I’m Rick James B****!


The wonderful, hilarious work of Julian Wolkenstein via Rachel Hulin and F-Stop Magazine. The Sender-Inner is none-other than Chief Sister Officer.



  1. Selphie van der Boffin says:

    Er, good look.
    Even the sky’s colour coordinated.

  2. She’s mighteh, mighteh
    lettin’ it all hang out

  3. LOL! OMG! She’s bootyful!

  4. I can’t even imagine the snickers around the paddock.

  5. meg feeling a bit b***** lately? 😛

  6. How convenient, I still have last week’s “Hammertime” earworm stuck in my head, maybe I can segue over to “Super Freak!”

  7. Wow… that would be a really pretty picture if the horse didn’t look like the bastard love child of a Friesian and a Cosby Kid.

  8. (the original) Mel says:

    She’s a very sexy horse.
    The kind you don’t bring home to mother…

    This is def the funniest foto I ever did see.

  9. Martha in Washington says:

    Is that by any chance a cherry tree in the background? (A MUCH better earworm, BTW.)

  10. paulajeanne says:

    Does anyone know the breed of this horse? Is it an Arabian? Just wondering, think it looks beautiful!

  11. borderline creepy

  12. that horse can see my soul

    with its nostrils

  13. Borderline racist. Not cute.

  14. Janice the "9 is Enough!" Cat Lady says:

    This is definitely the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Yay!

  15. Janice the "9 is Enough!" Cat Lady says:

    This is definitely the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Yay!

  16. Janice the "9 is Enough!" Cat Lady says:

    This is definitely the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Yay!

  17. Janice the "9 is Enough!" Cat Lady says:

    This is definitely the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Yay!

  18. Janice the "9 is Enough!" Cat Lady says:

    This is definitely the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Yay!

  19. Janice the "9 is Enough!" Cat Lady says:

    This is definitely the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Yay!

  20. I wouldn’t go as far to say racist… it’s a horse, with braids, that just so happens to be black and resemble Rick James… ?

  21. Chill Jonora…It’s a beautiful, black horse. Should it be wearing a blond wig? I personally love the weave.

  22. I think it’s a Friesian, paulajeanne. They have very style-able manes. 🙂

  23. warrior rabbit says:

    Hysterical. But I predict nuffers galore.

    Very pretty horsie. Looks like velvet!

  24. It’s official – CO needs a redonk category.

  25. She’s a SUPAH FREAK!

    Seriously, I have my morning orange juice up my nose from laughter because of this!

  26. Michelle S says:

    Jonora… you can’t possibly be serious? A horse wearing a Rick James wig is racist how?

  27. Rick James Nothing this so reminds me of Bo Derek in 10 Okay so if it was a blond wig it wouyld be a dead wringer….

  28. warrior rabbit says:

    I don’t think it’s a wig, Michelle S. I think it’s its mane, braided. (No? Am I wrong?)

  29. Michelle S says:

    Warrior: haha wow I guess it’s actual weaves, so neither a wig nor the mane. But 5 hours worth of styling. Very impressive! 😀

  30. Stephanie C. says:

    Racism? You’re going with racism? I could have sworn someone would jump on the b**** first. But, racism? QII?

    It’s a parody and it’s funny and that horse is totally stylin’ now. Win all around.

  31. NOT cute
    a serious affront to the dignity of the animal

    if it is a wig that was only on for one quick photo, then it is just bad
    if they braided its mane, it is cruelty

    either way NOT cute

  32. I don’t know who Rick James is, but that’s an awfully cute horsey!

  33. OK Nuffers, take your meds, have a cuppa, force a smile then call your docs for a re-eval. OR… Take your negativity to cranky.ole.fa*ts.com and be crabby with your peeps! Let us smile without you

  34. thats racist

  35. Wtf??
    Lol. Funny hair style 😛

  36. Racist neigh-sayers, are the other horses in the magazine with the Bettie Page bangs and the Farrah Fawcett curls also racist? If not, why not?

    This horse was clearly cutest but it’s not the only one in the series.

  37. Quit horsing around.

  38. LWJ, you clearly are a racist and don’t care whether or not it offends other people as long as it strokes your funnybone. I’m glad you’re content being as shallow as you are. Because, afterall, you’re the center of the universe and your race is better than others.

  39. momof2kitties says:

    Such patience on the part of both the horsie and the photographer! Amazingks!!

    This is way cool.

  40. texirishrose says:

    Yeah, it’s cute…no, it’s not racist.

    That said, I have to admit it scared the bejeebus outta me when the picture came up on the screen…the dark background and the braids…kinda had a Predator feel to it. Brrrr! (I’m okay now.) 😉

  41. Me no likeee. The black sky makes it look evil. Points for creativity, though!

  42. @rickjames – Be nice! It wouldn’t hurt, you know.

  43. Free psychological analysis on the internet! Just call on cuteoverload. I diagnose that you too are a racist, just because I can!

    Rickjames, cute ad hominem but you failed to answer my question. Are the chestnut and grey horses also racist imagery or not, and if not why not?

  44. LOL at the hovertext!

  45. HIGH-larious!! hell yes.

    Racist – hell no.

  46. O-M-G …

    Best use of a Rick James joke since little Miss Sunshine!

    I bow down to greatest Meg 🙂

  47. Gail (the first one) says:

    What’s racist about braids?!
    Are there not people of *all* races who have/had braids?

    What a beautiful horsie and photo!!!

  48. Don’t know why it was MORE *creepy-cute* when I thought (at first glance) it was some sort of long nosed afghan-type canine. Now— THAT was CREEPY.
    Why would it be more comfortably whacko as a horse?? The mind is a very strange universe.

  49. Michelle S says:

    @N: “serious affront to the dignity of the animal”

    ahahahah thank you for the best laugh I’ve had in days!

  50. OMG, the hovertext! Biggest snort ever! If I’d been drinking coffee……….right out the nose! HA!

  51. Whoa.

  52. OMG, She’s mighteh, mighteh, lettin’ it all hang out!

  53. PS Theresa here, always open to any and all ’80s earworms. OW!

  54. Oh gah! I needed a good laugh on Monday morning.

    Dave Chapelle is a sick genius. Is this is his horse? ;o)

  55. Having read the photographer’s comments in the FStop link – apparently the horse was having a great time having all this attention paid to it while its hair was being braided with extensions. 🙂

  56. Helena Handbag says:

    The pony beads are a nice touch 🙂

    The redhead at the FStop link is stunning! Rita Hayworth in the 1940s, bangs and all.

  57. temperance says:

    my first thought was how VERY pleased this horse looks with his/her new ‘do. (and pounce has confirmed this to be true.)

    what’s so wrong with a ‘day of beauty’ for a horse anyway?

    p.s. kudos to the photographer- that is one stunning picture.

  58. Hahahahaha, racism.

    Where can I get one of those wigs?

  59. For those who don’t know where the C.O. Overlords came up with this…it’s a “tribute” to the funniest comedy sketch ever put on television.

    Just do a search on YouTube for “Dave Chappelle Rick James”.

  60. Hey, Nuffers — what did the five fingers say to the face?


    I, personally, think this is one of the greatest photos I’ve ever seen. It gave me a much-needed laugh this morning.

    And yes, I’m still chuckling about the “dignity” comment, too.

  61. LOL “neigh-sayers”

    love this photo, and the headline, for that matter.

  62. I love the bit how they need three times the number of beads that they expected.

    We need a video of him/her prancing and shaking his locks.

  63. I was thinking he’s a Fresian… they just happen to have very long stylable manes (like someone said) and also happen to most often be black in colour. This guy is looking quite stylish, but a bit late for Halloween!

  64. Wombats, here’s the direct link to the Comedy Central website’s videos: http://www.comedycentral.com/videos/index.jhtml?videoId=11909&title=hes-rick-james

  65. And to agree with “pounce” (cute screen name btw! lol) he was probably loving getting all the attention. I never knew a horse that didn’t enjoy getting a good thorough grooming/styling. <3

  66. Subhangi…Rick James was a singer in the 80’s. Don’t know if he’s still around or what happened to him, but he wore his hair like this horse. Were you not around in the 80’s? If so, man I feel old! 🙂

    Love the horsey. I so need a horsey!

    [Rick James finally got into Studio 54 on August 6th of 2004. And, heh, our Subhi would’ve been but a wee bit of a thing in the 80s, over in India. – Ed.]

  67. darkshines says:

    Shes a super freak! Super freak! Shes super freakeh….

  68. Hey, buddy, why the long face? Actually that is a happy looking horse, I’m glad the sound of the beads doesn’t bother him/her. Very clever.

  69. Whoa, almost 20 legitimate comments caught in the spam filter this morning. Publishing *NOW*…

  70. Theresa — the roof. The roof.

    (yes I know it’s not Rick James)

  71. I miss the Chapelle Show!

  72. Dave Chappelle is from the town where I went to college. From that perspective, I can *totally* understand having a love/hate thing with the entertainment industry — and with audiences. He’s supposed to be in The Actor’s Studio with James Lipton soon, though.

  73. I wish that he was standing next to a white pony; then it truly would be rick james (as in ‘ride the white pony’).

  74. More like a One Trick pony. *snert*

  75. @Subhangi, your education is incomplete until you see and hear:

  76. Rick James did not sing the song “Brick House”. That was Lionel Richie and The Commodores. Qte horsy.

  77. PS throwin’ my hands in the air, Theo!

  78. Nobody says Rick James did– But they all had THE FUNK.

  79. PPS James Brown, P-Funk, Wild Cherry, Ohio Players, Tower of Power, Memphis Horns, Bootseh Collins, et al, all welcome!!

  80. That really was one of the funniest sketches ever on TV! We’ve used the tagline “because I’m Rick James, b*tch!” on many occasions (such as “why didn’t you load the dishwasher?”) hahaha

  81. Back in the olden days, “In Living Color” did a Rick James bit, too. It was Keenan Ivory Wayans in dreads and leather pants. His reign of terror was ended by mentioning the name “MC Hammer,” which was like Kryptonite to him. :p

    Break it down!!! :p

    [flailin’, flappin’, doin’ the splits, spinnin’, clappin’, goin’ bankrupt – Ed.]

  82. Do we know if the horsie has a braided/beaded tail, too?

  83. Heeeeee!! Good times!!

  84. This photo rocks! It took me a second to separate my visual memories of Rick James and Eddie Grant, but once I did, it was all mighteh mighteh.

  85. [Ed. gonna rock down to *ELECTRIC*AVENUE*]

  86. warrior rabbit says:

    @N: Does N stand for nincompoop? Just curious.

    Eddy Grant! OMG. And then we’ll take it higher! I haven’t thought about that in a looong time. LOL!

  87. bees on pie says:

    @Bookworm: you beat me to it!

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.

  88. What a beautiful horse! What a reDONK wig! LOL won’t somebody think of his dignity!!?

  89. Is that a horse or a re-DONK-ey?

  90. I spent the last 10 minutes laughing not only at the photo, but at the comments. Whoo, you guys are great. Who knew scary black horse was a Rick James fan?

    Btw, Rick James died in 2004 from pulmonary failure and cardiac arrest..most likely from an accidental overdose of prescription meds. Sad, and here we are, proving that the man’s legacy makes many, many people (and horses) happy.

  91. I laughed so hard and loudly I woke up my husband, who works nights, LOL

    That is a very cool pict, very arty, and I happen to looove it, as well as the others.

    Horsey dignity *snort* those horses look fab and they know it.

  92. If it were a white horse with a blonde wig and said “I’m Marilyn Monroe B****!” would that be racist???

    I think not.

    This is cute overload people. You’re on the wrong blog.

  93. Theo, have bags of dog poop sent to all nuffers, please.

    And the hovertext nearly made me wet myself.

  94. The nuffs make me sad and almost motivated enuff to stop reading the comments.
    Why so serious? Why so negative? Why not trying to look on the bright side of life?

    What a cute horsey, with a cute hair-do and funny comments and witty observations! What a great way to spend a Monday.

  95. berthaservant says:

    I’m usually pretty sympathetic to claims of “racist” but I really can’t see the racism here. Who is being oppressed because of their ethnicity? How is this an exercise of hegemonic power over a marginalized segment of society?

    It’s a quote from a fairly well-known comedy sketch written by an African-American about an African-American. It is, in some sense, a stylized exaggeration of a certain type of African-American celebrity, so it might have some resonance as a relic of the practice of minstrelsy; but minstrelsy is in the process of being reclaimed as mode of performance that, while offering ethnic stereotypes of Americans of African descent, actually represented a continuum of both resistance and oppression for performers and audiences. Bert Williams, the “blackface” performer, was the first African American to headline a Broadway show (the “Follies” in 1912), and Booker T. Washington said that Williams did more for the social cause of African-Americans than Washington himself.

    The picture itself clearly features a darkly-colored horse, but the horse’s color has no indexical relationship to a horse “ethnicity” or ethnic origin (unlike, for example the way a “poodle” indicates for many people the concept of “French”). While the cornrow style of hair does have some reference to ethnic fashion of the early 1980s – notably THE SINGER RICK JAMES — it also (as others have noted) indicates one decidedly non-African performer in Bo Derek, who popularized the hairstyle in the 1979 Blake Edwards film “10.” It could be just as legitimate to argue, then, that the horse of a darker color is somehow trying to “pass” as Bo Derek, which certainly indicates the presence of a racist force that asks people of color to appear or take on the affectations of caucasians. But that’s the best I can do.

    So, not racist. And I think the real (dead) Rick James would probably think it’s pretty damn funny.

  96. berthaservant says:

    And George Clinton is the be-all end-all super grand master of the Funk.

    “God bless Chocolate City and it’s Vanilla Suburbs!”

  97. lol hovertext! i have to say, the chestnut one with the pinup bangs is my favorite.

  98. Boogeying in my chair! :p

  99. Fireflyez


  100. Chase the cat, B-serv.

    [Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee… neigh? – Ed.]

  101. Mary (the first) says:

    .. what Berthaservant said .. and I love the horse photo for itself too.

  102. Mary (the first) says:

    AND now that I’ve looked at the other horses with hairdos . .. the red haired one is Kathy Griffin all the way! Still pondering the blond.

  103. I love you Bertha’s Servant.

  104. To borrow from Rick James: “Cute Overload is an amazing drug.”

  105. Redz – hells YEAH. I just did a line of it at my desk. T’was a batch called “Primo Prosh”.

  106. I’m wondering how this can be racist when Friesian horses are Dutch. As far as I know, Dutch people aren’t known for their cornrows.

    My best guess? They used a Friesian because they have such long, thick, styleable manes. They also seem to have very sweet, tractable personalities – a must for any horse who’s going to be in the barber chair for five hours.

  107. hehe more like Cleopatra

  108. y’all, let’s keep it in perspective: first black president got elected last week, in a landslide! YAY!

    also: funniest damn hovertext in forever 😀

  109. Lol! That’s fierce!

  110. i think this is horrable and the people who did this should see how is feels to be dressed up by someone else while standing on four legs

  111. O.M.G. He’s GORGEOUS!

  112. My God. Okay. I’ve had enough. I used to think that YouTube commenters were the scum of the Internet, but some CO commenters are starting to rank riiiight up there. Seriously, you people need help. Animals have senses of humor, too, and if we need ANYTHING right now, it’s more laughs all around. LIGHTEN UP.

  113. Oh WOW kelsey are you ever at the wrong blog. LOL!

  114. Mary (the first) says:

    Hmm. I thought Kelsey was being facetious. No?

  115. Yeah… and Nell, you’re overreacting. Chi-i-i-llll.

    (I agree that YouTube commenters are just as you say, and frequently.)

  116. Sugar cubes are a helluva drug!

  117. One of the BEST posts in recent memory! Oh, and nuffers? You seriously, SERIOUSLY need to a) look up the definition of “racism”; b) get over yourselves; and c) shut the f**k up.

    Um. (c) may have been the after-work Cosmo talking. But the sentiment stands.

    [Long arduous Monday, then? – Ed.]

  118. Reason #876 why I love cuteoverload.com?
    Use of Dave Chappelle references.

  119. Amen to that Christy! The more I come here, the more I’m convinced that the world is a small place because the funniest bits of popular culture (according to my standards) is usually referenced here!

    LOL @Theresa for the Atomic Dog reference!

    And kelsey, anyone who’s been a 2-year old kid has basically gone through the same thing. Get over it!

  120. littledogrescue says:

    So, am I the only one who experienced THE Rick James from the very first row at an outdoor venue in the very early 80’s ? He was The Man !!! He would’ve loved this post!

  121. It’s possible, littledogrescue. I was in diapers and then in big wheels when Rick James was most active.

  122. BunnyHero13 says:

    awesome post, gorgeous equine, and Berthaservant you rock!!!

  123. Nuffers… pfffft!

    I’ve lived with horses for years, and love them like crazy. They are awesome beings and definitely have rich personalities. Non-horse folk don’t seem to appreciate that a lot of horses like attention and being dressed up “all fancy” like people do.

    We used to have a black Arabian stallion that we road in parades, he was even in the Rose Parade three times. That guy LOVED the attention and wearing his fancy parade gear. He’d strut his stuff and look like a million bucks.

    Yes, sometimes people can project too much of their own feelings on to animals, but it’s just as true that animals can also genuinely enjoy the same things we do.

    That magnificent horse looks fabulous… and I’ll bet he feels like the most special horse in the stable!

  124. @MoonCatty, the article at the website said that the horse loved all the grooming and fussing. 😉

  125. ButtaRumCake says:

    BerthaServant – will you marry me?


    That was THE best post EVAR

    (Yeah sorry I’m all late..)

    And no this isn’t racist…hell, I’d love to have HALF the attention this horse had!!! (Some of you nuffers NEED half of the attention LOL)

    P.S. For fear of aging myself horribly – I remember RJ when he was in his hey-day – I was a tween in the early 80s, but I loved him nonetheless…especially when he duetted with the one & only Teena Marie!


  127. To funny.

  128. warrior rabbit says:

    “If it were a white horse with a blonde wig and said “I’m Marilyn Monroe B****!” would that be racist??? I think not. –Marilyn”

    There IS a white horse with white hair, although it looks like Dolly Parton to me. Still, the idea of Dolly Parton saying, “I’m Dolly Parton, b**ch!” amuses me to no end.

  129. Michelle S says:

    but Szilvia! Two year old children don’t have any dignity! Dignity is reserved only for creatures that eat their own poop! ;D

    MoonCatty: I had a similar horse. He loved wearing hats and pompons and acting like a clown for an audience. Horses aren’t the brightest creatures on the planet, but they are quite social and typically have a wonderful sense of humor. Mine loved getting “dolled up” for special days.

    @Berthaservant: <3

  130. People! We must ignore the nuffers! It’s hard but don’t respond to their negativity! I’m on a friggin’ crusade here! This is a FUNNY website not a place for negative nellies trying to pull people into their cold black pits of sorrow and despair! Please help me in my crusade. Puh-leeze!

  131. Phil reminded me of Charlie Murphy’s story of getting his @$$ handed to him on basketball by– Prince.

  132. Jezebel, for me they unwillingly represent a source of innocent merriment, of innocent merriment. 😉

  133. That horseh has one serious, “i’m great” look on his face…

  134. Too funny! I have a friesian and he loves when I take the time to braid him. He gets cookies in between! 🙂 This horse rocks!

  135. Nattering nabobs of negativism…

  136. This is the funniest dang thing I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t quit laughing!