Lap Hippo

Let’s check in on the lil’ pygmy hippo and see if things are still rubbery with a chance of Shrek ears.

Check and Check Suzanne H.!



  1. hungry happy hippos, harruh

  2. Love the tock shot around 2 min.

  3. “Hiccups!” lol.. i dont think i have ever seen a cuter hiccup in my life!!!

  4. I want a baby hippo for Christmas says:

    I promise I’ll feed her and take her on walks. She can sleep, with me and we’ll be best friends.

    Pleeeeease can I have a baby hippo for Christmas?!


  6. Juniper Jupiter says:

    OMG!! Please don’t be mean to me, folx, but this li’l guy is SO CUTE, I juss wanted to PANK him!!! Not hard, tho.

    I mean, COME ON!! He had that kind of tushy that juss says “I needs to be skritched and then panked!! Who wants a go!!” 😀

    Oh, and LOL @ Isaac!

  7. I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. ONLY a hippopotamus will do.

    Cutest ever!

  8. oh to have a baby hippo climb in your lap! And nom on your leg! clickety click! Covergirl!

  9. Sahrawi Wife says:

    Its all rubbery and squishy!! Little fat rolls on the neck ! Toooo cute Yall !:-}

  10. I had to contain my squeals of glee. I think my bellybutton just exploded.

  11. SQUEEEEEEEE! I want a lap-hippo! I know my kitties will share.

  12. darkshines says:

    If he had a shell, he’d look like the Mock Turtle from Alice in Wonderland 🙂

  13. Soooo cute! Like his little hoppies!

  14. That is beyond adorable. What a sweet little thing.

  15. I Must Have EET!!!!!!!!

  16. [THUDDDD]

  17. Alice, dontcha hate it when that happens? That mini hippoluvabunch is just a cute little rubbery baby doll! Or perhaps bubby doll in this case.

  18. Amazingly cute. I’m in the midst of a really depressing day and this little one just made me smile. I needed this.

  19. Oh man. How can that even exist in nature?

  20. Floyd's Mom says:


  21. And just how many Rules of Cuteness does this morsel fulfill? All of them? YEAH, ALL OF THEM.

  22. Oliver's Girl says:

    HOLY GOD. How can earth sustain such cuteness without causing a temporal dissidence in the space-time continuum!


    *feverishly riffles through notepad, checking and re-checking equations*

  23. It must be an evolved defense mechanism. Any potential predictors, upon seeing this squishy being is immediately rendered into a cutesplosion.

  24. TrumanRabbit says:

    Holy wrinkle tocks! I love how she did not sign any autographs! No matter how many people called her name she did her own thing. She could have very easily popped on some Jackie O sunglasses and ignored everyone. Instead, she just snoozed. Class all the way!

  25. That was the best 3 minutes I’ve had all week.

  26. I love how he keeps nomming at her shorts.

    Stellar eye capsules, too!

  27. Transpogue says:

    Ok, the jobs those two keepers have…those were smart, smart women.

    Can you imagine?

    “Bye, honey! I’ll be at work all day, giving tiny baby hippos their baths!”


  28. He’s teefing. I see those lettle teefs need to chew, chew chew!

  29. He’s so…shiny! I’d love a tiny hippo that tries to eat my pants. It’s like a shiny, rubbery puppy. :o)

  30. Elizabeth B. says:

    The hippo is ADORABLE, but for some reason on my LJ feed instead of the hippo there is a video of a choir of senior citizens… it was quite surreal. I couldn’t figure out where the hippo was!

  31. platedlizard says:

    I loved the little ear-flapping action. They move independently! How cute!

    Did you all hear the story about how she got born though? She came out backwards, so sad 😦 At least she survived, even is her mom couldn’t take care of her. And she looks healthy now.

  32. Too cute, from beginning to end. First the NOMing, then the lap snuggle, then the beady eyes, tocks, tails…it’s like the above poster said, it is a representation of every rule of cuteness in existence!

  33. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! omigodireallywanttohaveonerightnow

    *Takes breath* Ahem, as I was trying to say, I really want to have one, right now.

    What could make a better pet than a Pygmy Hippo? A PIPPO!

    OMG, I am ded x_x

  34. i think she’s made out of silly putty. or maybe pudding.

  35. OH dear lord. Must have. MUST!!!!
    She has to snuggle up in my lapums.

  36. The lady said the hippo’s name meant Lucky in Nigerian…There is no such language as Nigerian.

  37. 2:05 — hippopota’tocks!

  38. Beth (in NC) says:

    Awwwwwuuugggghhhhhh. That is so cute it almost causes me physical pain!!!

    I wonder if little tiny wee pygmy hippos with mini Shrek ears grow up to be the same level of dangerous as their big cousin common hippos in the Savannah. :-O Prolly not this little lady though… she’ll prolly climb into laps when she weighs tons. 😀

  39. Okay I am officially in love and two; Count them, two tock shots and flickery ears and she is just too cute for words.

  40. Anna in Portland says:

    When she said “Nigerian” probably she meant either Yoruba or Igbo. Of course there are many other languages in Nigeria but I think those are the two most widely spoken.

    Whatever, that hippo is indeed off the cute charts.

  41. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Check out the WikiPedia page on these guys. Real interesting.

  42. where do I sign up to get one of these?!?! I love love love LOVE hippos

  43. So cute I can’t not hardly stand it…

  44. love the tock shot!!

    so did her mama reject her or die during the birth?

  45. omg…so cute! I am totally in love with hippos after watching that domesticated hippo on Animal Planet. Too cute!

  46. AuntieMame says:

    She’s so shiny she sparkles! So cute!

  47. So many pictures!
    It’s the hippoparazzi

  48. okay, the videographer gets serious props for the two tocks shots!

    i love how the hippo seems so very snuggly. i wonder what her skin feels like. that would be an interesting snuggle, i think.

  49. ultimate *bleen*

  50. Reality is breaking down. I can no longer distinguish fantasy from the day-to-day hard facts of life, ever since I glimpsed this mind-scrambling fireball of cuteness, bursting before my eyes like a billion puppies riding baby dolphins. I question my own existence; my concept of the self is dissolving before the all-encompassing cuteness of this PIPPO!!! When I die, I can only hope I will become one with this PIPPO!!! Living in eternal harmony and OMG CUTE!!!!!!

    [I slightly prefer “huppy” myself… – Ed.]

  51. Who do I have to kill to get a baby hippo on my lap?

  52. Every time the wee hippo flicks its teeny-tiny ears, a little part of me dies of the cuteness overload.

  53. The ear wiggles!
    The ear wiggles!

  54. aaah it’s a Moomintroll! Brilliant!

    too bad they don’t stay that size. I’d be happy to have a tiny hippo gumming on me 😀

  55. what the heck do you call it when a huppy does a ridiculous little hop followed by ear flappage? rabbit folks out there will know that the little happy jumps are called “binkies” when performed by buns. cuteologists, we must name this phenomenom.

    p.s. i don’t actually want a hippo for Christmas; i’ll settle for a video of this huppy doing a somersault in her bath plzkthx.

  56. warrior rabbit says:

    So hippos, just like dogs, go unerringly for the crotch.

  57. to Lucy: She was in distress after birth because of the breech, they needed to take immediate action to save her life, which meant she was imprinted to her humans before her mom. Mom was probably just as distressed, so they separated them to make sure both got well…good thing eh?

    PS–If buns do ‘binkies’ shouldn’t hippos do ‘hinkies’?

    PPS–She’ll always be mini, less than a metre high, so the closest thing to a pocket hippo you’ll get!

  58. I noticed the nice tocks shot included.

  59. *gasps* Can’t breathe….. must have lap hippo to nomnomnom on my lap!!!

  60. Somebody… please…

    crushing chest pain from teh QTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [keels over clutching mouse to hit replay]

  61. I do not believe the twitching ear action. My birthday is Sunday- I want one. STAT,

  62. I could just Om nom nom that little hippos ears all day long and be happy.

  63. “Woah! I think I´m the most famous hippo in the world!”

  64. ~Mom says the hippo would eat me up, but then
    Teacher says a hippo is a vegetarian
    There’s lots of room for him in our two-car garage
    I’d feed him there and wash him there and give him his massage~

    Cutest. Ears. Ever!
    Someone needs to FEED the l’il cutie!
    You’d think chewing on everything would be a clue! XD

  65. she’s all trying to talk, and mini hippo is interrupting by being adorable.

  66. Oh, I like pippo, but if other wish huppy, I’ll deal with it. Please keep us up to date on the wee one’s progress.

  67. I love hippo’s my auntie collected hippo ornaments and I always thought they were cute 😀

  68. Looloobelle says:

    Where the lady is like “oh yeah, she just loves her baths, she does little somersaults and stuff”

    Awwwwww mini hippo baths. Ahn. Ahn. Ahn. *splode*.

  69. haha! i was gonna come in here and name him pippo and you all already done it!

    (noms your radio)

    p.s. are there any rules of cuteness pippo *doesn’t* nail?

  70. so cute!! shiny hippo tocks! he reminds me of an old canadian commercial about the house hippo!!!

    I so want one

  71. berthaservant says:

    It’s all been said except for the part where behbeh hippo nommed on the walkie-talkie. It’s fascinating to see an unusual creature so friendly and curious w/ humans, that little lady looks like she’s right at home on a lap!

  72. kimicheese says:

    okay, why hasn’t the syndey zoo figured out they need a 24 hour live feed camera on baby hippo for us all??? i’m like, this is worse than crack, people. i need my baby pygmy hippo fix and i need it NOW. don’t make me go look for bad street hippos…

  73. OMG!!! meg, you are gonna need a NEW category! yes i said NEW! mebbe, just mebbe, you could call it rubbery nomming? just a random guess***

  74. Under her rubber outfit she has stripey pink combinations.

  75. I want a hippotamus for christmas!

  76. Absolutely adorable. Looks like she has her own little wet suite on. I liked the one before with her in her bath, making mini head dives 🙂

  77. Oh I want a hippopotomus for Christ-mas…
    Only a hippopotomus will do.
    Don’t want a ??? or dinky tinker toy,
    I want a hippopotomus to play with and enjoy….

    That’s all I remember but it really was a realio trulio song on an LP I had as a kid– who knew I would grow up and ‘sing’ it on CuteOverload!?

  78. WANT!!!

  79. TOCKS CLOSE UP AT 2:05!

    Lovin’ the flippy ears also.

  80. For all of those peeps who would like a pippo/huppy.
    First find a Mr. Pygmy hippo and Mrs. Pygmy hippo that really, really like each other.
    Then bring them into a nice, big, pen with a nice, big pond (not too deep) and ask them to make a baby for you. Feed them lots of good things while this is happeing.
    When they have done that (and you satisfied all of their questions about how good a pippo/huppy parent you will be, call me. I want to learn how to do it, too.
    And, I’d like to have dinner with the people who thought up and produced the House Hippo commercial, I’ll cook. Garlic bread and a yummy soup and noodles and any flavor pudding desired for dessert, with lots of yummy pies, too. An house hippo food, too.

  81. you guys notice on Yahoo? They have a few cute overload things on there? CO must have a fan who works there.

  82. I wonder why the one lady acts as though she is reluctant to actually touch the little baby, even when the hippo obviously wants real physical attention.

  83. Psilopathic says:

    That lil’ chubberkins has about 6 fat rolls on her neck alone! I want to poke a finger into the center of each rubbery roll of proshness. And another finger into the center of each Shrek ear. I can’t understand where these zookeepers find the self control to keep from kissing a fuzzy muzzle such as this!!!


  85. Not nuffing, I swear…but I hope Pippo McPlumpersons isn’t bothered by all the flash photography. If I were photographing her, I would be respectful and not use flash.

    Of course, she seems totally fine, so I’m probably worrying over nothing.

    I’ll take a pippo or two in my stocking this Christmas, please.

  86. Such blorpitude. Jeez.

  87. I always tell people when I grow up I want to be a mad scientist so I could create a mutant hippo that would be small enough to live in my bathtub. I would play with it and it would only need to eat a couple heads of lettuce a day. My dream has come true!

  88. totalee puppy says:

    Kind of a designer hippo…
    Tiny hippos are “hip” this season…and EVERY season . I would be good all year just to go to the zoo and give the little hipster a bath…

  89. hamster-on-rye says:

    charming looloobelle…Are you a member of the Turtles

  90. @ Madeline: Just to be safe she may need a pair of little pippo Jackie O glasses =D My issue with the flash was more along the lines of “Phbbbbbt, stupids, you will get so much GLARE off her skin!!!”

    She is sooooooo bleenful! Nothing like a hippo that knows the way of the snorgle!

  91. If I become a zookeeper, do I get to bathe tiny hippos?

  92. I think ‘Pippo’ is cuter, but that’s what we call my daughter’s purple hippo, so guess we’ll go with ‘huppy’. Pupopottamus?

    Here is a link to some pics of the little one– bath time and dunner time pics included!

  93. It looks like a My Little Pony!

  94. *heart goes really over fast than stops* HOLY KRAPOOYO never seen anything more precious. O.o GOTTA KISS!

  95. Glad you all like the video.
    I was the one who filmed it and pulled it together.

    Such a great experience to be there.

  96. Ooooo! A baby Hippy Pgymopotamus!

    Being the geek I am, I had to research this little barrel of cuteness. I heard in the video that her name means “I’m lucky” in Nigerian. A google search turned up that her name is “Monifa” and she lives in the Taronga Zoo in Sydney Australia.

    More pix here:,27574,24619742-1242,00.html
    And here:

  97. Yay!! Pygmy Hippo is adorable.

    this scares me though since so many people enjoy getting miniature pets… is this the new wave?

  98. Definitely Not Galen says:

    Ha ha! Hippoparazi!!! LOL! That is definitely the cleverest and most adorable post on this site, maybe on the entire internet (Trust me, I’ve looked). Emily must be super intelligent and hillarious. Judging by the syntax and gramattical structure she is probably really hot, er cute…whatever you respect more on this site. Too bad she probably already has a boyfriend who’s amazing!

  99. totalee puppy says:

    Pygmy Hippo–We’re lucky to have you around…you are so prosh! I wish you a safe life with bite-size food and floating water lilies.