Monday Morning FREAK OUT

Ahn. Hon! Look at this prosh little bug I found under the sink! Isn’t he cute with those big eyes and white brimmed "hat"!? Ha ha.



This is NOT a good way to start off the week, Alexandro G.



  1. Torn between disgust and the cuteness!

  2. albino cockroach?

  3. JustanotherHeather says:

    I wouldn’t mind roaches if they were all this cute. I want to put a little beret on this one.

    But why is it white? Is it just young, or is it an albino or something?

  4. ew


  5. He’s verminiature!

  6. JustanotherHeather: A beret! LOL

  7. PS, Um, BTW, what the heck is it?

  8. this is NOT what I had in mind in the morning. NO NO NO NO NO. Puppies, kitties, bunnies….bugs? ick ick ick!

    Though I admit, it does look like Toad from Mario Bros.

    But still slimy and disgusting. ew. ew.

  9. Oh, yag.

  10. Um, cu’eeeeew’t? Reminds me of a nest of baby scorpions i found in Italy when i was little, they were all translucent too, must be a baby-insect thing. Still remember the ‘shake your shoes out’ routine we had to do every morning to avoid being nipped. Urgh…

  11. Any kind of roach…is disgusting. Roaches carry 6 different diseases. NOT something you would want in your home!

  12. Not albino- this roach has just eclosed (molted). In a few hours his chitinous exoskeleton would tan (darken) and he’d look like any other roach. Right now he’s soft and vulnerable.


  13. Not cute. Quite a bummer for my morning visit to C.O.

  14. Ickie!

  15. I’m not gonna nuff, I’m not gonna nuff, I’m not gonna nuff…

    *looks again in horror at cockroach*

    I’m guessing Meg’s just drumming interest through shock every so often- but, please, ANYTHING but cockroaches. Bring back the four-eared kittehs!

    Gahd, I hope that person washed their hands.

  16. Awwww, little baby cockroach… I bet he just hatched. I’m pretty this is the baby of somebody’s pet hissing cockroaches since mine look just like that when they get born.

  17. Renee is right, that’s just a cockroach that has just molted. Given a little more time to darken, you’d be stepping on it (or running from it, depending on your bug freakage threshold), not sending its pictures to CO. 🙂

  18. mini throw-up

  19. BTW, humans can catch way more diseases from other humans that they can from cockroaches. Ebola, anyone? 😉

  20. EEWWWOOOO!!! STOMP buh bye little cutie!!!

  21. EEWWWOOO! STOMP!! buh bye little cutie!

  22. You know, on second thought, a little Cockroach Disease 101 might be beneficial. ‘Cuz, you know, knowledge is power and knowing is half the battle and all that rot.

    Cockroaches themselves really don’t have any pathogens that are harmful to humans. When cockroaches infest a house, they’re attracted to smell of food that’s left out where it ought not be left out. A lot of times, the food’s starting to decay. When the roaches crawl over the rotting food to eat it, they pick up whatever nasty stuff is breeding in the food. Then they drag this around on whatever surfaces they crawl on next.

    This looks like a baby hissing cockroach (which shouldn’t infest if you’re being a responsible pet owner 😉 ). The cleanliness of these little dudes depends on if the owner cleans their cage on a regular basis and doesn’t let old food sit out for days at a time.

    So, in short, the diseases cockroaches carry say way more about you than the roach. 😀

    The more you know… (I need some sort of sparkly rainbow thing. Theo, can you help?)

  23. Uh……………..NO!

  24. hahaha another proof that all bebehs are cute. The adult ones creep me out though… (by that I mean the adult roaches 😉

  25. This one IS a little cute but EW. I am not a bug-fearer but roaches give me the jibblies.

  26. Awwwwh lil roachy! I don’t care what you heartless bastardos say, he is a cutie!

  27. hahahahhahahaha

  28. PPS: Verminiature- snerk!

  29. Albino woodlouse?

  30. Ebola is actually more likely to be passed from monkey to human, especially in African countries in which the trading of monkeys is part of the economy. Labs and research centers need the animals for testing, and it’s basically accepted now that the first outbreak of Ebola was due to interaction between a monkey and a human being. Once a human is infected, it’s not very likely that a ton of people want to be around that person, but back during the very first outbreak, little was known about the extremely rare virus and so medical staff and villagers were ill-educated as to how to properly quarantine and handle the situation.

    The outbreak of Ebola in Reston, Virginia (I live 20 minutes from Reston, yaaay!) was also caused by monkeys interacting with humans, though in that case, no humans died. But they did find during that outbreak that Ebola could become an airborne pathogen, since it killed monkeys who had not been in contact with one another, and were housed in different rooms.

    Yeah, I just got done re-reading “The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston. Great book.

  31. Some of you may think he/she is cute, but I don’t know about having them in your house…

    *runs away from roaches*

  32. KittyMomma says:

    Pet cockroach?!!!!!! Ewwwwwwww!!!! I’ll stick with my kitties.

  33. “The jibblies” is my new favorite phrase.

  34. Awww…I think ee’s a lil cutie….but only if he’s someone’s pet… :O

  35. I kinda like this little fella! He reminds me of that muppet from Farscape.

  36. Ebola was not just spread from “interactions” with monkeys–it was spread by monkey blood. A number of the outbreaks were proved to have origin in groups of people who ate tainted bushmeat. Yes, people eat monkeys. Actually, LOTS of people eat monkeys. In fact, there is an EPIDEMIC of people eating chimp and gorilla meat–it goes hand-in-hand with other environmental threats the great apes face. You want your mind blown, go read “eating apes” by dale peterson or look up karl ammann’s photos. Nobody talks about this because it’s too overwhelming, too icky, too much information to deal with, and the conservation groups don’t want to depress us (because then we might stop buying their magazines).

    I’m not all conspiracy-ish. I just want people to know. Bushmeat! Problem! Don’t eat monkeys! Them is qt!

  37. the bug man says:

    Awww! Who’s a little chubster? Who has oogly googly compound eyes? You do! You do!

    Who has the most adorable unmelanized pronotal shield EVAR? That’s right! And who has sticky little tarsal pads and hypognathous mouthparts? That’s right, you do! And–

    (looks up guiltily)


  38. Cute, yet disgusting. I am torn.

  39. Yep, definitely a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach. Has just shed and will turn dark in a few hours. Will not infest your house unless you live in Madagasca or similar as they cannot live long outside their correct environment. Kept as pets (I have them) in the correct environment they can live anything up to 6 years and end up about 3inches long. Cute status – maybe in the eye of the beholder. Dangerous/pests/disease – no, for heavensake grow some backbone.

  40. Well, whether or not ebola is spread by humans, there are other diseases out there that we know for a fact are spread by humans.

    I wanted to stay away from the STD thing (since people tend to think CO is rated G because of the cute), but syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis are just as nasty (or nastier, depending on your standards of nasty) and definitely spread from person to person. See, cockroaches aren’t that bad. They can’t turn your brain to swiss cheese or take out your immune system. 😀

  41. Wow. I dunno how to feel. Cockroaches are my sworn enemies, but I do have the mildly sickening urge to tick this widdle guy’s chin. WTF? Thanks, Meg, how’m I gonna kill these things now?

  42. wannadance says:

    if i stepped on him, would he crunch?

    monday morning urp out…

  43. bookmonstercats says:

    @jenni, I think I’ve held a MHC, in a science museum in Glasgow (Scotland). Like holding a big pebble. ‘Cept it hissed. I agree that infestations usually say more about the human environment than the insect itself. Sometimes it’s inevitable – I once had a jar of honey cleaned out by ants overnight in my otherwise clean kitchen and I’ve still no idea how they got in, or out and I never saw them.

  44. Ah, the eternal struggle between baby cute things and their adult forms. I think this baby is cute, and I love the carapace or what ever covering it, It does look like the muppet on Farscape!
    I was introduced to these as ‘Madagascar Kissing Cockroaches’ by one of my then little boys, so I see them in an more amourous manner than most! Hey, it is better than naked mole rats- those schkeeve me out.

  45. So do these hissing cockroaches hiss all the time, or just when you hold them?

  46. @bug man: Most amusing. Aren’t shrimp and whatnot simply bugs of the sea? I find them cute, but fear cockroaches. E.O. Wilson’s book _Biophilia_ theorizes that people may genetically inherit fear of things like snakes and cockroaches.

  47. Michelle S says:

    Things I learned today:

    1. Some people know more about cockroaches than I ever want to.

    2. Don’t eat your closest relatives.

    3. Ants can eat a jar of honey overnight.

  48. Adorable. Thanks Meg!

  49. Hissing cock roaches totally gross me out. (Though I did have to save one in biology once that had gotten loose in the lab. I managed to pick him up and put him in a cup for the teacher to deal with. It wasn’t grateful, just hissed at me)

    But this one is cute. I’ve never seen them as babehs befo’.

  50. isn’t it a bedbug?

  51. lucy's mommeh says:

    I finked it was a palmetto bug.

  52. URGH, I REALLY don’t like cockroaches!!!!

    Though I will admit that this particular little guy/girl is sorta cute…

  53. I’m completely homophobic (really really freaked out by bugs) but this guy is kinda cute!

    Even though he’s a cockroach.

    But cute.

    But a cockroach.



  54. Aww, what a cutie! I like cockroaches a little bit more now I think. He even has a tiny mouf!

  55. Kim (AKA "buglady") says:

    OK, I am laughing my butt off at the comments (especially the bug man’s… hee!).

    Hissing Cockroaches are neat little creatures. Their only defense is to make a loud SSSS sound by basically exhaling really hard – that’s it. They can’t bite, fly, or even run very fast! Poor misunderstood little guys…

  56. Kitanne — Did you mean Entomophobic? Or Insectophobic? Being “homophobic” doesn’t have anything to do with bugs…

  57. Kitanne–Wrong use of the word homophobic! You mean Entomophobia.

    Since I discovered a few of this guy’s cousins were breeding in my bathroom, he really freaks me out! At least my cats eat them at night. Ick!

  58. shiver

  59. Maybe it’s like the possum rule. The babies are cute, the grown ups are icky.

  60. Today’s Qte brought to you by Gil Grissom, Las Vegas Crime Lab, Night Shift Supervisor and Geek Girl Crush Extrordinare.

    (and yea Kitanne….lol…homophobic means fear of homosexuals…or hate thereof depending upon usage. Nothing to do with bugs.)

  61. bugman: LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

  62. Maybe Kitanne is phobic against gay bugs/insects…

  63. wannadance says:

    no matter how clean your house, roaches still come in to visit when it’s cold and wet.

    i say, grow a spine, too. they’re just bugs. they will outlast us, as a species, too. we should at least respect them.

    say ‘sorry’ before you kill them. plenny more.

    and i LIKE possums…all ages.

    what a strange thread this is…

  64. ThreeCatNight says:

    Roachlet: “In my Easter Bonnet, with all the frills upon it – wha? You don’t like my singing?
    OMG!!! RAID!!!”

  65. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    oogly googly compound eyes?! Bug Man you keeeel me!! I have never been a fan of roaches of any kind, but you’re right, he is sort of cute in an insectoid sort of way (or she).

  66. I think he’s adorable! Big ol’ eyes peeking out from under his handy personal exoskeleton bonnet of sorts…

  67. awwwwww. makes me wanna leave those dirty dishes in my sink for all eeeeeternity.

  68. he’s super-aww!

  69. @the bug man: i love you. I was surprised to see how many people thought the little guy wasn’t cute, but you, you convinced me that there are other people out there who coo at the sight of antennae. I just want to snuggle with the widdle buggy-wuggy!

  70. “depending on your bug freakage threshold”

    very apt!

  71. sticky metatarsal pads? EW!

  72. berthasevant says:

    Lots of good comments, I learned a lot. Had no idea people kept these as pets, good on ya. I think it’s kind of cute and if I saw it in my home would escort it gently into the wild (meaning my back yard).

    But the brown buggers when I lived in New York were more likely to get a stompin. Double standard? Yes.

  73. @the bug man — WHO has an adorable cerebral cortex, then?

    T.U.M. — good word!

    Katrina — yes! he looks just like Pilot!

  74. NO! Many bugs are cute, but a roach! GAK!

  75. Kitanne and The Bug Man comments made me laugh out loud tho!


  77. *screams*
    *keeps staring*
    *screams again*


  78. LOL @ Katie : “I’m not gonna nuff, I’m not gonna nuff, I’m not gonna nuff…

    *looks again in horror at cockroach*”

    Those were my thoughts exactly! 😀

    I totally shivered when I saw it, but then I LOLed. It’s like a car crash, can’t… look… away!

    I don’t mind the occasional Gee-ross. i actually enjoy them.

  79. Um, Kitanne, homophobia is the fear of gays. The word you’re looking for is Insectophobia or Entomophobia .

  80. Bleh… a roach is a roach is a roach.. Geeeeeeross!

  81. am i the only one who thought this was some kind of leaf-hopper before reading the comments?

  82. lurkingsmirk says:


    what a cute little one yes he is!

  83. Possums? I don’t see no freaking possums! I see a bug. I am not a bug person, but this is an interesting specimen. Never saw a white roach before. Interesting. Now, wheres the possums?

  84. Little buggie is cute, but the comments—eewww! Going places the cute should never go!

  85. capture_the_spirit says:

    I think he looks a bit like a little boiled pierogie with eyes…

  86. Daphne Moss says:

    It’s worth seeing the reactions here among us animal/critter lovers, lesson being that everything has a good use out there: Animals and bugs that eat garbage, too.
    But when we overpopulate and create so much garbage…well, this little cutie is the result…
    Tiny ‘Nuffer signing off…

  87. True story:

    I taught at a summer camp held at a wildlife sanctuary during my high school years.

    One of the staff members kept Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches as pets. Which staff member you ask? The cook.

    Yup. The cook.

    Occasionally she’d wear them on her shirt, like brooches. Not while cooking, thankfully.

  88. Do ya think the lil roachlet is scared? Ya think he is communicating via his antennae how gross us humans are? In reality few of us ever get so close as to peer into those itty bitty faces…with wonder.

    Where I live cockroach infestations are few, but spiders are taking over I swear!

  89. MLO:


    I agree this thread is edumacational, but as a resident of NYC I can’t muster a fondess for these critters.

  90. I really can’t muster any fondness for roaches, regardless of where I live. I hate bugs, I just do. I hate them in my house, and I hate them everywhere else. I get that some of them are beneficial, but they really just squick me out a lot.

  91. DO NOT WANT!! 😦 😦

    I’d rather see human babies posted. >_<

  92. *gulp* bebe cockroach? *eep!* That means that there are adult ones somewhere! EEP! So not *bleen*!

  93. I was thinking, regardless of what it IS, what its ancestors have done and what it is capable of doing…it IS cute.

  94. LMAO @ The Bug Man. Brilliant, dude, just brilliant!

  95. Hmm…
    I say cockroaches in a home are fundamentally a problem.

    *shivers* Gives me da jibblies. Jibbly-jibbly…

  96. Yea, though I walk through the vally of *squick!*, I shall not nuff. For Meg usually knows the Qte; her page and her staff (NTMTOM, and Teho, if he counts as staff) comfort me. They maketh us laugh at dramatic ground hogs: and leadeth us to pictures of redonkulous kitteh and horses with outlandish hairdos…

    (I will *not* nuff. [*scratch**scratch**scratch] I won’t. I just …. OMGROACHES!!!!111!!!)

    [Yes, we definitely count as staff, these days… – Ed.]

  97. some of us saw Wall-E

    and stopped cringing about three or four scenes in

  98. Awwwwwww!
    That’s the cutest bug I have ever witnessed. If he was brown, that would be a different story…

  99. That’s a baby Madagascar Hissing coachroach. They are amazing. The babies are born live and not hatched, and are not cannibalized by the parents. They live on rotting fruits, oat flakes and especially like banana peels. They don’t fly and are quite friendly and will get to know you. I’ve seen groups of babies take their turn drinking while an adult supervises, like what you would see in Kindergarten. Quite amazing! they don’t live long on the outside so must be kept in a 10 gallon aquarium. They are used quite a bit in the movie biz and they are easy to handle. The males have horns and get quite big. Amazingly enough only 30 of the over 4,000 coachroach species are the troublemakers. These guys are really gentle and calm. They hiss when they are scared by depressing an air sac under their shell, enough for one or two hisses. I’ve never had one ever bite me, not unlike my cats or bird.

  100. lol,
    He Is cute!
    Aww buggies (and everything even bacteria) are just doing what we are, trying to live a decent life. We are just acculturated to not like the ones that are good at it because they compete with us. (aka, show up in your kitchen.)

    Oh and the prefix -homo- means Same as, so perhaps Kitanne, like Gregor from “the Metamorphosis” has a secret?

    *hugs to Kitanne, I just couldn’t resist…Gregor is by far the nicest person in his home to be sure!

    And I am scared of crawlies, but I appreciate their cuteness too.

  101. Naw, homophobic is the opposite usage of the word normaphobic. (he he)
    Yes, that is an albino cockroach…

  102. Princess from Queens says:

    When we lived in Queens in the 70s, we actually *did* have a few mutated albino cockroaches. My dad – a biologist/physiologies- was so pleased, because it was much more evocative than Mendel’s peas for teaching me about evolution and change. I refused to bring it in for show and tell though.

  103. Very interesting… :lifts legs off the ground and onto chair:

  104. There was a cockroach in our dorm the other night, so we set a cup on top of him and put a sticky note on the cup that said Gregor Samsa. We put the cup outside in the morning.

  105. Megan — you win a (different) cup of hot Kafka.

  106. Megan-nice one. Your dorm mates are cool as well. Keep reading!

  107. OMG OMG OMG. This is the cutest bug I’ve ever seen. The only thing that could make him cuter is some fuzz. And maybe little puffy ends to his antennae.

    “Verminiature” is also cute.

  108. Wonder if I stepped on it, I’d slide a block like all the other roaches I smushed at previous jobs.

  109. ok so now that i know this is a Madagascar hissing cockroach i am not at all skeeved. I held one of the adults once that one of my mom’s biologist friends had as a pet. I gotta say, it wasn’t the most exciting pet ever. But, even though it was huge, it wasn’t at all horrifying like the German roaches that infested my last apartment. *shudder*

  110. Squicking out on other people’s pets is really rude. I keep rats and time and again when people ask me about them, suddenly they’re telling me about how they hate rats and keep poison around to get rid of rats. How would you like it if someone told you how much they hate dogs, even puppies, because they’re so gross and covered in germs and carry disease? I bet then they’d leave off on my rats and you’d leave off on this person’s cockroaches.

  111. Maggie — funny you should mention. Recently I finally sicced the spam filter on somebody because of almost exactly that reason, after putting up with months of dog hate. She (he?) simply would. Not. STOP IT.

    The person in question will very likely read this comment, too.

  112. Maggie, respectfully, *squicking* out on other people’s pets is not rude; *telling* people how much you totally loathe their pets and how you would really would rather just kill them on sight, and probably would if they weren’t sitting right there in front of you, now *that* is rude. Simply saying “I don’t like dogs, they scare me”, or “roaches make me feel itchy all over” is not rude.

    I’m just saying.

    BTW, roaches *do* totally squick me out (for the itchy reason), but that doesn’t mean my answer is to stomp them into non-existence either.

  113. As long as this little dude remains shiny-white and somewhat translucent, I’d like to give him a small cane and see the rest of the act, please.

  114. Awwwwwwww…. I personally think he’s cute. But then again, I tend to find the oddest things to be cute ^^

  115. He’s totally adorable. And, moneca, that info is amazing. Where did you see all this? With your pets? In my home we only kill roaches, ticks and mosquitos. Everything else gets put outside alive or is just left alone. I always hated killing cockroaches cuz I hate the squish and they don’t always die right away and I hate being cruel to anything. But now you’ve made it even harder, grrr. I think I will focus on your cute stories being Madagascar ones and not the kitchen variety, lol.

    To re-iterate. This guy is adorable!

  116. Oh great. My #1 phobia nice and big ten inches from my face when I’ve come to cuteoverload for warm fuzzies. This really needed to be somewhere else, no matter how “prosh” someone thought it was.

  117. Oh great 😦 My #1 phobia nice and big, ten inches from my face when I’ve come to cuteoverload for warm fuzzies to get me through my stressful day. I really wish this had been somewhere else, no matter how “prosh” someone thought it was. I suppose there are people with redonculous ham phobias, too, but this is *my* phobia, so it’s important!

  118. Oh great 😦 My #1 phobia nice and big, ten inches from my face when I’ve come to cuteoverload for warm fuzzies to get me through my stressful day. I really wish this had been somewhere else, no matter how “prosh” someone thought it was. I suppose there are people with redonculous ham phobias, too, but this is *my* phobia, so it’s important!

  119. So sorry for the multiple posts. See? I really am freaked out.

  120. After all the roachy freak-out…how come no one mentioned the ADORABLE roach in WALL*E?? Definitely a cute lil’ buggie…

  121. I think is the only blog where I read other readers’ comments. Very educational and constructive. Thank you.

  122. THAT is hilarious. Love the ‘tude here, not taking ourselves too seriously —

    Verminiature is great —

    And yes, it is strangely *cute*!

    Now it has been undeniably proven that all animals are cute when they’re babies.

  123. Oh gosh!!! How adorable he is! He almost looks like he has a widdle shmile on that white face! I could die!

    Can he dance for us? Or does he only do that when nobody’s looking? x3

  124. Maggie – I had a lot of the same reactions about my pet rats. It was really annoying and kind of hurtful. But, hey, they’re the ones missing out on all teh rattie qte!

  125. It looks like a little potsticker!

  126. ************
    They don’t fly and are quite friendly and will get to know you. I’ve seen groups of babies take their turn drinking while an adult supervises, like what you would see in Kindergarten. Quite amazing!

    Now THAT I would like to see a picture of.

    “Okay kids, one at a time…no pushing…”

  127. Cockroaches are high on nutricious compounts, no wonder i used to eat em for breakfast in thailand.
    On a side note, it is a really cute bug :).

  128. spikedcolor says:

    I used to keep these guys as part of my entomology course- really entertaining to watch.

  129. catzarecute says:

    He is weewy cute……. Just don’t wanna see him up close under a microscope, please…… !!! Nor do I wish him to crawly-crawl on my arm… or face, or anything… Then he will no longer be weewy cute; I would s*** bricks.

  130. THISTLE!! this is a roach 😀 either albino or they turn white when they molt, forgot which..