Dispute the Cute™

In this episode of "Dispute the Cute" we take a look at the newly rediscovered tiny primate; the Pygmy Tarsier.
Let’s break it down:

Top 3 Pros
Suction-cup hands
Miniscule earses
Overall pocket-pet size

Top 3 Cons

We’re talking some seriously bulbous eye action
alien-esque eye-to-schnozzle ratio
Appears to be nocturnal which means he could bite your nose clean off after dark


Way to rock the pointer-outering, Katheryn M. and NTMTOM!



  1. OMG, Jabba the Hut’s baby!!

  2. You might want to redefine those cons… some of them seem more like pros to me 😛

  3. what the?? *sideways head tilt* GREMLIN!!!

  4. JarethsDreamer says:

    Say it with me, now:


  5. Brandi7920 says:

    Fuzzy Alien Bebeh – WANTS!!!

  6. *Definitely* a mogwai! (With stunted ears, unless I’m mis-remembering….)

  7. Oh my!

  8. It’s a real life Furby!

  9. Oliver's girl says:

    Definitely cute. I <3 the furry halo! And his long fingers? I just want to rub my nose in that fur!


  10. firepikachu says:

    …Not sure about this one… I don’t like aliens (nor believe in their existence), and this little guy as alien eyes!

  11. Tres Cute…though I wouldn’t feed him after midnight.

  12. EEK!! J’adore!!! J’adore!! The little suctionie fingers!! I can not take teh cute!!

  13. Whoa, that’s some serious alien-baby eye tilt.

  14. Space Cowgirl says:

    I’m about 70/30. On one hand, he is cute…on the other hand he seriously looks like something off the cover of ‘Communion’, which would make me scream like a girl (amazing, I know) if he popped out at me in the dark.

  15. Slightly disturbing…. Although it might just be a bad photo (we all have bad hair days).

  16. not cute D:

  17. fish eye no miko says:

    I… kinda like it!

    And I’d love to see “Dispute the Cute” become a regular feature, as long as we can debate politely (and I think we can).

  18. It looks like a FURBY!

  19. Tarsiers seriously freak me out.. i love cute but that ain’t it *shudder*

  20. Since we’re in an evolution or creationism kind of mood, does anyone else see a resemblence?


    Just me? So that whole “fish with legs” thing is just a theory.

  21. hmm. i’m not sure those hands belong under “pros”…maybe i’m just not a primate gal. except when it comes to mouse lemurs.

  22. Cute.

    weird, unappetizing, strangely proportioned, but cute.

  23. biscuithead says:

    (rubs eyes)


    Weensy wee primates all the way!

  24. I say: gee-ROS!
    Sorry. :/

  25. Creepy alien eyes: Not cute. Icky Golem-esque fingers which somehow look too human: Not cute. Compressed, stunted micro-muzzle: Not cute.
    The fact of being a newly discovered tiny primate the world has never before seen:
    PRICELESS! and cute!

  26. It looks so much like the aliens in Weekly World News, it’s frightening. The eyes, the eyes!

    But the nose and ears. Oh the nose and ears. . .

    I go with scary, with elements of cute that make it, frankly, more like something *designed* to disarm us and bring us to our doom! (I mean, it is “newly discovered”, maybe it was planted!)

    I kid, but only kinda.

  27. Winston resemblance??? I think so.

  28. I was leaning toward not cute, but the hovertext totally changed my position. ’80s nostalgia FTW! I vote cute!

  29. coffeesnob says:

    I vote not cute.
    I’m gonna nasal nightmares now…

  30. they look like they are SOOO judging us

  31. warrior rabbit says:

    Newly “*re*discovered,” not just discovered. Formerly thought extinct.

    Yay for not being extinct!

    I vote cute, though the giant angled alien eyes are a little unnerving.

  32. totalee puppy says:

    Mother tarsier would love
    right away…just give me
    a little time.

  33. erm…ack. The eyeballular action is geekin’ me out. And those “MY PRESCIOUSSSS” hands (that Deb pointed out)…creeptastic.

  34. The guy with the dirty hand
    holding our tiny guy makes the scene look not so much…

  35. uberpierced says:

    It’s friggin’ cute, here people. Even if it does represent an alien-mogwai tree climber, I’d still cradle and cuddle it’s furriness!

  36. scooterpants says:

    shut the *ell up.
    saiz MAH.
    [ shuffles away mumbling gibberish blah dee blah dee blah…]
    ‘it’ rocks. that is all…

  37. nomadicgirl says:

    Furby’s freak me out and though his size and suction cup fingers rule in favor of cute personally I vote not cute, maybe he’s look better in another photo…

  38. biscuithead says:

    You can’t see the adorable large ears.
    When these critters get nervous, they pull them back.
    Must find a long lens shot of an unsuspecting tarsier with his/her ears unfurled.

    /Yeah, I said ‘unfurled’.

  39. Noodlepress says:

    I have to vote not cute. It looks very bug-like.

  40. scooterpants says:

    um ED-
    this is cute but i lost my puppy cam link.
    what up?
    how come i cant find it in the archives or somewhere?

  41. his eyes look like piles of poo.

  42. oh my, how cocking munting is that? it’ll grow up to be beautiful, i’m sure.

  43. BeckyMonster says:

    I saw a show on Discovery or TLC on these little guys. They are very shy, nocturnal, and are very averse to captivity. People want to keep them as pets or put them in cages for tourists, which they don’t respond well to. UGH.

    I think they are precious (both cute and endangered). Why can’t people just look with their eyes? If you want a cute pet, get a domesticated one like a kitten or puppy.

    OK, hopping off the soapbox now. I’m still at work, and feeling cranky!

  44. If that thing is cute, then you also must include the tiny critter below as cute:


    You can’t have it both ways….

  45. He looks like he wants to hug me…. Half of me wants to hug him back and half of me wants to run away!

  46. Selphie van der Boffin says:

    Vote for cute.
    I like his fuzzinees, leetle hands, and his eyes, while bulbous, do have a squinty-happy quality to them.

  47. this is the creepiest thing i have seen all day. i vote not cute but another picture may do it some justice. i wouldnt wanna run into that thing in the middle of the night….

  48. Eeewwww! [[[Shudder]]]

  49. yes ok not really a lemur w/e says:


    [LOL! THX FTW!! – Ed.]

    [Now I’m-a sit back and see if anybody understood that… – Ed.]

  50. Scary. Scary, scary, scary. Living Furby scary.

  51. But it IS cute! Look, it’s holding on to that person’s finger…with BOTH hands!

  52. the bug man says:

    This critter is one of my faves. Most nocturnal mammals have a reflective layer at the back of the eye that increases its ability to capture light. These lil’ guys, however, evolved to become diurnal, and they lost that layer over time. So when they evolved back to being nocturnal again (sometimes evolution just can’t make up its mind), the only way they could increase their light-gathering capacity is for the eyes to get really really big. If you look at the skull of a pygmy tarsier, each eyeball is as big as all of the rest of the head:


    I don’t know if we’re really for Rule of Teh Qte #167: “If your eyeball is bigger than your head, it’s cute.” Maybe that’s Rule of Teh Freaky #167. But life is a marvelous thing in either case.

  53. okay this guy is the tiny alien inside the cat dude’s head in men in black, am i right? remember he lives inside the guys head. he drives him

  54. Definitely cute. But incorrectly identified as a new or rediscovered species. This is clearly an alien from another galaxy. Invasion may be imminent.

  55. HA! This is exactly what I said when this little dude was pointed out by a friend yesterday! Apparently I need C.O. hab….

    its like, wtfcute. like if you were on an epic quest you’d end up with that thing as a sarcastic pocket pet.

  57. Oh my god…how did you get a photo of my ex-mother-in-law?

  58. Cute and not cute at the same time. I think overall cute. But in this picture, a bad face day.

  59. squeeee, he’s adorable!

  60. Umm…he scares me quite a bit, but he does look like a furbie. And Decca, you’re hilarious!

  61. He really has BIG ears, they’re just laying back now.

  62. Cute in a super creepy way. While I KNOW it would make the cute cut on my site, I don’t think he belongs on this one.

  63. I’m all for invasion by these little guys. Very cute!

  64. Take me to your leader %)

  65. errr, the cuteness factor is questionable…but i will admit there’s something about the fuzziness…

  66. check it out here with its ears showing and eyes wide open and round… cute


  67. ButterflyKyss says:

    So cute! He’s just tie-tie, that’s all! Even teh cutest of behbehs get tie-tie and look a lil’ alien-like!

  68. not cute. freaky.

  69. If they can blink they’re cute, if they have mad-scary-staring-eyes they’re not! Therefore, i vote Cute. I submit further evidence to support my conclusion – http://www.mhhe.com/socscience/anthropology/image-bank/kottak/chap06/image1.htm

  70. I don’t know about the little critter, but did anyone notice that the scientist appears to be wearing flannel jammies? THOSE are cute!

  71. its the LORAX!!! (with his mustache shaved off)

    definitely cute

  72. I change my vote to definitely cute – just a bad hair day.

  73. I vote cute. I think this is just a bad photo, making the poor little guy look angry. Better Tarsier photos can be seen at:


  74. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Space Cowgirl: “Communion”—you are so right,that’s exactly what I was thinking (except I could only remember the author, not the title!)

  75. Aww, I like heem.

  76. Yes, Teh Qte.

  77. wheresandrae says:

    Definitely cute. Pocket-sized and squishy adorableness.

  78. He’s cute. And smirking.

  79. Our cats aren’t in any danger of being replaced, but maybe the *rabbit*…

    [preparing for disapproval]

  80. Creepy!!!

  81. Don’t fall for it! That little cuteposer…The moment you go to snorgle him, he’ll open up his three-foot-wide maw and swallow you whole!

    Those eyes are freakin’ me out, maaaaaan.

  82. the little gremlin thingy is cute but why does the hand look like it belongs to frakenstein :< maybe we need to save the little squishamajig from the hands evul cluthes.

  83. Cute, cute, cute! His eyes are just a little squinty because he’s in the bright light.

  84. Eeeew! Eeeeew! Eeeeeew!

    Not even ‘so ugly it’s cute.’

    Just EEEEW!

  85. He *does* look like he’s about to tent those knobby fingers and say “EXCELLENT!”

  86. If aliens that are smaller than us and can’t speak the way we do are ever here on Earth, we are going to just categorize them as one more species, aren’t we? Maybe this cute little guy has his own planet but crashed here, heehee.

  87. I know the little guy is small but is anyone else freaked out by the giant scary human fingers?

  88. His EYES and his NOSE are what make him cute! Totally!

  89. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Cute because they were thought to be extinct (way to make a comeback!)


  90. Are these guys indigenous to Roswell New Mexico maybe?

    [Is *anything* indigenous to Roswell?? – Ed.]

  91. He definitely gets extra cute points for just chillin’ out in some guy’s hand gettin’ his picture taken. Sometimes cuteness is bittersweet when you can’t hug and snuggle with the object of your affection.

  92. yeahIusePhotoshoptoo says:

    @ Samantha
    (his eyes look like piles of poo)

    i tink it’s icky.

  93. I’m the fence. He is tiny though…that fact alone might push him to the cute side…

  94. Totally… disgusty.

  95. I don’t think this is cute. I don’t know if all tarsiers are un-cute, but this one definitely is. Its eyes tilt in at the bottom toward its nose, just like an alien.

  96. Psilopathic says:

    Combine two of the cutest concepts on the planet: tarsier and pygmy and you can’t go wrong. His wee fingers just clench ever so, and his forehead is mega kissable. He looks really relaxed, his eyes can probably expand to 4 times that size. My vote’s obviously in: CUTE!

  97. His EYES and his NOSE are what make him cute! Totally!

  98. ThreeCatNight says:

    It does sort of remind me of those so-called “Roswell Alien” drawings. I would not trust the little critter after dark.

  99. Capt' Tightpants says:

    @ “yes ok not really a lemur w/e” (& Theo):


    “thx ftw”….

    must calm down from the laughter before going to teach class.

    ha ha ha!!!!

  100. Sorry guys, ew. I don’t find the little guy very cute.

  101. qte!

  102. I’m voting “cute” in this particular frame.

    In the next frame, where he raises one bony, suctiony finger and says, “Patience, my paduan,” a little less cute.

  103. He is definitely cute, his stubby wittle mouf and nose! and look at how small he is in that guy’s hand. he’s adorable! i want one!

  104. at long last-a pocket pet that looks like invader zim!

  105. Not cute. Eyes are just too creepy. Maybe if there was a black sensor box over its head, I’d go for it…

  106. I think the miniature humany hands are cute, and I usually have a hair trigger about things skewing too Smigel.

  107. Bebeh furby look alike= CUTE!

    Guy’s fingernails= NOT!

  108. Mary (the first) says:

    I’m kind of on the fence but I do like the teddy bear flannel background.. thanks to whoever pointed that out. Maybe other photos would help this little guy/gal to look better. Right now.. I would certainly try to rescue if I found one but maybe not bring it in the house and knit it a sweateuw…

  109. tracyFlick says:


  110. CUTE!!!!!!! not ugly. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! *dies*

  111. OMG….a furry little Steven Spielberg created E.T.

  112. No, sorry I don’t at all find this creature cute. The picture in the tree from the link, even creepier for me. It’s tail is too long and rat like for me. The eyes are menacing i.m.o.

  113. I can’t believe no one has mentioned the lack of fingernail hygeine.

    I think this is a bad photo (based on looking at the others) and while the eye size is a bit off-putting, I’m sayin’ “cute.” Because it’s my birfday and I’m da boss.

  114. I wouldn’t say “disgusty” but I would say freakmeoutta creepy! Saw him in yahoo yesterday, they can turn their heads 180 and one turned and bit one of the scientists when she was trying to put a collar on him. Chomp!

  115. @Rhonda – he totally is an alien that crashed on Earth!

    happy birfday B.

  116. bookmonstercats says:

    Yep, cute…. but mysteriously so….

  117. I looked at the other pictures of this animal and they were really bad, especially the ones on Afarensis. There’s one where his mouth is open and it’s so scary! Not cute, not cute, NOT CUTE!

  118. LibrarianJessica says:

    Another convergence – this guy is on UglyOverload too.

  119. LibrarianJessica says:
  120. i TOTALLY want one! OMG!GREMILIN????

  121. Mary (the first) says:

    and (ahem) @Berthas.: Happy Bday to YOOO (in world famous bass harmony voice)

  122. The irregular snouty area kinda creeps me out – BUT the little finely tuned teeny tiny tarsier down hairs sneakily sticking up past the regular coat has thrown me to the cute side. Plus the fact that he/she is neckless. Um…head and body all in one, tiny, aneeemal….CUTE.

  123. I just had to add that their eyeballs kinda look like chocolate WHOPPERS. Nom nom…

  124. Wait, that’s not too cute. Lack of pupils…a bit creepy.

    Let’s get over our humanoid prejudices.
    So tiny and moooshable.
    Clings to anyting.


  126. That’s right Bucky, tarsiers are totally teh cute! You rock li’l tarsier, and you can cling to my fingers any ol’ time you want!

  127. I think it’s adorable. like, what they look at on cuteoverload.mars or something. I love aliens.

  128. I really really really want to think this little guy is cute……. I mean, he’s small and fuzzy. And I can relate to that, because I’M small and fuzzy. And his nose/muzzle area is so gosh darn dainty. And his fingers have suction cups? I mean, COME ON. I’m seriously trying to think he’s cute…..

    but I can’t. I’m sorry.

    His eyes, they scare me.

  129. Cute and apparently feisty since one of these little guys bit the heck out of the anthropologist that grabbed him – which makes him even cuter by my standards!

  130. CUTE! Tarsiers are ah-dor-ah-buhls. So there.

  131. I think the bug eyes are a PRO not a CON, but the article that stated beastie has very sharp, triangle-shaped, pointy teeth that really hurt was a CON. I like my beasties on the nondeadly side.

  132. i like to bite scientists too. i vote cute. 😛

  133. I still can’t believe this little guy’s also a primate…Just think, somewhere down the evolutionary timeline, we shared a common ancestor with this dude/dudette. Wish we were still this cute!

  134. Violinanonymous says:

    OMG its so CUTE!!!! I squealed when I saw this pic. those cons are totally pros!


  136. totalee puppy says:

    Decca, thanks for the best
    laugh I’ve had all day!
    Theresa, love the image…he might tent his knobby fingers and say,
    Boss, I may never recover from continually wishing you a wonderful birfday …I
    think I need birthday hab…I am eating my last
    cake and ice cream for the
    next four weeks.

  137. I think people think he looks creepy becuase he has a smug expression with those eyes hes like OH YES the world WILL be mine.

  138. Omg that’s too cute!!!

  139. Selphie van der Boffin says:

    I count 63 votes cute to 27 votes not cute. Looks like the leetle guy wins!

  140. Umm it’s kind of cute in a not cute way…I am kinda yucked out by her (let’s not assume its a him here, people) eyes but I want to squeeze her anyway…

  141. I hope its mother loves it.

  142. The Tasiers apparently are the only primates that are completely carnivorous.

    They eat insects but apparently can also take out birds and snakes.

    I’m betting there are some sharp teefs in dere.

  143. platedlizard says:

    Cute, definitely cute. And I don’t get the people who are freaked out by his eyes, they’re what makes him so cute! Also, look at that fur, just look at it. I bet it’s soft and downy.

  144. My husband said this creature would result if our cat Borscht and a “gray” alien had a baby. ha ha ha You can see our cat on his catster page.

  145. Cute. Even though he can turn his head 180 degrees around & bites. He’s feisty – I like that.

  146. If my Persian bebe had a bebe with that pocket pet from “Flight of the Navigator”, it’d be this GUY!!!!!!! Punch me in the face…

  147. Cute.



    So cute! From, like over there. During the day, so as to not have nose taken clean off.

  148. NOT CUTE!!
    He’s yucky!