Koala Mind Control

(you are sick of eating Eucalyptus leaves …)

I — am — sick — of — eating — Eucalyptus — leaves …

(you want to take me out for ice cream …)

I — want — to — take — you — out — for — ice — cream …

(and after that, you want to buy me a dirt bike …)

(and these aren't the Bruces you're looking for, move along ...)

I — will — post — every — picture — that — Brinke — G. — submits …



  1. Ahahaha! The text totally made my day. Koala Jedi!

  2. So THIS is where Lucas’ inspiration for Yoda came from.

  3. I want one of those little baby koalas to rap around me!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank Jeebus it wasn’t a funnel web spider post!!!

    Koalas are MY FAVORITE!!! (next to red pandas, of course)

  5. Looks like the Aussies have our butts on the barbie today. Fair Dinkum.

  6. “I’m not a baby, I’m a tumor.”

  7. Jedi mind control, my favorite! Too cute fuzzy babies!!!

  8. Maybe a wombat could be the next post?

  9. Baby’s giving mama a snorgle!! Not mind control, just sweetness! Well, okay, maybe the ice cream part is true. And I kinda remember the hovertext line, but not quite. It sounds like something Liam Neeson’s character might have said.

  10. A Zaphod Beeblebrox of the Koala world.

  11. ROFL I love how Mama Koala looks like WTF??? It’s almost like baby’s whispering in her ear about that hideous so-last-year outfit Mrs. Jones is wearing over there!

  12. Me need a pouch so a baby koala can hang out with me all day too. Those claws wouldn’t be too comfortable around my neck.

  13. Oh, and Noelle, “It’s not a toomah!”

  14. Ah, Rule of Cuteness 7…

    I will take you out for ice cream, little koala.

  15. momof2kitties says:

    Can I be related to these guys, too? Please?

  16. Koalas can disapprove as well as the best bunneh!!

  17. Struth, it’s the baby koala beah agin? Gawd’s cutest crittah?

  18. LOL Kari!
    yeah one never knows what these critters are REALLY saying to each other…
    “that outfit is soooo last years” LOL

  19. you…will…trim…the…fur…in…your…ears… so…it…stops…getting…in…my…mouf.

  20. Aww, I’ll get you a dirt bike, little Koala!

  21. Matchingks!

  22. Totally photoshopped. No two earthly creatures could possibly be that cute together.

  23. We now return to “Everyone Loves Hypnotoad”…

  24. Noelle–Hellboy 2 FTW!
    Not to mention, CUTE koalas!

  25. “You will take me to Marie’s house to cuddle.”

    “I– will– take– you– to– Marie’s– house– to–cuddle.”


  26. Martha in Washington says:

    Is this Aussie day or what? First the suspicious little ‘Roo and now the mind-controlling Koalas. And Hugh Jackman was just selected as the Sexiest Man Alive!! (Did the Koalas have anything to do with that?) Way to go Australia!

  27. hamster-on-rye says:

    Understand there were some write-in votes for Theo…my lady says she voted for him…bit jealous
    about that, but y’know…

    [No worries, but uh, voting in what context? You mean like the Presidential election? Dude, I’d’ve conceded to Obama in an eyeblink. – Ed.]

  28. Oi! Oi! Oi!

  29. Gail (the first one) says:

    Aren’t people and the animules from Australia just generally great?!! I mean koalas, ‘roos, Hugh Jackman? Great sense of humor, cuteness, beautiful country! I can’t think of anyone from there who seems like they might be a jerk.

  30. Gail, I could show you ex-boyfriends . . .

  31. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Theresa: Were they all called ‘Bruce’? Did they pooh-pooh Australian Table Wines?

    [Hey now, those Aussie varietals have come a long way since the Python era, shiraz you’re born… – Ed.]

  32. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Ed.: And every time I see one advertised, it still makes me laugh! Perth Pink, anyone??

  33. @Gail– one was a good guy, we just didn’t get along. The other was defintitely a jerk. But there were cross-cultural probs with the good guy, as well as with the jerk. Mind you, this was some years ago, the world has grown smaller since then.

    OTOH, I *was* introduced to good Aussie wine long before anybody here knew about it.

  34. Well, Brinke, bring ’em on 🙂

  35. hamster-on-rye says:

    Theo, the Martha in Washington comment mentioned the selection of
    Hugh Jackman as “Sexiest Man Alive.” I assumed that
    write-in votes were allowed for some of our ladies/CO fans.

  36. hamster-on-rye says:

    The ladies were to be
    permitted a write-in vote…I feel so silly, like a kindergartener whose
    Hostess c-cakes have been
    forcibly removed from his
    lunch by “SugarBuster.”

  37. @Gail *coughXPrimeMinistercough*

    glad our international reputation hasn’t been completely ruined.