Code Orange Monkular Nomming Alert

THIS JUST IN! a mini-monkitude is caught nomming fruit.

Also just in, his eyes are too close together. If they get any closer, we’re gonna have to up the alert to red. RED, PEOPLE!

Janis R., thank you for bringing this to our atten-shons.



  1. His tiny leetle teefs can barely bite the apple, so adorables! His hands seem disproportionately huge and kinda freaky though…those fingers are so long!

  2. nom, nom, nom = cute.




  4. Definitely getting a kind of amateur marrionette manipulator vibe from those hand movements.

  5. At the beginning of the vid you can also kind of make out his little round belleh. He’s so cute I could just nom him all day.

  6. Oh the eyes, the eyes…

  7. eeee! I want to feed him! Come here wittle monkeeeey!

  8. *dies from cute overload*

  9. *SPLODE*

  10. I ususally don’t find monkees cute, but my head nearly plinked over on my keyboard. And her name is CONCHITA! SO cute.

  11. Do you guys see those grabby hands? I wish that were my hand holding that piece of fruit. Monkular daintiness at it’s best.

  12. binky-mama says:

    Oh for the love of…somebody please cut the apple into tiny bite size bits for the bebeh monkeh!!!

  13. Elaine Wilson says:

    This defies the laws of cuteness!!! Are you sure it’s only orange? At this rate, my head would probably explode if there was a red-monk-nom alert!

  14. *THUD*

    My heart seriously skipped watching this

  15. I love how she looks right into the camera! What a ham-a-lot!

  16. “Just…gimmee…the durned…APPLE! Criminetly!”

  17. Scarily hoooman! Love her leetle lips smacking and wiping her hand on her backside…

  18. Are those teency-weency fingernails?!!??

  19. I want! I want! I want! Please can’t I have monkey at my house to live?? Will feed him teeny tiny fruits and stuff… Please!

  20. pah-sickle!
    dangerous levels of teh qte here, people!

  21. Transpogue says:

    It STILL amazes me how similar we are to them.

    Poor sweetie wants to run off with the apple…I’m guessing it’s being socialized to be near human-types. 🙂

    Seriously, how can you NOT want to wrap her up in a blankie and feed her apple bits all day long??

  22. Monkeys are so much like us, but baby monkeys oddly look more like little old human men then little human babies. But they’re still so damn cute!

  23. Bebeh monkeh needs a nice, soft nanner to nom!

  24. saucy bernaise says:

    The ehn at 0:15, the nommulance, it has keeled me ded *splurt*

  25. Conchita is a girl’s name. It means little shell.

  26. I want one of these jobs! Feeding fruit to baby monkeys, rubbing down baby pygmy hippos … working with college students isn’t nearly as fun.

  27. momof2kitties says:

    Awwww…she looks just like my husband’s 95 year old grandpa. Only cute. And definitely much more nommable. Do Want!

  28. O gosh… that is just so precious! Did you see it tap the person’s hand towards the end!!?? OMG!!

  29. Ok have overloaded on QTE. Desperately seeking baby monkey of my own now. Steppy has gone ker-thud.

  30. Hey c’mon! Help the little girl out! That apple needs to be monkey-down-sized!

  31. Hmmm I see several Conchita posts in our future… How can I tell? well the see the Conchita Diaries note during the video is a dead give away

  32. Well, my birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but this clearly indicates that my celebrating is beginning RIGHT DAMN NOW! And the cool thing is that my Itunes is playing “This I Swear” by the Skyliners, which is a really odd song to be playing behind the nomulence of young miss monkeh….ooh, and it just segued into “I Only Have Eyes for You.” I AM IN LURVE WITH THE QTE MIENKEH!

  33. I swear I detected nomming noises. Teh qte was almost unbearable.

  34. This baby is a GIRL, and she is so cute my teeth hurt!

  35. Oh wow…just what my hormonally homicidal self needed…babeh monkey saved someone’s life tonight…lol!

  36. Floyd's Mom says:


  37. oh my gosh, you guys have to check out the other ZSL London Zoo vidoes on there…the giraffe made me giggle! so cute!

  38. Happy birthday in advance, berthaservant! Erebella, I was going to say the same thing…I can hear a little old man saying, “how do they expect me to eat without my teeth? These kids today, they don’t let you eat, they don’t let you live!”

  39. biscuithead says:


  40. I like how she’s all “me wants fwuit. me wants. me wants me wants me wants me wants.”

  41. He looks like an alien! =S

  42. I thought I knew the qte. I really did. Clearly I was majorly mistaken. CLEARLY! This IS a whole other level (say in Capn Kirk voice). Seriously my heart skipped beats as I watched. Those eyes, those hands. THOSE EYES PEOPLE! I would never be able to leave the little one, er shell. OMG did I miss my calling! Conchita, you pwn me sweetheart!

  43. You know how little kids will, when told they have to take a bite of something, will act like they are trying to take a bite but really take the smallest mouthful possible and smack their lips and stick their tongue out as if they were hoping the mouthful would fall out of their mouths?

    THAT’S what this monkey is doing.

  44. I would never say this to my brother and sis-in-law, but my nephew looked a lot like this as a baby.

  45. Mrs. McGinty says:

    Do want!!! I think I remember reading about a little monkey in London whose mommy couldn’t care for her and was being cared for by hyoomans. Could that be this same little Conchita? What a sweetie sweetheart she is! La pequena! I think she is equally fascinated by the apple and the cameraperson, like any baby would be.

  46. does it seem like he makes the little kid sour face when he first bites into the apple to anyone else? very cute 🙂

  47. girlnextdoortn says:

    She so WIddle!

  48. She!Her name is Conchita! She is so cute!

  49. DID





  50. This tugs at the uterus a lil

  51. Can’t…stop…watching…and…listening…to…the…SMACKY LIPS!! AHHHHGG…CUTE!

  52. definitely very human

  53. She looks sooo much like a baby human, it’s kind of freaky.

  54. Oh. My. God. Soooooo cute! That’s it, I’m quitting my crappy job and going to work with baby animals. 🙂

  55. I think my life is complete. Wait. Nope! When I grow up I shall play with baby animals (among other things…)! Then my life shall be complete.

  56. You know what slays me? The little old man gums she’s got going on. 😀

  57. totalee puppy says:

    I thought,”I don’t deserve
    all teh qte,” then I find out it’s all for Berthaservant’s almost-birthday. Early best wishes to BServ!…and I’ll be dreaming of ordering blueberries and other tiny fruits from those holiday
    food catalogs…for Conchita Monkey. Berthaservant, would you like a shipment of tiny fruits, too?

  58. totalee puppy says:

    I sincerely hope that didn’t mean anything in poor taste…I just have a way of writing something
    like that…humility and
    laughing at myself are good for the soul.

  59. I bet her little handsies are so soft and warm and like to hold on to people’s pinkies!

    Theresa — LoL. I have a little boy in my class that looks like Curious George, and he’s so cute!

  60. First-this is the one that finally did it. The qte just kilt me flat out ded.

    Secondly-happy Birthday to berthaservant and not the least because “I Only Have Eyes For You” is one of my all time favorite songs EVAR.

    Thirdly-If I was taking care of this monkeh, I would spend most of my time kissing it.

  61. so I went to the zoo website and saw the first 4 ‘episodes’ about Conchita, but then there’s nothing!! Did cute baby monkey pass away?? Where is Conchita now???
    Meg you must look into this for us!!!

  62. There has never been a post before that truly make me think, “my head just sploded!” This one totally did.

    That is the most adorable thing ever. Even with my *huge* bias for kittehs, this little monkey wins.

  63. Nothing could be sweeter
    than Conchita
    I would like to meet her
    Then my life would be complete-ah.

  64. Love the tongue, so cute!!

  65. And this is why I am majoring in zoology 🙂

    So I can work at a zoo and steal all teh bebe monkey noms so no one else can have them.


  66. This could be the first proof of alien life!!

  67. I’m in love, too. And I worked with baby monkey orphans at a conservation place in Africa.

    There’s just about no creature more adorable than a baby monkey. But please please realize that monkeys are not pets, and should NOT be pets. They should live free and playful “monkey lives” with others of their own kind. It would be like having a slave. A demand for monkeys as pets would cause the death of thousands more monkeys than those already being killed. If you love them, then support one by “adopting it” with funding at your favorite conservation organization.

  68. Cutest baby EVER.

  69. She’s adorable! And looks like a kid in my 2nd grade class.

  70. Ah, Theresa, you can tell your secret to me. For 36 years I have said that my premature daughter looked like a “very old monkey.” Now I know, she looked more like a very YOUNG monkey! But I can tell you, there is hope for your babe-let in the future.

  71. Yes, the tiny hands. Yes, the nomming. But…did you see those EARS!!!! Everything is all outta whack with this little girl! Lordy, she’s cute!!!!

  72. Happy erev Birthday, Berthaservant!

  73. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    I have been subscribed to ZSL’s videos on YouTube for a while now, they are wonderful. You have to check out the owl diaries and the giraffe investigating the video camera too.

  74. OMG kill me. the little bodeh, tiny wrinkly neck wee little mowf & PEACH FUZZ!! EEEK!

  75. nrosetulip says:

    I think that’s Graham Norton’s baby.

  76. Must. Stuff. In. Mouff.

  77. @Momcat, I would still never tell my bro, although I didn’t even think it in a disparaging way. This little bebeh looks bright, curious, and very cute. And so did my nephew.

  78. she will haunt my dreams…

  79. Winna –

    There is no particular reason to think anything has happened to Conchita. On teh ZSL site they said she’d be re-introduced to the family group in a month, and the last video shows here with them. I think the videos stopped because she wasn’t being hand-reared anymore. All in all thats a good thing, though ever more baby monkey videos are also a good thing !


    P.S. In diary # 3 the keeper does kiss th etop of Conchita’s tiny head.

  80. @berthasbutler: hb, and many more, so we can have the benefit of your wisdom. *only semi-snerking here*
    Bebeh monkersdotter is just so adorababble. Mebbe her teef hasn’t come in yet and she can only nom wif her gums, and nomming wif gums on apples is Hard! Mebbe dis is why she only teeny bites.

  81. Would you people please converse in English? Really, what is that language you post in???

    [Snorglish, duh! – Ed.]

  82. Methinks that looks like a cute baby Lord Voldemort.

  83. totalee puppy says:

    Happy Birthday Berthaservant!
    Hippo birdie two ewe,
    and three marmies 4 ewe,
    Hippo birdie, Berthaservant,
    and a monkey 4 ewe!

  84. Aunt Lisa~
    Thank you for soothing my worries…tho I’d feel even better if ZSL’d post an update on their website. You’d think with all the publicity she brought them they’d WANT to keep people updated, wouldn’t you??

    BTW, for all you wondering why the *mom* didn’t cut up the apple for Conchita, mom said she wasn’t sure about Conchita’s swallowing reflex yet, so was deliberately offering only a ginormous piece of apple for her to gnaw on.

  85. Aunt Lisa~
    Thank you for soothing my worries…tho I’d feel even better if ZSL’d post an update on their website. You’d think with all the publicity she brought them they’d WANT to keep people updated, wouldn’t you??

    BTW, for all you wondering why the *mom* didn’t cut up the apple for Conchita, mom said she wasn’t sure about Conchita’s swallowing reflex yet, so was deliberately offering only a ginormous piece of apple for her to gnaw on.

  86. Ahhhn! Sho cutes. I like how she’s all, “ok, I can has now?” ::pry pry:: “No? ok, I neebble.”

  87. Awwww……
    So so so so…

  88. I felt pretty rotten coming in to work today…now I’m glad I did so I could haz a hed-splort over Miss Monkersons.

    I love nakey’s ::pry pry::, that just fits!

    And for Sher: are you trollin’ us?

  89. Freaky, Nov 19th is my birthday too.

    Very spooky. Monkey is cute.

  90. PeppaMama — if you have to ask…

  91. Wiping my eyes after that one. What a beautiful ,dainty little creature.