Real-life Kit Kat Klock

Kit_kat_clock_animationRuh-member these? The Kit Kat Klock that scared the living crap out of you in the dark as a kid?

We had one!

Well here is the real thing:

Thanks (I think, we’ll see if anyone sleeps tonight) Gijs G.

// Thanks to Steve M. who noticed the video was put back up, so here it’s posted again! ///



  1. That’s just hysterical, good find 🙂

  2. I love kitty gnawing on the threads of the platform-thing!

  3. This edition is MUCH cuter.

  4. waffles'momma says:

    haha, looks like it just wants to eat it.

    ” ths doesn’t smell like me enough! nom nom!”

  5. temperance says:

    it makes my eyes hurt.

  6. Scratch ‘N’ Swing!!!!!


  7. Oh, neat! ^_^ That kitty is obviously having a good time.
    (and it looks like those strings feel nice, too) I would expect most cats to freak out on something like that.

  8. AuntieMame says:

    The heck with the cat. I want one of those for me!

  9. Woah, dizzy kitty pendulum!

    Was that from a real clock, or did someone rig it and add sound effects later?

  10. I had a cat with these markings. LOVE the way it is more interested in chewing away on the swings strings than being worried about the rapid back and forth motion..silly!

  11. Cats are so crazy! Life wouldn’t be as fun without them. Everyone give your kitties a smooch tonight!

  12. I’m feeling a little dizzy. I can only imagine how the cat is feeling.

  13. lucy's mommeh says:

    Yeah, had to stop the video…already having trouble with vertigo. Damn funny video tho!

  14. its kind of zen… you are feeling very sleepy… you are having uncontrollable urges to swing back and forth and eat string…

  15. That’s what I was going to say, jill-e-b. Cat looks like he’s having fun; I’m feeling a bit queasy!

  16. yous gettin sleepeh… verree sleeepeh…yous maik cheezburgers now..kthx.

    (Yeah, I know, wrong site.)

  17. He likes it.

  18. Cute cat, brought to you in Barf-O-Vision. Wish I’d watched this before dinner.

  19. No longer available ;~;

  20. I can’t seem to watch it. “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.” Anyone else getting this? Did the owner yank it, or is it just my connection?

  21. No longer available here too. :[

  22. Bummer!! No longer available!! How rude.

  23. We had one of those! Then it developed a lazy eye and was replaced with blue birds.

  24. I went to You Tube, according to the stats there, this video was only up for 3 hours? I left a message for the uploader asking why, but I doubt he/she will respond. I told (him?) he made Cute Overload, and there are lots of disappointed fans.

  25. berthaservant says:

    Video is back.

    And I’m not at all hypmotized.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go adopt nineteen marmies and rewind my grandfather’s watch.

  26. Carolina2, what you wrote must have worked as the video is up as of right now, 0:27h GMT, 7:27pm EST, 4:27pm PST.


  27. Well, at 7:42 p.m. Eastern USA time, it’s gone. Poop.

  28. The video is down for me. 😦

  29. I had a Kit Kat clock when I was a little’un. Mine was an orange tabby. It had an electric cord (not battery operated) and it never worked right after an electric storm one night. Sadness.

  30. It’s still gone as of 8:04 EST. 😦

  31. It’s there as of 10:53 PST. Love it 🙂

  32. It will be Kit Kat Klonk, if he bites through that string.

  33. Stephanie C. says:

    If it weren’t for the fact that I know my fat sack of cat, Gus, would snap that board like a stale cracker, I would swear that my brother had finally had his revenge.

    Hope kitteh doesn’t get motion sickness. That would be very unpleasant : (

  34. That is one happy kitty.

    The only thing those clocks remind me of is Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

  35. Alice Shortcake says:

    Cute, but you’ll notice that the video ends before the “projectile vomiting” scene…

  36. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Hon Glad: LOL!!

    It kinda sounds like a baby swing (the kind you can wind up and it goes automatically).

    Hey, there’s an idea!! Go around and buy up used baby swings and convert to kitty swings (of course it would have comfy padding)! Better than a kitty condo (unless there’s projectile vomiting involved)!

  37. The Cat and the Pendulum! Notify Edgar Allan Poe!

  38. quite the hypnotizing thing, eh?

  39. Y’know, even if he didn’t enjoy it he would probably sit on there just to be stubborn. Marmies are like that.

  40. what are you talking about remember those? i have one hanging in my bedroom even as i type this. of course, the batteries are dead so it’s not ticking, tail swishing, or eyes moving, but it’s a work of art as far as i’m concerned. thanks for acknowledging it!

  41. Very hypnotizing…

    And where is this shot? The first thought that came to mind was:

    “Hello, Clarice…”

  42. Look! Kitteh’s flossing while he’s hypnotizing you!! ^.^

  43. i’m getting veerrrry sleeeeeepyyyyyy

    but not sleepy enough to miss out on the Qte!

    cute marmie! silly kitty!

  44. WOOT. I was hoping this one would come back.

  45. This is why I can’t have nice things. Watching swinging kitty, I feel so dizzy.

  46. The Kit-Kat Klock is one of my all-time favorite bits of kitsch. My first cat, tiny Mimi, looked just like the original:

    Love the swinging marmie!

  47. I love it when cats try to floss with random string-like things. “oh! Window blinds!” *floss floss*. “Look there! Boot Laces!” *Floss floss* “Darn, kibble stuck in my teeth, time to floss on Mom’s silver necklace” *floss floss*

  48. No longer available is what it says for me. 😦

  49. Won(click)der(click)ful(click).

  50. Josh — THIS time, it’s still working, though YouTube’s “normal” inconsistencies probably still apply. Try pressing F5 (page refresh) and then see if you can play it.

  51. Bettymouse says:

    Between the cat w/box videos of last week, the noodle cat video, and this one, it’s official: cats are insane.

    Not that that’s a bad thing…

  52. Nauseated now.

    Kitty doesn’t seem to mind though!!

  53. I have had one of these clocks for years, the fiance says it’s not allowed in our kitchen though, le sigh

  54. I’ve been tempted to get a Kit Kat Klock and a bottle of white acrylic paint, and modify the klock to match my tuxie-boy’s markings.

  55. catloveschanel says:

    Yes, jen.

    I am getting verrrrry, veryyyyy sleepy.
    The kitteh is hypnotizing me….

    Must go and find some fish for lunch… hmmm [going catatonic]

  56. scooterpants says:

    whoa, kinda makes my eyes go all wanky.
    hope all that nommin on the string doesnt end in the string breaking!

  57. Cat: “Screw the swinging. It’s all about the string.”

    Isn’t it always?

  58. Mary (the first) says:

    video works for me.. and y’all who are concerned about projectilve vomiting, keep in mind kittehs climb trees and hang out on limbs, swaying in the breeze like crazy (which they are, as someone pointed out) and no ill effects. I doubt kittehs have motion problems. Maybe only in the car (for revenge).

  59. I was thinking the same thing as Hon Glad and waiting for the end of the video where kitteh chews through the string and gets dumped on the floor. 😀

  60. LOL Kitteh:: NomNom Nom Yum string tastes good.

    Swing swing swing.

  61. Mmmm mmmuhhh mmuhmmmm
    gah-uh fwoff muh teef…
    *gnaw chew chew gnaw*

    yay, glad the vid is back up 😀

  62. ultra kawaii!


  63. catloveschanel says:


    It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing.

    Do wah do wha do wha do wha~

  64. WANT.

  65. My head hurts from watching this. Nifty vid find though!

  66. Husband and I have kitties on the brain today. We’re bringing home a new cat this evening (she was my mom’s but my mother can’t keep her any more) so we’re terrified about how resident cat and new cat will get along.

  67. Looks like he is flossing his teeth.

  68. Dear Decca: Hugs to you and your Husband…. And to your Mom who is probably aching deep inside because she had to give up her Kitty.

    I got both of my Mom’s kitties from her and brought them home to two resident cats.

    IT has been a long year of kitties getting to know each other.

    There will be lots of hissing and growling at some times and other times every one will get along okay.
    Just give them lots of time and lots of room from each other for a while. The rest they will work out with each other.

    More hugs to you.. and this is the web page I originally set up so my Mom could see her kitties once in a while.

  69. My cat, who of course has to lean on my computer whenever I’m using it, was mesmerized by this video!

  70. Thanks, Annie. New cat is closed in a comfy room. Resident cat is outside the door meowing her head off. It’s going to be a long night. I can’t believe how stressed I am so I really appreciate your kind words and advice.

  71. That is one swingin’ cat, man…

  72. binky-mama says:

    If this marmie keeps up with the string nomming he is in for a rude awakening! My boy kitten would love this…when we change the sheets he’ll plop himself in the middle of the bed so we can play “Swing the kitteh”. My boyfriend grabs one end of the sheet and I’ll grab the other and we’ll swing ’till our arms are tired. Cats are just insane…..:)

  73. lapinguina says:

    My minpin totally just head tilted at this video. That makes two of us.

  74. Oh I love the kit kat clock! Did you know they even have them all done up snazzy with rhinestones? I’ve got a kit kat clock widget on my blog. The kitty video is too cute. ^..^

  75. Daphne Moss says:

    Kwazy Kat…
    Part not pictured:
    Kitty Vomit Falls…

  76. its not showing up

  77. Metronome Cat keepz ur rythum…. 😉

  78. Heee! I’m glad to see someone else does this! Of the nine cats I’ve had, all but three enjoy being put on a swing (laundry basket and a bit of rope). In fact, they come running when they hear the basket come out. Apparently this is one of those little-known cat addictions.

  79. VegetarianViking says:

    Man, I’m glad this is here. I wanted to watch it later, then it was gone and I thought I had succumbed to Seroquel induced cute hallucinations. As for the video – I was expecting kitty would chew through the string, crash the whole contraption and then trot off with the “I meant to do that” cattitude…

  80. My mother was never one to spend money foolishly, so when I got a Kit-Cat clock as a wee kid (I absolutely HAD HAD HAD to have one!), she did all the rhinestone work herself. I still have the clock, but it needs to be converted to battery-power (the electric motor wore out after years and years).
    Kit-Cat is still in business, more than 50 years and made in the USA! There’s even kits to retrofit the power on “vintage” clocks.
    Long live Kit-Kat!