Encore Presentayshe: Hungry? Come to El Gato Loco!™

When you’ve got a mucho grande hunger, try our new El Gato Purrito™ — your choice of sizzling steak or savory chicken, plus beans, rice, guacamole, sour cream and our secret Gato Salsa,™ all stuffed into a four-pound kitty.  Only $4.99 at participating locations —or make it a Mucho Meal™ with chips and a large soft drink!

Could you hold the sour cream? I'm on a diet.

Found on Booger The Cat.



  1. We who control the spice control the empire.

  2. it’s definitely Nosevember!

  3. Why don’t my cats do this?

  4. i love this one, glad to see him again

  5. (the original) Mel says:

    Halloh. My name is Booger the Gato. You make me a burrito. Prepare to die.

  6. *makes sure she doesn’t have six fingers on either hand, then sneaks a quick kitty bite*

  7. seattle mike says:

    I believe you mean “Purrito”

  8. @seattle mike: Excellent point; I’ve updated the post.

  9. The thing that freaks me out about this, is that my cats would trample my dead body for a Chipotle chicken burrito. They are sweet cats, but as soon as I unwrap that thing, they become relentless, soulless zombies.

  10. Purritos are tasty and nutritious.

  11. Of the many times I have seen that picture, the best caption hands down has to be “That’s how I roll”

  12. If I unwrapped my burrito and saw that crazed expression… oh boy.

  13. Oh noes! This pic always makes me feel claustrophobic! If I ever did this to my cat I would definitely be burrito meat when she got out of it!

  14. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Theresa: Here at the Shady Lane Doggie and Kitteh Rest Home (where 4 of the exhausted little darlings are sleeping on the couch next to me), it’s Arby’s Roast Beef that has that effect on my kittehs….

  15. If I tried this with my cat I’d end up with a side order of stitches.

  16. Uh, yea… it’s cute and all… but what’s with all the “encore presentayshions”??? It’s not like you’re low on submishes. (Last I heard it was about a thousand a week.) An occasional encore is totally right-on, but so many lately! Sheesh! Kinda reminds me of re-run summers on TV (before cable).

  17. What are your specials today? Purritoes? Oooh that sounds delish!

  18. OK, I wanna know what brand of ‘nip that kitteh is snorting. That has got to be the mellowest cat that ever existed.

  19. @spb: You can blame me for the “encore” on this post. I found this photo on my own and wrote a post for it, not realizing it had already been used long ago in another post.

    Meg, who has an amazing memory, liked what I wrote and added the “Encore Presentayshe:” to the title because she recognized the picture from before.

    Just goes to show you how sharp Meg is. 🙂

    [Yeah, like, when she runs the same matching-pandas photo for the third time, and *I* catch it… – Ed.]

    [You know I only say this with love. – Ed.]

  20. teenygozer says:

    How in heaven’s name do you get heem out of the sleeve? Won’t go backwards, can’t go forewards!

  21. Think “toothpaste tube”, Teeny.

  22. hamster-on-rye says:

    Happy Birthday, Berthaservant! You’re kind of an “Encore Presentayshe” yourself, but you just keep getting
    better and better…With

  23. Wha? It’s Berthaservant’s birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 😀 Hope it’s an awesome one, er was! You’re one of the best things about CO (besdies Meg, Teho, and NTMTOM, of course!)

  24. Goodbye Chipotle…

    …Hello Purrito! Hee!

  25. I keep coming back to this! I just can’t get enough of purrito. Purrito, purrito, you look so tasty and nutritious.

  26. erm…besides*

  27. new species – cat worm

  28. @Berthasbutler: HB, again.
    Took the Pickycat in for a well-kitty checkup, and he is not so well — having kidney probs — and I’m having to do subcutaneous fluid infusion and change of diet. Dr. estimated 30% kidney function remaining! Glad we caught it in time. Need some healing thoughts sent Picky’s way, he is nearly 18 years old, and I need him.

  29. UUHHHMMMMM……. healing thoughts for Picky cat….. hope he feels better soon. Enjoy your time with him and have lots of snorgles.

    God bless ya!!

  30. Gail (the first one) says:

    @mberkie0: Lots of happy thoughts to you and Picky from me and my 7!!!! (and my admiration for you doing infusions! I once “got” to learn to do nasogastric feedings and it was verry stressful!)

  31. HB,BS, and many, many happy returns of the day.

    Healing thoughts to Pickycat and his companions.

    Has anyone here gone to George Washington University? Killer Corgi’s smaller big brother in considering it- poli-sci and pre law- any GW grads here? Oh, and Georgetown- any comments from the Peeps? kthnxby.

  32. looks comfy

  33. the snack that bites you back

  34. be careful, one end of the purito has sharp points.

  35. oh-no-kitty-look-out says:

    Looks like some kind of horrible re-imagining of the “fleshlight” for furries.

    That’s crude, I know, but not beyond reason for some of them.