Desktop Baroo Owl! RLY!

Lert cuteporter April S. alerted us of this prosh new product over at ThinkGeek. Your very own Baroo!? owl. Comes in many flav-o-flavs, including brown and peenk.





  1. Hoo-hoo baroo?

  2. someone pleez to translate? it really looks like it only does the blinking and head tilting things. maybe the secret japanese type can tell us more!

  3. fish eye no miko says:

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who looks at the white owl and thinks, “Hedwig!”?

  4. I was OK till they showed the wing adjustment. That keeeled me.

    The white one is SO teh “O RLY?” owl.

  5. I think this thing creeps me out on a Furby level. My parents got me one for christmas one year and I swear the thing did evil things when I was asleep.

    Heck we (my brother and I) even ran it over with the lawn mower and the thing still worked…in fact it said “Owwww”

    Yeah, the furby found its way into the cow pasture that night never to be seen or heard from again.

  6. If it was a kitty usb I’d be on the website credit card in hand to buy 2 of them. Owl, not so much.

    Creepy toys? When I was 3 a family friend gave me a clown doll that was about 2 feet tall and it made a scary “ha ha ha!” sound when you turned it’s bright red nose. That thing was NOT allowed to stay in my room – day or night, it scared the Jeebus out of me.

  7. @Laura: Check out this USB kitty:

    And you can buy it here:

  8. scooterpants says:

    this wouldn’t be THE JAPANESE again would it????
    Must have. gotta have the peenk, and maybe the white,
    oh crap, all four then…
    {where did I hide that visa card from me-self?}

  9. Am I the only one who thinks the pink one looks like a piece of bubble gum?? Owl-flavored bubble gum!! Blech!!!!!

  10. That reminded me of the owl on “Clash of the Titans”

  11. scooterpants says:

    No Peenk available.
    so, I got Brown.
    very cute.
    yes it does remind one of the owl from ‘clash of the titans’ (one of my all time fav-fun movies by the way.)

  12. USB chameleon!!! with flicking tongue action and scary googly eyes!:

  13. Yep, owl only blinks and baroos, albeit in both ‘active’ and ‘sleep’ modes. These must be fairly new, as I saw plenty of “humping dog” usb devices, but none of these cuddly Bubo types. I already had a heck of a time finding the cutesy matches (with final success!)- don’t know if I could spend another few hours searching for these too.

  14. He can see my soul….

  15. I bought two immediately when I saw this. One for me and one for someone special for christmas!!

  16. why?

  17. (the original) Mel says:

    I want the pink one! I want it with a tiara!

    *stomps foot*

  18. The red eyes are freaking me out, man… (0:36)

    This (and the story of Jmpr’s Furby) remind me of the gag gift of a “Tickle Me Elmo TMX” that was given to my boyfriend. (This was the most recent one, the one that would roll around on the floor then stand back up.) The damn thing started laughing one night. When we retrieved it to make it stop, we realized *IT HAD NO BATTERIES IN IT* ~shudder~

  19. check this one out… there is also a humping doggie… LOL

  20. Gail (the first one) says:

    Oh, I want…but now that I’ve seen the USB Kitteh (thanks NTMTOM!)….I want an Owl that hoots!!!! (I have enough kittehs yelling at me!)

  21. This is cute, but what’s the point? I mean, if something is going to take up my USB port, I want it to do something useful. Maybe I’m just in a poopie mood, but I don’t get it.

  22. another cute but lame and none-useful product.

  23. This is cute, but what’s the point? I mean, if something is going to take up my USB port, I want it to do something useful. Maybe I’m just in a poopie mood, but I don’t get it.

  24. Just what I need, something to incite my kitties to attack my laptop screen!

    But it is cute, tho’…

  25. The little song in the commercial reminds me of the theme song to the TV version of The Babysitters Club. 🙂

  26. scooterpants says:

    heh Erin- you were in a poopie mood twice there X2. sorry, hope ya feel better.
    its just cute that’s all.
    mindless and cute.
    the usb cat is kinda irritating, the usb humping dog is vulgar kinda, but i like the pole dancer and the chameleon. excellent.

  27. creepy.

    I had this fur-real pet, and it would randomly make these really weird sounds. it didn’t even sound like the dog it was supposed to be. i buried under a mound of stuff. recently my mom found it, and turned it on. it scared the bejabbers out of my lil’ sis’s chihuahua.

  28. Karen how is it NOT useful? It’s an owl that BLINKS. You could turn it on and show your friends or coworkers, you could stick a post it to it, you could draw on it with a sharpie, you could take a picture of it and send it in to cuteoverload, the possibilities are endless!

  29. one more thing for people with too ch money and not enough sense to see this coming.cute,but useless and stupid.tell me someone,can this thing be taught to answer spam?

  30. Why on earth would you want to automatically answer spam?

  31. you should see some of my spam!!!!!!!!!!

  32. No thanks; got all I need.

  33. Damn you Japan, for ever so cutely handing us our asses yet again! *shaking fist eastward*

  34. Elaine Wilson says:

    LOL at Jess <3's Sandy!!! Teh possibilities are endless! You could even hang 2 paperclips on the ears, for when you randomly need to clip papers together. What about the wing action? You might be able to tuck a pen under there!

  35. Elaine Wilson says:

    Then I just posted that and hehehe at LOLBabyMama!! You guys crack me up on the comments sections these days!

  36. Cute, but boring! It would be different if it was like a webcam or something…

  37. I got mine at loft in Japan, they also had the cute matches there.

    Best store ever

  38. NEEEEEEED i would have to get the strawberry flavoured one ! (plink plink owl sockets.) I agree about the USB kitty it would freak my cats out and I get enough meowing off them :>

  39. Hey tell me where can I buy that cute thing here?

  40. Jeeh!! I got the grey one 🙂 Yes, they only tilt their head and blink with their eyes. After a while the make some noise, but what the hell, they are super cute! (got one at work)

  41. You can get them at

  42. Hehe, it´s cute, but after a few days it would just annoy me I think. 😉

  43. Very cute, but $20?? Ouch!

  44. I love these little things, but they totally missed the boat by NOT making them into mini storage drives. Maybe just 256, or even 128 mb.

  45. The Button says:

    I immediately bought the three that were available. I love owls!

  46. These owls are not new – they’ve been around a while. I love love love owls and these are adorable (totally Hedwig!), but ultimately I decided not to get one because I agree with Erin about the wasted USB port space. INSTEAD I got a Nohohon! Solar powered, just as cute, and doesn’t suck electricty or hog a port. Just sits in my window and smiles at me while I work – a friend who used to work for Toyota said that the bosses in Japan required all employees to have them on their desks as a stress reliever.
    More info: and see them in action:

  47. Hee! I’ve had the little pink one for a while. It was my bday present to myself. It’s sitting on its stump on top of my iMac (since the Mac is too wide for the clip). Does it have a point? No, but currently all of my friends and my fiancé are elsewhere for a few months, and sad as it is, it’s good company.
    And yes, it just tilts its head left and right and blinks. I got mine from ThinkGeek.

    I named mine “Pants.”

  48. Also- regarding the USB port issue. The USB on my Mac keyboard is never strong enough to power anything, but it is strong enough to power the owl. So you may be able to just use a port you weren’t able to/couldn’t use anyway.

  49. Hahahah, that is so cute! I wish it hooted, though. 😀

    My coworker said if I get one, though, it’s all over….. I’m not sure what he meant, but I believe him O.O;;

  50. pny-I have no idea. None whatsoever.

  51. scooterpants says:

    i have hello kitty Nohohon, she watches me do dishes at home, very calming.
    tell me?, what are these ‘matches’ you speak of ?
    and thanks a lot! *sarc*
    to Ed for posting that link to MORE cute stuff to purchase. ugh!

  52. What kind of PC’s do you people have O.O I have 4 ports in the back of my keyboard four in the back of my pc and 2 in the front. muahahaha i could have LOTS OF OWLS hmmmmm. :O

  53. lol @ Jmper.

    I laughed at the furby remark and it made my tattoo hurt.

  54. stephanie-you do realize that some people pay for that service.

  55. I have the little grey one ^^ Kawaii

  56. scooterpants says:

    gee Charlie You’re givin me port envy.

  57. Eh~I was hoping it would dance or something~just something other than blink at you and go to sleep.

    it has potential, but it’ slike it’s not QUITE there yet.

  58. Anyone know where to get an owl? GF would like one.

  59. Hopefully, someone will turn these cute things into web cams. Or maybe they are working on that as we speak???