Dude, I gotta practice my “Lady and the Tramp” moves

My Cocker Spaniel girlfriend LOVES that movie, and it’s my big chance with her tonight!!!


Kathryn T., nice slurpage action.



  1. Whee! We haz Pasketti!

  2. Now I’m going to have “that’s amore” in my head all day! Thanks, Meg!

  3. When I was a kid, I thought it was “That’s a Moray.” I guess I thought he was head over eels in love.

    That is one happy puppeh!

  4. When you’re stung by an eel
    And that’s all you can feel
    THAT’s a moray!

  5. When your stung on the bum at a quarter to one
    that’s a moray.

  6. :snickeringks: @ the Moray gags

  7. The moray gag I remember came from the comic strip “B.C.”:

    “When an eel lunges out / and it bites off your snout / that’s a moray.”

  8. *Giggling too much to try to add to the lyrics*

  9. When you’re diving, keep watch
    And protect yer ol’ crotch
    From the moray…

  10. Von Zeppelin says:

    That’s an impressive dog! I don’t think the Tramp in the movie ever mastered the Vertical Aerial Pasta Sloorp.

  11. What you can’t tell from the still photo is that Jack Pasta Terrier is actually BALANCING that cooked noodle. Dog’s a kitchen ninja.

  12. Capt' Tightpants says:

    plz keep the moray lyrics coming… heestaireecals!

  13. THAT’S MY BAAYYBEEE PUPPYYY! Great timing… Today is my boyfriend and I’s 5 year anniversary and that’s our lil pup! THAT’S AMORE! 😉

  14. Paralyzed, you will drool
    Just like Pasta Fazool,
    Not for snorgles or sass,
    Just a big ‘ol bad ass,
    That’s a moray!

  15. Not meanining to nuff, but wasn’t it “Bella Notte”? Or is there copyright worries on CO?

  16. Copyright worries? *snort* We don’t need no stinkin’ copyright laws!! 😛

  17. Hayley, you’re right. But “Amore” is easier to rhyme, and “Notte” doesn’t rhyme with any enormous, steel-jawed, death-dealing stealth sea predators. Wait is there a shark species called “Potte”?

  18. Yeah, but they’re really hard to train.

  19. Don’t be shy
    Jump right in
    Have some fun
    When you swim
    your a morey.

  20. Keep it real
    your an eel
    and you don’t
    want to be

  21. I really need to remember not to eat or drink when reading the comments on CO. I nearly choked on a chocolate covered pretzel over the “moreyisms”.

    Katy…love your pup! Happy Anniversary!

  22. Thanks Noelle!

  23. @ Noelle
    I quite drinking and reading CO at the same time some time ago for that very reason, I had to clean my screen to many times.

  24. love the lyrics, here’s a few more
    when you swim in the bay
    just don’t get in his way that’s a moray
    He’s a sausage with teeth that will hide in a reef,
    that’s a moray

  25. When it’s daytime TV
    And your IQ is 3
    That’s a Maury!

    [ohgod please stop with the funny if i laugh anymore i’m gonna throw up eurghhhh – Ed.]

  26. “Head over eels” – BWAAHAAAA!! That’s funny! From cute spaghetti puppers straight to creepy moray eels, yeah I like the way you people think.

  27. When you swim on the reef
    and you feel pointy teeth,
    that’s a moray….

  28. the bug man says:

    See http://www.ukdivers.net/life/morays.htm

    My favorite line:
    When you’ve had quite enough, Of this daft rhyming stuff, that’s “no more!”, eh?

  29. He’s round and he’s fat
    and he’s got a nice cat
    Uncle Morie.

  30. Ancient Romans bred them,
    And on slaves they fed them,
    That’s a moray!
    What’s the point I ask you,
    What a daft thing to do,
    That’s a moray!

  31. You can call him a beast
    He won’t care in the least,
    That’s a moray.
    Fast as a rocket,
    Your arm’s out of its socket,
    That’s a moray!

  32. AuntieMame says:

    When you paint Argenteuil, for le Musée de l’Orangerie, that’s a Monet?


  33. AuntieMame
    puts eels to shame

  34. [now humming “Valerie Plame” by The Decemberists]

  35. When you want to assert
    That you want a dessert,
    That’s a sorbet . .
    Not sherbet or ice cream,
    But a dieter’s dream,
    It’s a sorbet.

  36. Anne Boleyn says:

    When you go to a place
    for to plunder that space
    That’s a foray!

    When you go to the bed
    with fun thoughts in your head
    Could be foreplay!

  37. Anne Boleyn says:

    My dad used to do that spaghetti thing with his dog and he’d call it her baby bird imitation.
    RIP, little Molly. tweet.

  38. When you think you can dance
    But you don’t stand a chance
    Pas de bourrée

    Two left feet in toe shoes
    You’ve got nothing to lose
    Pas de bourrée

  39. Former housemate of mine had this to say:

    When the tofu you fry
    Needs some help to get by
    That’s tamari…

    (cheers, Rick)

  40. *falls off chair laughing*

  41. When he’s all toffee-nose,
    And he’s nothing but pose,
    That’s a Tory.

  42. Hmm, I didn’t get that one.

  43. It refers to the Brit
    brand of upper-class twit,
    It’s a Tory. 😉

    [Ah. Thank you. And don’t worry, I’m trained in performing the Heimlyric Maneuver, just hold still for a moment… – Ed.]

  44. Theresa, my love, you are full of wonderful.
    Erebella, you, too are made of wonderful.
    Too funny, peeps!

  45. “No more rhymes now I mean it!”

    (had to retype like 5 times because I was shaking too much with laughter)


  47. Noelle — you know how there’s a Godwin’s Law of the internet that says whoever brings up Nazis loses, and the thread’s over? Well, GOLDMAN’S LAW.

    Anyone who says differently is selling something.

  48. mochimuffin says:

    *delurk* My god, this thread is genius and has moved me to comment for the first time evar. You guys are brilliant. That is all. *back to lurking*

  49. Mmmmm, mochi… [fetching chopsticks]

  50. Um, no Theo I don’t know about Godwin’s law, or Goldman’s for that matter. Besides I didn’t bring up Nazi’s I brought up a short grumpy fellow who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “inconceivable”. 🙂

    “You rush a miracle man sonny, you get rotten miracles.”

  51. Perhaps today I shall replace all instances of “to bleen” with “to blaaaave”.

  52. Anybody want a peanut?

    (Teho, be glad I found out the singular of mores is mos.)

  53. HA! I *am* glad. I was thinking of that one too! Unsuccessfully.

  54. …and the opposite of mores is lesses!

  55. Capt' Tightpants says:

    to blaaaaaave…….

    I can’t see straight I’m laughing so hard.

    Best. Postingks. Evar.

  56. Capt' Tightpants says:

    @ Theresa (Romans breed them verse)

    Thank you for putting into elegant verse what I had in my head, only could not translate into singsong.

  57. When the fabric is pressed
    For a watered-silk dress,
    That’s a moiré!

  58. berthaservant says:

    Great comments, but being a stickler for trivial detail, I must echo the previous poster’s comment that the correct song is “Bella Notte.”

    This is the pup,
    The slurpingous Pup,
    And they call him Bella Notte…

  59. AuntieMame says:

    CO’s gone all highbrow… 🙂

  60. Our little Maltese loved fettuccine alfredo noodles and would eat them like that.

  61. Hey!
    When the noodles go slurp
    With a glurpity glurp
    That’s a Maltese. 😉

  62. totalee puppy says:

    Dedicated to AutieMame: When your friends come to call, to discuss “Rise and
    Fall…” that’s a soiree…
    We can rent a river boat, drink champagne while we
    float on the Loire (eh?).”

  63. Wow! It’s really an animal’s charm! nice.

  64. Good job on giving your dog pancreatitis!

  65. Good job on giving your dog pancreatitis!

  66. WL — good job on the long-distance internet psychic veterinary prognosticating! Dead-on accurate too, I’m certain. Ooh, do me next!

  67. When the kitteh is red
    From his tail to his head,
    That’s a marmie!

    When his coat has the sheen
    Of a ripe tangerine,
    That’s a marmie!

  68. Not bad, TUM, not bad. I must now go snorgle Mr. Bounce.

  69. wow,thats funny he must like spaggeti.