Noodle Kitteh is coming STRAIGHT FOR YOU

Er, kinda straight for you… um. He’ll be here in a minute. WATCH OUT!

Theresa M., Don’t worry. I think all she’s really looking for is an ear scratch.



  1. Pounce!

    What a noodly sweetheart…

  2. wheatuskitty says:


  3. GeorgiaGirl says:

    It’s a slinky…

  4. Ack! Linda Blair much?

  5. Only a kitteh can make that look like fun, and not painfull as it would be for us hoomans. lol

  6. berthaservant says:

    Okay, first of all, was this kitteh sired by Petey from the Little Rascals? What doggeh-like markings. It’s like the tail was dipped in ink!

    Second, methinks the stairs are made of catnip.

  7. I’d say Slinky kitteh more than noodle. Verging on being a Wacky Wall Walker, only you know, with stairs.

  8. fish eye no miko says:

    @wheatuskitty: [makes yowling cat noise]

  9. Swifter cat can come do my floors anytime–I have a tin of sardines around here somewhere.

  10. Hahaha what a goof! She’s so cute!

  11. Ha, my friend’s cat does the same thing on stairs! All he’s looking for is a full back & belleh scratch.

  12. Slinky Cat..Coming soon to a store near you Just in time for stocking stuffers.
    Yes folks this new invention is all the rage for your teens tweens and little ones.

  13. Thump mrow thump mrow thump mrrrow?

  14. GreyhoundMommy says:

    What slides down stairs, alone or in pairs
    and makes a purring sound?
    It’s fun,
    It’s a wonderful toy.
    It’s fun for a girl or a boy.

    *Ducks down for having planted an ear worm*

  15. adorable – found an easy way to get a carpet burn

  16. Oooooooooh, she’s a VAN! They’re so cute! We fostered a van kitten once, and we called her Vanessa Vanilla.

  17. binky-mama says:

    Oh my word…more evidence that cats are insane. (I’m not complaining!)

    BTW I’d be curious to see an x-ray of this kitty. If he has bones they are made of jello.

  18. the bug man says:

    Boneless kitteh fillet! My favorite!

  19. it’s slinky! it’s slinky! a fun and a wonderful toy! it’s good for a girl or a boy!!

    silly kitty! i’ve never seen such a thing. oh so CUTE!

  20. Oh my, that is a cat that seriously loves hard edges. Must need really deep tissue massage to retort to sliding down the stairs on his back or sides. I had a chuckle at his antics.

  21. ahhhh that was soooo cute!

  22. hahahah that was funny!!

  23. Or, it could just be the laziest dang feline I’ve ever seen. Gimme one!!

  24. That must be one heck of an itch that only a flight of stairs can cure.

  25. Oooooh, it’s TSUKI!!! One of my send-ins finally made it to CO!!!! This has been a week of weeks!!!!!

  26. swiffer kitty= no more dusting or vaccuming! genius! this kitty must be on drugs or somethin.

  27. That made me LOL!
    What a goofeh kitteh!

    PS, when I click “Keep me signed on for two weeks” ….never happened. Never. Not even one day.

    It’s ok. Just sayin’.

  28. Oh my gosh, our cats could almost be twins!

  29. goldenpuppy says:

    i like how the kitty is like “oh, wait! one more step!”

    *meerrow, thump*

    “okay all done!”

  30. Swiffer kitty swiffers. In other news, this cat’s just begging for a game of “macaroni” (see:

  31. No need for catnip…any kind of nip could have this

  32. hamster-on-rye says:

    Annie-Bwahahaha for “Slinky

  33. totalee puppy says:

    M.–Greatest sound effects–“Thump mrow…”

  34. LOL…I was very happy to see the cat walk and be upright, I thought it was a “special” kitty for a few seconds.

  35. You know, I think this cat would very likely like a beating with a paddle. Or two. Don’t you think, Joy?

    KendraPT HA!

  36. girlnextdoortn says:

    That’s a hard core massage the kitty is getting.

  37. paperPlain says:

    As a child Salvador Dali ALSO used to throw himself down stairs to see how people react. Maybe some kick-ass art is coming to sender-inner’s way soon. 🙂

  38. Michelle S says:

    That’s a video that needs sound effects! So adorable!

  39. Fave is that hand at the end rubbing the little kitty.

  40. AuntieMame says:

    This one’s pretty funny, too, especially when the cat lands in a boneless blob at the bottom of the step.

  41. Ahaha! I was hoping, just hoping, as soon as I started watching it, that there would be lots of Slinky™ commentary. And it was delivered. This is so cute!

  42. Kinda looks like a creative way of dealing with a vestibular problem…

  43. That has made my Monday better because it exists. Huzzah!

  44. More proof of the boneless Cat.

  45. That is ONE cute kitteh — but wait, s/he really looks just like my Claude — right down to the big spot on the back and the tail that looks like it was added as an afterthought.

  46. Giggles. What a silly cat LOL.

  47. Definately a creative way of scratchinks. Little cutie.

  48. Kitteh needs some low sodium soup with taste. He loves the taste of taste.

  49. Gail (the first one) says:

    So cute!!!

    I think they can turn themselves boneless at will–another wonderful kitteh trait!!!!

  50. You know, I thought this might be ear mites at first but quickly saw that the cat is just a nutball for the skratchinks. And the vid AuntieMame posted upthread of the same cat only makes that clearer.

  51. My boss and I both decided that cat is actually a puddle in the shape of a cat.

  52. HAHAHAH! What a weirdo! I was a slinky cat too!

  53. we call that the boot-scooting boogie.

  54. no dust bunnies on those stairs, fur shure!!!

  55. That really does look like a lotta fun – MY TURN!!!!!

  56. This looks to me like a kitteh in heat. Or, if neutered, a kitteh remembering what it was like to be in heat. Or maybe I’m just a human who is well past the age of remembering what it was like . . .

  57. …to be a neutered kitteh in heat??

    so confused

  58. What a wonderfully silly cat! And I just love the markings.

  59. it’s a california happy cow.

  60. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    It’s a kitty trying self-chiropractic! I knew a vet/chiro who adjusted kitties, once. Yay! Dr. Giggleman (no kidding, that’s his name!) would be glad to help, kitteh!

  61. Ka-shinga-ka-shinga-Ka-shinga-ka-shinga-Ka-shinga-ka-shinga-Ka-shinga-ka-shinga-Ka-shinga-ka-shinga-Ka-shinga-ka-shinga-
    I love the sound of a Slinky on a wooden staircase Ka-shinga-ka-shinga-I suspect the cat is considerably quieter!

  62. That kitty OWNS those stairs.

  63. Scritch me! Sccrritch mee! Thump!

  64. Stupid Cat! I must have one!!! 🙂

  65. Erling Jacobsen says:


  66. platedlizard says:

    Cats are such dorks. My sister’s cat was trying to climb up her stairs, backwards, ON HIS BACK! last week.

    And of course there is the Crazy Kitty Hour.

  67. @Boomer’s Babysitter
    I once knew a vet named Dr. Giggleman too! I wonder how many of them there are out there.

  68. HAhahahahaha!

    My kitten (ok, she’s not a kitten anymore, but she looks and acts like one) is always floppin’ all over the place. In face, she just flopped off my desk. I can totally see this happening in my house.

  69. Mary (the first) says:

    I would totally have named that cat “Spot”. Even if she is boneless.

  70. SLINKY

  71. I showed this video to my son. He said his friend’s cats used to do that all the time. He just thought they were crazy, guess they weren’t that crazy after all.

  72. I love the last-step shot where he stands up and mugs for the camera and then flings himself down the last stair!

  73. @platedlizard

    In our house, it’s called Kitty Acid Hour. But no matter what it’s called, I’m sure that all cat owners know to what we are referring…

  74. omg that is so hilariously funny! what a silly nut cat

  75. that has to be the most strange way i’ve seen a cat make its way down the stairs! as long as it is okay (it looked painful!) i say whatever.

  76. What slides down stairs?
    And leaves all her hairs?
    And makes a meow-ity sound?
    A cat, a cat! All fluffy and fat!
    Everyone knows it’s Tsuki!
    It’s Tsuki! It’s Tsuki!
    A silly, sweet, lovable puss!
    It’s Tsuki! It’s Tsuki!
    She loves to be scratched on her tush.

  77. Oh my! That cat looks a lot like mine. Mine not only has the black tail and the black dot, but it has the full letter “i” on its back. Weird.