HoverPup takes a break

[Rrrr-eee, rrrr-eee rusty swing sound]

Hover Pup need break.

Hover Pup tired of whizzing over sidewalk at knee-height like snow-ball with eyes.

Hover Pup tie-tie.

Relax HoverPup photographed by 小火(Fire).



  1. Bleen?

  2. [LI’L CHARLOTTE SHE’S AS PRETTY AS THE ANGELS WHEN THEY SING, I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M OUT HERE ON THE FRONT PORCH ON THIS SWING]! And somehow, I knew that as soon as I finished commenting on the other pics, you’d have another one up.

    [etc… – Ed.]

  3. That’s an excellent picture. Rest up, hover pup. (And I can completely hear the creaky swing sounds in my head.)

  4. littlemiette says:

    *flopp* *pewf* *skweee*

  5. Why does hoverpup look like he just bit a reporter? Check out the red ‘stash.

  6. Word of advice – do not drink water while reading this one. I just about spit it out when I read “tie-tie.”

  7. ThreeCatNight says:

    UFO (Undeniably Floofy Object) sighted in playground! Approach with caution!

  8. Is this not the SADDEST look you have ever seen on a puppy… he is so tired. LOL

  9. He really does look like his mouth is bloody. Combine that with the creaky swing and you have a playground horror movie waiting to happen 🙂

  10. hooverpooped…

  11. Speaking of playground horror movie, is that the Bates Motel in the background? (Anthony Perkins voice) “Hoverpup, Hoverpup…blood, blood.”

  12. Or….maybe Hoverpup ate a red pasickie, thus the hovering was the sugar rush and this is the crash. More pasickies please.

  13. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Ha ha ha @Noelle’s comment. I’m hungry. It’s past lunch time!!

  14. berthaservant says:

    I hope to collect the entire series of Hoverpup comix. Best. Superhero. Ever.

  15. He’s not a hoverpup, he’s a hoverpooped!

  16. Oh hover pup…

    …the joy you bring me! ;D

    Rest up now and get back to flying soon.

  17. Hmmm… Do you think he needs a li’l push? Cos I’d be willing to push this cute li’l pup on the swing as long as he wants!

  18. (the original) Mel says:

    I feel good…
    When my pup be swangin’…


  19. Oh good Lo’ the feetsies hanging in the back at diff angles is keeeling me!
    Cute or sad I ask you? Maybe he just needs the hair trimmed from around his eyes?

  20. mervtheflamingo says:


    If you would like to adopt a baby kitten (approximately 5 weeks old, eating solid food– we think):

    My husband found a wee baby kitten, dirty, skin and bone, crying like the dickens out in the rain 20 minutes ago. We can’t take him in permanently, because we’d be in violation of our lease, as we already share a rented house with 2 rescued kitties and 1 dog. If you’re within 250 of Lake Cumberland (Kentucky), we’ll bring Isaac Mewton to you, as long as you can prove to us 1) you’re allowed to have him, meaning, if you rent, prove to us your Landlord allows kitties, or prove to us you own your property.

    2) Show us you will keep him INDOORS if you live in a city or near a road!

    You can email me at larcombj@yahoo.com if you’re interested, and we can send you pictures.

    We’re taking him to be tested for feline leukemia/FIV and other such things tomorrow.

    Sorry to post this here, with such desperation. We live in the country, and see far too many dead kitties on our roads!


  21. mervtheflamingo says:

    That’s 250 miles. and that’s negotiable. You could twist our arm by email and we might travel farther this weekend.

  22. Hoverpup looks like he’s going to hover-puke.

  23. The red on his mouth looks the same as the red as the red on the ground.

    And what the heck happened to my first three comments?! (Yes, I commented three times. I just usually comment when there’s already, like, 30 comments, so I wanted to post quickly, so I broke it up. So sue me.)

    The first and last parts are not mine. Did a mod change it?
    [Nah. We’re actively magical. Not a lot of blogs can claim that talent. – Ed.]

  24. so tired

  25. Hoverpup’s been kronsching on some Fritos, that’s where the unnatural color comes from around the ‘stache. Don’t worry, Hoverpup. Those darn things give me away every time.

  26. Chee-tos, not Fritos. Ay dios mio.

  27. Hoverpup looks hungover.

  28. Love the hover puns. Lol! Keep them coming.

  29. Merv? I posted this on the baaaaabyanimals community on LiveJournal. I live in the Uk 😦

    I hopeses Issac Mewton finds a forever home that’s nice and warm…!

  30. I still say that hoverpup was playing, and picked the color up from off the ground.

  31. How is HoverPup able to stay on te swing when it looks so tired?