Let’s check in on the Shibu Puppehs…

It’s Sunday afternoon. HOW ARE THE PUPPEHS!?

Answer: Extremely squirmy

Answer: Tie-tie

Answer: Wow. They’ve gotten bigger.

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  1. Off air?!?! Nooooo…..

  2. Off air and NO slideshow! 😦

  3. Shiba pup cam off air.
    Global productivity rebounds.

  4. 404 page not found!!!!!!!


  5. They’re back – some squirmy, some tie-tie, all bigger!

  6. They’re back now!

  7. nom nom nom yummy carrot!!

  8. Camera’s back up! 🙂

    Does anybody really need a carrot THAT big?

  9. berthasevant says:

    It’s back!!! I’m actually seeing them!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!! There are seex of them and they are FULL OF WIN!!!!

  10. Fuzzy wiggly butts!!

  11. I have them they are fine, doing the usual things. Wow, what beautiful coats. Killer Corgi is those colors, too, by the way, with a white blaze in her forehead.
    Ah, what beautiful puppies.

  12. they’re back!!!

    with sound!!!!!!!!!!


  13. hey, they are in a new box since yesterday! looks bigger? guess they had outgrown the other one!

  14. Aww, they’re on, with some ‘tock action and one is nomming on his sibling.

  15. tropicalgeek says:

    Check on them? You mean now as compared to all the hours we have not stopped looking at them in the past weeks???

    They are plush, and soft and rambunctious as ever!

  16. I want to be in this pile! The tails! The dense looking fur. Can’t handle it.

  17. KittehMamax3 says:

    Hey, sleepy puppeh. Is that a carrot in your pocket or are you just glad to see me???

  18. I have spent so much time with these puppies I feel like they are part of my family now. I am all concerned about the people who are adopting them. I need to speak to these people and double check that they will take good care of these babies and will protect and love them. And what about a police check on these people. And are the puppies going to a nice homes that are clean and cosy. Will they have a nice place to play? Will they have friends? brothers and sisters? Who will be their vet? Is the vet nice? Will the puppies have enough toys… I need to know!!

  19. They has a big-puppeh bed!

    But they still loves Mr. Fishy.

  20. Too many toys. Not enough room for chubby puppies.

  21. the bug man says:

    browngrl– the Internet and mothering instincts are a bad, bad combination.

    Potential Adoptee (answering phone): Hello? What?… Who is this?? No, I’m not going to tell you my vet’s name and how many square feet my yard is! You’re the eighty-sixth person to call asking these questions! I’ve already been through three FBI checks already!… What? Oh, all right. YES, I’ll set up a Webcam too. Is that better?


  23. browngrl – I feel the same way… I’ve been watching non-stop on my spare computer since the first time the puppycam was posted on CO… It’s over in the corner of the room and I keep an eye on the puppies at all times 🙂 … just in case they need me

  24. Oliver's Girl says:

    9:04 PM Sunday, Eastern standard time:

    The puppehs are fighting!! they’re making the cutest little noises, like when a cat’s spit’s when it’s angry: I think it’s their puppeh barks!


    pic goes out – sound goes out – I keep the site up anywau and every time ther’s a puppy squeal I rush over to see what’s happening.

    Love the puuuppppies!!!!!11!!

  26. Sorry M, the puppies are back. Global productivity just took a steep drop again.

    P.S. Their earsies are up and pointy! Our shiba took a few month for her ears to fully perk up.

  27. firepikachu says:

    OMG! The puppies were all wrestling with each other and after just watching for a minute they stopped and all looked in the same direction. A scolding perhaps? 30 seconds later, they immediately went back at it. Aww!

  28. JuliaJellicoe says:

    Aw man, they’re thinking (or at least sleeping) outside the box.

  29. Meg,

    Thanks for the new entry!

    I love the puppers and have really enjoyed watching them!

  30. binky-mama says:

    Wow those puppehs have more toys than I did when I was a pup– er little girl.

  31. Oh, goodness, the ‘tocks on these pups! The ‘tocks, people!

  32. David Harmon says:


    5 Puppies: Zzzz.

    Blue: Hey, I get the toys all to myself!

    Red: (glares) Pipe down, willya?

    Blue: I’m not sleepy! (chews toy) I’m not, really! (chews toy) Zzz.

  33. dharlan1too says:

    6 little puppies sleeping in the bed and the little one said, “I’m crowded, roll over,” so they all rolled over one puppy fell out, 5 pups in the bed and the little one said….

  34. Awww… all tie-tie now! Six sleeeeeeeeepeeeeee puppehs! I want to snuggle with them! Then maybe I will get over my insomnia and get some honk-shus myself.

  35. totalee puppy says:

    AAAAWWWWW…cutest little
    yawns…It’s a nice day.

  36. OMG – total chaos!!! 3 are trying to rip apart the bed, 2 are trying to tunnel under the fuzzy inner bed, and I’m assuming the last one is off-screen acting as lookout. I know they’ll all be asleep again in 10 seconds, but for now they are unstoppable!

  37. Pups are playin, crazy, and qte! And there are 21,300 people watching right now!

  38. Ruh Ro! I won’t name names, but somepuppeh is tryink to deestroy the new bed!

  39. I can’t look away! Playful, squirmy puppies! Must cuddle!

  40. It’s a puppy mosche pit! Diving in now!


  42. lurkingsmirk says:

    omgoshness I can see the owner’s hand, and the pups are just a little bigger than a hand. Still so tiny! oh so cute! Oh to be swarmed by shiba puppies.

  43. awww eating,, playing…using their little peepee pads…wrestling..so adorable..i love how when they are done they pick a toy each to nomnom on..

  44. JohnnyJohnny says:

    HA! They seemed to have figured out that they can get UNDER the bed padding.

    Oh and I too am worried about the various new parents of the pups. I would like them to all go to the same owner, please.

  45. They’re huge now! But still wobbly and stubbly, thank God.

  46. firepikachu says:

    …nice jammies…
    The sombreros and skulls make my night.

  47. Juniper Jupiter says:


    They look like li’l



  48. Biscuit Tin says:

    The company that made that white, fuzzy mattress/pillow deserves HUGE props. I watched 4 of them tear at the bottom of it, from underneath, for about 5 minutes, and they did minimal damage. If they did that with my couch I bought at Pier 1, it would be in shreds in seconds.

  49. Aesthetica says:


    5 tiny honk-shus, and one playing in the play area. awwwwwwwwwww

    oh, baby getting tie-tie and dragged the toy into bed with its 5 bros and sis’s.

  50. Zomg at the way the teeny puppeh legs stick out in the air.


  51. dontazemebro says:

    7:30 is hilarious

  52. hamoliver. says:

    how/why am i the first/only one to mention the poo-eater?

  53. Daphne Moss says:

    Noooo! Puppy adorableness changes to poop-and then poop eating…
    This is horrible. My siberian husky puppy did the same thing…
    Never got any less gross, tho

  54. 206 AM monday morning, i just watched one of them poop in the box and then proceed to eat said poop.

    ok, thats gross the the puppies are still cute.

  55. ESCAPE!

    All puppies abandoned ship at that same time.

    (I suspect an off-camera coup is in the offing…)

  56. wow, they’re really looking like little mini versions of Mom now. And making cute puppy yipping sounds! I bet if you pick one up when they’re being lively, their little legs are all squirmy. Such chubbitude!

  57. They’re LEAPING!

  58. compy-saur says:

    My favorite toy is the crazy trout-looking feesh.

  59. PRE-RECORDED??? What’s up with that???????

  60. Oh dear. I tuned in just in time to see one of them poop. Perhaps I will just turn it off to avoid seeing the consumption of said poo.

  61. Oh, goodie, John Dear cleaned it up and now he is sitting in the corner, playing with the Pupperson family.

  62. GreyhoundMommy says:

    10:00 eastern time: Someone came in and cuddled and loved each one in their lap while sitting on the floor.
    They are absolutely gorgeous puppies and so well cared for.

  63. OMG, they’re so frisky their little legs and tails are blurry!

    No, Black Collar! Don’t eat the pee pad!

  64. Ah oh no! They’re fighting! I think they need the cat sitter from the previous post.

  65. My favorite is the one in the red collar. He always seems to be getting into mischief when the others are napping.

    I love when the humans visit and the pups all stand on the their hind legs with their talios wagging. Oh, the tocks!

  66. catloveschanel says:

    World News Tonight:
    I was watching the NBC Nightly 6pm News, Friday, and in the last segment the anchor, Brian Williams, says, “Would ya look at these puppies?”

    So I did. And darned, if those squirmy, orange puppies weren’t nationwide.

  67. AuntieMame says:

    Aww! Mommy’s lovin on them! They’re still not very big. They just look huge compared to each other, and to where they were a couple weeks ago.

  68. Zomg there’s a hooman in there now! The puppehs are getting scritches and belleh rubs and stuffs, they’re lovingks eet.

  69. OK, where are these creatures? I’ll deal with the Corgi-Shiba Inu hair, it is all the same color as my wall-to-wall carpeting anyway. I need the Purple collared one! There are 20,000+ people watching them at this moment! Gahhhhh!

  70. And I had to watch when one was pooping…talk about extremely bad timing. Poor me…haha.

  71. warrior rabbit says:

    @catloveschanel, I’m not surprised. Brian Williams is a Known Dog Lover. But I also saw them on CNN.

  72. Great camera view today – thanks! Still no sound, sigh! I can understand the need for privacy though.

    I loves the wittle whimpers, squeaks, barks, and growlies! And I am a dedicated cat lover. *ducks and runs*

    OH! Sound came on as I typed this. Mr. Hands must have ESP!

  73. Jenn in IL says:

    Fun story…I received two calls this week. One from my brother in Texas, one from my mom here. They had both gotten word of this fabulousness through their respective news stations and, seeing as how I have a Shiba Inu, they called to share this wonderful news.

    I was all, “Yea, I know, I’ve been watching those little ones for weeks now on cuteoverload.com. Keep up, guys!” So, you all were way ahead of the game…congratulations!!

  74. Jenn in IL says:

    OMG. Yellow collar puppy just woke up black collar puppy. How does black collar puppy retaliate? SITTING ON YELLOW COLLAR PUPPY’S FACE. For several seconds. “You wanna wake me up? I’m gonna fart in your face and you can’t do nofink about eet.”

    I’m exploding with silent giggles.

  75. I loves wrestling leaping puppehs!

  76. These puppies want to have dirt to dig in. Imagine how feelthy they could be.

  77. Carol Cuthbertson says:

    Enlarge to fit screen: perfect living screensaver.

  78. LOL they are passed out and the place looks like a tornado hit it

  79. Oooooh, the little dude screen right is having a puppeh dream!

  80. va_cat_mom says:

    Wow, “Yellow Collar” just can’t sleep! He’s doing his best to keep the others awake to play!

  81. catloveschanel says:

    warrior_rabbit: That’s cool, that Brian Williams is a dog lover. 🙂

    Ok, so one is trying to destroy the nest, and his brother kicked him straight in the butt and went back to sleep.

  82. sure are alot of viewers..
    & heck im one of them…lol

  83. The one on the far left just fell over and went boom. Right off the little mattress.
    Oh. He doesn’t care.

  84. 30944 viewers…wow!!

  85. Aww, one puppeh just got up to use the pee-pee pad. What a good doggie! Oh, now its getting its privates licked by a sibling…oh dear.

  86. Sleepy ear twitches!!!


  88. Cori Couture says:

    These puppies are killing me. I’ve had the puppycam on in the background all day at work. Every time they make a little noise or I get distracted, I click over for a peek. They’ve been sleeping (in various adorable piles) for HOURS now. Can’t. Take. It. Head exploding.

  89. OMG!OMG!!OMG!!!OMG!!!OM……..splod:)

  90. Purple and Yellow found the tag under the inner bed and are fighting to rip it off.

  91. LOL– they’re being very naughty… tearing up their wee-wee-pad!!

  92. 21,000 VIEWERS!!!!

    Due largely in part to CO, I would assume.

  93. Now they sleep where they fall. No longer in the bed.

  94. Oh my god. A puppy oozed over the side of the basket, fast asleep. Now he is a puddle on the floor.

  95. Oh I missed the puppy tipping over the side. I thought he looked like that might happen too.

    Now there’s a human being in the compound. Attack legs!

  96. A human appeared!! That was very exciting.

    I’ve never seen the mama on cam – when do the puppehs nurse? 😦

  97. I’ve been watching off and on all day and have never seen them eat. What’s up with that? Puppies should eat 2 or 3 times a day. And doesn’t Mommy give them milk any more? Do they have to stay in the cage ALL the time? Never get to go outside?

  98. aaawww!! wook at da sleeping puppehs! so cuuuuute!

  99. Are there REALLY 21,000 people watching them? That’s a suburban Congressional district or so. Is it safe for that many people to be exposed to Qte all at once?

  100. it says that there are 21247 viewers, but how come no 1 is posting? aaawww! purple and red are so cuuuute!

  101. Da wittle puppehs are making me sleepy… i want to snuggle up next to red and go to sleep…zzzzzzz

  102. AAAH one of them woke up with an itch, started playing, began a chain reaction which woke four of the five, and one of them got fed up and plopped down on the ground outside of the bed.

    SO CUTE.

  103. lurkingsmirk says:

    Mealtime — ouch. Poor shiba mommy. So patient.

  104. Man, black collar puppy is an instigator! LoL. Watching little purple collar puppy’s round tummy go up and down as he sleeps. ^_^

  105. It sounds like they’re being fed puppy chow right now. I did see them nurse from mama over the weekend.

  106. So funny when they’re rough-housing – – those high-pitched growlies!

  107. LOLOL at Mr. Hands playing with puppehs with yellow squeaky toy!


  109. awwmonster says:

    What is Mr. Tattoo-arms spraying on the potty pads?

  110. Pee!

  111. OK, so no.

  112. One of them has fallen asleep half in and half out of bed, so da tocks are pointing straight at the camera.

  113. Oh my! One of the puppies is sleeping draped over the entrance to the bed, with his ‘tocks up in the air!

  114. OOooo Red Collar just waggle-waggled a toy so hard they both went down! Wish the sound were up – I love woggly noises!

  115. Noooo! Fighting over poop! Bringing to nest, the better to enjoy…..now we get to see the puppehs get sudsed?

  116. @Rita, I think that if you go to the Ustream page, there is one scheduled time during the day that Mama Kiki comes in to see the puppies. Not sure if they’re nursing anymore, but I believe at 7:30AM California time, the mommy is always there.

  117. I’ve noticed that they’ve been getting more aggressive towards one another. A lot of yelpingks so far today!
    Right now they’re behavingks, though. Sort of.

  118. Here are a couple of puppy ‘tock screen shots I took a couple of hours ago. http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y214/DancinMo/pupcam11.jpg


  119. I love the domino affect here…one puppy starts to stir which causes him to kick another puppy causing him to stretch which makes another one roll over which causes another one to lift his head up to see what’s going on…

  120. Wittle yellow look so cuuute! i’m gonna barf! too cute!

  121. Jae – sooo that’d be 10:30 on the east coast? I’ve seen her a few times – they really give her nips a workout!

  122. REd is such a ridonkulous troublemaker, clambering all over the little sibs….whoa Red, settle, darlink

  123. I think I just saw one of them pee…and not on the little pad thingy either! Someone’s gonna be in big, big trouble!

  124. good erinh! maybe see a puppeh bathinks?

  125. catloveschanel says:

    It’s sleep on your back time, by universal Jungian consent.

    Now one gets up and does yoga…down dog, up dog.

    One licks other’s face.
    [Disguising voice]
    This is suspiciously like cat behaviour.

  126. Purple and yellow are so bored… wake up you guys!

  127. Purple likes his fishy! nom nom!

  128. scooterpants says:

    um, Mr Hands? Your puppeh with the green collar has taken quite an interest in the camera. I hope this doesnt mean the camera is not long for this world, cuz it looks like tasting it is the next step.
    (not to be a tattle tale or anything like that.)

  129. Blue collar has an itchy on his ear and, in his efforts to scratch it, continually falls over…

    …Good Lord, I’ve done nothing productive today…

  130. Blue collar also doesn’t seem to be ALL that bright, because he’s now laying there and trying to scratch his way out of the side of the bed…

    I lof heem anyway…

  131. Aww, they are all smooshed into one tiny, adorable, fuzzy ball of cuteness.

    I can’t get any work done!

  132. I watched these puppy to grow for about a month and now I can even tell the character of each puppy. I love the one with red collar.

  133. I adore Yellow Collar! He’s always bouncing around nipping his brothers and sisters when they’re trying to nap. Who’s compiling the “Greatest Hits” DVD? I need some for Christmas.

  134. Biscuit Tin says:

    A female human was there not long ago, with fantastically cute shoes. According to the puppies, they are “Jimmy Chews”. (Ha! I slay myself!)
    P.S. I LUFF blue collar, though he is a little dumb and destructive.

  135. Oh, and Meg? Can we have a CO poll where we can vote for our favorite colored collar puppy? Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze?

  136. OH. MY. GOD. Humandaddy just brought them a black cat to play with. I can’t take this anymore. The cute factor is TOO MUCH. I’M ACTUALLY GIDDY.

  137. I loved the introduction of the black cat! The puppies loved it! And the cat was all “whatever”.

  138. AuntieMame says:

    Daddy’s in the pen cleaning up and changing the pee pads, and he has to keep stopping to physical remove one or other nosey parker who is trying to “help.” I’m surprised he hasn’t tripped over one of the little interruptions already.

  139. The puppies are wired tonight! And they sound like monkeys when they start getting really crazy. Mesmerizing.

  140. warrior rabbit says:

    It’s human time! Ms. Human is sitting down and being swarmed by pupsters. Before that, Mr. Human brought in the cat for a little interaction.

    The cat was totally unfazed by the dogs. I wonder why they didn’t bring the cat in when they were smaller and less annoying? I give that cat a lot of credit. Now they’re big as s/he is, and yet for being attacked by all six at once — the cat was pretty blase.

  141. I missed the cat/puppies together. Would love to see the cat though.
    It must be amazing too and takes after the rest of the household.

    I have a mellow cat, but I wonder if he could deal with 6 rambuncious active puppies or even 1 of them bounding around.

  142. Wait. Cat???

  143. scooterpants says:

    Please Peeps to get the names right ! –
    Nice Mr Hands is the daddy human and Ms Red Fingernail Polish Lady is the mommy human. geez…
    we’ve spend WEEKS perfecting this. 🙂
    Right Sherb???

  144. scooterpants says:

    what cat ? i didnt see no stinking cat?
    when ???

  145. Another new toy?
    These are very spoiled puppies.

  146. scooterpants says:

    ah. theres Mr hands, he brought more toys! Yeah!
    (he looks all dressed up and ready to go to work for something)
    “Thanks for the toys human daddy!” so cute!

  147. Awwmonster, that’s “Bitter Apple” Mr. Hands sprays on pee pads and bed to discourage chewing. We used it on our puppers, too. It woiks!

  148. scooterpants says:

    not possible to ‘spoil’ puppers with toys.
    just cant be done.

  149. Yesterday was teh best day ever on PuppyCam City! OMG! After feeding them, Mrs. Pretty Red Fingernail Polish Lady came in and sat in pen with teh puppers and loved on them as they tried to improve her nice outfit by chewing on it. Great shoes, BTW.

    Then Mr. Hands came in with very nice long haired black kitty and introduced her to the puppers. She was so easy on those puppehs, my jaw dropped. She has obviously done this before.

    I think he was so very smart to introduce the puppers to kittydom and ‘splain that kittehs are not the enemies of doggeruhs. I would not have believed how easy going that cat could be with six nuzzling inquisitive puppers all over her. I mean, she was lying there, taking it and clearly could have jumped right out of the pen! She hissed once when one of them tried to see if she was a new tasty chew toy. The others wanted to see if she would dispense milk, hee!

    I often tune in when the are just sleeping and twitching, but yesterday was the best evah!

    The funniest point was when Mr. hands gave them a new yellow squeaky toy, got them all following it, put it in the bed and all six jumped on it in a frenzy, each with a tiny mouth-hold, trying to snatch it away from the others as they twsied and jumped. Pupper free-for-all! Whee!

  150. scooterpants says:

    hi ya’all-
    if you go to SFShiba
    and look at the video links under the webcam,
    go to the link that is 4 hrs ago and you can SEE Mr Hands introducing the puppehs to the big black Kitty! its amazing! (and evidently cat-butt is a delicacy, I had NO idea)
    such a nice kitteh, in SHOCK it looks like, but no scratchinks.
    go check it out!

  151. scooterpants says:

    someone just totally kicked the camera stand and the whole thing went “{{{gooooiiiinnnnggggg}}} !!!”
    the fighting is getting awfully Ruff! (either that or san fran just had a nice E-Quake ! ) HA!

  152. catloveschanel says:


    Dang, I missed it. Last time I looked they were all biting each other. They musta bit the camera. Dang, I actually had to work for awhile and now when I come back they’re all sleeping. I always miss everything.

    Jimmy Choo (Chew) Shoes! BWHA HA HA!! Least they weren’t her Furr-a-gamo’s

  153. i can’t believe i missed the kitteh. they are ALL asleep now, and not even twitching much. i really want to stick my finger through the interwebs and wake them up. is that mean?

  154. @Scooterpants: linky pleasy? At least to the right page? For us dummies?

  155. hey scooterpants – I’m backing you up on those names 🙂 and thanks for pointing out there is some video of the cat on their main page. It looks just like one of mine – but I can’t imagine mine staying in the same area as the pups for more than 1 second – if that!

  156. PattyP – scooterpants is referring to their page in ustream – it has quite a few short clips of them. google ‘shiba inu puppy cam’ and you’ll find it :-)(Not sure if we can post links here or not)

  157. scooterpants says:

    I guess I dont know how to post a link here but you can copy and paste this to your browser-


    Sherb- ditto on that! if i put Steve (by big cat) in that pen even for one second, he’d be flying across the room, it just wouldnt work out.

  158. scooterpants says:

    oh duh. that is a link.
    (i am so computer savy I scare myself. who lets me touch a computer???!!!)

  159. They are now compiling a list on the main site of countries that people who are watching at the pups come from – talk about uniting the world 🙂 These pups should get a medal from the UN!

  160. hahaha Kika is running away from the pups! a little while ago autumn was “rearranging” the camera-I totally told on her to SfShiba-Am I good babysitter or a tattletale?!
    I can’t believe I’ve been watching this for 4 weeks!!!
    Um-yes i can…

  161. Oh! Mr. Hands! Is he teaching the puppies to sit? I wish my dogs would do that…

  162. Aaaawwww! da wittle puppehs are chewing! Mr.Hands is rearranging the camera? Zoom in on red!

  163. I love how Akoni is just sitting on the bed-PUPPY watching!! ha-he enjoys it too!;)
    Ok I may need to go get a life…

  164. scooterpants says:

    this must be what its like to be a tweeker.
    i just cant let it be…
    yes. my name is scooterpants, and i am a shiba inu puppeh addict…
    so be it.

  165. scooterpants says:

    ok. that bed is not long for this world.
    good grief they are agressive lil buggers.

  166. scooterpants says:

    um lise-
    i would run away too.
    i think that’s called ‘weening’
    its about time!

    *save kiki’s nipples!* we should start a ‘support’ group! 🙂

  167. catloveschanel says:

    I have to ween myself off of this. I actually haven’t looked since yesterday, and I got a little panicky. I took a peek and I feel better.

    They are snugglebums right now.

  168. @Scooterpanst – Thanks for the inof/link. I figured out what you meant after I posted. Duh!

    My kitty could stand one puppeh, but not six.

    LOLOL! As I was down typing my message, one of the pups cut a huge raspberry! Let’s say he was filled with fartitude, full of wind, deflating like an old party ballon…

  169. scooterpants! Thanks a million for posting that linky: now I can nom down on some puppeh fuzziness even when they are offline….

  170. catloveschanel says:

    Oh, they just moved the puppy bed over! Now they are exploring the area by the camera. I wonder if the camera is next to go.


  171. @scooterpants-my fellow puppeh addict-I hear you but you gotta admit it was hilarious to watch! and how she kept looking for her humans to rescue her.
    I agree we’ll have another support group for sweet mommy Kika!
    But what about the support group for when they *gulp* leave *sniff* I honestly can’t think about it…
    @Mo K. thanks for the tocks shot it’s awesome to have a still shot of in air puppy tock action..priceless 🙂

  172. Amaya has been sleeping on her back with her neck all extended and open for snorgling!! It’s been a least 10 mins! onmnomnom

  173. oh. perhaps i needed to refresh my screen? *slinking away embarassed*

  174. scooterpants says:

    omg. they’ve been left alone for too long and now their running amuk! chewing on pee pads and sniffin poop and tearing their bed to shreds and fighting and, and, and,
    where IS Nice Mr Hands and Ms Red Fingernail Polish Lady?
    they must have actually gotten out of the hose for a moment…

  175. scooterpants says:

    ah Lise- you and i should get together and ‘talk computers’… uh-hemmm.
    that would be a rather short conversation wouldnt it? 🙂

  176. LOL!! Honestly scooterpants that was incredibly amusing to me-I’m still giggling as I write this! Partially because I recognized a kindred spirit when I read an earlier post of yours a few days ago- “who lets me touch a computer?”. ah yes i understood the sentiment…

  177. It’s like puppies gone wild!! ooh I wonder if they’re gonna be in trouble when Mr Hands and Ms Red Fingernail Polish Lady come home.
    Oh belly!!!! delicious Ayumi puppeh belly!
    Short Puppy Attention Span Disorder-When you stop everything else you’re doing to follow a growl or yip or belly showing.

  178. I love the way they launch themselves into the woman’s lap when she sits down with them. She has 4 of them!

  179. Akoni just fell out of the bed as he was attacking a toy … and then tried to walk away as if nothing happened. So precious.

  180. scooterpants says:

    YEP Lise! i DO bleen the patience of the “management”
    on this website. (hee hee)
    WHY is there only blackness! Have we been cut off cold turkey?! i hope not, i’ve never seen it just blacked out.
    anyone have any clue as to what’s up?

  181. scooterpants says:

    i DID NOT write “Bleen”
    on my above post! what goes on here??
    I would neva! write BLEEN.

  182. catloveschanel says:

    SP, I’m slipping into darkness because I can’t see mah puppies.

    I can only view it on CO as I can’t download Flash 10 playa at work.

    I couldn’t look at them last night as I went to that Australia movie, so it’s probably been 16 hrs since I have seen them. I’m gettin’ a little jittery.

  183. [whistling nonchalantly]

  184. I checked over at Ustream and Mr. Hands is having some video feed problem. He asked if anyone was receving anything as of an hour ago and we said, “Nooooooo!”

    At first I thought maybe he was having them face the camera last night to say their final good-byes. Apparently not so.

    Maybe one of those pups finally DID eat the camera!

  185. warrior rabbit says:

    I saw one of the puppies messing with the camera, or what the camera is on, last night. I could just see the back half of a pup, and the the camera’s POV was shake-shake-shaking! But then the pup wandered away. Maybe s/he went back later and dismantled it with more gusto.

  186. Look for tooth marks on the camera cable. Seriously. I’ve been there (but with kittens).

  187. warrior rabbit says:

    Oh, and yes, a cat. A pretty black kitty who is the world’s most patient and tolerant cat!

    Also, there’s a new crate thingy in their rec area.

  188. scooterpants says:

    Sooooo….are you also writing your initials in the dirt with the toe of your PF Flyers?
    guilty guilty guilty. hA!good one.

    Yippee! the puppers are back. and we have started crate training! oh my….

  189. scooterpants says:

    its Nipples! I mean Kiki mama circling outside the fence!
    ooo-if she were a smart girl she’d just stay out there.

  190. scooterpants says:

    what now!? mr hands is taking one at a time outside on the patio with toys. everyone else is standing and looking (they all look worried) and you can tell how very little they still are when he picks them up. (either that or mr hands has gi-normous hands, *and you know what they means, BIG hands, Big, …wait for it… gloves.)

  191. @scooterpants LOL! G;oves, that’s it… riiiight.

  192. warrior rabbit says:

    MSNBC had a poorly-edited article about the pups — including news that the new owners would be getting cams to facilitate continued voyeurship.

  193. scooterpants says:

    that’s s pretty nice article.
    but i refuse to believe that 4 BEEEElion (exagerating) people are looking at our puppehs. i thought it was just the 8 or 9 or us? No??

    oh, and i have gone out an purchased myself one of THESE-
    so for when the puppehs are gone to their new homes I have something to fill my time. Please feel free to be mindless drones and copy my visionary purchase.
    (no, you’re right it HAS NO PURPOSE – zzzzip it)

  194. catloveschanel says:

    Thanks for the article. I can’t believe I had to work up until now. I am going to have to take a serious look at my priorities.

    I don’t think the hamsters are going to do it, sp.

  195. scooterpants says:

    CLC- please let me have my little fantasies.
    at least i’m being proactive. 🙂
    (luv the sleeping puppeh pile, and the occasional foot-jerk-kick-in-face, ouch)

  196. scooterpants says:

    OMG! just LOOK how much Ayumi looks like MAMA now.
    I just got a quick close up of her face in the camera. AHHHHHHHHHHH. that is so cool. (; happy tears

  197. catloveschanel says:

    alright, sp, the hamstas are kinda cute.

    Daddy’s Home! Trying not to sit on the puppehs! They love him so.

  198. *pout* feed is dead again.

  199. Oops! Refreshed page four times, now it is back. Yay!

  200. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m going to go into serious withdrawal when puppers have to leave.
    But fear not, my fellow Shiba puppy addicts!
    Here’s a another litter of fresh puppehs!

    w00t! Oh happy day 🙂

  201. scooterpants says:


    Mr Hands wrote on the SFShiba site and said the puppeh were going to the vet for their first check up and {{{SHOTS}}} and then to see some outside stuff and meet some peoples.
    they will be back this afternoon. so, everybody, go grocery shopping and take a shower and stuff, and we’ll meet back here around three this afternoon i would imagine. Dont panic! They’ll be back!

  202. Sccoterpants,
    Thanks for the update! I always have a minor moment of panic when I see it dead or off the aor right now, as I know they are leaving soon. Whew!

    I saw Mr. Hands introduce them to a hairdryer running yesterday. Puppehs were acting all concerned about all the changes happening off and on yesterday and were licking each other to console whoever whined instead of biting and snarling. It was kinda cute but sad to see them all in the bed watching Mr. Hands and huddling side-by-side.

    *sends virtual hug to puppehs*

  203. I will miss these puppies too and their human parents when this experience is over.
    Such a joy to see the darling pups but also the level of care and love that they have received.
    I appreciate these owners so much and they have done a great job.
    Also I am sure that opening their life and the privacy of their home and themselves hasn’t always been easy or fun.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us

  204. scooterpants says:

    heh! they’re back.
    dont know for how long, but there they are.
    hmm. camera needs adjustin.

  205. I’m going into withdrawal where are the puppies!!!???
    (Clutching at my hair)Why did they take them away!!??
    *sniff* I’m not ready…

  206. Ah they’re back 🙂 Apparently they went out to the park and mall for socialization! How cute must that have been?!

  207. catloveschanel says:


    I went 2 days without looking at my puppehs!

    I went COLD TURKEY! [get it, turkey-day, yuck yuck]

    At least I went 2 days, can’t do it anymore, I have to look.

    They are so squirmy, delicious = squirm – dilly – ish-us

  208. “Must! Destroy! Bed!”

  209. catloveschanel says:

    Destroy bed by half somersault, kicking with feet from behind, with a roll-over WWF move. Is that the cutest thing I ever saw?

  210. scooterpants says:

    all sweepie now, SO adorable!
    Bed destroying really takes it out of a pup.

  211. catloveschanel says:

    Oh, I think someone is havin’ a bad dream!

  212. They are little doglets now. I will have to steel myself to the realization that they will have to be starting their own journeys soon. Thank you to the kind and wise people who have loved these critters. I still want them all. Can you imagine having six full-grown Shiba Inus in your life 24-7? Rather like having six human babies I would guess, only for years more. Well as I say, thank you to the very nice people who have brought them to me and you. I hope they check back with us if they have another litter!

  213. catloveschanel says:

    Doggie is howling, then he licked the camera, for good measure.

  214. Katrina, I’ve been thing the same thing for a few days. Dey iz not puppehs anymo’. Dey is little doggeruhs.

  215. I tuned in, juts in tiome for one puppeh to fart and everyone nearby sniff his butt.

    A little bit later, puppehs were all screaming their heads off, howling and barking like they were in pain, and I thought they’d gotten a glimpse of their mom. NO! Mr. Hands just came home and they saw him! Hee!

    They are so sweet and eager for attention. He got in the pen and played with them. He and I both LOL’d at the same time over their antics. He was pretty funny too, running back and forth in the pen a few times, getting them to chase him. One of the puppehs got a time-out for trying to remove the ears of a sibling.

  216. man I didn’t watch yesterday- meaning I only tuned in for 10 minutes or so total and it seemed i missed so much…
    Vacuum cleaner introducing, puppies first time out…
    kinda feeling sorry for myself right now and At the same time verifying my obsession is necessary so that I don’t miss anything…
    Ah I turned that around! 🙂

  217. scooterpants says:

    OMG- ‘SOMEBODY’ is shredding one of the pee pads.
    oh, this does not look good on the puppeh resume’.
    dang, i’ll have to just take that bad one off your hands! {{grabs up ‘bad’ puppeh and runs away in zig-zaggy motion}}

  218. OMG! I tuned in and one pee pad is totally shredded. Black collar puppeh is lying in bed, hanging out entrance still chewing it. It looks like someone had a pillow fight and at first I thought it was feathers everywhere. Puppehs are gonna get a talking-to tonight, methinks!

    Now he is below camera trying to tear up who knows what.

  219. scooterpants says:

    patty p! you were typing when i was typing practically the same thing.
    OMG, what a mess. can you imagine, i’ll be Mr Hands and MS Red fingernail polish lady wont miss cleaning up after this kind of stuff!

  220. scooterpants, you are right! I have never been around a litter of pups but once when I was a teen (back when the Earth was young, hee!) and they were all outside. I’ve always heard about dogs chewing on things but had no idea! These guys are tasting and nom, nom, nomming, on everything.

    A few days back, Mr. Hands left a metal step stool in the pen and one of them was trying to chew it. Mr. H came back and sprayed itwith bitter apple, and left. Pupper sniffed till he found a spot with no spray and proceeded to test the chewiness of metal objects.

    Cam is off air now. Maybe the MR. or Mrs. came home and is cleaning up the mess…

  221. scooterpants says:

    now patty just imagine one of these IN YOUR HOUSE alone, with no distractions like its brothers and sisters.
    and imagine the amount of damage that could be done ,
    even in a short period of time! ugh! Puppehs are a LOT of work!

  222. Scooterpants, I KNOW! That’s exactly what I was thinking. What a job! Turn your back and see what happens? Give me a kitteh any day, hee! Even a bunneh. We tried a bun in the house when I was a teen, and he used the litter pan just fine and was oh-so-polite but he chewed the phone line and it quit working. My fave moments wrere wehn he would jup on the counch and nudge his nose under your hand, asking for petting. But I digress…

    Grinning at puppy pile in crate. They iz havin troubles all fittingsk in dere.

  223. catloveschanel says:

    Oh, he’s ripping Mr. Hands shirt off!

  224. catloveschanel says:

    Oh, he finally got a piece of sheepskin free and he’s eating it. There goes the bed.

  225. catloveschanel says:

    Mr Hands came in and suddenly they all started behaving. Problem solved.

  226. scooterpants says:

    uh oh. there goes the pee pad again.
    i’m thinking that bitter apple stuff is no longer working.
    outrageous puppeh behavior! HA!

  227. catloveschanel says:

    Yeah, it was tear it up time for awhile there.
    Now they’re acting all good and sweet ~ probably because they’re asleep!

  228. scooterpants says:

    as adorable as they are, i’m glad i have 4 and 6 year old dogs that are all (almost) through with all this stuff right about now. 🙂

  229. catloveschanel says:

    yes, that’s prolly better on your shoes. What kind do you have?

  230. Puppehs tore up pee pad, so of course then had to pee in middle of floor!

  231. catloveschanel says:

    Of Course! There were two of them under the sheepskin. I’m pretty sure there was somethin’ evil under there that had to be eaten for the safety of the world.

  232. Awwww! Every time Mrs. Pretty Red Fingernail Polish Lady sits in the pen, all the puppehs launch themselves into her arms for snorgling. Sigh!


  233. And now Mr. Hands is snorgling puppehs, but he turned the sound off. *pout*

    *taps on screen*

    We know you prolly talk baby-talk to them, so just turn the sound on please!

  234. scooterpants says:

    wow- who knew- Mr Hands is a plumber! bah hahahahahah!
    so cute!
    hi patty p and CLC, hope you have been having a nice t-day!

  235. This is the first time I have been able to check out these pups for a few days – they have grown so much! They are not our little pups anymore.

  236. Hey, scooterpants! T-Day was great! I hope yours was too.

    It’s 1:15 AM Friday and the human parents are cleaning up doggy messes and changing bedding. She looks like she was wearing pajama pants, but he seems dressed.

    Are they getting ready to go shop Black Friday deals? Maybe they just haven’t been to bed yet. Dunno.

    Me? Woke up with a leg cramp, so soothed it with another piece of sugar free pumpkin pie, hee!

    Hahaha! I just got the “plumber” joke. Hee! My hub used to install water purifiers under kitchen sinks, so I can relate. Still has no idea what the rest of us are seeing, even when told.

  237. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
    Love the turkey toy; and it is a great puppy pillow.

  238. catloveschanel says:

    Oh, I had a great thanksgiving for the first time ever not spent with 24 people, but just six. Now that I know how it can be I’m never going back. Hope your T-Day was wonderful SP and PattyP.

    Alas, only still lifes pics are posted. And I haven’t seen them for a whole day.

    What to do now?

  239. scooterpants says:

    wow check it out!
    new surroundings! everything is all re arranged so that they can go OUTSIDE! and “look ma, no pee pads!”
    oh i’ll bet it is getting very close to time for them to be going to their new forever homes. how sweet.

  240. Oh noes! Amaya is so confused by the new arrangments that she peed in the bed! Poor baby. It will be ok, little girl. You can come home with me . . .

  241. catloveschanel says:

    oh yeah, Doors Open! Escape! One is running outside! But the other guys are tearing up the blanket. Life is an impulse!

  242. catloveschanel says:

    Oh, getting a belly rub from Mr Hands w/ white socks. Not for long! I thought that was a white carpet this morning. It must be linoleum to stay that clean, with those 6 around.

  243. catloveschanel says:

    He’s eating the camera! Mr Hands stopped that.

  244. scooterpants says:

    these are some vicious puppehs! ripping and tearing on each other!
    proceed lil buddies.

  245. scooterpants says:

    mr hands and the puppers!!!! isnt anyone but ME watching!! how adorable!

  246. scooterpants says:

    mr hands has LONG wonderful black hair. wow-a-wow-awow-a yum.
    me likey.

  247. I am so happy to read on the other site that you will be keeping one of the puppies – now I just wonder which one it will be.
    Of course it will be very sad to see any of them go and I have gotten attached to everyone – including their human parents.

  248. scooterpants says:

    oo! i hope it is Ayumi! she looks JUST like her mama. and she IZ of course the best and my very favorite one.
    so, next weekend, they will be leaving for their forever homes, i can’t help but wonder whether i would agree to a web cam follow up? for me, probably not.
    but i hope that Kiki’s next litter in a year or two will also grace us with their “presence”. I have LOVED every minute of this. *And , Mr. and Mrs. Loving Hands* YOU ROCK OUR PUPPEH WORLD! there is no way I could repay you for this privilage. Thank You so very much for sharing your time-life-home-trama(?) with all of us!
    Love you!. Mr. nice hands, cool tattoos, great hair, cat offering, luvin puppeh-wrangler guy, and Ms. beautiful red fingernail polish , holdin-luvin puppeh bebehs, extra special cleaning everything so sanitarily and scrubbin(without messin up the lovely polish of course)lady, with great shoes and patience of a saint….
    phew… thank you.

  249. warrior rabbit says:

    Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home! Squeaky toy! Squeaky toy!

  250. After watching the puppies on and off ever since I found them on CO,I think all of them are so special and sweet and smart, but, I like Akoni – I think that I have his name right – he wears a black collar.
    If I were choosing one for myself, I think that he would be the one.

  251. totalee puppy says:

    It’s been great to experience the web cam and
    these growing, active puppies. Love those “Don’t mess with me”
    sounds. You mean a lot to
    those who will take you home. We’ll miss you!

  252. Before this ends, I must say: Thanks to the Human Parents of the doggies. I have thoroughly enjoyed your loving patience and care and all the cute and silly puppy antics. I hope you that you may share with us again some day.

    *blows kiss*

  253. scooterpants says:

    ooo- poor mr hands, he brings lovely new toyz and is completely molested, biten, jumped on and generally abused by all the lil stinkers!

  254. You are now free to NOM about the room.

  255. scooterpants says:

    i wish that COL would post the puppehs ONE MORE TIME.
    jus for s-its and grins.
    PLEEZE T, make my dream come true! Meggles??? Mikey???

  256. scooterpants says:

    ok now WHO is THAT lovin the pupopers?
    not Mr Hans and NOT Ms Red fingernail polish lady..
    who who who???

  257. scooterpants says:

    wow. you puppers totally chased away the person who was tryin so hard to lufff ya, vicious beasties!!!!

  258. scooterpants says:

    ok, now THAT looks like Mr hands, but the earlier person on the floor was not either one of them.
    (maybe the puppers ate the last person)… uh oh…

  259. scooterpants says:

    sooo. are mr and mrs hands making a HORROR movie now?
    i think they could certainly sell the rights! by the sounds effects alone!

  260. scooterpants says:

    ah. i still luff them. there is mr hands ready to amke it all better… sweet.

  261. scooterpants says:

    maybe if they threw the pack a sickly buffalo they could work out all of their puppeh anxt??? (i know i spelled that wrong, duh)

  262. KAWAIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!

  263. catloveschanel says:

    Perky. They are havin’ a very perky time right now. Way to perk, pups.

  264. why are they not doing anything 😦 ive only ever seen them asleep 😦

  265. Helen, if the times you are picking to tune in don’t work, try other times of the day. I usually seem to find them playing sometime between 7:30-8:30 AM, same time PM. One time, I checked in at 1:00 AM over the Thanksgiving holiday. The camera was on, and Mr. Hands was with the puppehs, but that was unusual.

    You know, you can tune in, turn up the volume and minimize your browser window. When they wake up and get busy, you will hear them.

    Have fun!

  266. Watching the pups play and it seems that Ayumi – yellow collar – has her collar stuck in her mouth so that her jaw is pulled open.
    I feel helpless here in Nevada and want to reach through the screen or quickly drive to San Francisco to help her.
    Hopin that puppy parents are watching from work and notice the problem.

  267. It looks okay now and that she got it loose.
    I panicked – and I wanted to help her – but she is okay now + Mom just came home to check on her.

  268. scooterpants says:

    carole- you are a ‘wanna be savior’ you rock.
    good thing mama is close by to run home and check this out. like i said mr and mrs hands are the best puppeh parents ever!

  269. scooterpants says:

    8-week birf-day and they are, ‘tearing up the joint!”
    good grief i luff these lil cuties, but i sure dont want one! good luck to their now homes, uh, i mean , ‘parents’ HAHAH! DESTRUCT-O PUPPERS!!!!!

  270. scooterpants says:

    i really wish mr and mrs hands would tell us who they are keeping, i really hope it is AYUMI. (yellow collar little girl) she looks SO much like Kiki!
    does anyone know?

  271. Hi Scooterpants,
    I don’t think that they have mentioned which puppy they will keep – at least as far as I know anyway.
    All of them are great puppies.
    Very relieved to see Ayumi get the collar off of her bottom jaw.
    The puppies were playing and then I noticed that Ayumi’s collar had gotten caught on her bottom jaw.
    Very frustrating to me to sit in front of a computer and not be able to help her.
    I knew that they watch from where they work and so hoped for the best and
    I went to their other site and typed a note and soon got a response from Dad saying that his wife was on her way home and she was there within minutes.
    The puppies were happy to see her and so was I.

  272. I was reading in the other area though and it seems that lots of people saw what happened to Ayumi and notified the parents.
    The puppies have a lot of guarian angels who love them.

  273. I miss them already – how did I get so attached to these puppies on my computer screen.

  274. I watch the puppies while I am at work. They are the highlight of my day. Have you noticed how they keep an eye on each other, if one goes to the puppy door, they watch to see what he has planned to do. I was just wondering, if we as humans acted more like these precious angels, in watching out for each other, wouldn’t this be a better world. Thanks to the care givers of these angels, for letting us be a part of their lives. It has been a blessing

  275. LOLOL!!! Snarling pack of destructo-puppehs is scampering back and forth the length of the enclosure and in and out the door. One to three of them at at time gallop into the bed, the back out the door, hee! Wrestling at either end, snarls, yips, then more running.

  276. One puppeh is without collar. I see Red, Black, Blue, and Lime Green are okay so far. Oh wait, a secind puppeh with no collar.

    “Destroy bed” seems high on the list of puppeh priorities.

  277. Purple (Autumn) and Yellow (Ayumi) are definitely not wearing their collars. Possibly puppeh Hudinis?(sp)

  278. Amaya (red collar) has seriously attacked the camera area, shoving it back from the wire fence, then gave the lens a good licking.

  279. I have seen the puppies be blurrs of fur when they run back and forth from bed through the door.
    They were so cute and they would do little leaps over their door threshold to the outside and then back in again. Just back and forth.
    I don’t know about Amaya’s collar,but Ayumi had a problem with her collar yesterday afternoon.
    She got her jaw caught in her collar and it was removed.

  280. catloveschanel says:

    Leapin’ Lizards! I’ve had to work all day. Time to get back to my big priority – the puppies.

    I had my screen shot ready to get a still of the camera licking and i missed it! I am making going away cards for the people laid off in my company and I’m including Shiba Inu photos, because we’re all devoted to them.

  281. scooterpants says:

    yaeh!!! whoppee ! mr hands mr hands mr hands! he’s the best! lets try to mutilate him in every way!!!! we luff him!!!!
    god i love these puppers.

  282. scooterpants says:

    hmmm. they climb Mr Hands like a tree.
    isnt that interesting…
    i hope this does not get into my dreams… (or maybe I LIE)
    any who. he is just the best puppeh daddy ever isnt he??

  283. scooterpants says:

    i really wish they would say who they are keeping.
    i STILL think its Ayumi(yellow collar, runt, the one that got all caught up in her collar) I sure am wishing it is so.

  284. @catloveschanel: You would not have gotten a decent shot, I think. It was very fast and blurry. The only moment you might have gotten was a momentary blurry close-up of the face. When the camera was being licked, it was just a big blur of nothing.

  285. @scooterpants: I’m rooting for Ayumi too! It would be a decision of the heart, not a practical one I suspect for breeding purposes.

  286. catloveschanel says:

    zoom, zoom, zoom, in and out. I have been taking their pictures right and left, but you’re right, it’s pretty blurry!

    I am trying not to look at the puppehs, and trying to work.

  287. catloveschanel says:

    Go DOG go!

    See Ayumni RUN around!

    Shake that Fleece

    [Sing to DEVO you must whip it]

    Ok, I’m back to work.

  288. scooterpants says:

    all sweepy now, no one is moving. (this wont last long) hee hee.

  289. catforspam says:

    oh, they’re all in the crate and one of their heads is drooping over. I got a snap of it.

  290. I wonder if the puppy they keep would depend on which one isn’t chosen by someone else; just a thought.
    All of them are great puppies.

  291. I think there is some clothing on the floor and I hope that it isn’t expensive. Puppies are just mildly interested now; but if they want to tear it up they are very capable.

    My favorite puppy is Akoni – the male with the black collar.
    I like how he sits back and observes.

  292. scooterpants says:

    carole- its just part of the assimulation into their new lives, its all good. ( i think i spelled that wrong, but ya know what I mean right?)
    mr and mrs hands are brilliant puppeh raisers. cannot fault them anything.
    hmmm… i still dont want one of these lil beasties in my house thou…
    cept for AYUMI!!!! she is my lil muse….

  293. scooterpants says:

    this is not mr or mrs hands, this is the foreigner from the other night, seems to be a quite loving female visitor.
    shes very brave…
    hope she has some aloe- vera available for after, for the puppeh scratches and stuff and owies

  294. I think that the guest is probably interested in one of the pups maybe – or maybe she is just a visitor and wants to experience the puppies.
    But, for sure, she is not mr. or mrs. hands.
    What an experience to have 6 puppies clammoring for attention.
    I wonder which ones so far have been chosen. I have noticed a few visitors.
    If I were going to choose one of the pups though, I would want to take 1 at a time to a separate area to see what the individual pup would be like.
    Agree that their human parents have been great with the pups. Such patience and loving care and I think that the whole package of humans + pups has been what has been so wonderful and I have enjoyed it all so much.

  295. Extreme brats tonight. Tearing up their whole bed – rearranging, up and licking the camera lens and their doggie door is down.
    Just all working together as a wild bunch tearing up the place.

  296. and so Ayumi is the lucky little girl who will be staying.

  297. scooterpants says:

    yippee! I’m SO glad they are keeping Ayumi. (i have always favored her, since she is the littlest)
    I luff her! la-la-la-la-dee-dah-dah (happy singing on a sunny saturday morning . 🙂

  298. scooterpants says:

    there is that lucky red fingernail polish lady (without the red fingernail polish)playing with those just-bathed puppers, how fun.

  299. Scooterpants, I know that you have always liked Ayumi and thought about you right away when I read about Ayumi being the chosen one to stay on the other site.
    I haven’t had any real favorites, just like them all.
    I do like Akoni though because he is so observant and mellow. A male puppy and just seems so good natured.
    I will miss all 6 being together as a team and they worked so well together to make such terrific messes.
    I also enjoyed when all 6 would look towards mr. hands and sometimes he would get them all to look at the camera so we could get the full effect.
    Just a great experience following these puppies from their teeny times through to being grown up and ready to be on their way.
    I will miss them very much, but it is obvious that it is time.

  300. This afternoon I watched as Aki climbed on top of the crate and worked at – and finally succeeded to remove the black handle.
    I was concerned the whole time because his back feet and legs were going through the wire on the crate and I was afraid he would be hurt.
    But he managed to remove the handle and then hop down.
    Three gone yesterday afternoon and so sad to see them go one by one.
    I had a pile of damp Kleenix beside me on the table and just a sad day.

  301. catloveschanel says:

    eww, I just got a good face shot!

    I had to be away for a couple days, but I am preparing to grieve.

  302. Oh, OK. Someone just found a new Shiba Inu puppy cam from Pennsylvania. They spelled “purebred” – “pure bread” and an Ad came through, so this one isn’t as pure as our puppehs. But it will do in a pinch.

    I put the URL in my post

  303. scooterpants says:

    and now there are three.
    and lucky little Ayumi does not have to wear her collar anymore, cuz she is the special chosen one.
    (and she gets it caught in her mouth cuz shes… TROUBLE!)

  304. Ayumi has a good ring to it.

    Stand at the door and holler.

    a – YUMMMMM – eeeee, come in here right now, dinner’s ready!

  305. scooterpants says:

    has everyone moved to another posting location?

    oh well. seems like there is an awful lot of sleeping going on here lately, this last weekend must have really took it out of them!

  306. Scooterpants, there is another entry of these Shiba pups on the CuteOverload main page.

    Also the SFSheba couple – (Mr&Mrs) comment on their own page where the web camera is and also individual shots and then of course there is a place for comments.

  307. scooterpants says:

    C- I KNOW. but i din-net know we were moving. to the new entry.
    and i like to lOOK at the SFShiba site, but i dont wanna log in there cuz i dont know them so much ,..just ya’all. dang.
    we all have the same language bout the puppers ya know? snap.

  308. snap

  309. I have this one bookmarked, I like it

  310. I still come to this one too and I also have it bookmarked.