Saturday Night Twelver Rage

Yo, can you bring another twelve-pack tonight?

We’re gonna RAAAAAAAGE!


Yes, yes we are, Allison B. from the overwhelmingly prosh EH Rabbitry



  1. Somebunny sure has cute baby rabbits! Hoppiness is a twelvepack of bunnies!

  2. may i have one of each? *bleen!*

  3. HALP! we have been bombarded!!!

  4. one of these cutes BETTER be called Napoleon!

  5. SillyGirl says:

    want want

  6. Novemb-hare!


  8. One has the Mark of Zorro!

  9. Omg one of them is a HARRYPOTTERBUNNY!!! Do not be threateninks him, he will change you into a carrot with his magical wis-kars!

  10. HAHA, Jess! I was thinking the same thing 🙂

  11. momof2kitties says:

    No, no…I think that’s an “M” for mouf. Which is where I shall put him.


  12. Theresa
    LOL I was thinking that exact same thing!
    PLUS my real name be Teresa!
    Coinkydink? I tink nawt!

  13. Makes my lips itch to see all those smoochables….

  14. It’s an N for nadorabuls.

  15. Anne Boleyn says:

    Bunnies have sort of creepy (in a cute way) eyes, don’t they?

  16. butterfly says:

    @momof2kitties: LOL. save some for meh!

    they are so adorable! i would like to challenge anyone to find a NON-cute picture of a baby bunny. it’s impossible, i promise you.

  17. nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom (burp)*

  18. 260Oakley says:

    And the cure for your Sunday morning hangover? A hare of the dog that bit ya’.

  19. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Where’s the middle square for Ann B. Davis?

  20. totalee puppy says:

    Meg…Loving this twelve-pack of nommable baby bunnies! Gratitude is my

  21. Raemie L. says:

    Twelve-pack buns in assorted flavors. The bun with the “lightning bolt” is the “energy drink.”

  22. Do these bunnies stay this small? Thinking about getting a new pet! 🙂

  23. Hay, I only got a 10 pack, where are the other 2? Did one of you eat them before I got here?

  24. omg bunnies!!! Please give me that fourth one on the second column.

  25. I’ve been known to crack open a fuzzy one now and then. Anyone wanna nom………I mean drink with me? I’ll bring the chips and dip.

  26. berthaservant says:

    Surprisingly not many disapprovers here. I notice that the bunnehs with smooshed (or perhaps “more elegant”) noses don’t have that classic bunneh sneer. And of course, behbeh bunny ears rarely express disapproval.

    Still and all, entirely acceptable and nommable. nomnomnomnomnom

  27. I am going out to kiss my bunny RIGHT NOW! #5 is by far the cutest little bunny (besides my little boop) I have ever seen.

  28. opalescentangel says:

    Second row, bunny on the right…
    Looks like he’s been marked by Zorro!! Poor fing will need some snuggles to feel better!

  29. *keeling over from bun cuteness*

  30. biscuithead says:


  31. biscuithead says:


    [That’s two down, ten to go! – Ed.]

  32. warrior rabbit says:

    It’s an N, for ‘no.’ Or maybe for ‘Ni,’ as in the Knights who say. Either way, it’s all about disapproval.

  33. Must.. have …

  34. Time to go huff some bunnies…I bet they smell like talcum powder and have particularly wiggly noses.

  35. eikoleigh says:


  36. It looks like Allison takes good care of her buns and doesn’t run a huge breeding operation. However, if anyone is interested in adopting a bunny, please remember that they are the third most euthanized animal in shelters. You can find hundreds for adoption at

  37. Gail (the first one) says:

    Twelve times the Buns equals twelve times the fun!!

  38. @berthaservant: Notice the wide-eyed look? These buns are just *shocked* at our ineptitude. This is just a precursor to the forthcoming full-on disapproval.

  39. @B-serv and anon– I’ve noticed that the disapproval is often invisible in a side view. It’s only full-face that you get the full force of disapproval.

  40. biscuithead says:


  41. Capt' Tightpants says:





  42. EEEK! The Zorro-marked bunny is named “Domino”!

  43. Madeleine says:

    I’ll take the bun with the Sofia Loren eyeliner, please.

  44. I want the Harry Potter bunny! I wish my husband wasn’t allergic.

  45. Bunnderbar

  46. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Aww… the little grey one on the bottom left looks like my sorority sister’s bunny. When her husband proposed, he asked her bunny’s permission. OMG every time I tell that story, it’s so sweet my teeth ache. Must nom a bunny… it’s the cure!

  47. Theresa That is just wrong I am with you on it needs to be named Zorro or Mark of Zorro.

  48. WouldBeCityKitty says:

    Oh my.




    And a twentyfourpack of nommable earlets to go with that.

  49. Annie and Theresa.
    I named Domino (zorro bun) because he has two black spots in his white bib. It’s hard to tell in that photo, and I think his fur was ruffled to look like a Z. His two spots really stood out when he was younger when I named him. =3

  50. Allison, he is adorable, as are all the buns!

  51. This is gonna leave a massive hangover for Bunday!

  52. OMG–I am so drunk! I can’t believe I had a WHOLE twelve pack. Hic.

  53. Seems like “Fiver” is a more appropriate term where rabbits are concerned…

  54. Anyone ever seen the movie Night of the Lepus? My husband just got it from Netflix and it causes this post to be quite scary! Check out to see the killer, genetically-altered, 150 pound bunnies!

  55. Aaaaah. I can imagine these bun buns running on fluff and more fluff.

    gurp!!! too cuuuute!

  56. OMG WANT!

    Posts like THIS are why I bought the CO calendar. <3

  57. @Becky, “Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit” was scary enough for me. 😉

  58. It only makes sense that the marked bun is Harry Potter – his sister is Beatrix!

    ::Ducks for cover from the flying shoes coming this way::

  59. It only makes sense that the marked bun is Harry Potter – his sister is Beatrix!

    ::Ducks for cover from the flying shoes coming this way::

  60. awww, the photos aren’t showing up! 😦

  61. Yayy, they showed up! First row 3rd bunny – “Wat are you guys talking about? We all know it is me.” 🙂 *snorgles bunny*

  62. Now I want to have a daughter and name her Bunny.

  63. “nomnomnomnomnom”…Why,
    Berthaservant…get a hold
    of yourself, milord…

  64. hamster-on-rye says:

    We are not to worry about
    Berthaservant…even excess
    he manages with finesse.

  65. We need bunny trading cards. Collect them all!

  66. totalee puppy says:

    KATRINA…Miss you…a twelve-pack of
    baby bunnies, may they please your ladyship…

  67. Hee!

    Tuner buns!

  68. I…
    no….. I….. must…..control



    aaaaaaand *faints*

  69. Dwarf bunnies are so ridiculously funny-looking and crazy cute at the same time. I was thinking “Harry Potter” bunny too, but I really like the “Zorro” suggestion.. I especially like lolfoxr’s suggestion — “One of these cutes better be called Napolean!”

  70. Harry Potter Bunneh!

  71. OMG!!! I jusfed stuffde aww of dem in muh mouf an i steew haff woom.

  72. 2nd bun underneath the one all the way to the left on top has the letter “N” imprinted into his fuzz on his shoulder.

  73. My head just exploded TWELVE TIMES

  74. totalee puppy- I am silenced by the bunnitudiness. Wave, Wave, Wave to you, too, your majesty!

  75. does rabbit #4 have a harry potter lightning bolt! i think so!

  76. Rick Astley says:

    Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you
    Never gonna make you cry
    Never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you