A while back, we did our first "Blog Reader Project" poll and discovered some surprising factoids about the Cute Overload audience:

1. 90 percent of our readers are HOT CHICKS* between ages 18-34
2. More than half of you lean towards a democratic viewpoint on political issues
3. In addition to C.O., other products you really like the Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and whiskey.

So, we’re at it again. Announcing the Second Blog Reader Project, where we take your valuable demographic information and turn it into HOT INFOGRAPHICS! Ow!

Interested? Just click here to answer the questions. It will only take 4-6 million hours of your time.

Questioning "Baroo?" bird is going to answer the entire poll. By Gossamer1013.
*I think it’s pretty safe to assume you’re all hot.



  1. I’m a hot chick. There, I said it.

  2. This dance is just for the sexy people!

  3. “I think it’s pretty safe to assume you’re all hot.”

    Actually, it’s barely 40 degrees here today, so I’m pretty cold. :-p

  4. Wow, that’s not a baroo, that’s a bar-OW! That bird’s gonna need a chiropractor, which is different from an osteopath because of the spelling. Of course, they’re both very powerful figures on the Scrabble board. 🙂

  5. Thanks, Meg. I’ve just been shamed by figuring out that I watch more than 15 hours of TV a week, and read blogs for more than 15 hours a week. Oh well. At least I’m not on drugs?

  6. And by “chick,” you mean “baby bird.”

  7. fritzlesnick says:

    Used to be a hot chick – now, I’m just an old hen (still rule the roost – and the rooster, tho’)

  8. LMAO @ Theo!

  9. michalilly says:

    Yes. I am a HOT CHICK!!!


  11. Of course Erebella, even if your head’s come off, or you’ve got diphtheria, they’re gonna crack your bones!

  12. Woohoo! One of the 10%. I scared now, totally outnumbered, and now wondering if its healthy for me to be here..

  13. You nailed it! Even the whiskey (although I tend to lean towards the Scotch variety).

    And the hotness? Well, it comes and goes.

  14. laylaness…I feel your shame and share it! Although I already knew I spent way too much time watching tv and reading blogs. That’s why I never get anything done!

    Oh, and I’m not on drugs either but some days I really wish I were! (re: Palin and the turkey)

  15. Wow, that survey really did take a long time… and now I realize that I spend WAY too much time on line – but it’s quality sites like CO! So that’s good, right? ;o)

    Katie – is that Eddie you’re quoting there?

  16. Oh and Erebella – I see what you did there…it IS Eddie!

  17. WickedWendy says:

    I’m hot too!!!

  18. Yep! And they’ve got their fingers in your nostrils, one foot on the back of your underpants and they’re pushing your spine away with a broom. “What’s this one for?” “I have no idea.”

  19. I’m dying to see the results of the piercing and tattoo question, can’t say I’ve seen that in a survey before. 😀

  20. Yay! I did the BlogReader survey for another blog this year, and apparently the answers transfer over. Woo-hoo! (though I was willing to go through the survey again).

    And I guess I’m in the lonely 10% of not-chicks (heck, *I* introduced my wife to C.O.) Oh well… I just can’t help checking cute pics of corgis and other furry wonders. 🙂

  21. bookmonstercats says:

    I did it – couldn’t answer a lot of questions though. I put “no” for piercings, shuddering at the thought of what my son’s got through his ear, but then remembered that I have pierced ears, so wow! Does that make me a hot chick? *looks piteous*

  22. omg! lol, i fall under all of those categories! that’s scary. are you guys watching me or something?

  23. Well, are you hot?

  24. As a non-American, I had to skip most of the questions. I am obviously not the target blog survey audience.

  25. yay! CO makes me feel beautiful ;o) thanks oddly baroo-ing bird!

  26. I knew cuteoverload was where all the hot chicks went. Anyone want to date a hot guy from Didsbury Manchester UK?!

  27. yeah a lot of these questions are american based so I have to leave them out. 😦

  28. Question #21 — What, no Rachel Maddow love?

  29. That was a long survey! But I did it for the good of CO!

  30. What was with the lack of options on #12? Where’s the “Christian” or “Non-denominational” category?

  31. Hmm well I don’t think I even hit the demographic at all except for I think I am a hot chick (Snickers well not) and I am over the 34 age limit.. and I don’t drink much.. well a bit of wine and an occasional home made beer.. My Hubby rocks.

    Oh and I am a democrat at least for this year..

    why don’t they have more questions for people from other countries to see really where all the readers are from?????I know of some Aussies and one guy from england and of course there is Mateus of Hamster Tracker fame. ON CO.

    Goes back to sipping my cup of Joe. and trying to do sme actual work today.

  32. Capt' Tightpants says:

    *slingshot noise*

    Chiropractor: Where-ever he falls, there shall he be buried.

  33. Kris Kringle says:

    Hot Chick, reporting in. Tell you what, I don’t read much of anything in print, or ANY of the periodicals mentioned. I felt very un-current, and thought maybe I should read more newpapery things, then I stopped caring again. 😉

    6 (used to be 7 before I let the nose close up) piercings. 1 tattoo.

  34. Maybe someone could suggest to the authors that transgendered people can be heterosexual, homosexual, asexual, etc. – it’s not a sexual orientation, it’s a gender thing.

  35. Kris Kringle says:

    To clarify, I read BOOKS like crazy…periodicals, notsomuch.

  36. @scoobie

    Depends… City or United? 😉


    No kidding. Although I did love Rachel Maddow’s commentary on the Palin debacle last night.

  37. So .. if you find out part of the way through that being Canadian means the survey is incomplete, doesn’t that skew results? How useful is that?

    Perhaps the post could include a disclaimer for Qte-porters outside the US?

  38. Yeah, I think it should be made more clear that the survey assumes you’re American. Or the survey should be changed to allow for an international audience. I feel unloved.

  39. i’m afraid i need photographic evidence of the cuteoverload hotties.

  40. Heck, just click my name link.

  41. …except that TypeKey/TypePad profiles seem to be hosed, right now. Niiiiice timing.

  42. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I’m amazed and dismayed at the anti-chiropractic on this board. Ten years in the business and I’ve never used a broom on anybody! I suppose it’s all in humor, but try to see it from the perspective of one who thinks of the profession not as just a job but a life calling and purpose.

  43. No “Other” on the religion question? Think of the large Pastafarian audience in their Pirate Regalia! All of the cutsey Discordians! The doting subgenii!

    We need representation!

  44. 2 tattoos. Used to be 15 piercings but now down to 12. I feel a liiiiittle freakish now.

    (And this if the first time I’ve ever been FREAKED OUT by a baroo! Saw the previews for “The Unborn” last night and had to scream and cry and hide.)

  45. I was hoping all the hours reading, writing and commenting on blogs would get condensed into the same bucket. I think I hit over 40 hours with the categories separated like that. 😛
    Since I don’t watch much TV, I had to add “ESPN Sportcenter” as the show I watch regularly. How can I watch much TV if I’m spending all my time in the blogosphere?

  46. Capt' Tightpants says:

    @ Boomer’s Babysitter: I’m sure none of us intended our jests RE: chiropracty (chiropractice?) was meant to malign the profession. I, for one, appreciate the dedication many medical professions bring to their jobs/ lives.

    but see here for the source of our amusement:

    it’s all in good fun. 🙂

  47. Capt' Tightpants says:

    *professions –> professionals.


  48. Gail (the first one) says:

    Okay, I took one for the team and finished it!

    I agree—there should have been a category for ‘country of origin’. I loooove that there are comments from everyone from everywhere!

    I do feel somewhat technologically behind…..I don’t IM, use RSS, have my own blog and rarely visit any other blogs but CO!

    Short on the piercings and tattoos as well….ears (which I counted as one?)and none.

    Surprised that there were no questions on household pets??? I thought about putting 9 in size of household, though.

    Oh and I’m probably gonna blow the 90% age/hotness demographic—-sorry about that, Meg!!!

  49. I knew there was a reason I visited this site… democratic hot chicks who like whiskey! Though I’m not sure whether that thing that that chick is doing with her head is a positive or a negative…

  50. Mary (the first) says:

    @BoomerB, I saw my chirp. today at lunchtime, many of us would be in BAD SHAPE without one. I haven’t seen the youtube mentioned nor filled in the survey yet .. but wanted to vote YES on chiropractic care! YAY!

  51. annoying little twerp says:

    I’m not a hot chick-I’m a sort of cute, 38 year old, right-of-center libertarian broad who wouldn’t vote for a democrat for dogcatcher at this point.
    I’m also mom to two cats and a teenage son.I’ve got a husband too.
    I’m more of an animal person than a people person(my son’s the same way) and I love cuteoverload because it brightens up my day.

  52. I am not a religious nut but how come Christian is not listed. You have few of the types like Methodist but you have Muslim, Jew etc but not just Christian. Why is that?

  53. fried green tomato says:

    I am disappointed that the survey was so USA oriented. We don’t all live there.

  54. I am neither hot nor a chick. 🙂

  55. Yes, I too was dismayed at the lack of “Christian” or “non-denominational”. Shoot, had they listed “fundemental, born-again types”, I woulda gone for it. Look, if you’re gonna have a multiple-choice, you gotta have choices! Did you notice that People Magazine wasn’t even on the list! (Well, different question, of course.) Sheesh!

    And by the way, you non-U.S. peeps, we love you. Yes survey was skewed our way.

  56. Vote! Vote! Like a baby. . . not voting? Uhm.
    Survey! Survey! Like a baby mermaid?

  57. berthaservant says:

    Why isn’t there a box for “Racist” or “Sexist” or “Homophobe?” (Not for me, of course).

  58. AuntieMame says:

    Pssh. So obviously I have no life. I don’t read newspapers or watch TV news. I don’t watch any TV programs. I don’t go to the movies. I don’t buy music or DVDs. I don’t belong to any organizations. I don’t shop at WalMart. And the only magazine I read that they care about is Smithsonian. I’m a nobody. 😛

  59. I completed the survey, but it seriously needs to be updated. It lists TV shows that are no longer airing new episodes (Stargate SG1 for example), and left out series that have been on for years (Stargate Atlantis, Medium, Life, for examples).

  60. Very sorry also to our international sisters and brothers out there. I started reading CO while living in Australia, but I’ve been back in the US for a year now and was so delighted that I knew all the TV shows that I did’t even think to be offended on your behalf.

    And I wonder if anyone travels frequently by Segway?

  61. i’m a hot chick. i’m 37 [since yesterday, SIGH!] but i’m still hot. at least i get told that…i hope those peeps ain’t lying to my booty!!!! ahahahaha!

  62. Mary (the first) says:

    I finally did the survey .. am so out of it I can hardly believe it. Apparently I have no interests of any interest to the survey people!

  63. Done and done.

  64. 90% hot girls? Well then I guess we need a Cute Overload Personals website.

  65. If there were questions about whiskey, I missed them.

  66. the survey was very much meant for citizens of the USA, while many visitors of CO are from other countries. Most of the questions I couldn’t answer because they were specific for Americans, and there was no option ‘n/a, I’m not from the USA’ or something like that.
    I think you should make sure people from other countries do not feel left out, next time you take a survey.

  67. Oh, come on, stop with the demographics already – leave some things to ‘the mysterious!’ Just say ‘no’, peeps.

  68. If you’re complaining that your TV shows aren’t on an online survey, it’s possible that you watch altogether too much television LOL

    I voted!

  69. I was amused by the segway question.

  70. mimiinbflo says:

    1. fun survey.
    2. it’s gwen ifill, not glen ifill. she’s one of the hot chick posse, so give a shout out!
    3. to the manchester boy- h^$% yes!

  71. I tried to take the survey, but couldn’t get past the first page (using Safari). Hitting “Next” just reloaded the first page.

  72. @ Gail (the first one): I had the same question! My household is me + 2 kitties…. so that makes my household size 3, right? 🙂

  73. I love surveys..don’t ask me why, as I am a bit weird…LOL…and yeah, there should tewtelly be acknowledgment of Cuteologists all over this world!!

  74. How true… but rum for me, please!

  75. LOL for the Cute overload demographic perhaps better questions would be

    Year born
    Country of residence
    Male or Female
    how many pets own you.
    Prefered alcoholic drink.
    which animal do you find the cutest
    horse cow rabbit dog cat bird fish insect duck deer bear marsupial hamster gerbil guinea pig.
    list three of your favorit tv shows.
    what news programs do you frequent
    what magazines do you read
    with the most important ones listed first Smithsonian, national geographic, birds and blooms, Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy etc.

    DO you visit multiple blogs at the same time
    do you have your own blog

    Any body have other suggestions or questions you would like to answer… Personally i liked the segway question just becasue I would love to ride around on one.

  76. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Annie: Here’s a few more:

    Pasickie: Cute or Not Cute

    Nuff?: Never-Rarely-Sometimes-Frequently

    Have you ever Bleened?: Yes or No

  77. Pasickie was adorable!! I think I teared up it was so cute 🙂

  78. Not many question for international readers… Most of the questions didn’t even have “other, specify”… Oh well! I just made the average number of hours watching TV/news go waayyy down!

  79. LMAO Gail (the first one)

    I’d love to see a correlation study done on the ‘Yes’ Paskie responses and Democrat voters.

    I’m glad your nuff question has a rarely and sometimes in it. I’ve nuffed on occasion.

    I have no peircings or tatoos, but I download 6 podcasts a week, so that made me feel better.

    (am also not in the US).

  80. @laylaness Neither, I don’t follow footy other than England.