When you’re done with the floor, the bathtub needs it

[Pup voice] You really let that bathtub GO this week.

When you’re done with the bathroom, I’d like dinner. [Gets off mop, trots over to T.V.]


Beauregard the Schipperke likes to help out where he can, right Christopher G.?



  1. I dunno, I find those furry scrubbing strips pretty useless…

    *squeeeee teeny puppy!*

  2. totalee puppy says:

    I’m just trying to ward off
    a love attack…too late…

  3. Wool, I didn’t know Schipperkes came in tan.
    Learn sumpin’ every day.

  4. Wait, Schipps aren’t white . . . Got an albino dog here??? (I have a Schipperke!)

  5. Look at those cute little ears! I just wanna chomp on them.

  6. He’s a Schipperke?

  7. berthaservant says:

    I need one of those for my bookshelves, stat.

  8. BEAUREGARD!? That is awesome. 🙂 And he does have a beau regard! What a handsome little fellow!

  9. Schip-PER-ke!
    Schipperke, the dog that’s on your mop.


  10. How come my housecleaning isn’t that cute? Mine just involves, well, cleaning. I want the number of this maid service.

  11. First of all – greatest name award!

    Second – skippers come in white!?!?

  12. I’m very confuzzled…

    What exactly is a “pup voice”?

  13. he looks like an American Eskimo puppy to me. super cutie!

  14. SO CUTE!!

  15. It’s like some swiffer breed.

    Are they available in local stores?

  16. Martha in Washington says:

    Does Beau do vacuuming as well?

  17. Come on, give me a ride on your slidey thing.

  18. He sure is cute, but i’ve never heard of a Vanilla Schipperke?????

  19. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Teho: Good one!!!!

  20. whoa… a white Schipperke??? I ain’t never heard of no white Schipperkes… *boggles*

    My Swiffer didn’t come with one of those attachments, should I check my box again?

  21. I did not know Schipperkes came in white!

  22. Swifferke!
    (sorry but someone had to)

  23. For Theo:
    Well, a woman who’ll mop on the very first date
    is usually a hussy.
    And a woman who’ll mop on the second time out
    is anything but fussy.
    But a woman who waits ’til the third time around,
    pup on the mop, feet on the ground
    That’s the mop she’s glad she’s found–that’s her Schip-PER-ke!…

  24. With a capital T, which rhymes with D, and that stands for Drool!


    oh yes we got pupples

  25. oh, theo. that’s one of my favorite musicals. howdja know?!

  26. O-ho the Cute Pupper Wagon is a-comin’ down the street,
    Oh please let it be for me!
    O-ho the Cute Pupper Fargo Wagon is a-comin’ down the street,
    I wish, I wish I knew what it could be!

    I got a box of corgi puppies on my birthday.

    In March I got a gray macaw. 😉

    And once I got some weimies from Tampa.

    Montgom’ry Ward sent me a Wheaten with some fluffy paws.

    O-ho the Cute Pupper Wagon is a-comin’ now
    Is it a prepaid surprise or C.O.D.

  27. Argh…missed the Fargo!!
    Oh well.

  28. Christopher G. says:

    Beauregard is indeed a schipperke. Google “Cream Schipperke”. He even has AKC papers. There are two places in the world that say his color is a fault; USA and Belgium. The rest of the world recognizes Black, Cream, Chocolate, and Steel Blue Schips. All you have to do is meet him and you would know he is a real schipperke.

  29. Oh my… BEAUREGARD!? He’s gonna hafta grow into that name.

  30. Daphne Moss says:

    Up with creamy Schippers!

  31. they so do come in yeller! I have a friend, her family raises ’em. Every once in a while you get cream colored doggies. My friend had both black and cream!

  32. Schipperke! Whatever the color, they’re adorable 😀

  33. What an adorable cream Schipperke pup!

    From my cream Schip to yours.

    I wish mine were so “helpful” with cleaning.


  34. Luv the picture.
    I raise Blacks, Creams and Chocolate. Looking for another cream female as well.Schipps are awesome!!!!