Live From the 2008 Pandy Awards!

"On behalf of the entire team, I’d like to thank the Academy for this incredible honor.  Really, it’s such a thrill and a privilege just to be nominated, so we want to thank our hard-working cast and crew for all the tireless effort that made this possible."

You like us!  You really, really like us!

And "Best Performance in a Sender-Innering Role" goes to Brinke G.




  2. and….bleening adorable!

  3. Are they wearing sweateuws?

  4. Poor Sally Fields, so misunderstood.

    but yes, we really do like you. (Sally and the pandas)

  5. the one on the left is trying to wish himself into the tree

    the one on the right is saying “hey lady, watch those thumbs”

    and the one in the middle is going all beyonce’ on the camera

  6. I want.

  7. omg squeeeee, leftest one is proshing my mind into exploshuns.

  8. The tails! THE TAILS!


  10. lurkingsmirk says:

    Oh to hold one

  11. wheresandrae says:

    The one with its feets in the air is killing me with the cuteness. Red pandas really are unnaturally and unrealistically adorable, I swear they’re just stuffed animals and someone is lying to us.

  12. ahhhhhh, all six are cute.

  13. Brandi7920 says:

    WANTS!!!! Omg…can’t handle the proshness…./dies

  14. O.

  15. The one to the left isn’t cooperating, by not splaying his back paws along with the others. 😦

  16. Left panda: I will weesh you away with my awesome weeshing powers!


    Right panda: Look! My tail!

  17. I’d happily pander to these Pandas.

  18. ThreeCatNight says:

    Panda 1: “Gack! I so don’t wanna be here!”
    Panda 2: “Work it, baby. Work it, yeah! Here’s my 15 minutes!”
    Panda 3: “Anyone out there ever had days like these?”

  19. FIREFOXEN! Dance dance dance!!

  20. I want to rub my face all over them…the bellies…the tails…the faces….*splodes!

  21. Psilopathic says:

    I’m not sure which is cuter- baby red pandas in awkward positions or young asian women who hold red pandas like it is the culmination of their life’s dreams. I can’t say I blame them; I spent about 10 minutes giggling over each presh lil limb. Lefty’s face and feet! Middle’s tongue action, fat tum, and pointed toes!! Righty looks so comfy!!! *splodes*

  22. The one on the left…his back feet need kissing!

  23. I would give a pandy award to Winston for best smooshy face… 😀

  24. @wheresandrae:

    “Red pandas really are unnaturally and unrealistically adorable, I swear they’re just stuffed animals and someone is lying to us.”

    Just like WINSTON!

  25. One of my earliest memories is my dad telling me “if you hold up a cat like this, if his back legs curls up [like the one on the left here], then he’s a mouser.”

    Don’t know if that’s true.

  26. OMG! It’s Whoopie Goldberg, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts!
    In, um, Brokeback Pandas!
    Hotel Red Panda?
    Red Panda’s Society?
    Hunt For Red Tocked Pandas?

    [And a good morning to *you*, Pyrit, ye scurvy movie wench. I’ll be wantin’ some o’ th’ grog fer me mocha… – Ed.]

  27. Red Pandas! They are the Peoples’ Panda!

  28. momof2kitties says:

    I NEED to bury my face in middle panda’s belleh. NOW.

  29. On a related cute note, don’t miss lop-eared bunneh using a wheelchair on MSN:

  30. marsheeeee says:

    Oh man, the Chinese people have it made. Red Pandas! Black and white pandas! They get to hold them and play with them and love on them. I am so jealous!

  31. Teal and indigo pandas!

  32. love that middle one showing off its belly.

  33. Finally . . . the new “it” Christmas toy which finally ousts Elmo out of the “must have eet” parental unit frenzy melee at Toys-R-Us.

    I’m camping out at least two days in advance of the Black Friday blitz . . .

  34. Oh.. my.. gosh!
    They are too adorable!
    Who doesn’t love red pandas? =3

  35. They look like they’re wearing black winter coats! WEEEEEEE

  36. First off, I would like to propose a category: Fantastic Tailio Action! (and snow leopards and lemurs should go right in there)

    Secondly – OMG! Why isn’t someone getting their hands all over one if those fantastic tails!

    Thirdly – I think the woman in the middle kind of has a chokehold on that little guy. It almost looks like his little tongue is sticking out, like his collar’s too tight.

  37. You know the Monty Python sketch where the pet shop owner offer to make a lovely fish by removing a cat’s arms and legs and attaching some fins? These look like raccoons assembled in a similar manner.

  38. The one on the left is just too much for words! He looks so content…

    … or he may just be thinking “More butt support!”

  39. I so wish I was right there to press my face into their bellies!

  40. warrior rabbit says:
  41. Gail (the first one) says:

    I can’t decide if those girls look like hair stylists or lab assistants….but I DO think somehow they are responsible for those TAILS!!!!!!

  42. yeah karla b – I was kinda worried about the panda in the middle too. I am sure I’d be muuuuuuuuuuch better at holding and dispaying the panda… untils I run off with eet. shifty eyes

  43. Careful of the ‘coons. They come in the night to eat your cat food and ransack your kitchen. Before you know it, their youngun’ will be chasing you through the house on hind legs when you attempt to get them out a la broom (my true story).

    Now that that’s out of the way, Zeer aanbiddelijk!

  44. That’s generally the way most animal healthcare providers hold smaller animals. It prevents the animal from hurting the handlers and at least for cats, it induces a calming effect which keeps the animal from struggling. Think momma cat moving baby cat and grabbing with mouth by the scruff, it doesn’t hurt if done correctly but don’t try it yourself or you might hurt them. 🙂

  45. Red pandas, I think, are EVEN CUTER than giant ones.

  46. Oh the feets on the left guy! Can hardly restrain myself from tickling the screen. Now the world knows why I call Most Beloved #1 grandbaby “Miranda Panda”

  47. Juniper Jupiter says:

    The lady in the middle is holding pandy like a cat, and it’s acting like it’s being strangled, LOL!

    “HALP!! She’s got meh! Run away! RUN AWAY!!!” 😛

    Well, nobody mentioned the tongueage!

  48. TracyFlick says:

    Cuteness Factor. The first one nailed it. The other ones are like “Eh.”

  49. Juniper Jupiterj says:

    Oop, sorry psilo and karla! Apparently my find feature’s not workin’!

    You two DID mention the tongue…which I want to reach over and…***poke***

    ***runs away laughing maniacally***

  50. Oooh! I want all 3!!!!

    *grabby hands, grabby hands*

    The walking red panda is my facebook picture. I love them!

  51. if ur gonna take a pic of ur selfs make sure not to dress as hair stylists or evil scientists but the babys r 2 cute

  52. Karla B, totally agree with you on the middle one.


    (I can’t believe no one beat me to that…)

  54. Yay! Red pandas are awesome. They are also endangered 😦 See for more info (I work with them)

  55. berthaservant says:

    I think the two on the right are puppets. Where are the ladies’ gloved hands?

  56. I so want. My birthday is coming up. (OK, not for another month) But I’ve been good and I don’t need anything really. Except a red panda of my very own. Or Pierce Brosnan and a magnum of Bollinger.

  57. Very cute! The women look so proud, even though the pandas look, well, a little ticked off to me. But they’re still cute!

  58. Decca: I’ll drink to that!
    (Either one would be fine for me for Christmas… )

  59. berthaservant: Lost in the panda’s luxuriant fur!
    Seriously, I want to cuddle these guys SO MUCH.

  60. OMG cutest animals EVER! wants snorggle feets ::: dies

    Middley doesn’t look so comfy.

  62. Eeeeeeeee!
    One please!

  63. totalee puppy says:

    Hon Glad–Favorite comment
    is your offer to “pander to these Pandas.”

  64. oh lawds sake, red pandas are so fricking adorable! i haven’t really seen much of them as so often it is the black & white pandas the media usually report on, not these uber-cute fuzzy-wuzzies.

  65. the one on the left is soooooooooooooooo unbelievably cute. So jealous.

  66. Ruhmember Master Yoda…um, Shifu… from that Kung Fu Panda thing? SQUEE! TAILS!

  67. @ Keith Handy: you’re exactly right! Plus, I think the middle one is pining for the fjords… well, s/he certainly wants outta there.

    My dad would say these look like animals put together by committee. I had no idea red pandas have black bodies! Will wonders never cease.