Don’t Mind If I Doooooooo

Oh Hai. While you were opening the fridge for more Häagen-Dazs, I thought I would check on the greens to see if they’re still fresh.


This may take a while. Every leaf must be checked for freshness.

I’ll close the door when I leave. Leave, get it!?


Becki R., looks like a pretty hygenic situation.



  1. juggle geese says:

    bun quality control!

  2. Silly human, greens are for rabbits!

  3. I would love some nom-sound action on this photo.

  4. Would you look at those eyes and earses?…Who could resist the qteness and shut the fridge door??? awwwwww. Want. One.

  5. Is your fridge a mess? Don’t break your back cleaning – just call the Bun-O-Matic™ Fridge Cleaning Service! We’ll immediately dispatch one (1) large or two (2) small creamsicle bunnehs to take care of your excess food problem. Cal 1-800-BUN-FRIJ.

  6. OM to the NOM to the muncha-facin’ NOM.

  7. Elaine Wilson says:

    Hehe nice ad T.U.M.!! If I pay extra, will you throw in a look of disapproval?!

  8. momof2kitties says:

    That’s it-I’m calling right now! What about the “But wait, there’s more! If you call in the next ten minutes…” clause? What will I get?

    Can I order up a cute Winston video or a basket of marmies for B-serv’s Happy Birthday today? Mia & Georgie send many snorgles and forehead bumps to you, and no pointy ends.

  9. It used to be that whenever we’d open the refrigerator, our rabbit would run from wherever she was in our apartment and dive for the crisper drawer. After nearly accidentally closing the door on her head a few times (because she would be trying to jump in while I’d be getting ready to walk away) we trained her to show a little more dignity.

  10. aaawwww. so cute.

    what kind of greens are those? i don’t recognize the leaf shape.

  11. OMG, it’s a bunny! I thought it was a dog at first. Cute! Yeah, I like to keep my buns chilled too. *snerk*

  12. Just a nominal nom to see if their fresh.

  13. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Erebella: LOL!! I thought it was a doggie too!

    My newest kitteh, Helen, likes to jump onto the bottom shelf of my fridge for “inspecktshuns”–so many times she’s almost gotten closed in there! Kitteh pasickie!

    Oh and I think Hoppygolightly McGreenjeans there disapproves of the large amount of space used for non-nommables!!!

  14. This reminds me of my bulldog. We keep meats on the bottom shelf of the fridge to keep them from dripping onto other items, and she always “follows” me into the fridge, digging her nose into that bottom shelf. I’ve even caught her trying to sneak out a steak or two!

    Usually I try closing the door on her head to discourage it, but she doesn’t seem to care.

    Lord help me if she ever learns to open the fridge.

  15. quality control bunneh suggests different flavour greens

  16. Inspektor Bun says these greens must be confiscated because… um, because… because the color’s just a tad off! Yeah, that’s the ticket! The color’s off!!

    These are not the greens you’re looking for… move along. lol

  17. hey teho, can we have a tag, “nom?” or perhaps “nomnomnom?”

  18. I must protest the lack of hygenic standards…there does not appear to be a sneeze guard at this particular salad bar.

    This bun’s markings look very similar to my dear departed Bump, except Bump had the silver Chinchilla markings rather than brown.

    When the critters can open the fridge, there will be a new world order.

  19. “Why don’t you make like a tree and get outta here?”

  20. i would fly into an indiscriminate rage if i saw this rabbit eating my human food. that rabbit would wake up the next day and find its belongings in a box outside.

  21. HaPpY BiRtHdAy BerthaServant!

  22. Jen, I think they’re mustard greens. Get it? Mustard greens? Great hovertext, Teho.

    [The hovers are Meg’s, here… – Ed.]

  23. That looks like my bunny, only my bunny isn’t a lop ear and has black spots as well as brown and white he’s much too lazy to go after the fridge. He’d sit patiently at the door and say “bring it to me, hooman.”

    I applaud the efficient utilization of the fridge though. Stacked Chinese food containers, squirt bottle jam, a huge bottle of (what I think is) A1 sauce.

    And look, a bun!

  24. This is bunny Morgan and those are dandelion greens. She knew they were for her, so she helped herself!

  25. naughty bun!

  26. Bun says they are Bunalicious

    HAppy birthday Berthservant.. Now no hiding you must come out and play or we are sending ten rabbits to your house to nom all the food in your fridge.

  27. Ok, he has an accomplice somewhere in that kitchen – none of us believe he opened that door all by himself – he’s too cute

  28. Thanks for the birfday wishes! I haven’t been hiding, just busy at work, LOL. I LURVE THIS BUNNEH! And if I were to ask for one present, I would renew my call (and second the above motion) for a “nomnomnom” or “nomming” tag!

    You all are awesome, I love Cute Overload!

  29. The late Claude (feline) used to LOVE to get in the fridge. I never understood why. I was concerned about his getting closed in there, so I acted on a tip from some cat person. She had left her fridge-loving cat closed inside for a few minutes and let it howl. The cat never went near the fridge again. So I closed Claude inside and waited . . . not a peep . . . waited as long as I could stand it (probably not more than a minute) and opened the door. There was Claude, stretched out on the shelf, happy as could be, and looking ready for a nice long nap. I eventually broke him of the habit by SCREAMING whenever he started to poke his nose into the fridge. An odd thing: very late in his 21-year-long life, he started trying to get in the fridge again. i always wondered why.

  30. Happy birthday, berthaservant! I haven’t been visiting the “Comments” lately–did you ever get your marmie(s)?

  31. My cats stopped trying to get in the fridge when I stopped eating meat. I guess the smell wasn’t as appealing to them anymore.

  32. bookmonstercats says:

    Happy birthday, Bserv. C’mon the Staff, now…. this is the Big BS callin’, after all.

    I thought bun was a dog too, at first. Thank heavens my free range GPs can’t actually reach the frige shelf when the door’s open. They just climb into the weekly shop instead!

  33. My bun used to do this, especially if there were sprouts, or a chance of kale.

    Also, nothing smells better than the back of a rabbit’s neck. I could huff rabbits all day long.

  34. No, no marmies yet, just me and Bertha (and Theo and Coco for my mom, of course)…I might be moving in the next year so it seemed better to wait until I resettled before indulging in the new critter.

    I might want a refrigerabbit.

    [In that case, Hoppy Brrrthday! – Ed.]

  35. happy b-day, berthaservant! Is Santa Barbara still beautiful?

  36. Hoppy Birthday, Berthaservant! Hope you have a happy, healthy, prosperous year!

  37. (tapp tapp tapp. patter patter. slam!!!! “oof!” crunch crunch!)”you can close that for me!” (follwed by repeating pat pat patter patter)

  38. No TV and No Beer make Homer something something..

    Go crazy?


    sorry, post title reminded me 🙂

  39. I had no idea that there were health inspertor-buns at work these days. Is this another example of out-sourcing…..?????

  40. ” . . . when I leave. Leave, get it?”

    Keep it up–we’ll need a “Buns and Puns” category next.

  41. Curtis (a dwarf rabbit, long since passed) & Jack (an overmixed dog) learned to distinguish between the sounds of two drawers of the fridge – opening the cheese drawer would bring Jack running, and the greens drawer would have Curtis loudly chew his cage bars. they both ignored the other drawers.

    My mini-lop Bonnie sits rather politely at the end of the cupboards when the fridge is opened with her best “oh hai, just sitting here all cute for no reason…” face on. only time she doesn’t scowl 🙂

  42. also, Hoppy Berthaday 🙂

  43. Gail (the first one) says:

    Whee!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Bertha’s minion!!!!!!!!
    May you have many happy returns of the day (and everything else you wish for)!!!!!!

  44. Hoppy b’day BerthaServ! Here’s to a basket-full of marmies when you’re settled in.

    (I wouldn’t mind having a basket-full myself. Of course, then I’d have to move into a bigger place. Hm… maybe next year.)

  45. totalee puppy says:

    Berthaservant-May all your
    birthday wishes come true
    muy pronto! The best of so
    many great wishes for you look like “Hoppy b’day”,
    “Hoppy Berthaday”, “Hoppy
    Brrrthday”,”Naughty BServ”
    (oh,sorry, that was “naughty bun”)…You’re going to need a ZuHaul for marmies,
    monkey, and bunneh. Happy

  46. warrior rabbit says:

    @rabble, that’s how my Anna Bunana and Radar were, too. The linoleum kept them from entering the kitchen, but if they heard or saw you in there, they would plop their bunny butts down at the edge of the carpet and look innocent and starving. Sometimes they would plop the butt down as an anchor and do the stretch investigative maneuver to emphasize the lack of food they had been subjected to. O! If only someone with opposable thumbs would recognize their plight!

  47. That rabs is a beauty!

    More pictures please! 😀

  48. Not just rabbits. My cat, Charlie, craves greens. Of all kinds.

    Here he is gnawing on corn husks:

  49. LOL Edward. I too could sniff buns all day long.

    Wait, that didn’t sound right….

  50. Karen, my cat is a green bean fiend. You do NOT eat green beans without giving him his share.

  51. Killer Corgi loves frozen greenbeans. Go figure, we buy a bag just for her weekly needs!

    PuuurthaServant, hippy-pappy-happpy-bithithithday.

  52. truliketrudat says:

    Jen, those look like ong choy (aka water spinach or morning glory) to me.

  53. Those are dandelion greens. They grow in your yard (although I doubt they get that big!). My rabbits love them 🙂

  54. I am stunned that the term “cronshe” was not used in this post.

  55. mom2twinzz says:

    My cat is a french fry fiend. Everyday I bring them home from work (yes I work at one of those famous restaurants that all the 5 year olds want to go to because of the stupid clown – as opposed to a scary king fellow or a little girl with pippi hair) and he darn near attacks me for them

  56. Hehe, I have a cat that does this everytime I have something green and leafy.

  57. Killer Klown says:

    Both our buns know exactly what the sound of the fridge opening means (nummies inside!); but neither of them have quite gotten the hang of running on linoleum – so they run up to the edge of the kitchen and sit there, waiting ever so patiently.