[Sing in Elvis voice] Get a rhythm

Ah ah huh

huh hunh

Heyy yea yeah!

NTMTOM, Brillo find. Ehn, ehn ehn!



  1. Is that Joaquin Phoenix?

  2. Just FYI, that’s Johnny Cash. Not Elvis. Otherwise cute though…

  3. What a funny little critter! We should follow him across the road, walking just like him.

    (Elvis voice? Not Johnny Cash?)

  4. Quite the mover…

    BTW, that is Johnny Cash, not Elvis.

  5. don’t you mean a Johnny Cash voice?

  6. this is so cute. but just so you know this is not an elvis song its actually johnny cash. It is the perfect song for this video though. =]

  7. CUTE! however, the song Get a Rhythm is by Johnny Cash, and the version that is played with that clip is from the movie Walk the Line and is performed by the sexy Joaquin Phoenix.

  8. Is this Johnny Cash?

  9. Sounds like Joaquin Pheonix doing Johnny Cash. Brill, tho, brill!

  10. Hey, you know what? This is Johnny Cash.

  11. I think it’s Johnny Cash.

  12. You know something, this is Johnny Cash.

  13. No, I’m sure it’s Johnny Cash.

  14. I know, it’s Johnny Cash.

  15. Yeah, I think that’s actually Joaquin Phoenix AS Johnny Cash. I recognize it from the soundtrack.

  16. 🙂 total mood-lifter.

  17. What ees eet? A McChameleonersons?

  18. Jezebel, think it’s Johnny Cash?

  19. AuntieMame says:

    I was gonna say…that’s not Elvis, but it’s not Johnny Cash, either. I didn’t see the movie, though, so I’ve never heard Joaquin Phoenix sing. Lizard’s got rhythm!

  20. Beth (in NC) says:

    Does he have hot feetsies?

  21. momof2kitties says:

    Lurve the mini butt wiggle at :45. Shakira’s got nothin’ on this little dewd!

  22. it is definitely Joaquin – and yes Get Rhythm is a great mood lifter… with this video it’s even better!!

  23. Beth (in NC) says:

    PS- Not Johnny Cash or Joaquin Phoenix, I mean does the chameleon have hot feetsies?

  24. texirishrose says:

    That’s lovely Joaquin doing the Man in Black.

  25. Did we really need 20+ comments on it being Johnny Cash and not Elvis?
    Guys, it’s Johnny Cash!! Not Elvis. 🙂 Doi.

    And… love to teh cameeleeeohns.

  26. These guys are “programed” to walk like that so they look like leaves moving in the wind- to trick the predators. But I have to say this guy is cute!

  27. Hmmm, Theresa, I think you’re right, it is Johnny Cash!

  28. definately johnny cash who is way cooler than elvis anyway

  29. Y’all. This is Joaquin Phoenix singing in a Johnny Cash voice, who sang in an Elvis Presley voice, who in turn sang in an Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup voice.

    Amusingly, Arthur Crudup was originally one of the Andrews Sisters.

  30. I haven’t read all the comments yet, so I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but does anyone know who is singing on this video? 😉

  31. By the way… I think lizards do this “dance” in order to simulate depth perception. They don’t have binocular vision, the way humans and other predators do.

  32. Beth (in NC) says:

    Theo, Arthur would have looked AWESOME in a sequined gown. I can see how the sisters picked him.

  33. Errata — it’s Julie Andrews.

  34. definitely the jaoquin phoenix version from walk the line.

    but good find nonetheless 🙂

  35. Beth (in NC) says:

    I believe I have heard that about lizards before, Theo… I also buy into the idea that it’s for camouflage (with leaf-blowing) as Jinho says, but I will have to immediately travel to Africa and do some follow up research to verify…

  36. Beth (in NC) says:

    Theo– Arthur was Julie Andrews? Or Julie Andrews once dabbled as an Andrews Sister?? 😉

  37. Beth — if you find any lizards dancing in sequined gowns, please try to get it on video. We can work with that.

  38. Andrew was an Arthur Sister Act… oh dag blarn it

  39. Hai gaise! I’m just catching up in this thread — is that Johnny Cash or Joaquin Phoenix? 😉

  40. it is going home the morning after a week end binge

  41. totalee puppy says:

    Happy Birthday to Berthaservant! (Johnny Cash voice)

  42. It IS Joaquin Phoenix!! In my haste to bleen, I didn’t have time to YouTube it, but now I know for sure. It’s JP from the JC biopic. I knew it!!

  43. I was holding my breath until lizard made it across
    the road. (cachorro voice)

  44. OK, my monolith of snark just got totally avalanched by a cumulative buildup of silly. I am officially giggling like a sugarbuzzed kindergartner.


  45. PS — cha cha cha.

  46. Elaine Wilson says:

    Ok we already established it’s Johnny Cash. What about the bobbing lizard dance in the middle of nowheres?! Awesome find!

  47. That’s not the middle of nowheres, that’s Sun Records. Clearly.

  48. You know, I feel like this might not be Elvis.

    I listened to 10 seconds of it and then was about to post something to the effect of ‘It’s not Elvis, it’s Johnny’ but I stopped to read the other comments first.

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Berthaservant, if that is indeed your real name.

  49. *SNORKT* baaahahaha

  50. Hi, guys, I just listened to the video and scrolled down here to have my say immediately like a newbie without reading any of the other posts, and I want you all to know this is NOT Elvis, I think it might be Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup.

  51. Eye turrets FTW!

  52. Y’all! It’s Joaquin Phoenix AS Johnny Cash In “Walk the Line”. Listen, and tell me it ain’t so:

  53. Dudes, chillax.

    It says “Elvis voice”. You can sing Johnny Cash in an Elvis voice (that’s basically what Joaquin Phoenix is doing), just like you can sing Celine Dion in a Madonna voice.

    Heehee, McChameleonersons. He doesn’t look like a leaf! You’d think a predator would realize when there’s not breeze, it must be a chameleon!

  54. ant man bee says:

    y’know, I’m pretty sure this is Pavarotti — because only he can move his butt like that

  55. warrior rabbit says:

    eye turrets…
    snigger, snort

    dees leezurd is a-sashaying ‘cross the road… ees sexay leezard

  56. Von Zeppelin says:

    The term in Dancing Lizard language for “Elvis” is “Joaquin Phoenix.” Anyway, whoever is singing, I love the dance moves. If there were three more lizards, you’d have a reptilian Four Tops.

  57. Okay, aside from pointing out who sang this (who was it again?)…

    Does anyone know WHY this little guy is walking like this??

  58. Maybe that is the lizard’s victory dance? 🙂

  59. totalee puppy says:

    reptilian Four Tocks.

  60. haha cute! and everyone else has said it, but its joaquin phoenix singing a johnny cash song:)

  61. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    >OK, my monolith of snark just got totally avalanched by a cumulative buildup of silly. I am officially giggling like a sugarbuzzed kindergartner.<

    OMG Teho, now I am going to have the neighbors looking in to see what is so bl**ning funny!!

  62. Love the rockin’ little lizard.

    But yeah, that is Johnny Cash.

  63. It looks more like

  64. BeardofPants says:

    The youtube video is tagged with Johnny Cash, and it sounds like JC, NOT JP.

  65. Wait, isn’t this Johnny Cash? 😛

  66. the bug man says:

    I think this is Johnny Cash, not Elvis.

    (That relentless thwacking sound you hear in the background is the dead horse getting the beating of its, er, life.)

  67. Hey, guys, didja know that’s not Elvis? It’s Johnny Cash, or maybe Joaquin Phoenix. Just wanted all y’all to know…

    and *SNORK* at the Four Tocks!

  68. and… Remember the Phoenix kids, River (gone too soon), Summer and Leaf? Well I just figured out that Leaf is really Joaquin, because Joaquin’s middle name is Rafael, and start spelling Rafael backwards and it’s… LEAF! oh, wow, man, that’s really cool…

  69. this is the BEST video i’ve ever seen!

  70. cellarmouse says:

    Hee hee hee …I think any funny thing that could be said has been said – so maybe we just relax and enjoy?

  71. Stephanie C. says:

    It’s JP as JC, but the “Ah ah huh, huh hunh, Heyy yea yeah!” in teh original post is totally Elvis.

    Why’s everyone all shook up?

  72. Well, whoever sang it, whatev. Doesn’t matter to me.

    I just like lil chameleon got across the road safely! He isn’t exactly a fast lil fella.

  73. I think this is Johnny Cash.

  74. Martha in Washington says:

    I hope I don’t dream about Elvis, Johnny, Joaquin, and Arthur in sequined dresses singing back-up for Julie Andrews tonight!! *shivers*

  75. I know that lizzard and he does all his own vocals.

  76. Why did the lizard cross the street?

  77. if i see one more post about Johnny Cash i will go crazy

  78. hey guess what I’m thinking this is johnny cash

    or Joaquin

    yeah anyway that lizard is ADORABLE! I love true chameleons!!!! LOVE

  79. Theo, LULZ! You win the silliest award.

  80. because he wanted to boogie to the other side!!

  81. hahahaha that lizard dances better than I do.
    good thing there were no cars coming down the road…this little critter was sure flirting with danger!

  82. Think the swaying motion is to confuse prey, unlike the Four Tops or even the Temps, and I say it’s Joaquin, anyway. *Sings: I’m Joaquin, yas indeed, and I’m talkin’ ’bout you ‘n’ me, ‘N’m hopin’ that you’ll sway back to meeeee!”* 😉
    @Berthasbutler: HB, again.

  83. Selphie van der Boffin says:

    Whatever the purpose of that jazzy walk, it’s probably not the best way to cross a road, lucky there were no cars.

    And also, it’s not Elvis singing the song, its Barbra Streisand! Get it right!

  84. Stephanie v. says:

    Goodness, Selphie – I thought you were ME for a second, because your SN is very similar to my full name! That’s what I get for browsing CO in the wee hours of the morning…

    Anyway, this chameleon really takes me back. Back home in South Africa, we used to see chameleons wandering about like this from time to time. I adopted one as a pet for a day (and then set him free, because he was wild and I understood it wouldn’t be fair to him to spend the rest of his life sitting on my shoulder). Seeing this little guy makes me feel quite homesick.

  85. Stephanie v. says:

    Oh, by the way, “Karma Chameleon” would have been a way better song to use on this video! I mean, look at him. “You come and go…”

  86. You know what he needs? Some blue suede shoes. Cuz it looks like that’s a hunka hunka burning asphalt.

  87. i don’t know if anyone else has noticed this ..

    but, i’m pretty sure it’s johnny cash.

    anyone else notice the sarcasm either? 🙂

  88. OMG! I know who it is! Johnny Cash!

  89. Jezebel, consensus is it’s Joaquin Phoenix, but I have an unerring musical ear, and it’s definitely Marnie Nixon, who voice-dubbed for non-musical movie stars in movie musicals in the ’50s. Shall we dahnce, shall we dahnce, shall we dahnce!?

  90. i just wanna say thanks for the lulz first thing in the morning! you peeps just cracked me up.

  91. PS Caelus: Johnny Cash!

  92. Wait, isn’t this Johnny Cash?

  93. PS Either that or he’s the Lizard King!!!

  94. (Also known as “Johhny Cash”)

  95. Who’s Joaquin Phoenix? Is he Johnny Cash?

  96. PPS I just want to report my mother’s reaction to the vid. She watched and said “Oh no, someone did something to that!” which is mom’s way of saying “Shopped!” Or digitally altered in some way.

    S’OK, little Rockin’ Reptile, I believe in you.

  97. PPPS: Hee!

  98. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one feeling the upswing of inner sarcasm.

  99. IT’S NOT JOHNNY CASH, FOLKS! Go to this link and you’ll see that it’s Joaquin. It’s Joaquin doing Johnny Cash from Walk The Line. The song in this youtube link is the same song that is playing in the lizard video, take a look for yourselves.

  100. Gail (the first one) says:

    Y’know, I don’t think that’s Johnny Cash OR Joaquin Phoenix. It’s Barry Manilow, performing from his new CD, “Johnny Cash: My Latest Attempt To Outpace Rod Stewart In The Category Of Pointless Remakes”.

  101. LOL’ing again @ Theresa… Jim Morrisson *did* kinda sing in an Elvis voice, come to think. And Michael Hutchence sang in a Morrison voice. And Morrissey sang… OK, emo, dammit. Morrissey was emo before emo was. So then Thom Yorke must sing in OMG STOP ME BEFORE I NAMEDROP AGAIN HAAALPS

  102. Is that the 6 degress of Morrissey?

  103. Gail 1 — you ain’t kiddin’.

  104. Dear God, please tell me Kevin Bacon isn’t in a band…

  105. @Theo, be very afraid.


  107. vorpalbunnie says:
  108. …you know what’s effing hi-LAR-i-ous, though? This is real.

  109. (Actually, that’s kind of awesome.)

  110. VorpalBunnie, you owe Theresa a Coke.

  111. This lizard lady likes him,he’s got the moves !!

  112. Do you think Mary was being funny? Or serious?

    Because I’m ALMOST sure it’s Johnny.

  113. Or, or, it could be Jerry Lee Lewis. He was in that movie too. Or Carl Perkins.

  114. I’ll take a non-light beer, thanks. TASTES GREAT!

    [Your brew ain’t doodly squat… – Ed.]

  115. Well, my head a splode.

  116. actually, Kevin Bacon WAS in a band. With his brother. They were called the Bacon Brothers (I am not kidding).

  117. Two beers please! (HONK!)

  118. I’m in the wrong line of work. [Googles “bartender clown school”]

  119. @Gail – You made ginger ale come out my nose!

  120. PS — only in San Francisco. [headshake]

    (Yes, it’s not lost on me that Cute Overload is based there too)

  121. heh this leeeezurd is Walking the Line

  122. Pulls up bowl of Annies Cinnabunnies and gets comfortable for a morning of fun puns and jokes.

  123. Johnny Cash/Joaquin Phoenix – NOT LEVIS!!

  124. *snicker*

  125. it’s J.P. singing Johnny Cash. also, that liz is a better dancer than i’ll ever be.

  126. This chameleon is the reincarnation of Johnny Cash, it is just that simple. *Sheesh* Or Rudolph Neahryveh, I always got them mixed up.

  127. That is Joaquin Phoenix singing as Johnny Cash from the movie. But that Lizard is so cute I wonder why he was walking that way, just for giggles?

  128. Theo, I’ll thank you not to refer to Princeton that way.

  129. I love the visual of lizard guy wearing blue suede shoes, but even funnier to me is this visual: Suppose a car DID come down the road? Would the chameleon have ramped up the tempo on his little lizardly cha cha?

    I am the Lizard Kinnnnnnnnng I can do anythinnnnnnnnnnnng…

  130. Theresa — nah, that’d be “mathematical clown school”.

  131. don’t leave me hangin’ what happened when he got in the dirt?

    [He started doin’ the Pigeon! – Ed.]

  132. cellarmouse says:

    Hah! OK so I was wrong, but I betcha tried harder after I said that!

  133. Between the cute video and the hilarious comments, my Friday has been made. Thanks!

    BTW, I think it’s Beyonce doing the singing.

  134. Well, Paula Abdul clearly did the choreography.

  135. Are you sure it’s not Andy Williams singing? Either him or Carl Perkins.

  136. No, the ‘Mutual of Omaha’ Perkins.

  137. Marlon (marlin?) Perkins- or Myron-a Floren-a.

  138. Kit Brooke says:

    LOL love the vid be cool if someone could remake this like the laughing prearie dog shimmy shake one

  139. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but this isn’t Elvis. ::ducking and running::

  140. Kris (often imitated, never duplicated) says:

    Hey, THAT Kris is not THIS Kris. HMPH!

  141. Kris (often imitated, never duplicated) says:

    Nope, not THAT Kris either! And OHMYGOD, that’s scary!!!

    Perhaps I should revert to my given name, Krista… hmmmm.

  142. …Kringle?

  143. Kris Kringle says:

    Sure, let’s go with that, shall we?

  144. I love the 6 degrees link http://sixdegrees.org/
    — I was expecting something fairly frivolous and funny but found a pretty cool innovative way to ‘harness the web’ for the Greater Good.

    It’s true– I like 6 degrees MUCH better than 98 degrees…

  145. WWWEEEELLLLLLLL since my lizard left me,
    I found a new place to dwell,
    It’s across the hot pavement of Lonely Street,
    At Heartbreak Hotel……

  146. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Katrina: “Myron-a Floren-a”—LMAO!!!!!!!!

  147. OK, I’ve been laughing my a** off at all the Elvis vs. Johnny vs. Joaquin vs. some guy I never heard of comments. It took me a while to get that peeps were f**king with those like me, that can’t STAND it when a song is wrongly attributed. But I’m over it now. Really. I am. Uh. Mostly.

  148. girlnextdoortn says:

    You know, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard this Elvis song before. Maybe it’s new?

  149. LOL ^_^

  150. Why did the lizard cross the road? To get rhythm!

  151. I’d vote for him!

    PS, you GUYS, it’s clearly Howlin’ Wolf.

  152. berthaservant says:

    I vote for Marni Nixon.

    And thanks for the birthday wishes all, it was a good day!

  153. Emmerly — re: MN Senate race — grrrrrrrr

    Also, I think you’re confusing Howlin’ Wolf with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Like everybody else. Or was it The Jayhawks?

  154. …or Howlin’ Maggie?

  155. I’m getting too obscure, aren’t I.

  156. Too obscure? Jein.

    Don’t grr too soon, Lizard People could still pull it out of the hat!

  157. Beth (in NC) says:

    This thread is too funny. I likes you guys. And also, performing this song is clearly an artist that no one mentioned, but it is SO obvious, you’ll feel silly when you see how right I am:

  158. Actually, I’ve decided it’s the lizard himself singing. The band is just out of the shot. 😉

  159. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Beth: LOL!!! He’s dead, too, so it fits!

  160. Beth NC — you know, I have the perfect video response to that, but to be honest it’s not very Cute Overload. Let’s settle for the Wiki, k? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marilyn_Manson

    (PS – he’s undead, too, so it fits)

  161. I’m not trying to be nasty, but why do we have to mention fifty billion times that it’s Johnny Cash? I think they’ve got it.

    [Well, some of us get it, anyway. – Ed.]

    Cute video and a great song for it, to boot.

  162. *snicker*

  163. Because it was FUNNY! It was like a game. Johnny Cash! Joaquin Pheonix! Johnny Cash! Joaquin Pheonix! Johnny Cash! Joaquin Phoenix! Joaquin Pheonix! Johnny….d’oh!

  164. hahahahhaha…..

  165. This is a Johnny Cash song, sung by Joaquin Phoenix from Walk the Line (I saw the movie, 100% positive it’s Joaquin and NOT Johnny)

  166. I just thought of something — what if it’s really a time paradox? It could actually be a Joaquin Phoenix song, sung in the style of Johnny Cash by none other than Elvis!

    Costello, I mean. Declan MacManus.

  167. You’re all wrong; Led Zeppelin clearly resolved their differences and is releasing a new hit single in preparation for their world tour.

    Can’t you tell? Robert Plant has such a specific sound to his voice, and nobody can mistake Jimmy Page’s guitar playing.


  168. They were never the same after their drummer spontaneously combusted.