You must concentrate, Danielsan

[wings flutter in wind]

Focus and…BALANCE!  Ehn!

You can almost see the quivering claw action, Sender-Inner Johanna S.! Karate OWL TOYZEEEEEEEE, by sparkyfaisca.


  1. Does it do wax on/wax off too?

  2. Love the intense look~

  3. He looks like he’s trying to pass a sobriety test =P.

  4. He’s getting the timing of the swinging kitty clock…Tock…Tock…Tock…POUNCE…nomnomnommm

  5. Karen in Toronto says:

    Gotta say, FAB owl shot.

  6. Renee — Drunken Master style it is!

  7. Von Zeppelin says:

    I think he just zipped his 92 mile per hour fastball past Dustin Pedroia.

  8. I think he is doing “tree pose”. And very well.

    I love this picture! 🙂

  9. All the owls were…………..kung fu fighting!

  10. warrior rabbit says:

    Sweep the leg! Sweep the leg!

  11. totalee puppy says:

    Renee…LOL “sobriety test”!

  12. He’s doing the Charleston!!!

  13. berthaservant says:

    Dangit Theresa, you beat me to it!!!!

    (And Von Zep had my #2).

    So I got nothin’. Great pic.

  14. *phhhhhbbbllllt*

    ahh, better.

  15. He’s imitating Kristi Yamaguchi. Just wait’ll the triple lutz — feathers everywhere.

  16. BerthaSchwerve — did I get your third option? Did I did I Jackie Chan huh??

  17. I love karate owl!

    He (she?) has my heart. <3

  18. ~I am the owl that will fight for your honor
    I’ll be the birdie that you’re dreaming of
    I’ll live forever knowing together that we
    got my picture on cute overloooaaad!~


    I’ll bet he fights with expert timing, too!

  19. yeah, and the next part of his sobriety test will be to kindly ask him to recite “hoo hoo” backwards. So far so good tho, he’s steady on his feet and the pupils are NOT dilated this is all looking good for Mr. Woodsie here.

  20. As cute as that owl is, I’m distracted by that rock. Does it come in Neapolitan too?

  21. AuntieMame says:

    Imagine the Chariots of Fire theme as you look at this picture…

  22. Rats Now I have Kung Foo Fighting For an Ear worm.

  23. AuntieMame – Right on!

  24. I can just hear my ballet teacher calling out “One and a UNFOLD… three and a STREEEETCCCHHH… hold hold hold hold THAT’S IT!” 🙂

  25. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Hot rock! Oo! Oo! Hot! Hoo!

  26. Every thing was beautiful at the ballet.

  27. My parrot does that!!! And if he thinks you’re admiring the underside of his wings, he’ll hold the pose for minutes to let you behold the beauty! (Hon Glad – I think you’ll need more owls if you’re going for a full chorus line – 4 boys and 4 girls to be exact).

  28. I think the “ehn!” perfectly captures the concentration here.

  29. Gail (the first one) says:

    “This is a deceptively difficult position on the balance beam….Miss Owl holds her position, yes it’s perfect…now, all she needs to to stick the landing and she’ll win the gold in the Balance Beam final…”

  30. @von Zeppelin– no, Ryan Howard. I can feel the breeze here. 😛

  31. Yoga Owl in Virabhadra asana variation. Aptly, the flying warrior pose.

  32. That is a spectacular photo!

  33. darkshines says:


  34. [puerile LOL’ing @ DarkShines]

  35. Looks like same type owl that got his face snorfed! LOL@ sobriety test…

  36. I wonder who would win in an Owls v. Rabbits Disapproving Contest?

  37. YAY for Chorus Line refs!!!

    Looks like she’s doing an arabasque!

  38. “He looks like he’s trying to pass a sobriety test.” I don’t know, Rene, looks to me like he’s trying to pass something else! Look out!

  39. lol woofysma!

  40. One leg in the air? I thought only puppehs did that?

  41. His face is a hoot!

  42. …and his tailfeathers poot.

  43. TiannaBanana says:

    I love it! he looks to me like he is getting ready to slide into the next position of the “Salutation to the Sun” – although I suspect Renee and Theo are closer to the mark on this one. lol