Mr. Pinkering will see you now.

[Trots back to deck and buzzes you in]


The wonderful, hilarious work of Julian Wolkenstein via Rachel Hulin and F-Stop Magazine. The Sender-Inner is none-other than Chief Sister Officer.



  1. Now this is just the stylist that I am talking…

    There is NO wine coloring or cool tones in that hair.

    *feels better now*

    Moving on….

    fantastic photo 😀

  2. This is hilarious and creepy… as for cute, I’m on the fence.

  3. warrior rabbit says:

    Trots back to… deck?

    Lovely horsie. Hope the blonde horsie with the Dolly Parton ‘do is eventually posted as well.

    This pretty redhead is total pinup material. She’s like… Rita HAYworth.

  4. Love the bangs! 🙂

  5. well that’s just odd, cute – but still odd

  6. I love Julia Roberts’ new do.

  7. stark_rain24 says:

    Eww. That is So Racist.

  8. Soooo pretties!

  9. hey! that’s rac… um wait. Wrong horsie picture. 😉

    Is it wrong that I’m envious of her ‘do’? I can never achieve that little flip on the ends.

  10. Soooo racist. THAT’S the logical conclusion we HAVE to reach if we accept the [idiotic] arguments of the [idiotic] nuffers who condemned the photo of the black horse with a weave, by the same photographer, featured on this site last week.

  11. Von Zeppelin says:

    Was the rest of the horse dyed to match the mane, or is that her natural tone? (I am male–I know little of the mysteries from the Tent of the Women. We warriors sit around gnawing bones and boasting of our hunting skills.)

  12. this is cute but where is CATURDAY??? sadness.

  13. Hey now, I’d say this fine femme is no mere secretary (not that being a secretary is “mere”)–she’s a Hollywood starlet!

  14. There is a NSFW pic on that link. And prolly not safe for those who don’t want to corrupt the eyes of their tender little ones. Just FYI

  15. Sssnort!

  16. I meant snicker-snort!

  17. hahaha she’s all “does this haircut make my face look long?”

  18. It’s a Varga Mare!

  19. No, Von. That horse is chestnut, likely with a full body clip – making her look like a diluted shade of strawberry blonde. Pretty sure the mane was done with human hair extensions, probably dyed.

  20. firepikachu says:

    Agree, it is Caturday and this makes me sad.

  21. lorisboston says:

    actually — would it be more accurate to refer to her as a “Secretariat?”

  22. Holy cow, 5 hours of hairstyling… (click through to the original article, there are more funny horse photos!)

  23. Yeah, that’s kinda funny but it’s still WRONG WRONG WRONG! Horses are one of the most awesome creatures in the world and they definitely lose some of their appeal when we try to humanize them like that. The U.S. Arabian Nationals were held here this year, first time ever, and I was in heaven, just walking about the stalls checking them out, petting their SO soft noses. Wow.

  24. wheatuskitty says:



  25. Von Zep, are you asking if the curtains match the drapes?

  26. love the headline (and the Secretariat line!)

  27. racismspotter says:

    it’s racist!!!!

  28. DaytimeDeb says:

    It’s Jane Hathaway. I wondered whatever happened to her! I wonder what happened to Mr Clydesdale (er, Drysdale).

  29. Michelle S says:

    Erebella, grats to Oklahoma on your first Arabian Nationals. It’s a fun show. Having spent the vast majority of my life around horses, I will agree with you that they have a natural dignity and grace. But they are also very social and fun-loving creatures. I have even seen horses play pranks and enjoy the outcome. They possess a sense of humor, so don’t sell them short in that regard. This horse may not get what’s so funny, but it’s very likely she enjoyed being fussed over at the very least. 🙂

  30. Hey, it’s Mrs. Uh-Whiggins in a chesnut wig!

    Lol, first thing I thought of, Tudball and Wiggins LOL!!!!!!!

  31. i see a couple of others have already beat me to the race joke.

  32. Pinkering, Cantering, and
    Galloping, Attorneys at Law.

  33. It’s nice to see that Sarah Jessica Parker is working again.

  34. Gail (the first one) says:

    Looks like Barbara Stanwyck in her salad days!

  35. Stephanie C. says:

    My mom had this hairstyle her senior year in high school (shh! don’t tell anyone).

  36. Darling. you simply must tell me the name of your hairdresser. It’s utterly divine!

  37. @Shannon
    You’re joking, right?

  38. I have not been able to view a few of your pages over the last 3 days! No picture comes up.

  39. Ann Coulter went brunette?!?!?

    [No no, this is a *horse*. Easy mistake to make… – Ed.]

  40. Ahhh, I see it now.

  41. snoopysnake says:

    Twist the back up into a curly bun and muss up the bangs and she’ll give you a good Lucy Ricardo “eeeeeuuuuuullllllwwww!”

  42. She only uses Mane and Tail hair products!

  43. laura Weismann says:

    hey celine what’s with the long face ?????

  44. Lorisboston, that deserves a big hug and kiss from your favorite person!

    Kara- right on!

    Theo- how cute are you?
    Claudia- you win- it Is Mrs. A-Wiggins.

    Wow- great thread, peeps!

  45. ThreeCatNight says:

    You know, there’s a woman I see every morning at the Rockefeller Center station who looks like this (with considerably shorter hair).
    Actually the horse is much prettier.

  46. Hell Hath No Fury says:

    Ahhh, it’s…it’s….my mother-in-law!!!!!!

  47. thats just weird i mean wtf