Panda 101

Remember, Son, after you snorf your box of food, use a bamboo toothpick to make sure your teef are clean.

Good, Boy.

Like mom like son by somesai.



  1. it looks like papa panda has a little weed for a tailio. 🙂

  2. Even without looking, you can tell a Meg post from the hovertext.

  3. Matchingks!!!!

    This reminds me of going to the National Zoo in DC and sitting back to back (against the glass) with a GINORMOUS gorilla! Then, you look over your shoulder and him and vice versa and nobody gets upset!

  4. Bamboo pizza my favourite.

  5. “Mom, why is the sky blue?”
    “Mom, can I fly?”
    “Mom, can we go to get some…”

  6. DustPuppyOI says:

    Blast from the past:

    But I guess it’s a classic.

  7. Dust Puppy — yep, that’s one, did you find the other?

  8. “Ok, don’t look at the camera. Look natural, act natural.”

    “Gee Mom, I hope we make CuteOverload.”

  9. Start ’em young people, start ’em young!!

  10. It looks like they are both wearing black backless sweaters
    …so in vogue LOL!

  11. “Mom, why do you always bogart the box?”

  12. Cute as always… but this is the third time we’ve seen this picture. 😀 Good thing pandas are so darn cute that third time’s just as good

  13. *squee*

    It looks like mom is in Boxhab.

  14. It’s like a mirror image of me and my daughter every Friday. Swear to God.

    Except we don’t wear fur.

  15. DustPuppyOI says:
  16. Yep, defnitely a classic: this is I believe the post where Meg introduces the word “lunchabuhls”. Or at least darn close to it.

  17. Every time I attend a conference I receive a box lunch, but it’s not nearly
    this big or tasty…If I were the keynote speaker, could I have the box lunch that includes pandas? (I work for school districts…we’re not exactly three-martini…)

  18. So matchingks and so mini-me…*sigh*

  19. totalee puppy says:

    Slow dance from “Picnic.”

  20. hamster-on-rye says:

    Hon Glad, would you pander
    to these pandas, too?

  21. Hungry bears

  22. have they eaten chess before?