I Kissed A Dog (And I Liked It)

The taste of his milkbone dog lips

I kissed a dog just to try it

I hope my cat boyfriend don’t mind it


Judy O. I think you should either separate them or get a recording contract STAT.



  1. Oh, man is this interspecies snorgling or what?

  2. Ewww Dog Cooties!!

  3. lawyerjenn says:

    oh NTMTOM….you have TOTALLY out done yourself on this one.

  4. HAHA! Dis is sooooo much better than the other song.

  5. Goggie looks ”Ew Tuna”

  6. ThreeCatNight says:

    I’ll be licking you –
    With a love that’s true-
    Saw you sitting there,
    Thought a kiss you’d share,
    With that golden hair –
    Saw those velvet eyes,
    near me,
    Paused, and thought aloud,
    “Dear me!”
    Dog, you well may be,
    you mean more to me.
    So, we’ll happy be —

    (Ah, forbidden love!)

  7. Zombie kitteh is trying to suck the dog’s brain out through his snout.

  8. are you sure he’s not checking the teeth for food scraps?

  9. Aw pretty cat! Apparently cocker spaniels are the dumbest of the dogs though, so watch out kitty! Don’t let your heart be stolen by a blonde!

  10. I’m assuming this is Perry not Sobule?

    I suppose it could be either…

  11. Hahaha love it! 🙂

  12. Carrie — the former (in this case).

  13. I just hope it wasn’t a french kiss. Ew

  14. Nah, that’d be a poodle. [rimshot]

  15. Wocka wocka!

  16. I didn’t have to get further than the headline to know that it was NTMTOM. LOL!!


  17. He’s just not that into you.

  18. Oh and btw, NTMTOM, thanks for the earworm! I can’t get that kissed a girl song out of my noggin!

  19. I don’t like the earworm… but I do like Nomtom’s version of the song. If only it were the original… And if I’m not mistaken, the cat’s actually biting the dog’s nose.

  20. And ThreeCatNight, I love your version, even if I can’t think of the tune right now.

  21. ThreeCatNight says:

    Thank you. It’s that old Irving Berlin song, “Always”, because I love some of those old standards! (and I love puppehs, too)

  22. AuntieMame says:

    The kitteh may like it but I don’t think the puppeh is quite so sure.

  23. muttlover- the tune is “I’ll be Loving You, Always”, sung as weddings in times gone by- think low, then pretty much up a major scale with “always” high and then what a major second, then to the low tones again up the scale “With a love that’s true-Always… It is a waltz.
    Earworm shared.

  24. Great. Thanks NomTom. Not only do I have that song stuck in my head, I’m singing it quietly to myself with your lyrics.


  25. @katrina: interspecies snogging.

  26. tinytabbytinytabbytinytabby

  27. berthaservant says:

    Katrina — Irving Berlin FTW!

    2nd place the Jill Sobule version.

    3rd place the other one where the singer only knows how to scream.

    By the way, kitteh’s left paw is poised for a vicious slap if doggeh tries to use any tongue.

  28. Auuuughhhhh! Dog lips! Lips of dog! [/lucy van pelt]

  29. Goggie looks revolted. It might just be too wrong to be right..

  30. That’s what you get for feeing the dog tuna.

  31. FeeDing.

  32. Well, it is good to know that my kind of crazy is in good company here on CO. I was singing “I Kissed a Cat” to one of my kittehs the other day…

    “I kissed a cat and I liked it / Right on his kitty-cat head / I kissed a cat and I liked it / Hope my other cat don’t mind it”

    ::looking around for the men in white coats::

  33. I kissed NTMTOM and I liked it..

  34. Nice – just bust out laughing at my desk. Best Caption. The dog looks a little taken aback though.

  35. @scoobie: do tell….!

  36. Oh god, that song makes me grind my teeth…but yet, it is just so appealing when applied to kittlets and doggies! Absolutely adorable, this site always brings a smile to my face.

  37. the doggy is a bit on the chubby side. just like i like them. 🙂

  38. Gail (the first one) says:

    @leslie: LOL!!! Always good to hear of others who sing songs to their pets…..I ALWAYS do. The tunes change, but the lyrics usually include playing and toys. So if the men in the white coats come, at least we’ll have each other for company!!

    (oh, and I DO like the song!)

  39. leslie — my husband and i have a long list of silly songs with various combos the words “kitty”, “fluff”, “loaf”, and “meowmy” — that’s right, “meowmy” — worked into them (as well as our cat’s name). just this morning he was singing (to the tune of “Head, Knees and Toes”):

    Our kitty is a loaf,
    Is a loaf!
    Our kitty is a loaf.
    Fluff and tail and
    Paws and Nose,
    Our kitty is a loaf
    is a loaf!

    It doesn’t quite rhyme, but it’s still pretty catchy.

    So anyway, yes, you are in good company!

  40. Oh, I have so many! Especially for my poor late Stinky, a black and white cat with a sumptuous coat– I used to sing to the tune of “Mr. Grinch”:

    “You’re a clean one,
    Mr. Stink,
    You really are a sight,
    Your coat’s so bright and shiny,
    You glow in the dark at night
    Mr. Stink!”

  41. ohhh my!!!

  42. I know the “Always” song, I just blanked on the tune for a moment. Thanks, Katrina… are you a musician? Sounds like it…

    Our dog howls to the tune of Happy Birthday. Just say the words, “Happy Birthday”, and he’ll start talking to you. But other than that, we don’t really have any songs for him… though my mom occasionally sings, “You Are My Sunshine.” And I do sing AT him… all the time. He just looks at me like I’m crazy. 🙂

  43. …that’s “Head, *Shoulders*, Knees and Toes”…

  44. @anner: that’s really cute that he did that and that you both do that. Aw.

  45. Oh, my god, I’m laughing… Y’all are the best.

    Another song at my home every morning when I am toweling off while still standing in the bathtub and there’s one or two kittehs on the side of the tub on the other side of the curtain… “I see a little silhouette-o of a kitteh / Meow, meow, meow / Meow, meow, meow”

  46. Pups'nstuff says:

    Someone’s about to get: a. their face bitten off, b. claw-swiped.

  47. Sometimes we’re in a Sondheim mood, and I would sing
    “Attend the tale of Stinky Todd,
    He had a black and white fuzzy bod . . .” etc.

  48. Oh, where do I start?

    Berthaservant, I’m sorry to have to ask, but what does “FTW” mean?

    Theresa, thank you for THAT earworm-a young musician in the orchestra was playing it last week, and I finally got rid of it and *BANG* here it is again!

    Muttluver-I sing to Killer Corgi-and I find that if I sing a command, she will(almost)always remember it and do it. I think animals are much for tone and rhythm aware than we give them credit for being. I was a singer, now can’t, so I’m starting the cello this week. I have a youth orchestra, where I am administrator.

    Peeps, I’m told that my cello will be coming to the cello store today. I will find out if Killer Corgi can deal with my practicing. Film at 11. No, not really, but I’ll tell you what ensues.

    Pups’nstuff-I thought the same thing, but commented with my better angels on my shoulder.

    Theresa- “Attend the tale or tail of Stinky Todd? Just checking….

  49. warrior rabbit says:

    Katrina, FTW is ‘for the win.’

  50. Cocker Spaniels are NOT stupid Fegli! They are smart, loyal, nuzzly, and have the best neck rolls of all.

  51. Or “Fhat the Wuck.” 😉

  52. That cocker spaniel is my own dear Walter, and the kitty is my kitty, SugarPlum. She absolutely loved my dogs and she was always either trying to nap on top of them, or snuggling with them. She just reached her paws out and gave him a big smackaroo!!! Thanks for using one of my very favorite photos!!! Both of them have been gone to the Rainbow Bridge for several years now. It was such a treat to see them both here! Thank you!!!

  53. AuntieMame says:

    LOL @ Theresa. That’s what I always say in my head when I read it.

    And your animals were lovely, Judy O. Thanks for sending the photo in!

  54. When I saw this post I thought of this:

  55. Warrior Rabbit- Thanks!

    Berthaservant- Thanks- I won! I’d like to thank the Academy and all the little people who…

    Snowy Owl- I really don’t get this generation- I am hopelessly stuck on the beautiful and uplifting, but thanks for the Anthropological field trip.

    No cello yet; bummed.

    Gotta go do errands, catch ya later, all! (We in CT don’t say that ‘you all’ contraction).

  56. Judy O- what wonderful critters they must have been, true characters!

  57. Crazy cat…..kkkk
    crazy love…

  58. totalee puppy says:

    ssshhhh…jus’ let me keees…
    Starling–So great:”feeding the dog tuna.”

  59. totalee puppy says:

    KATRINA–Hope your cello arrives soon! May I resubmit a possible name for your cello? “Monti” (or “Monty”).