Scanner cat trips OUT

Um, my face is MELTING.

AND my whiskers are out of control.

[cranks up the Pink Floyd]


Colt C. may I suggest a Lazarium?




  2. …oh, wait, it’s Friday. As in, only casually real.

  3. Meg you are EN FUEGO today.

    “One pill makes you larger, aaaaaaand one pill makes you small . . .”

  4. Beam me up Scottie.

  5. LOL! So instead of copier cats we have scanner cats now?

  6. Oh and Regarding the roll over kitty does resemble Jerry… Really he does!

  7. Ooh, look at the mixed-color beans!

  8. JL Sigman — cat scans! What else?

  9. “I’m melting”

  10. I’m listening to Pink Floyd now. Trippy.

  11. fat belly.. wanna kiss it…

  12. Cat scan!

  13. Oh, my comment crossed with Theo’s.

  14. I noticed the scanner appropriately stops at the naughty bits, so no privacy tail needed.

  15. LOL roll over text keeps changing. Snicker

  16. *waves hand in front of face*


  17. Lu – jinx, mocha pls kthx

  18. It’s Vigo the Carpathian!

  19. I’m amazed that nobody has mentioned the artist Louis Wain yet. He painted some disturbing pictures of cats, with demonic expressions like ScannerCat’s, after he developed schizophrenia. You may recognize “Kaleidoscope Cats III” on this page:

  20. Viiiiiiiiigo! Haha. “Why am I dripping with goo?”

    Wow, man, that’s just…………totally wow………..duuuuuuuuuude. Mmm, got the munchies now, bye

  21. thank you Prof Bleen, that is some great art work. I had never heard of him.

    that kitteh is too cute. Tummeh fluff!

  22. Kitty looks like he’s thinking, “Hmmmmm, what have we here…..”

  23. warrior rabbit says:

    I remember when there was an actual site devoted to cat scans… Now defunct, I suspect due to the nuffers that will soon flood us with cries of ‘abuse.’

  24. yeahIusePhotoshoptoo says:

    Prof bleen
    thanks, love those

  25. AuntieMame says:

    “Wait, this isn’t what it said a moment ago – what the hell?”



    seriously those scanner lights are BA-RIGHT! hope kitty no see whirling birds

  27. Or bleened by the light.

  28. Speaking of Vigo, does anyone know why Dana was a cellist in GBI and and art restorer in GBII?

  29. …there used to be a website ‘’ – long since defunct… …but my point being: they at least tended to cover the poor kitty’s eyes – the scanner lights are way too bright for sensitive kitty eyes!!! Nooooooo! Cover kitty’s eyes pleeeeeeaaase!!!

  30. They’re called “pupils”, S-J. They contract.
    Think about sunlight.

  31. Theo, that link, that’s far out. Between that and scanner kitty…………..can’t handle it…………..please turn up Pink Floyd. “the lunatics are in the hall” well, duh!

  32. “LOL! So instead of copier cats we have scanner cats now?”

    Groooooooan — love it!

  33. IIIIIIIIIIII, have become, comfortably NOM.

    Reminds me, I’m hungry.

  34. those lights are dangerous, i wouldn’t let my cat do that. bad cat parenting

  35. You know, a few hours after my Vigo post, I think “Vigo the Catpathian” should be the name of a cat somewhere. That’d be teh awesome.

    Now I’m really tempted to put my bunny on a scanner. Hubby’s out with a friend tomorrow, I think I’ll try it. Ignore the blood splatter from angry bunny attacking foolish hooman.

    Theresa, I have no idea why Dana kept switching careers. I’m guessing she’s just multi-talented in that way. And did they ever establish the father of the baby? Was it Venkman?

  36. Comfortably NOM – that’s awesome! I LOVE TEHO!

  37. this is awesome! i’m going to have to try it with my cat. All I have to do is leave the lid open, he is drawn to smooth, cold surfaces like glass! LOL

  38. Someone else remembers! I loved that website!

  39. Might I suggest that anyone considering scanning their cat first try scanning their own face. Even with your eyes tightly closed, you’ll still be seeing stars for a while. I stupidly did it once and was very worried that I had damaged my vision and cat’s eyes are much more sensitive than ours.

  40. bookmonstercats says:

    Flipping heck, what an expression. I assume it’s mainly because his/her face is along way up from the scanner – I hope…..

  41. LOL at even more roll over text changes.

    Kitty is all I will control your thoughts and Dream BWahahahahah evil paw tenting

  42. Woah!
    That is freaking trippy.

  43. What on earth happened to that fuzzy muffin?

  44. Capt' Tightpants says:

    hmmm.. i only get the same hovertext over n’ over.


    [Try pressing F5 & re-hovering. – Ed.]

  45. Erling Jacobsen says:

    You mean Laserium ?

  46. Welcome….to the machiiiiiiiiiine.

  47. welkum meh frend.. welkummmmm to teh masheen!!

  48. jinx!

  49. OMG it’s Syd!
    Wait, no, can’t be, dammit.
    How I wish…

  50. this is an excellent post

  51. new category – Cute or Scary?

  52. Aw, he wore out his welcome with random precision.

  53. its salvador dali kitty

  54. [insert cat scan joke here]

    Theo, great job on the comfortably NOM.

  55. The Hover texts are so Funny… Teho you are rocking my Friday.. I come in and get a new one each time…

    Rats All I had to do was hit f5.

    Oh well it is more fun my way.. read posts work a bit come back in and look again.

  56. The downside is, I have no idea what the first hovertext was. Or the second. I think I came in on the third. Has anyone been keeping track?

    At some point, y’know, I’m gonna have to let one stand…

  57. Gail (the first one) says:

    I vote for the current hover….dovetails nicely with the kitteh!!

  58. Wait, what’s the current one? I have a Jefferson Airplane reference.

  59. (dooooood… I need to lay off the ‘nip for a bit)

  60. What about Strawberry Alarm Clock?

  61. Jeez, does anyone else remember what FM radio used to be like, with those promos for Laserium, and the guy who read the ads with those deep, gravelly voices
    (Twisted Sister! At the Nassau Colosseum!!)

  62. weird

  63. THeo I have no CLue I just have been having a blast reading all the different ones… IT made for a really fun day at work.

  64. Clearly this CAT scan technology thing needs some fine tuning.

  65. It wasn’t Venkman, there was some discussion about the fact that she left him to get married and that guy was the father.

    Now every time I see Viggo Mortensen I say Viggo in that inflection. I love it!

  66. ringtailroxy says:

    omg! I actually laughed my ass off! I practically fell off of my chair! the pic was humorous enough-the captions are timeless! good work, CO! made my day a lot more psychedelic!

  67. snoopysnake says:

    Ooh – those neapolitan ice cream paws – vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry!

  68. berthaservant says:

    I get the same hovertext…a misquote from Jefferson Airplane. cool pic tho.

  69. B-Serv, the hovertexts are in perfect synch with “THe Marx Brothers in A Night at the Opera.” It’s a little-known phenomenon.

  70. OK, I put the Floyd hover back.

  71. Running over the same old scanner bed, huh?

  72. Trippy.

  73. totalee puppy says:

    Great hovertext!

  74. Please have compassion and not feature scanned or copied animals unless their eyes are protected appropriately…Thx (the animaws)

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  76. Epic spam fail. LOL