Big Dog House Part 1 and 2

Get our your popcorn, People. In Part 1 of our Sunday movie, we find our young couple, in love, only to be thwarted by their boss!

And now, the thrilling conclusion in PART DEUX! Will love survive!?

The End, Peggah. [head tilt]



  1. OMG…. the dog changing the other dog was just too much lol.. it even used baby powder hahahahahahah

  2. WTF did I just watch?

  3. OMG! Did someone spike my coffee? The baby changing and the remenant sale were priceless!

  4. OMG, I saw this on TCM last night, and was whipsawed between “WTF!!” and hysterics. “I’ll get you yet, me proud beauteh!!”

  5. The boxer boss went to the Curt Doglas school of overacting.
    Lol at the waggeh tail under the evening frock.

  6. That was dog-gone awesome. At first I thought that it was made by a fan of Now I know that the ones who made this beauty are all long dead… 😦

  7. “Stale weenies AGAIN?!” BWAHAHAHAHA!

  8. OGM!

  9. That was too painful to get all the way through.

  10. Thanks, I thought they were all, Terrier-ific!!

  11. I’m innocent I tells you. Innocent!

    Bwahahahahahaaaaa! Totally made my morning!

    And the tail under the gown? PRICELESS!!!

  12. amazing and weird and lols. that must have taken a LONG time to do.

  13. O.M.G. The flask. The fake crying. The FANTASTIC editing. Superb film!

    😉 Hilarious, though.

  14. How did they do that? Doggone awesome

  15. Not that I’ve ever done drugs, but this must be what smoking opium does to your dreams.

  16. that was kinda creepy… just sayin’z

  17. Okay I know there’s somebody out there who can do a mash-up of Oh Don Piano and this vintage vignette— That would definitely put this in the LSD category of psychodelelia… um… er… so I’m told…

  18. We came across this last nite and we were both completely creeped out. The baby changing!! *shivers*


    Pop by at my post above…my small contribution to your pretty cute blog with so many cute animal based hilariousness.


  20. Oh my Dog! Too funny!!!

  21. Linus — I *almost* chucked that into the spam bin, because the link was a general blog archive link. (CO isn’t a free advertising service.) HOWEVER:

    Your basset hound is *awesome*. Here’s the URL that I think you meant to share:


  22. Mario Rubano says:

    I woke up my roommate laughing hysterically, specifically the part when the boss took a swig and did the evil villain laugh! I hope there are more of these treasures!

  23. Ah, I want to go visit Foot Stool Jazz and eat spaghetti with him while watching TV!

  24. girlnextdoortn says:

    I could only get about 5 minutes into it before I couldn’t take the creepy anymore.

  25. berthasevant says:

    As a scholar who specializes in films of the early sound era, there’s a lot for me to discuss here; the delicate intertextual play with Frances Marion’s “The Big House,” the melodramatic plot that was ancient when Boucicault stole it from the French in 1850, the use of animation (some of the shadows) and the possible identity of some of the actors providing the voices. But instead I’ll just say these are my two favorite moments:

    “Oh, Gabriel, blow that horn!”

    “Stop! In the name of the law!”

    P.S. The Little Rascals remade this two years later, wasn’t as good.

  26. Agreed. And did you know the dog playing the heroine is really male?

  27. Not to be Buzz Killington, but I imagine the things done to those dogs to make them “act” were pretty cruel, especially in the 1920s. I know even know food deprivation and pain are used to make animal “actors” do what they’re supposed to do. I feel like such complicated stunts as are in this movie would have required the dogs to go through a lot of unpleasant training & deprivation.

  28. I can’t believe I watched the whole thing.

  29. Michelle S says:

    I knew it was coming: concerned comments made about dogs that probably died of old age over three quarters of a century ago.

    Everyone had it rough in the 20s-30s. Trust me. At least those dogs had a home and food, which was more than most people during that era.

  30. that was 16 minutes of…donno…just donno, *shakes head* in an attempt to clear it.

  31. lindsay but not lohan says:

    The puppy that wants the kitty looks just like my dog, and that’s her personality too.

  32. warrior rabbit says:

    Wow, his appeals were denied pretty fast! How long was he in jail, three weeks?! (And yet his sweetie waited…)

    Very amusing and weird. LOL!

  33. berthasevant says:

    Camille…from what I know, these particular animals (at MGM, the ritziest of the studios) were generally treated very well, very well fed and cared for at the MGM “zoo” (which housed a wide menagerie of creatures). I can’t speak to the “training” techniques — but most of the shots here are of very short duration and most accomplished with trick photography. I’m not saying that this is a “normal” way for an animal to exist, but I’d wager that these animals were actually treated fairly well when they were working. These MGM shorts (there were several with dogs, babies, kids, etc., parodying popular films) tended to be lower-budget, of course, but I’m sure there are lots of animals in the early 1930s who met a much worse fate because of human idiocy.

  34. Isn’t making the dogs do that a bit..cruel? I love cuteoverload, just asking?

  35. Juliet — that’s “wasn’t”, not “isn’t”. Cute Overload is not in the business of time-warping back to the Depression to make dog movies.

  36. lol people have so much pent up frets that they are actually worrying about dogs that existed early last century? Can’t you people find something a little more, well, recent to twist your hankies about?

  37. That was waayyyyyy too wierd! You could tell they put PB in their mouths in the prison dining room scene. I almost peed my pants when the girl dog fainted. Made my morning!

  38. You should show the “Queenie In Trouble” Youtube video on here too. It’s another one of these same Dogville shorts… just hilarious.

  39. Wow…I haven’t seen anything that awesome since Toonces the Driving Cat!!!

  40. binky-mama says:

    Awesome…just awesome!

  41. Ohhh My goodness the tragedy the in humanity and then the joy … as true love wins over all.

    LOL Magnifico.

  42. Ten years ago, there was a brief statement in some magazine that a famous producer was making a version of Romeo and Juliet with cats. Wonder if it ever got done?

  43. totalee puppy says:

    I’m the kind of DUMBster
    who really gets into this
    yaaaaay…sniff. I just HAD
    to confess.

  44. Has anyone seen a movie from about the 1920s-1930s called Trader Hound??

  45. The dog at the beginning who puts the whole stick of butter under his pancake and then pat-pat-pats it… I lost it. orange soda straight out the nose. other than that, an awesome film! (snif)

  46. lol- that was great! best line: “stale weenies again!”

  47. Looks like this is one of several “Dogville Shorts” filmed from 29-31. Here’s an article all about them

  48. WTF??? LMAO@ the dog when she fainted

    lol@ stale weenies again, then his fork was all bent.

  49. This made my night! 🙂

  50. I haven’t watched the whole thing, but I notice that this was directed by Jules White, of Three Stooges fame.

  51. I tired, but I’m sorry, I got 1:41 into the first one and just had to turn it off. I’m glad it made some people happy, though. I’ll take the more modern talking animals as in Dr. Doolittle (both film series) than this. Have a great day, Peeps! K.

  52. Thought we’d moved on from the 1920’s.I know sensibilities have changed but I thought this was just horrible.My bf will love it though!


  54. i just hope nobody was harmed in the making of the dog arms.

  55. i agree.. kinda wierd.. but i loved it and watched the whole thing..
    lots of great scenes..

  56. This was the most ridonkulous thing I have ever seen on CO! Not only cute but also very, very weird.

  57. awww, poor dogs. there were no laws protecting animals back then. those poor guys had to act for dog food….
    still funny though.