Please pick up milk, bread AND KITTAYNS

2 for 1 special at Safeway, limit 1 coupon per household. HURRY!!!

Carrie L., they’re really fresh this time of year!



  1. Qte kittehs 😀

  2. Squee! I love these kittehs!! And I think kittehs are addicted to plastic bags as well as boxes. Baghab!!

  3. berthaservant says:

    I can’t quite figger out the humans here…not sure if they are just really blase or playing along. When the camera turned off, did they both started squeeing and giggling like mad? Or was it just “ah, bag o’ cats, what are you gonna do?”

  4. binky-mama says:

    LOL @ Audrey! My kitteh needs baghab stat! He will climb into ANY womens purse no matter what shape or size. It’s quite embarrassing when friends are over.

  5. Von Zeppelin says:

    When they are set on the sofa, the bag o’ cats continues wrestling with each other rather than escape to the freedom of the real world. Sounds like a metaphor for some political parties.

  6. I just had to chase down one of my boys because he got stuck in the handle of a bag!
    They may want to let the kittehs ripen for a few more weeks. They tend to be sweeter when slightly rotten.

  7. Von, interesting read there.

    I always buy 1 get 1 free and cant finish all before the second one expires. But there is no problem finishing these KITTAYNS. 😀

  8. A caboodle of kittayns.

  9. they’re like aliens trying to claw their way out of a uterus. or something.

  10. Ooh er double post double posts double posts.

  11. One post for each kittayn. Beware, every post from here on will be double. The kittayns made you do eet.

  12. Michelle S says:

    heehee that was fun. But the best part? I beat the “zomg-sum1-remove-teh-kittehs-b4-tehy-suffrocate” nuffers.

  13. Our kittehs need baghab as well. Already 1.5 years old but still can’t resist an innocent little shopping bag that’s left on the kitchen bag. “Going in head/front paws first. Yeeeee….”

  14. I love all the scrunchy sounds….

  15. Suffocate? Nah. My kitties never met a plastic bag they couldn’t rip to pathetic shreds.

    Mad lovely kittens. WANT. Had to turn down adopting a 9 week old tabbie cutie pie last week due to my finances and still depressed about it…getting my kitten fix from Cute Overload instead. What I want to know is why are scientists messing around with all these useless things like particle accelerators, when what we really need is snuggle-o-vision so we can nom and snorgle all these adorable critters? Though not the snail. Sorry. Not nomming any snails for no-one.

  16. It’s like they were just plucked off the tree! They’re so fresh!

  17. Two kittens are so easily entertained. Beating the crap out of each other is always an option.

  18. Sahrawi Wife says:

    YAY! Bag wrestling ! :-}
    That Kitty was like “Hey we wuz playen wid dat bag ! Give it back !”

  19. Hey, those are our pals, Perci and Peanut!

  20. Space Cowgirl says:

    D’awww. I never knew fresh produce could be so toothy. (And uh, claw-y.)

  21. 2 kittehs allus has somethin to do. Harass each other. Even in a bag. BTW, is there a baghab like there is a boxhab? 1 of them kittehs may need a short course…. just sayin’….

  22. LOL

    “They don’t want out.”

    “No. It’s fun in there. It’s all crinkly.”

  23. LOL @ Theresa – that usually works for human kids, too!

    All my cats need baghab. One of them loves to stick his fat head through the handle and run around like Superman in a cape.

  24. I’m dying over the fact that they were utterly unconcerned about being carried in plastic bag because they wre so intent on biting each other. And anything else that came into view. 🙂

  25. I like the related video with the kittens taking a nap.. dying to kiss the little white belly 🙂

  26. You know, I bought a bag of those ‘kittehs’ at the store, quite a while ago now. I thought they would stay all tiny and bag-sized, just like the rest of my groceries, but…a warning people, they don’t stay small! They grow up and then they just about take over your whole place!! It’s like having three-year-olds that can leap three times their body length! Just a word of caution from one who knows…

  27. “When did we get bubbles?”

  28. My kitteh prefers to eat plastic bags. I’ve caught her a few times with half a bag down her throat, and then have to yank it out. She once also ate a bright orange net off of a box of apples. It wasn’t as much fun for her coming out.

  29. I love that the bag is from Safeway. We should always observe the “Safe Way” with all our animals! 🙂

  30. Gail (the first one) says:

    Aww kittens!!!!! I wonder if Safeway had “surprise” bags, where you don’t get to see what’s inside until you buy it!!! Yep, I’ll take that bag that’s all squirmy!!

  31. I sent that in, cause back when we had cats *cry*, and my mom brought home 3 more kittens, that had been dumped in a very busy parking lot – they were so squirmy, wiggly, bitey she couldn’t get them into the house without fear of losing one on the way, so she stuffed them all down in a WalCrud bag! In a nice, humane way of course – and when she handed it to me – the bag was all wiggly jiggly, bitey and I wish I’d have taped the whole thing!

    They were the sweetest little kitties too – An, Noy and Ing 😦 I miss them.

  32. I’m a nuffer. 😦 But I’m glad they were supervised the entire time. ’nuff sed. 😀

  33. LOL watch out for their pointy parts.

  34. Anna/Minigoth says:

    2cats1bag !!!!!

  35. scooterpants says:

    hmm. Safeway is expensive, I wonder if a person could get a better deal on ‘bag o’ kittehs’ at Winco?
    Course, you’d have to bag your own….

  36. But are they organic?

    Who am I kidding, I’ll buy anything that’s 2 for 1.

  37. Whatever you do, don’t let the cat out of the bag!

  38. Juniper Jupiter says:

    OMG!! I swear!! I saw this AFTER the Lap Hippo one and then made the “pank tushy” comment….

    Their comment here was great!!!

    “Oh they got the butt here to ‘pank!”

    I DO THAT, TOO!!! XD!!!

  39. That’s horrible! The kittens are clearly beating the crap out of each other because they’re both so frustrated at being confined in such a tiny, confusing space together. 😦

  40. Nonsense. I ‘ve had kittehs for years. If you put my Stinky and Dante down in the middle of the Great Salt Flats, they would jump on each other and beat the crizzap out of each other.

  41. Ahhh, be careful the kittehs no has suffocation!!!

  42. ditto on the baghab! My Lillykitty likes them better than ‘nip!
    I’m not kidding…

  43. Fergus clearly doesn’t know kittehs. If they were upset, they’d be crying.

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    Two kittens will wrassle with each other just about anywhere. What I want to know is.. why doesn’t my Safeway have kittens???

  45. Me thinks Fergus is just pullin our legs, so to speak.

  46. OK I KNOW THIS WILL SOUND CREEPY but I really kept waiting for this vid to turn into amateur porn. IT JUST HAD THAT VIBE IM SORRY PLEASE DO NOT BAN ME

    [Whatever. Idiot. – Ed.]

  47. Please be careful. Kitties/cats have died in plastic–sheeting, bags, etc.–before.

  48. Uh, yeah, Vic – and kittens/cats have also died on soft comfy mattresses. And on soft fluffy pillows. And in the middle of well-manicured green grassy lawns. We’re all gonna go someday – kittens, cats and people – so why not have a little fun on the way?

  49. This was in the related videos:


  50. “Of course they want to stay in there. It’s all fun and crinkly.” That statement just made the vid for me!

  51. the last exchange sent it over the top for me:
    A: you grab the wormy one.
    B: this wormy one?
    A: yeah grab the worm
    B: this worm, it’s so sharp.

  52. All I could think is that must a really strong bag. The Publix ones break when you put lettuce in them.

    My guess is ten minutes later they were grooming each other and twenty minutes later they were asleep on top of each other.

    Seriously cute kittens. I love that video of dad holding the sleeping kittens in the back seat, afraid to wake them up.

  53. LOL! I can´t believe they´re actually playfighting INSIDE the bag, toooo cute! 😀

  54. now i want my boyfriend to come over and bring me a bag of kittens

  55. OMG, they actually said WORMY!
    “This li’l wormy one?”
    “Yeah, get the worm.”
    I can’t believe someone other than me calls these things WORMS. My idiot-lect is catching on!!!

  56. Not trying to nuff here, but just as with human babies, plastic bags are dangerous for animals, so I hope those who let their pets play in grocery bags do so only while watching carefully.

    I know of a woman whose cats loved to play in such bags, so she left them some on the floor to play with while she was at work. She came home one day to find one of her cats had gotten his head through the handle and gotten it wrapped tightly around his neck. The cat was still alive, but even after being released from the bag, he was so insane from the ordeal (who knows how long he had been trapped like that?) that she eventually had to have him put to sleep.

    Sorry about nuffing, but I try to spread the word about such dangers to precious animals, since I can’t bear to think of any suffering like that because their owners don’t realize the dangers.

  57. We once brought a lamp home from Target in a plastic bag, and our cat got her head through the handle and then took of, going around and around the house getting more terrified by the second from “the thing that was chasing her”. After we got her de-tangled, we couldn’t go near her for 3 days, she was so vicious and scared. Eventually she had to take kitty Valium. But that was our screwy cat, most cats know how to play with bags.

  58. thanks for calling me an idiot. you could have just deleted the comment or emailed me privately. I didn’t think that’s what this site was about; my comment was meant in good fun, not as an insult. I won’t be visiting again.

  59. totalee puppy says:

    Theresa…Great Salt Flats…LOL!

  60. Meh — good. Enjoy your porn.

  61. Adorable kitties, funny people.

    Bag play was supervised.

  62. Not cute at all! I have always been amused by the warnings in American packages that not to be used as a toy because of the risk to be suffocated because I thought nobody would be that stupid… Even though there was supervision in this case, it gives bad example to nonchalant people.

  63. warrior rabbit says:

    Blues, give it a rest. The kitties were supervised. Fretting over other people’s possible future actions seems a foolish waste of effort. Undoubtedly someone somewhere is doing something stupid right this minute. And again right now. And right now. Oops, there it happened again. See? Pointless, isn’t it?

    Just enjoy the safe, supervised cuteness that’s already in the past and don’t get all wound up about things you can’t control. Sheesh.