Hey Bebeh…

You and yer friend haven’t been around in a while. Nice carrots you got there.

You know what goes great with carrots? Courvoisier.

What ELSE might they like!? Pic of Momiji vs. The Pink Twins by the fabulous toutletemps.



  1. Hahahahaha…after the horse and the dog and cat makeoutfest, this is exactly what we need. A bunny trying to pick up twins at the bar!

    The bunny’s so adorable! I love that he has natural blush around his little muzzlepowches!

    I think the most hilarious part is that the rabbit slipper the bunny is nuzzling has one shifty eye pointed to the right slipper, like “Help meeeee!!”

  2. What makes me think that that rabbit has already had his wicked way with both slippers?

    Oh, yeah…he’s a rabbit.

  3. Cute!

  4. berthaservant says:

    mmmm…threesome on a bunday….go bunneh!

  5. Bunnehz has carrot feets!!!

  6. Oh what a sweet looking cinnabun! WANT!

  7. *snort*!!!!

    another redonk pic!

  8. Oh!!! The bunny’s name is Momiji!! That is the best name for a bunny. I just watched the Fruits Basket DVDs and am now reading the manga. Just finished the one with Momiji on the cover. In the story he’s the rabbit in the zodiac. So adorable just like the bunny in the pic.

  9. Bunny better be careful or the slippers may charge him with sexual hare-assment.

  10. Another guy looking for a three-way.

  11. Juniper Jupiter says:

    “Sir, let me take this moment to compliment you on your fashion sense, particularly your slippers.”

    Surprised nobody quoted Chris Knight from Real Genius!

    I’m…offended!!! Hare-RUMPH!! 😀

  12. Hahaha, Juniper Jupiter and 260Oakley!

  13. Juniper – I LOVE Real Genius. My favorite Val Kilmer movie. I’m always saying “It’s a moral imperative.”

    In the words of the immortal Socrates, “I drank what?”

  14. That takes me back, but my experience involves kittehs. I used to have a pair of slippers with kitteh heads on them like that. When I wore them my cat Princess followed me all over the house, sniffing them, touching noses with them and giving me a lot of strange looks.

  15. First thought: Cute bunny! Yay!

    Second thought: Rememberence of the bunny slippers in ‘MirrorMask’ and Valentine’s horror about them. “How could you do that to bunnies?!”

  16. omg!!!! this bunneh is happeh when these 2 cute pink bunnies were killed and had carrots sewed to their feets and used as feet warmers!!!!OMG!!!OGM!!!OMG!!!

  17. P.I.M.P.

  18. Jimbaux, I love Mirrormask.

    And that bunny is adorable. It’s been far too long since I’ve had the opportunity to snorgle a bun. Got to hold chinchillas yesterday, though.

  19. Gail (the first one) says:

    This reminds me of “A Christmas Story”:

    “Oh, let him take it off! He looks like a pink nightmare!”


    Does he bounce around happily, like candy, think Tohru’s cute, speak German, dress like a girl and have a 5-second attention span?!?


    Seriously, WHY has there never been ANY anime material on this site????? WHY???

    Meg, you MUST look up pictures of Kirara from Inuyasha NOW. Here, I’ll do for ya…. be back in a sec…

  21. http://www.absoluteanime.com/inuyasha/kilala.htm

    Here’s just a few pics of Kirara… and to make up for being horrendously off-topic… for everyone who doesn’t know what pilotgirl and I are talking about, here’s where you can see the Fruits Basket Momiji. The story is that his family is cursed so certain members turn into a member of the Zodiak calendar. He, obviously, turns into the rabbit. And he’s cute in both forms! (This said by a girl who’s not terribly into guys and doesn’t think babies are cute.)


    Apologies to non-anime freaks for my little rant thingy. *announcer’s voice* You may now resume your normal programming.

  22. Daphne Moss says:

    lol @ T.U.M: “What makes me think that that rabbit has already had his wicked way with both slippers?
    Oh, yeah…he’s a rabbit.”

    I had a bunny very much like this one, and that is no lie…I remember my shock the day I reached into his cage and he started getting romantic with my arm…He soon became a stud bunny elsewhere…

  23. Funny bunny recognizes two other bunnies that have carrot feet and wishes he/she had carrot feet too 😉

  24. T.U.M. and Daphne:
    Yeah, it does not take a lot to turn on a male rabbit! I remember the time my mom tried to pick up my bunny Jujube wearing an angora sweater…. he defiled it. And the day he got amorous with my bare arm was the day I called the vet and made his appointment to get “fixed.” Bunny ladies are unfortunate! I hardly had time to register horror (I’m serious, this was like a split second!) before my arm was covered in bunny jizz. Can I say that on Cuteoverload?

  25. Monique, that was hilarious! I feel like I am kindergarten and someone just farted in front of the teacher.

  26. @Monique- Jujube is an ANIMAL!

  27. if that was my bunny he would probably be trying to make it with the slippers ^.^ stupid pueberty

  28. Reading the comments, I feel like such an uptight city person, marveling at how y’all are so tolerant and comfortable with the facts of life. And the euphemisms – getting romantic with my arm…, I looool’ed.

  29. Hey Muttluver! Nice Inuyasha reference!

  30. What happened to that show – Inuyasha, are there new episode coming?

  31. a guinea pig once spunked on my hand. i was under the age of consent.

  32. Hey, girl buns are horny too. My first bun before I got her fixed tried making out with her 4″ plastic toy ball. Try as she did, that ball just would not give!

  33. Erm, Janeyferr, what were you doing to the piggy?

  34. Jezebel: Thanks. I was actually afraid of getting berated for being so off-topic–you people here are generally really nice. 😀

    David: I think Adult Swim (the adult portion of carttonnetwork that comes on late at night) may still air episodes occasionally, but I wouldn’t count on them. Your best bet is the internet–a search for “watch inuyasha episodes” should turn something up. To watch it in the traditional Japanese with English subtitles (originals are ALWAYS better than dubs) search “watch inuyasha episodes subbed” or something like that. Hope that helps.

  35. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Hey, ditch the one on the left, and we’ll go to the juicebar later. They’ve got a great new carrot daquiri I’m dying to try!”