Cannot… get… comfortuhbuhls…

So…. restless! and… uncomfortabuhls!

Mlisaoverdrive, I suggest an Ambien and two glasses of wine.



  1. That was so adorable.
    I love the part where he was half in the bed,and half on the floor. Hee hee.

  2. is that doggy in heat o.o

  3. another elizabeth says:

    I loff the little growls– too adorable! Rwwarrwwf!

  4. nope, charlie, i think that her/his ear itches. i have a springer spaniel (notorious for ear infections) and we have to clean his ears with a solution frequently. the solution always bugs him so he rubs all around on the floor to satisfy that itchy feeling. like this! 🙂

  5. Bulldogs make the cutest puppies!

  6. Who was recording me trying to sleep last night?!?

  7. the best part about this was one of the related videos youtube provided:

  8. haha itchy lugs 🙂

  9. ear mites?

  10. Aesthetica says:


    isn’t it CATurday?

  11. Video is no longer available? :((

  12. Itchy ears?? This is full-on “Look at me!!!” freakout! I think bulldog wants to chew on someone.

  13. GreenEggsAndSam says:

    I showed my boyfriend this video.

    Me: I feel Like this some nights.
    Him: You look like that some nights.

    I hope he meant the thrashing.

  14. Awww lol. Poor puppy is so angsty!

  15. Bullies = awesome

  16. Oh noes, GreenEggs! I think that calls for a biting! Nothing hard, just a little nip to let him know what’s up.

  17. Video is no longer available… waaaahhhhhhh!!!!

  18. berthaservant says:

    From doggeh’s lack of coordinaysh, I think he’s already been dipping into the ambien and the vino.

    Growl away, my friend. Growl away.

  19. can I suggest cute or sad for that?? As a chronic insomniac i didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for the poor love. but i settled on laughing.

    i’d second the ambien and wine combo but someone will probably nuff it into the long grass…

  20. Oh, not Ambien! Ambien makes you sleepwalk–even eat in your sleep!


  22. Hahaha, he sounds like a Taun Taun.

  23. william gibson says:

    nice nickname there, Mona Lisa Overdrive!

  24. Hahaha!! That is so cute. Perhaps he needs a bigger bed or back scratcher. 🙂

  25. dragoness says:

    ewww, Ambien and wine do not mix. I did that by accident once, and it was most unpleasant.

  26. Translation: “That goddamn kitteh put itchy powder in my bed! And he’s making a video to post on the Internet!”

  27. I love the scawy monstah noises he makes. Love to wake up to that.

  28. Karen in Toronto says:

    Zombie, I was gonna say. Except the kitty has been in the bed and puppy was trying to eradicate his/her odours…

  29. Those little arrrrrrr arrrr arrrr´s are too cute… 🙂

  30. That’s how I felt last night… only I have a chest infection and a huge baby bump to contend with as well!

    Poor pup!

  31. “I think I need a bigger box…”

  32. That would be me at 3:00 a.m. with work anxiety issues!

  33. Arachnophile says:

    And people make fun of Restless Leg Syndrom! ;-p

  34. Arachnophile says:

    Oh and there’s nothing wrong with this dog. My dog does this when she’s hyper. It’s really just a play activity. Mine will “dig” madly too.

  35. Ah, the video works now!

  36. aw, vid no working no mo’

  37. someone’s touched in the head hehe

  38. Video is working just fine. The trouble *is* in your set.

  39. over the last couple years, i’ve gotten the distinct impression that meg likes wine.

  40. @ emily

    I love that other video too, that bulldog is so gentle! Especially love when the hand licking makes the baby giggle.

  41. Puppy:: you see that I do not fit in my bed sny Rowrrrrr. see I flip I flop and hey are you lauginhg at me?????

    Videographer.::: HEheheh Hahahahha Heheheh
    Puppy:: Rowrf Seee(flops out of bed halfway … lots more riggling)
    And se urff I can’t get Comftrubles Can’t Ehnnnnnnn Falls all the way except for butt, out of bed )
    And one of those newer bigger fluffier moddels would be Perfect. And some tummy rubs maybe some scritches (Looks at videographer with big brown puppy dog eyes)
    Videographer::: Hehhehehehe HAhhha you are so cute of course we’ll get you a new bed …(Scritches puppy behind ears and happily runs off to YouTube)

  42. A friend of mind took Ambien…she woke up the next morning naked and never ever found her nightgown. We wonder exactly where she ended up 🙂

  43. Lion tail in his ear?
    Not good.

  44. He looks dangerous…

  45. He’s got the Jimmylegs!

  46. could his bed be a little too small?

  47. Does anyone speak dog and can give us a tranlation of the grr wuffs.

  48. texirishrose says:

    Awwww! “Video’s no longer available.” [pouting]

  49. Teho – the video hasn’t been available for me on youtube or here since it was posted, I tried all 5 computers in our house – all over youtube videos workerated. 😦

    I’s dyin’ to see this.

  50. Reminds me of my husband on a bad night.

  51. I swear, Peeps, the video’s fine. For those having trouble, maybe the specific YouTube server closest to you is borked. (I’m sure they have a massive distributed backend, and no, that isn’t meant to be a double entendre. I’m talking about data infrastructure.)

    Try clicking on the image to go to the YouTube page, rather than clicking the Play button. Might help.

  52. OK I’m destined to never see it. I’ve stood on my haid, got my kid to click the link, rebooted, tried other computers and even tried when I was at my mom’s house.

    I can see all the other Archie vids, so I’ll be fine. Just what a weird anomoly.

    And btw LOL heartily at the Jimmylegs!

  53. nicoleevon says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with his ears or the bed. This is what my little guy does when he’s feeling extra feisty and wants me to know it!