Meg: This dog is soooooo small…

Audience in unison: HOW SMALL IS HE!?
[wild, crazy Oprah-like clapping fest]


Jessie G. I like the JCrew ‘rollover’ effect at the bottom of the sweater. Verrrry nice.



  1. Gives new meaning to the term “stocking stuffer”

  2. Gail the Grasshopper says:

    Maybe it’s not a small dog but a really big sock.

  3. I will take two…one for each sock!

    In other news…the cat in the new Disney movie, Bolt? His catchphrase is Ridonkulous! I saw a huge poster at a bus stop! Meg, you must get royalties!

  4. must take dog home for further examination.

    *puts puppeh in coat pocket and runs*

  5. It’s a sock pup(pet)

  6. I have a pair of argyles that would look so cute on this lil guy! Meh!


  8. ZOMG. I know this puppy! (Well, sort of). I just graduated from college with his owner and I have been salivating over his pictures on her Facebook. It’s so exciting to know somebody who’s made it on to Cuteoverload!

  9. That’s my Finn!

  10. What’s weird is that unlike most tailor-made expensive doggeh outfits, this one seems to be snug and comfy. Yay cute sock doggeh!

    :: checking own socks for puppeh ::


    But boy, are my dogs tired…

  11. OMG soooooooooo cute!

    I saw that bus stop poster too legotech and thought the same thing.

  12. Aww!!!! He is sooo cute:D

    Oh by the way I bought the 2009 desk calendar today! SOO CUTE!

  13. ILuvCuteOverload says:

    In fact, if you are thoroughly interested in that whole J. Crew look, they happen to have this website:

    Adorable pictures of puppies wearing clothes!

  14. Adorable! Is he an IG?

  15. I am extremely jealous over his AMAZING ADORABLE -cough- ness. I want one!!!

  16. He is a Rat Terrier. I think he was 3.5 lbs at this point…

  17. biscuithead says:

    @Jessie G.

    Must ask:
    have you nommed his ears off yet?

  18. beautiful terrycloth outerwear for the discriminating puppeh.

  19. Looks like they made the “sweater” out of an old sweater sleeve!

  20. totalee puppy says:

    260Oakley– Your “stocking
    stuffer” comment–LOL!
    Iggbie–Crave the outerwear–How to get a catalog?

  21. scooterpants says:

    that is Greg Odens Sock!
    duh… that is one HUGE-O dog right there. {{{go blazers}}} snort

  22. Just got home, left before 7 am, home after 7 pm. My dogs are BARKIN’!!

    *breathe innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …. annnnnnnnnnnd…. ouuuuuuuuuuuuuut….*
    There. That’s better.

  23. Ears have been nommed repeatedly. They keep coming back.

  24. Oh! I do that with my puppies! In fact, my Bella is sitting in my lap right now, wearing a leg warmer as a sweater!

    Warmer AND cheaper than buying actual dog sweaters for the teeny ones.

    I lovelovelove how the ribbed part of tube socks acts as a natural turtleneck.

  25. This reminds me of peeenk sweateuw, my all time favourite. Ahn.

  26. Sock it to me baby.

  27. Pups'nstuff says:


  28. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Meg: HI-YO!!!!!

    Maybe this sock was cleaned and pressed (aka stretched)by the 2 Dogs Dry Cleaners, from a few posts back!

  29. The white sock him wearing matches the natural white “socks” on him feets!

    My great-uncle Floyd was almost seven feet tall, and whenever I would wear long socks as a kid, Mom would say, “Those look like Uncle Floyd socks!” So that’s what I’ve always called them. When he outgrows regular socks, this puppeh will need some Uncle Floyds.

  30. What a cute little pupper!

  31. ehn, Meg, sorry but this little guy should have been posted in….


    [ba dum bum]

  32. Do you have more adorable pics of Finn?

  33. We used to put a sock-sweater on our dog back when she was a puppy.

  34. I just made a sock sweater this week for a friend’s cat. So much easier than knitting or crocheting. 🙂

  35. oooohhhhhhnnnnooo it’s not a sock monkey it’s a sock puppy

  36. totalee puppy says:

    Good times!

  37. Moar Finn plox!
    I KNEW he was a rat terrier, he looks almost like my Axel, but without de Chihuahua nozzle.

    mon petit chien cherie! =D

  38. oh my god!! i want this adorable little baby! good idea..i wonder if i could use newborn socks for my ratties…hhmmm…