Smooshed Face Pokey

You put your right paw in…

You take your right paw out

You’ve got a look of disapproval,

And you cough a hairball out

You do the Smooshed Face Pokey, and you turn your ‘tocks around,

It’s time to chase a mouse!


"Caruthers" the Kitteh and Sender-Inner Cassie M. want to know if you have any more lyrics, People. Well do you!?



  1. the paw is teh cute (ahem, see what i’ve learned?!) but the kitten itself… sorry, i think its ugly 😦 and i feel bad for saying it! but really! that face does not look warm and fuzzy…

  2. smoosy mcmushersons, i just wanna eat ’em up.

  3. omg and i was [flipty wibble Cheeto chirp]?! and said something negative? blaergh! i take it back! i’m sure somebody loves this tiny dude dearly… lovely kitten paws…

  4. Oh, I lof smooshed face kitties. They look so disapproving.

  5. not a disappoving kitteh. Oh my!

  6. wait whaaaa, ugly??? NO, soooooo cute! then again, i have a scottish fold that also had a smooshy face. and i lurve it!

  7. WOW…
    So Cute!

  8. um, HAS a smooshy face, not HAD. he is still of this earth and it’s not as though he face suddenly popped out one day after a lot of kitty exertion.

  9. AUGH! I love smooshed-face kitties, and this one is ridiculously adorable. eeeeeeeeeee.

  10. Caruthers is one of the best cat names I’ve ever hoid.

  11. Put your taail in
    Put your taail ouut
    Put your taail in and swing it all about

    You do the hokey pokey and chase your tail around and around and around and THAT’s what it allll about!

  12. All due respect to my little Ms. Mou, but boy, the disapproving smooshed face melts my heart!

  13. Mish, your 2nd comment made me laugh out loud at work!!!

    Not much for the smooshed face kitties but the hokey pokey surely is what it’s all about.

  14. You put your back legs in
    You put your back legs out
    You put your back legs in and you jump up and all about.
    You chase imaginary string things
    and you cough a hairball out
    That’s what it’s all about!

  15. I agree. Caruthers is the perfect name. He will grow up to be like Winston!

  16. You puts your tockses in
    You take your tockses out,
    You put your tockses in
    And you shake ’em all about
    Swish your tailio in circles,
    And you wiggle all your toes,
    It’s time to beep your nose!

  17. awwww prosh!

  18. Put your weeskers in,
    Take your weeskers out,
    Put your weeskers in,
    And twitch your schnozzle all about,
    Your noisicle is precious;
    There is definitely no doubt!
    That’s what it’s all about!

  19. I was thinking more like “here he comes…walking down the street…gets the funniest looks from….everyone he meets…”

  20. I’m still stuck on “turn your tocks around.” Everyone stop what you’re doing, even (especially) if you’re at work, and TURN YOUR TOCKS AROUND! Be sure and put them back though, don’t want to freak co-workers out when you walk down the hall and your tocks are in the front. Yeah, that would be awkward.

  21. @Tiberia, no, that’s for Conchita:

    Conchita the monkeh!
    The cutest monkeh around,
    She’s too busy nomming
    To put anybody dow.

  22. Down, I mean.

  23. Erebella, there’s that fmous scene in Exorcist XVIII.

  24. Yay! Let’s all dance! x3

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    You smoosh your nose all in!
    Your face it won’t come out!
    You smoosh your nose all in,
    and you beep it like a lout
    You wag your head around until someone starts to shout
    That’s what it’s all about!!

  26. Mary (the first) says:

    (regretting I did not adopt some other nom de plume for that last one..)

  27. Yur pawsitudes are white
    Yur tailio is dark
    Yur heads all fuzzy stripes
    and yur nose, well yipes!
    Ya put yur furz all in
    and take yur furz all out
    That’s what its all about!

  28. his smeeshed face looks like hes *under the weather*

  29. that looks like my cat sooo cute

  30. aw I loved all the picts in the flickr… they are so cute, how lucky are those two to have more than one smooshy face kit!

  31. Gail (the first one) says:

    ..that’s what it’s all about

    Okay, let’s ma-a-a-ke some biscuits–
    Let’s ma-a-a-ke some biscuits!
    Let’s ma-a-a-ke some biscuits!
    That’s what it’s all about!

    Scratch the cat litter in,
    Scratch the cat litter out,
    Scratch the cat litter in and you scatter it about!

    You do the Hokey Pokey and you fling the poo around,
    That’s what it’s all about!

  32. How cute. We love kittens we have 5. This one looks like an Ewok from Star Wars

  33. BeckyMonster says:

    You put your tailio in,

    Your take your tailio out,

    You moisten your nosicle,

    And then you lurk about,

    You do the smooshed face pokey,

    In a quiet sunny spot,


  34. OMG! It’s Garrison Keillor!

  35. A. Non Ymous says:

    superb hokey-pokey riff by Meg. thanks

  36. snoopysnake says:

    Has Winston been playing for the other team? Could this kitteh be his?

  37. Intentionally breeding animals to have constricted air passages is INHUMANE and NOT CUTE.

  38. greeneo: if you’d bother to look at the flickr stream, you’d see that the responsible owners of this kitteh advocate spaying and neutering of the kittehs and have the Cone of Shame photos to prove it.

  39. totalee puppy says:

    Yay, everyone…great songs! CO always cheers me

  40. needapuppy says:

    Caruthers is the perfect-est name for this kitteh, isn’t it?

  41. I’m talking about what has happened to the persian breed, not this particular cat and its owners.

    From Wikipedia: “The breed was originally established with a short (but not non-existent) muzzle, but over time this feature has become extremely exaggerated, particularly in North America, and Persians with the more extreme brachycephalic head type are susceptible to a number of health problems (specifically affecting their sinuses and breathing) caused by it. Their short muzzle also causes them to have dust and debris cover the inside of their nostrils more often, which makes it very difficult for them to breathe.”

  42. BeckyMonster says:


    Couldn’t agree more. Purebreds of all types are prone to all sorts of nastiness. Behavioral issues (Dalmations), hip and back problems (Daschunds), crosseyed (Siamese), the list goes on and on. Mutts (feline and canine) are great, and usually better tempered.

  43. greeneo – I agree with the sentiments of your comments, but Cute Overload is a pretty inappropriate place to air your grievance, no? There is nothing about this post to prompt such lecturing – the featured kitteh is not being bred, and there is nothing to suggest that he was purchased from a breeder (there are many stray, homeless purebreds in need of love and adoption) – so you’re really just coming off as rather belligerent, to the point where it seems as though your accusing the owners of some misdeed. I realize this isn’t your intention, but just think of how the owners – whom it is clear adore their cats – must feel when reading comments regarding the health problems of the Persian breed. You are pretty much insulting their beloved pet. That’s got to hurt.

    The above statement applies to the “smooshed face kitties are teh ugly!11!” commenters as well. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

    Becky Monster: Careful, your reverse snobbism is starting to show. Feel free to hate the practice of breeding (I’m not a fan myself), but don’t hate on the animals themselves. Breed prejudice is never cute.

    Personally, I think Caruthers is totally adorabuhls, and looks like a complete sweetie. I love the tabbeh face and white chest/front legs combo. I also don’t think he is disapproving, per se…just possibly exhibiting a small amount of ennui.

    [I doff my hat, I bow, I salute… and, um, I shake it all about? Anyway, well said. – Ed.]

  44. .. you put your right paw in, you put your right paw out.. you shake a can of treats, and you run around the house.. 🙂

  45. You guys are the best cat lyricists EVAR.

  46. Theo, yes, DO shake it all about.

  47. you put your cataloons in and you put your cataloons out! in, out, in out and shake them all about! You look dissaproving and you turn around thats what its all about! OOOOOO SMOOSHED FACE POKEY…

  48. I, too, laughed out loud at the mental image of kitteh huffinig and puffing and straining until his face popped back out! Also, what better subject than the cat for the “…..” lyrics!

  49. they have another kitteh named Walnut. How qte! Both of them.

  50. Doxylover79 says:

    Darn it Cute Overload. I keep saying no more pets for me and you keep putting up these cute little weird looking guys that just make me wanna go out and get another two or three or four or five of em.
    PS BeckyMonster,
    I have one of those purebred dachshunds, aside from back and hip problems they have temper problems too. Mine is on Prozac, cuz he almost bit my hand off when I let my daughter move back in the house. I mean it, 4 hospital visits for antibiotic IVs. She’s not his favorite person. Still, I love him.

  51. What I’m taking issue with is that to show an animal on Cute Overload is to portray it as having a desirable look. Since it is known that persians bred to look like this are more susceptible to certain health problems, it is a style that should not be encouraged.

  52. Yea, Theo, shake it! 😉

    This reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw the other day: “What if the hokey pokey really IS what it’s all about?”

  53. you put your cats pants in,
    you take your cat pants out,
    you put your cat pants in, and you SHAKE’EM all about.
    you take a bite of haters,
    and then you spit it out
    THAT’S wut it’s all about.