Warshing mini Shrek ears

Thanks to all Peeps in the Comments and Theo who suggested this one…



  1. *bloop*.

  2. (I’m sure you’ll note what I did NOT say.)

  3. Theo, I believe that’s cheating.

  4. OMG is that a baby pygmy hippo? ME WANTY. i keep rewinding the parts where his little ears flicker!


  5. Oh MY! The ear flickings!


  6. OMG!!1! Man..I’m in the wrong business!

  7. The perfect combination of ugly and adorable.

  8. Yeeeeeaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

    How on EARTH are those women silently washing him/her??? There should be massive amounts of squee-ing, bathy-bath sounds, scubbity-ubbity-chubbity commentary, etc. They are…stoic! [and lucky!!!]

  9. Snuh — uhmm, yeah. That’s what I meant to say. *blorp*

    Blyhagd — it’s called “privilege”. 😉 I very rarely indulge, but hey, it’s Friday.

  10. SO TINY!
    DO WANT!

  11. er, that’s scrubbity, sorry…

  12. warrior rabbit says:

    Ahh, I saw this on CNN a while ago. Too ka-yoot! I want one now. Maybe we can get one in the White House? I’m sure they’re hippoallergenic.

  13. HOUSE HIPPO!!!!!!!!!! I neeeeeed you, house hippo!

  14. berthaservant says:

    I lurve it when Meg says “warsh.”

  15. I normally have pretty good self-control, but I let out an involuntary “ohmigawd!!!” it was so cute. thank heavens the roommates weren’t here.

  16. I want a hippopotamus for christmas… only a baby hippo will dooooo

  17. While hippos are pretty scary as adults, this little thing is super duper cute! to the max!

  18. What the heck is that mini-hippo-piggy-animal of cuteness? Can I have one?

  19. fish eye no miko says:

    Aw, babeh blorp!

  20. aww… who’s little?

  21. And if you love this little guy, be sure and check out “JESSICA THE HIPPO” on Animal Planet sometime. *SQUEEEEEEEEEE*

  22. But is it blowing bubbles and wiggling its ears?

  23. its hard to believe that in a year or so, this little bebeh could rip your face off!!! 🙂 Its anerable while it lasts (lurving the ear twitchinks)

  24. House Hippo!! House Hippo!!! House Hippo!!!!!

  25. It doesn’t get much cuter than that!

  26. the simultaneous nomming and ear flicking while calmly hanging out in the mini tub did me in.

  27. Well, it’s a hippoluvabunch!!! That’s the slang version of a mini-hippopotamus, as of this moment anyway.

  28. oh i was about to submishe this too.. get a load of the ears!!

  29. chet, ruby, and miaoux's momma says:

    so i totes woulda emailed directly to meg, but every time i cut-n-paste in email, my ‘puter crashes! lurve this hippo.

  30. Man, I have never said “Ahn” in real life, but I just did. Out loud and to myself. Cutest thing I have ever seen!

  31. Michelle S says:

    Why? Why can’t I have a peegmy heepo for my very own?

  32. Oh my, that is just unfair how cute that is.

  33. Pea, you actually got it right, it’s a behbeh pygmy hippo (and it’s a little girl, I saw her on news.com.au this morning ;-))

  34. Gail (the first one) says:

    At the beginning, sweet little hippo looked like he was getting dipped from one tub to the next like a dirty beer mug in a bar!!

    So utterly, utterly CUTE!!!!

  35. Fluffybutt says:

    There is another video here http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=fHSb6JN6z7k
    where you get to see its little tocks…so cute!

  36. How cute is that?I want one,but the neighbors would’nt like it.

  37. I hear there are people who don’t like these animals. I believe they are called “hippocrits”.

  38. ~I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
    Only a hippopotamus will do
    Don’t want a doll, no dinky Tinker Toy
    I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy!~

    Oh, the adorable ears and flaring nostrils!


  39. Do you peeps know how prosh this little Shrek-eared chub is? Baby pygmy hippos are like ONE-FIFTH the size of regular baby hippos. Which makes them roughly five times as cute, and FIVE TIMES as prosh!

    Anyone else start singing “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” when they saw this little guy?

  40. i can’t stop watching this video….

    i must be hippo-tized.

  41. LOL, newlee!!

  42. temperance says:

    this is almost too painful to watch, because it reminds me- sooo vividly- that i really do have the wrong job.

    those ears.

  43. What a wicked cute bebeh! I just took the hippo-critter oath! Everett, all her sins are warshed away!

  44. girlnextdoortn says:

    Ooohhhh, myyyyyyy.


  45. Nancy gets a +1 for the O Brother reference.

  46. GASP!!!!!

  47. Oh. My. GAWD. When he dunks his head then comes up and wiggles his ears? I die. DIE!

  48. On the video linked from msnbc, the very end of it shows the bebe hippo oh-so-gently om-nom-nomming on the wrist of one of his caretakers…I WANT A BABY HEEEEEEEEPPO NEEEEEBBLING ON ME!

  49. Selphie van der Boffin says:

    I never knew hippos could be so cute. What a sweetie!




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  53. They make good house pets, right? It can live in my bath tub! =)

  54. fish eye no miko says:

    260Oakley said: “I hear there are people who don’t like these animals. I believe they are called ‘hippocrits’.”


  55. Thumbs up for the new (?) primates category

  56. Francois — 😉
    Actually, “ResQte™” is the newest one. But yeah, there comes a point when you have to quit calling monkeys and apes and people “Unusual Animals”. heh

  57. …*opposable* thumbs up, right?

  58. Grrrrrrrreat… one more thing to add to my ever growing list of must haves! I need a CuteOverload Zoo Mansion to live in!!!

    [You mean like the Hamsion, except people- and hippo-sized? – Ed.]

  59. balamuthia says:

    *bppppppppt* ears all dry!

  60. I’m with everyone else who was slayed by the ear wiggles. (And speaking of ear wiggles, I vote for more capybaras on CO. Capybaras rule. And they have the cutest ear wiggles.)

  61. Ohhhhh. What a little sweetie.

  62. i need to squeezeeee

  63. Oh sho cute. I love it when he takes a little dive. I want it!!

  64. OMG! Triple dorablishishness! Why sooooo tiny?

  65. oh! oh!! oh!!! seconds :16 -:18 SOOOO ADORABLE!!!!

  66. fish eye no miko says:

    Decca said: “I vote for more capybaras on CO.”


  67. BTW, are they warshing him in Warshington?

  68. the cutest pudgy little water horse…

  69. SUCH a little cutiepie! Theo, thanks for the other post too–that video of the Hippo in the kitchen had me stunned. But this little sweetie is just adorable. She looks so gentle.

  70. itsa teeny tiny hippoz!

  71. All of those worried about this thing growing up to bite your face off, it’s a baby pygmy hippo. It’s not going to get much bigger than it is now. I LOVE DEM PYGMY HIPPOS.

  72. Hip Hippo Hooray!

  73. Space Cowgirl says:


    Seriously, I asploded.

    If I were Cleopatra, I would have one of these as a pet. It could sit at my feet and wear a little lotus garland.

  74. “Hippo-dee-doo-dah,
    My oh my what a wonderful day.
    Plenty of sunshine heading my way

  75. where’s da mama?

  76. When she picks up the bebeh pygmy hippo to put in to the other container of water… I just DIE. I want to ever so gently squeesh the belly and pet the neck chub while nibbling the shrek ears and kissing the mouf!

    Forget puppies… give me a live feed of bebeh hippo!

  77. platedlizard says:

    PYGMY HIPPO BEHBEY! oh, so cute! They’re not as aquatic as their bigger cousins and I think they’re more solitary. I liked how he was trying to nurse at the end! Too bad they’re endangered… 😦

  78. Oi! Neck rolls at 1:23!

  79. wannadance says:

    how can you tell it’s a baby hippo, yall? reallllllly sweet. could be a baby anything in that big sort of ugly bunch….

    i love it, whatever it is, sucker for baaby anythings….

  80. Ooh such a sweet little critter. I thought the nursing attempts were kinda sad – like where’s mom at?

  81. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Were the scrunchy sounds coming from the hippo or from its walking on the leaves? Or does it only make scrunchy sounds on my ‘puter?

  82. @Space Cowgirl, put it on a silk cushion, and have it fanned with giant palm leaves!

  83. totalee puppy says:

    Tiff…Thanks for cute song!

  84. Theo!! I had missed that one, thank you! Jessica is super kyoot as well!

  85. Did anyone see the article on pygmy hippos in national geographic a month or two ago? I ask ’cause, uh, I edited it, and it would make me happy if someone here read it. It was only like 100 words long. I think it was August or September. Anyway, yeah, they get to be about three feet tall, they live in the forest in Liberia, and they’re hardly ever seen in the wild.

  86. Fozzie Bear ears!

  87. Squee!!!!

    I saw this little cutie on the news here in Oz-Tray-Lee-Ah last nite. I squeed out loud (much to the horror of my boyfriend *lol*).

    This little munchkin is called Monifa, and she lives at Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

    She will only grow to about one metre high (so, prolly not likely to rip you limb from limb) which is about half the size of a regular non-economy sized hipp-ster. The article I read did not mention what happened to her Mama (but I don’t recall any news stories about Hippo’s in the zoo passing away…) but perhaps she was abandoned by Mama. She was born three weeks early, and her patient, devoted (and obvy) loving zoo-keepers had to sleep with her and hand feed her to ensure her survival. *head tilt and ‘Ahn’*

    I personally recommend watched out for the neck chub at about 1:24 🙂

  88. Here’s another video of ‘Monifa’ and her story about Mama and a difficult birth. enjoy!

  89. Martha in Washington says:

    Theresa–if I understand it correctly (I am not a WA native) people in WARshington wAHsh their stuff. I know, it’s contradictory but still there it is.

  90. yay! it’s nice to see us austrayans on the cuteness map from time to time 🙂
    i love at the beginning how they move the bebeh from the blue water container to the bigger red one… it’s like they’re saying “congrats, you’ve passed your first swimming test so here’s a bigger pool” 🙂

  91. Oh for Heaven’s sake! The dunking, folks! The DUNKING!!


  92. Is it just me, or are there old-fashioned typewriter sounds in the background?

    In any case, that shortened infant face is triggering all my motherly instincts. *suppressing*

  93. Here lies Bex who died on this day from Snorglable baby hippo cuteness.

  94. I wanna hippopotamus for Christmas
    Only a hippopotamus will do
    No Crocodiles or rhinocerusses
    I only love Hippopotamusses
    and hippopotamusses love me too
    Patti from the other side the pond
    we in the UK love cute overload

  95. Paralyzed by cuteness … was going to suggest this bebeh to you from here in Aus, but ya’ll beat me to it 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE eeet!

  96. @a – that is the sound of many cameras clicking their shuters as photographers take pictures.

    Cute baby!

  97. You broke your own rule Teho, now you will have no credability in the school yard.

    *whispers* mutts like me…..

  98. SQUEEEEE!!! It’s Monifa the bebeh pgymy hippito!

    I lub her teeny earses! *SPLODE*

  99. Awww, it´s so tinee! Shame they have to grow up… 🙂

    And yes. The ears. Kill. Me. 😀

  100. cheesybird says:

    LOL@ warrior rabbit!!!

    Yer pun made me snort my tea!

  101. I seem to have a motherly affection for lille fludehest.

    I wasn’t aware I was that vulnerable. Thanks so much for the public service!

    Ehhhhnnnnnnnnnn, awwwwwwwww, oooooo, miiiiiiiiine.

  102. Oh my he/she is just tooooooo cute.I just wanna kiss that face

  103. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    @kgirl – 1:24, the CHUB!

    But :16 gets me! Squeeee!

  104. You know what is disgusting about that video?


  105. …i want to be your personal hip-po…

    (bleens at portable river)

  106. ElleBelle says:

    Those little ear twitches are priceless!

  107. Amanda H. says:

    Yesh, when the ear-lettes wiggle so very fast, my heart stops.

  108. *blorp*


  109. Wiggly, squiggly ears that move of their own accord should be a new rule of cute!

  110. AuntieMame says:

    A pygmy hippo! How cute! I didn’t know hippos came that small, because I was pretty sure a regular-sized baby hippo weighed as much as a grown man (so the keeper would probably have had a leetle more difficulty lifting it from the blue tub to the red one).

  111. There’s an article at CNN today about unusual White House pets, one of which includes…you guessed it: a pygmy hippo!

    Text includes this fun fact:
    “Coolidge donated Billy to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. Because there were only a handful of pygmy hippos in the U.S. at the time, Billy quickly went to work as a stud, an endeavor at which he found some success.

    He sired 23 little hippos, and many of the pygmy hippos you see in American zoos today are his offspring.”

    More weird WH mutts *ahem* can be found here: http://www.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/wayoflife/11/07/mf.presidential.pets/index.html

  112. as someone living in Warshington whose family is southern, native Warshingtonians get quite persnickety would you refer to the state as “Warshington.” They prefer “Washington” in all its bland, accentless glory 🙂

  113. I needs me a baby hippo!!

  114. I can see me now on Christmas morning
    Creeping down the stairs…
    Oh, what joy and what surprise,
    When I open up my eyes
    To see a Hippo Hero standing there!

  115. Maybe the Obama girls would like one of these…

  116. scooterpants says:

    such a little baby to have TWo buckets! “I has a blue bukkit and a red bukkit”
    I Love the ‘dip’ in the red bucket, so dang adorable!

  117. scooterpants says:

    Pauchie- Ha! *snort*
    Why would they want a pet that looks like Dick Chaney?

  118. National Discovery:

    The Baby Pygmy Hippo is a small, prosh, and rarely sighted species. This is in part due to its residence in small, fluffy balls of cloud where they frolic and play until the sun goes down. Their diet mainly consists of Lucky Charms marshmallow cereals- but ONLY the marshmallow portions.

  119. Carolina2 says:

    I want a hippopotamus for Christmas? On You Tube

  120. Bebeh hippo is so small, instead of “waterhorse, it mebbe should be “waterpony?”

  121. Moist all over! Self dipping is so expressing his/her inner hipponess.

  122. I’m with the “I wanna hippo(..) for Christmas” crowd. Also, I literally whimpered because I wanted to pet the baby so badly.

  123. If you’re hippo and you know it, flick your ears…!

  124. jackie31337 says:

    Oh dear, I’m in trouble now that I showed this video to my 5-year old. I believe her exact words were “Mommy, I want a hippopotamus!”

  125. awww totally adorable little baby…

  126. is that… a hippo?!


  127. ever since i decided that having a baby elephant wasn’t realistic i have campaigned for a baby pygmy hippo. this one is perfect, he fits into an old-style recycling container, and won’t disrupt the cat heirarchy as he is the same size.
    perfect pygmy baby

    i can’t stand it!!!!!

  128. oh Mags, thanks for that. ah yes, the North American House Hippo. we have a problem with them in my neighbourhood, we’re completely over-run.

    the worst part of that PSA is the ending…

  129. Why… it’s a Moomintroll! How delightful!

  130. WHY is this NOT my Job???
    I will work for small pay.
    I am also available for hired help in ALL baby categories (Except human of course)…
    cheetah, tigers, well all kitties – in da WHOOOOle wide wooo-urld, squirrels, buns, you name it. I’m here for the babies.

  131. Psilopathic says:

    Chubbers!!!!! A number of US presidents have owned pygmy hippos as pets, and (of course) brought them to the white house. I think it was Coolidge who had “William Hippo” or Billy. He had hundreds of these bloopy little prosh babies after moving to the zoo. Coolidge and JFK had TONS of pets (“The more you know…”)

  132. jackie31337 says:

    Caitlin “Why… it’s a Moomintroll! How delightful!”

    Argh! Now I have that @#$% Moomin song stuck in my head….

    o/` hei muumi!

  133. Typewriter noises? Camera noises? What are they?