – Ed.]

  26. Okay, well, I apologize, I just didn’t want you to delete it again. I really wasn’t trying to make a first!!1! post.

    If you’re going to edit my comments, you could at least correct my “an” to “a”. Thanks!

    [Done… – Ed.]

  27. You know how when you don’t laugh “ha ha” but instead through your nose “snork” and it hurts?

    Yeah, that’s what this did to me.

  28. @lurkertype

    yeah, same to me.. can’t stop giggling now

  29. totalee puppy says:

    Allie Catt-Brilliant!

  30. hamster-on-rye says:

    Desdemona–loved the Olympics, especial “marathon sunbeam-

  31. May I suggest a Friday-night game at the bar’n’grill called “Whack-a-Boss”?

  32. I wish my kitty was interested enough in mice to do that. Instead, he ignores them while they run back and forth underneath my kitchen appliances.

    Speaking of which, do you people have any recommendations for mice-ridding a house in a humane way? Everyone tells me I’m either going to have to set traps or put poison out, and I really don’t want to do either.

  33. Man, my cat could totally beat that.

    But probably with her teeth.

  34. Absolutely brilliant. 😀

  35. I too, loved the look on his face before mouse 9.

  36. C. – they have humane mouse traps. They actually trap the little guys, but you have to be onhand to escort the traps outside to release them though, so if you’re squeamish about ’em that could be a problem.

  37. The look at 0:26 is priceless!!!

  38. truly redonkulous