Let’s write a children’s book called “Playground Sounds”

Rock rock rock

[Brrrrring! Turn the page!]

Climb climb climb


Swing swing swing

[Brrrrring! Turn the page!]

Bridge bridge bridge

Look look look

Slide slide slide

The End.

Absolute redonkulousness brought to you by the letter "P" and Alaska Bear Playground by Umnak, Panda Cub by anitalee, Swinger by aqui-ali, queen of the castle by KCA, lookout by piggley, Sliding dog by fd.



  1. love love love

  2. come out and play-ay!

    [Yer under 18, ya won’t be doin’ any ti-ee-ime… – Ed.]

  3. hovertext LOL! meg you crack me up…

  4. I have never seen a happier-looking goat. BLEEN!

  5. the bug man says:

    I was sure there was going to be a “Three Billy Goats Gruff” hovertext.

  6. I have a distinct feeling that many of those are not actual sounds, but that is perfectly alright. It must be the cuteness messing with my head.

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    How come I never found this playground when I was little!! I always just found boring ol’ hooman kids on my playgrounds 😦

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the reference to the little golden books that came with a 45!! You were always prompted “remember every time you hear this sound BRRRRIIIIING, turn the page”

    Oh, memories sneeeef, and I’m only 28 >_<

  9. berthaservant says:

    Once again, Meg proves that industrialized educational media was all-pervasive. Thank you, Meg! Thank you, electronic nursemaids of information and remedial reading skills!

  10. I’d defnitely buy this book for my son!

    LOL @ ashagato’s first comment.

    Oh, and that swingin’ pug!

  11. AuntieMame says:

    Ha! I was looking for the troll, too, bug man. Trip, trap, trip, trap, trip, trap. Who is that tramping across my bridge???

  12. Okay Panda on pony is pretty damn cool! But my favorite has to be bears in playground. They look utterly delighted by the toys – like any normal group of kids. Super funny!

  13. I’m so saving that panda picture.

  14. A billy-goat. On a bridge.


    Seriously though, a panda on a rocking toy? Too cute to be legal!

  15. You forgot “and they lived happily ever after.”

  16. Oooh! I wanna play in the blackbear playground!!

  17. The pug looks like its wearing a chastity belt :}

  18. i really do think that Panda picture is the cutest thing I have *ever* seen. Really and truly. It HURTS to look at it, that’s how adorable it is.

  19. Isn’t this the same playground where the teddy bears have their picnic?

  20. A smiling goat on a playground bridge! I’m hardly awake, and my day has already been made.

  21. zosterops says:

    my, what is it with all these smiling goats? the one last week was even more maniacly happy but this one also has a lovable aura of smug contentness.

  22. Oh my gosh! Can we find out where this playground is and have a field trip? Pleeeease?

    I always said pandas rock, and now I have photographic proof! *sagenod*

  23. Goat. On a Bridge.

  24. Aagh. Am trying to wean myself off of C.O. (at least partly, say maybe one feeding a day ?) and Meg goes and posts THIS. My sis wrote back and said “we are doomed.” Doomed, I tell ya !

  25. OMG!!!! More Pandas on things that ROCK!!!!!


    Why oh why can’t I go there????

  26. Thanks Renee, SO PRECIOUS.
    I love that goat. So happy on his bridge! 🙂

  27. lol this is funnie!
    But that goat sure seems happy…

  28. I love the swinger!

  29. warrior rabbit says:

    The panda and goat are very cute, but the ‘iceberg’ cracks me up the most. More hovertext goodness from the crack staff of CO!

  30. jackie31337 says:

    Poohbear: “Aagh. Am trying to wean myself off of C.O.”

    Why on earth would you want to do that? 🙂

  31. Hey, I had Golden Books too, but I don’t remember any 45’s. I’m only 33, am I losing it or did some not come with 45’s? 😦

  32. 260Oakley says:

    I want to be the catcher for the pup coming down the slide. For the bear coming down the slide, ehn, not so much.

  33. The hovertext on the bear playground is hilarious!


    Too adorable for words.

    Iceberg ahead!

  34. puglets rule says:

    What a sweet puglet – he wants to know how long he is just going to hang there before somebody starts pushing ’em! ‘Bridge, bridge, bridge…’ too funny!

  35. Ok, this settles it. I’m quitting my job, selling my house, and moving to China to raise Pandas!!!!

  36. Biscuitz4Bearz says:

    hahahaha! “Dee-press-shons”

  37. O.M.G. That panda is one of the cutest pics ever. Even for CO!

  38. Love the bears in the playground. They were probably wondering what the heck humans need slides for and figured out the answer after climbing on one.

  39. *Why* is pug in a dee-press-shons?

  40. I’d really like to have lunch with the person who gave the rocking horse to the panda- that is inspiration at its finest. The translator is welcome to lunch, too, (as is the panda).**Chrooonnnssccchhhe**

    Rocky rocky rocky all day long, rocky rocky rocky, sing this song….

  41. darkshines says:

    I’ll take my chances at Black Bear Playground *cocks rifle*

  42. Gail (the first one) says:

    Happy leetle goat is my most favoritest!!

  43. Every photo is just awesome:)

  44. the panda looks like he’s trying to honk the horn.

  45. I’m imagining the panda pressing a horn with his/her right front paw–meep meep!

  46. Ok…I showed these pics to my special ed class (where we have a “cuteoverload” break after lunch every day) and the kids LOVED all the pictures! Now they want me to bring my schnauzer to play with them on the playground!

  47. Aackk! TOTAL Teddy Bears Picnic/Three Billy Goats Gruff flashback… but the panda is JUST TOO MOISHE!!
    Now I need some milk and cookies, and a nap. (Honk-shu)

  48. i think…. i just kinda turned into mush… x_X;;;

  49. i think Gl1tt3r is correct that these aren’t really sounds, but verbs! and verbs can be cute and fun, too, so don’t be shy about them.

  50. That dog is so cute! Omg…I want one..

  51. omg, does the goat have a cheek full of some kind of grass-able? if he’s chewing on grass, grinning, and sitting on his knobby knees, my brain will actually explode…

  52. Is that a troll I see under that goat’s bridge?

  53. chet, ruby, and miaoux's momma says:

    have you guys seen-ded this?????????????

  54. chet, ruby, and miaoux's momma says:

    i mean dis:

  55. JeenJur..
    Verbs can be cute and fun and in this case each verb has a distinct sound associated with it, as do other verbs like run walk and stir wich is what makes them soooo much fun.

  56. Every day I struggle to find superlatives for CO content, and I am once again boggled!

  57. Everyone else can say how adorkable that panda is, but I’m thinking the little lookout puppy is by far cuter.

    As for the Golden books with 45s, I just remember the Disney books with tapes that did the same thing. My mom still has mine.

  58. Happy Friday PEEPS….(shamlessly shooting for an RCF from TEHO or anybody else with the Skills and such)

  59. CoffeeCup says:

    Can we have a new post now? Please? Pleeeease?

    *hold up panda* Trade you!

  60. Hi Annie — I rebuilt, rearranged, and cleaned the garage/workshop today. I am a wee bit pooped.

    Still, if inspiration strikes, you’ll know. 😉

  61. Thanks Teho…. if you are still around what software do you use to make those … is it fairly user friendly or takes mad computing skills?

    (Plots own RCF’s)

  62. I like Mr. Goatio the best.

  63. Annie — the stuff I use is generally free & open-source software, which tends to require a bit of geek mojo. Usually I only use the animation plug-ins in GIMP (for Windows), and/or Sqirlz Morph, for the RCFs.

    When I did the prairie-dog video, I used YouTube Downloader (to grab the original clip), Audacity (to edit the Depeche Mode audio), and Windows Movie Maker (which came packaged with Vista Home Premium).

  64. Please some CO person, Chet, Ruby and Miaouw’s Momma’s link really needs to put on CO, PLEASE??

  65. Katrina et al. — Meg has been informed. Hehe. 😉

  66. (apparently she’s been having The Day From Hell, btw)

  67. I don’t like this post. Why do we always try to make animals act in human ways? Putting them in dangerous playground situations is NOT cute at all. There could have been serious animal injuries.

    Sorry, there has to be at least one nuff per post! This is the cutest thing EVER. Why can’t I find these playgrounds? Every playground I go to has screaming children and running noses. And the goat made me giggle for about 10 minutes.

  68. Better than those playgrounds with running children and screaming noses, CJ. Yeeps.

  69. Isn’t there a children’s story about a billy goat and a bridge? It’s somewhere in the back of my head in the childhood files (a little dusty back there).

  70. Thanks Teho I am off to explore a bit and I am a little geeky and have done some arty stuff at work so maybe I will not have too much trouble..

    @ Roseann it is the three billy goats gruff.

  71. @ CJ: there are no nuffs today because the Billy Goat won’t let the trolls pass into CO-land!!

  72. yes.. that goat does have a cheek full of green tasties (at least the goat thinks so).. I may die, it’s too cute..

  73. @Theo – I had the worst screaming nose once. Sounded like a peacock.

    @Ashagato – we need to have that goat attached to every post then!


  75. This post made my day! That panda is the best! 🙂

  76. Off Topic…

    “Mutts like me”, “Mutts like me”. Obama said “Mutts like me”!!!!!

  77. Megables- I hope your day got better, thank you for the next thing you post (I can seeee the fyutuuuure!)

  78. so yesterday i was in a meeting and the projector crapped out, and while the person leading the meeting went to get an IT person, it came back on. since we had some time to kill, i was like “well, why don’t we all look at cuteoverload.” those who hadn’t heard of it (i know, it’s weird but there are still some such folks out there!) were totally confused by this post. i was all, “see? it’s a pug in a swing!” which i really think explains it all.then one colleague, who is older and sort of proper, was like, “let’s see some hedgehogs!”

    yeah, so it was a good meeting.

  79. LOL Anner nice save of the day!

  80. that goat’s smile is killin’

    and I want to climb climb climb with the bears!! Can I play?? I think they would let me.

  81. I have the panda pants as my msn pic and everyon is like wtf! They are too shy to admit that they want a rocking horse panda toooo!

  82. is this the cutest blog or what? love it!

  83. Don’t be expecting me to go with the “or what” option.

  84. totalee puppy says:

    PACAT47–I could go for a

  85. hamster-on-rye says:

    Megan…How totally nice
    that you shared these pictures with your special
    ed class! With just a few more pictures and sounds, I think this would be an
    awesome book for kids.

  86. Thank you, Berthaservant…

  87. totalee puppy says:

    Katrina…Thank you for the
    extra-special words of your next comment…spoiled as I am by your unique style of writing…umm, well-heck- it’s easy to fake the future…

  88. I’m sooooooooo printing a copy of this …

  89. those animals r either forced there or dont have a home

  90. O.M.G!That is so cute!And scary.Don’t call me a woss