THIS JUST IN: Boston Terrier the size of a ham

I TOLD you this pup was the size of a hamster. And you didn’t believe me.




I think we’re going to need a *SLIGHTLY* larger cage.



  1. cute/looks like it has puppy brain damage.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. says:



  3. What a bugeyed beauty.

  4. fake dog is fake

  5. Clearly this pup is two and a half times the size of a hamster. His back end is the size of one hamster, his front end the size of a second hamster and the top of his head and those earsomg make up the difference.

  6. That’s not a tiny Boston… it’s a regular sized Great Dane… it’s the hamster we should be scared of!

  7. berthaservant says:

    LOL Katy!

    I suspects shenanigans but still quite adorable.

  8. binky-mama says:

    Photoshop! j/k 😛

    Little hamster is all “Dewd, what kind of hammie ARE you?”

  9. ….speechless….

  10. Um, isn’t there something wrong about breeding dogs so small they can’t see straight?

  11. hamster-doggy?

  12. chortlemeister says:

    I LOVE-A my Bostons. But ya gotta have two. Never a dull momento here!

  13. such a cute little thing! Too bad they don’t stay that little and cute forever. Kind of like kids I guess!

  14. It looks kinda creepy o.0 Indeed I’ve never been much of a dog person but this thing not only has a freakishly large head but it’s eyes arent even focused…and I dont even know if it’s real. I’m sure it is cute to a lot of you, but personally it’s not as cute as the two kittens in the bag.

  15. Aww! I just wuv puppies wit squished noses! i love his big eyes!!!=]

  16. Settle down, Jenna. It’s 7 am on the east coast and I just snarfed my coffee! What a great submishe. Ha!

  17. The pup is all like “YEAHHHH HAMSTER-FRIEND” and that ham is all like WT-EFFFF????????? (it’s also like “HEY gimme a wheel that’s not so effing squeaky!!!”)

  18. williamslijp says:

    small dog or big ham? lol

  19. The pup looks like he has pants and a sweater on.

  20. I was expecting a dog the size of a HAM – y’know, like a Christmas baked ham.

  21. This puppeh reminds me of the staring Chihuahua in Invader Zim.

    Also, the ham is all “Are you at least a stable non-smoker?”

  22. @Annie, what makes you think he doesn’t?

  23. jackie31337 says:

    T.U.M. that would be my parents’ corgi mix. My brother calls her a Christmas ham with legs. She is about the size of one, too.

  24. It’s ok guysis. When pups are that young, they all look a little “wall eyed”. Even worse on a pup whose eyes are that big.

  25. OMG dat hamster is HUGE!

  26. This is what happens when you advertise for a roommate on Craigslist…

  27. Brandi7920 says:

    I like how the puppeh is keeping one eye on the Ham and one eye on the door. Escape the giant hammie!!!

  28. T.U.M. – I was expecting the same thing – Christmas Ham!!!

    Hamster is like, “You’re not staying, are you?”

  29. Is that what these dogs normally look like at this size-age? Do the eyes get less protuberant when they get older? I’d be afraid of obstacles blinding the poor little thing. Talk about your pocket pets! Cute hamster.

  30. I call shenanigans. Show us that pupper in a different pose, and I’ll change my mind.

    [Sure you will. *yawn* – Ed.]

  31. HAHAHAHA his eyes are looking in opposite directions

  32. spookymuffins says:

    again with the total amazingness – ugliness and freakisness of the Boston Terrier… they always look so fed up its ace – I REALLY want one and I have been trying to convince my man that they are awesome – so I sent this link to him with fingers crossed…
    his response – I hate them even more now…
    I thought they were dogs and not rats…

  33. I’m sorry, spookymuffins, maybe he’ll come around.
    Perhaps showing him a more normal sized one would help?
    Maybe he wants ‘a man’s dog’?
    Yeah,mmmm that’s what my 6’2″ Norwegian, rough, tough father said before our neighbor’s miniature poodle had babies. We have pictures of Dad and Cheri in bed snuggling and playing…keep the faith, he may come around yet!

  34. I just created an account so could Digg this.
    It’s just too good, I can’t stop looking at it hahahaha.
    What a looooovely dog =)

  35. That hammie’s thinking,

    I could take him.

  36. Are you for real! A dog the size of a hammie?!? Now that is extremely small. I thought baby dog at most will be no smaller than a umm… bunny?

  37. Hmmm I think the Hamm is actually bigger than the puppy : )

  38. yeah, it’s cute. but that can’t be healthy for a dog.

  39. This little guy looks like he’s actually the size of the “shithuahua” (shi tzu-chihuahua mix) that my family had, when she was a puppy. When we got her, she wasn’t hamster-sized, but she WAS the size of the guinea pig I had then, and the guinea pig wasn’t yet full-grown!

  40. OMG I have an adoption application in for a Boston RIGHT NOW!! I hope I get one so cute and googly-eyed!! If it’s too small though, maybe my catzen will eat it…. :O

  41. scooterpants says:

    isnt there a rule about ‘your head being bigger than …something or other like that’ ?
    that there is one big headed lil doggie.

  42. the ham is all like “look at me when i’m talking to you”

  43. then the newspaper in the background of the first pic must be a special hamster-sized edition.

  44. I thought ham like Christmas ham too! NOMNOMNOM earsies!

  45. Are you kidding me?

    This is the cutest and funniest thing! I can’t stop laughing! That face in the cage…Lol!

    I love creative humans.

  46. “Each piece sold separately.”

  47. What is with the people who always have to find fault? This is adorable and if you don’t find the ham’s fearless “Baroo, what is THAT?” expression funny, you have no soul. That is all.

  48. OMG. The feets in that first picture!
    THE FEETS!!!

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    I think he’s adorable but I would be truly scared to have one.. one misstep of my giant feet and there goes my baby 😦

  50. Are they SUPPOSED to be wall-eyed?

  51. girlnextdoortn says:

    “OH MY GOD!!” she shouted upon seeing a dog the size of a hamster.

  52. I think the dog’s wearing leggings from the Lindsay Lohan line.

  53. lInguAFRANKA says:

    im pretty sure its real. i mean, there are perfect cage shadow lines going across his chest and the 2 shots are coming from slightly different elevations. his pose is exactly the same tho.

    my friend has a full-grown teacup chiuaua who is 2″ tall! you gotta seriously watch out not to step on her, but she is the CUTEST, SWEETEST thing ive ever seen

  54. Damn you, Photoshop, for making us so skeptical. Damn you straight to hell!

  55. If you want to see what REAL Bostons look like, go to or or the website of a BT rescue in your area. Usually the ears don’t stand up in a young dog, but yes Boston puppies are quite small.

  56. Lol… that hamster is all… “WTH?! Get it out! Get. It. OUT!”

  57. I’ve figured it out, the nice alien asked the hamster take him to his leader. And now the ham is ratting you out! Look at the tiny pointing ham hand!

  58. I call sheeeeeenanigans

  59. That first comment is just so stupid. How idiotic can you be, really?

  60. Marie, that is one answer you truly do not want from the internets.

  61. totalee puppy says:

    It’s not really the same pose in both pictures. The
    position of the legs is different. BT a cutie! Yay for Redzilla and Craigslist!

  62. LOL. The ham looks like he’s gearing up to swat the dog. Tres awesome.

  63. Wow, this pic is SOOOO cute! I have a boston, and even though she’s a runt, she’s not that small! Oh gosh, I want this dog! it’s my new background!

  64. Well, thats the lindsay profile that i know.. 🙂 thanks for the information. Anyway nice to see your blog here…:)