Veterans, we salute you!

On behalf of grateful humans everywhere, thank you. [Holding salute]



  1. Even Stephen Colbert would have to admit this is cute.
    I mean, his eyes are like (large) buttons.

  2. Pandas and veterans? It’s only 2am and my day is already made!

  3. Selphie van der Boffin says:

    The panda is so cute. Takes more of a stretch of the imagination with the starfish though.

  4. I like the panda and the horse. I can’t help but think with that squirrel, “Duhn, duhn, duuuhn!” (Dramatic ground squirrel vid – or whatever species of rodent it is.)

  5. Atenshon!

  6. The hammie looks like Patton

  7. bookmonstercats says:

    *sniffle* What an inspired collecshun. I did like the starfish. i want to shake hammie’s hand.

  8. berthaservant says:

    Freedom isn’t free, people.

    If you don’t put in your buck-oh-five…who will?

    (all joshing aside, let’s try to remember veterans every day as well as on 11/11).

  9. Stephanie C. says:

    A fitting CO tribute for Armistice Day.

  10. chmurka!♥

    Hammie love aside…what a beautiful set of salutes for the amazing people who fought and gave their lives for us.

    You’re right berthaservant, we should remember them everyday not just yesterday.

  11. temperance says:

    many thanks to the veterans- and to meg, for giving them such cute salutes.

  12. What an amazingly beautiful horse that is. Does anyone know what kind it is? All the animals were cool, but I REALLY fell in love with the horse. And, on Veterans Day, I always remember my father.

  13. Gail (the first one) says:

    Happy belated Veterans/Armistice Day to all who have served their countries!!!

    I know some of y’all have therapy dogs/cats. If you have a VA hospital near you, that would be a great service opportunity (if they allow it)!

  14. Lovely post Meg.

    Thank you to all who served.

  15. Thank you, and everyone here might like this too:

  16. Thank you!

    Me, USAF 85-89
    Dad, USMC 57-61 (iirc)

    ps i still hate Winston, but that’s one heck of a post, had to say.

  17. The horse! The starfish! Great post! 🙂

  18. I’m not American but this *almost made me tear up 😉

  19. Awww finally a veteran’s day tribute that doesn’t made me cry! Mr. Bookworm is in the Navy…. every veteran’s day I always cry, not just for our fallen heroes and those who so bravely served (and still serve), but with the fear that one day it could be my loved one’s name on a wall somewhere.

    And, Berthaservant, as always you rock. “It’s a hefty f***in’ fee….”

  20. I had a day off from the computer yesterday, but Happy Veterans Day to all. This was a great post. My dad is a Vietnam vet (bronze star recipient) and my husband is a vet of the 1st Gulf War. It it vital that we appreciate those who willingly fight for our freedoms. Though we may not agree with the reasons they’re fighting, especially right now, we must salute their willingness to put their lives on the line.

  21. This is awesome!
    Thank you all for giving your all, both here and abroad.

  22. As a potential Army Mom, this put some extra sobriety into the day. The horse was the best.

  23. A saluting starfish. That’s heavy, man, and a little weird. I like it.

  24. Even the animals know the great sacrifice our military members make. This was such a cool post.

    Thanks to all those who served and all those who continue to serve!

  25. (the original) Mel says:

    Thanks! I’m a Navy vet. I always wanted a hamster/starfish salute.

  26. catloveschanel says:

    Well Done!! [clap, clap]

    I sent this to my daddio who served in Korea.

    What is even more amusing is imagining my left-brain dad looking at Cuteoverload.

    ~does not compute~

    Very well done.

  27. I thought the horse one was adorable but then I spotted the cherry blossoms. Hikes it up about two levels.

    That starfish is great but chmurka!♥ Oh we miss you still. I just wish those guys were home. Not a political statement but an army brat’s wish that our men be home with their loved ones.

    Happy Veteran’s Day Dad!

  28. AuntieMame says:

    Thank you, thank you, for everything! (Love the hover texts!)

  29. Thank you to all our veterans past and present, and their families. God bless you all.

    Cute salute! Love it!

  30. bookmonstercats says:

    Having posted earlier, in an emotional way (I’m Brit, so it’s Armistace Day), I was going to lightn up a bit and point out that, actually, the starfish reminds me of a couple of now deceased British comedians called Morecambe and Wise. At the end of their show, they used to bow out wearing flat caps and brown overcoats and doing a dance like the starfish is doing as they went off-stage. However…..

    Listened in to a local school assembly at 11 o’clock yesterday morning, one of the boys playing “The Last Post”. On Sunday, in church, the organist played Elgar’s “Nimrod”. Double double sniffles now for about a week…..

  31. I am a daily fan of Cute Overload and also a retired disabled Air Force veteran. Thank you to your site and to all the visitors for remembering the veterans. It really means alot to hear these things.

  32. higher penguin sharp at the hairline… put up your wobbly bits hamstinger!

  33. Well dogoone it now I am sitting at the front desk tearing up… I am so thankful for all serveces rendered by our men and women in the military and also those of all our allies.
    I try to thank any one that I see them on the street, or about town.

  34. One of your best. Three cheers!!!

  35. Thank you from me too, but my salute isn’t a tenth as cute as that panda’s! Nonetheless, we’re both very grateful.

  36. gosh, um…

    y’r welcome

  37. totalee puppy says:

    Thanks, Meg…What a great
    idea! We’re the land of the free because of the brave…Berthaservant, thanks for inspiring us to
    remember our veterans every

  38. Mary (the first) says:

    A belated THANK YOU for this post and for all veterans.

  39. O.M.G!They are soooooo cute!

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