Two Ends of a Hedgehog named Geoffrey

End #1: (Moist nosicle, beady eye, miniscule pawsitude)


End #2: (Bowl cut, tail nubule, splayed haunch action.)


G4, nice hedge cave (above).



  1. littlemiette says:

    I’ll take 6, plskthxbai

  2. hedgetocks, hedgetock, hedgetocks…..

  3. AHHHH the wee tail! *makes squishy face* I can’t take it!

  4. I’ve been trying to convince my friend to get a hedgey, I want to be able to come over and play with one! we can both stick our heads in paper towel rolls.

  5. tock 2 me baby says:

    I was never so big on the qte factor of tocks……………UNTIL NOW!!!

    Is it gross to have the urge to snorgle a hedgehog’s bum?

  6. For I will consider my hedgie Geoffrey . ..

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hedgehogbutt before!

  8. Ya know, if you drew a pair of eyes on picture two, you’d have a second face.

  9. Teh tiny paws,
    teh bitty bum,
    OH MY!

  10. Sure, both his ends are named Geoffrey, but what’s his middle named?

    [“Spike” – Ed.]

  11. LOL two eyes and we wouldn’t know if he was coming or going….

  12. Annie, do it. You know you want to.

    Just don’t use a Pac-Man cookie; that’s been done.

  13. LOL Okay but I can’t do it till 2:00 California Time I am at work today

  14. A haiku:

    The tail nubule, tho
    it slays me, I die happy.
    Go to hedge heaven.

  15. hedgie ‘ttocks! Cuteness!

  16. His little bottom and nubbin tail look like they’ve been crocheted in the round out of some woolly yarn. Who knew hedge bottoms had this effect? (Well, I didn’t, but what do I know.)

  17. My kind of animule.

    My cello has arrived!!!! Hooray!

  18. hrh.squeak says:

    He looks like he’s thinking: “Oh please, not more pictures of my ‘tocks! Just don’t put them on the Internet . . . Oh Gawd, you did. I’m so embarrassed.”

  19. Tail nub white space:
    Please re-enter your p@ssword.

  20. Okay, how is it possible to own one of these beasties without spending all day in helpless laughter?

  21. Gail (the first one) says:

    I’m thinking from the caboose end, Hammiekins kinda looks like his top was dipped in chocolate!!

  22. Jennie Mello says:

    10.0!! Perfect score!!! Bravo!!!! Perfect hoggie!!

  23. Jennie Mello says:

    (still clapping wildly)

  24. Katrina, as Stephen Colbert said to Yo Yo Ma, there’s always room for cello.

  25. Okay..
    HERe are the two GIFs I made think of them as CO RCF’s

    I made two because I had two different Ideas

    This is my favorite one

    And if you are a Mad MAgazine Fan you will love this one

    If I get the croping to size thing figured out I will hook them in as 100 X 100 gif’s Later this evening’

  26. haha that’s a cute little tail-o.

  27. That lil butt is REDONK!!!

  28. Mary (the first) says:

    Not only do I love his hedgitude but I love that his name is Geoffrey. I would love to know how that came about…

  29. Too, too moishe. 😀

  30. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, Annie! I can’t decide if the first one looks like Pooh Bear or like Charlie Brown! :-DDDD

  31. Annie, Veeblefetzer, Potrzebie, Axolotl, Blecch! 😉

  32. I have now officially seen everything!

  33. Thanks Auntiemame

    And Theresa

    for anyone who wants the first one as a avatar gif

    here is a link to one sized at 100X100

  34. warrior rabbit says:

    I like hedge butts and I cannot lie…

  35. *YOINK* on the tail

    *runs away*

  36. Aww, that tail is too stubby to yoink.

  37. Theresa, thanks for that. We have been forever changed by modern advertising.
    I actually made that the basis of the Orchestra Holiday card- as we had two cellists before auditions and another one joined. The parents ‘get it’ and the young musicians go “huh?” it cracks me up. I’ll try my first practice today!
    As I was walking out of the music store, with my as unnamed instrument, a customer lady held the door for me, and asked “Are you a cellist?” I replied “I am now!” the store lady and the door lady snerked. It was fun!

  38. If anyone would like to help me name my new cello, suggestions are invited. Thanks.

    [“Limon”? – Ed.]

    The baby hedgie is just tooo cute.

  39. Katrina, I knew a cellist about twenty years ago who always made that joke, and I had forgotten about it until I heard Colbert say it the other night. 😉

  40. “Limon,” snerk!

  41. PS, Katrina, I was at gamba concert last week. It always seemed to me like a good instrument for people who want inner thighs of steel. No end pin, it’s all up to those legs!

  42. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Katrina: Name suggestions:
    Annette (as in Funicello)
    Othello (the cello)

  43. berthaservant says:

    I nominate “Lionel Richie” as the name for the cello, so you can play “Cello, is it me you’re looking for…”

    Hedge hinder is cute, too.

  44. LMAO at the stubby nubby butt and rach3’s *yoink* comment…hee hee! You can just see the lil’ hind legs running in place after the yoink!

  45. I knew you would come through- please, more, more! This is a cello we’re naming here, I need more input!

    Each suggestion is awkingly,achinglyfunny. Please continue.

    I like the obscure ones, and the less obscure ones have me gaffawing over here.
    You are just so great!

  46. Theresa- I snerked at the gamba position. Will I be the first cellist comedian?
    I can’t be a ‘stand up’ comedian anyway…..(snerk)!

  47. Von Zeppelin says:

    @Katrina–re: cello names. How about “Phane?”

  48. Katrina:
    Doesn’t the famous saying go something like
    “If it’s cello let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down”?


  50. totalee puppy says:

    Katrina…A name for your
    cello might be “Monty” or

  51. totalee puppy says:

    Thanks, everyone, for all the great hedgehog comments. You are cracking me up as usual!

  52. totalee puppy says:

    “cracking me up” is not a
    double-entendre about the
    rear view of our hedgie. I’m not that clever, really-I was just tie-tie when I wrote that. Smile-face.

  53. Having been the mom of 8 hedgies, I can say this is one very long nose, and the plumpest little butt. Also, it is the whitest tail I’ve ever seen. All I know is pink little crooked tails and never ending poop. I loved my hedgies, but they can be real poop machines. Long live the hedgies! They are simply the cutest little animals around!

  54. butts butts butts on almost every link u find BUTTS are they supposed to be funny or cute?

  55. OMG HEDGEHOGS!1!!!