Let’s check in on the puppy cam

Let’s see: one puppy is licking another’s crotch, most are sleeping in a PupPile, and one is biting another’s leg. Yep, everything is in order. [Thumbs up + wink]

Live streaming video by Ustream

Thanks for the reminder and supreme time waster Ken C.



  1. oh my gawd. so cute

  2. Boo… I sent this in too…. 😦

    Ah well, it is super addictive..watch out for the little guy in the green collar…hyper active!


  4. at 1:55 EST – Nap time! Wish I could join them.

  5. I spent way too much time watching this last night. Why is it so addictive?

  6. Katie, I did as well. Oh well. 🙂

    It’s still SUPER cute 😀

  7. Biscuitz4Bearz says:

    Can I just tell my boss I have a second job watching over these pups?


    …from afar?

    …uh, and for free?

    Think he’d go for that?

  8. Great. Just when I was about to start writing a paper. How am I supposed to get anything done? How??!!

  9. omg Ando was just sneezed multiple times. /dies

  10. Maybe this turned up in another thread, but here’s an MSNBC poll for choosing the next First Puppy:


  11. it looks like they have a seperate place out of site for food etc.. very nice thought out set up,, I could watch them all day!

  12. Awww. Shiba Inu puppies! I still like my black & tan girl better than the red ones, but puppies are always cute. 🙂

  13. Are these Shiba Inu pups? They’re just tooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! *dies*

  14. shiba shiba shiba shiba shiba shiba shiba shiba.

  15. Yeah, I decided to go without coffee today – that’s all you get.

    [LOL!!! All right, what if *I* brew a pot, so you don’t have to? – Ed.]

  16. Are these Akita pups? Kinda looks like it. SOOOOOO friggin’ cute!!!

  17. Lisa (one of several) says:

    The Puppies are on front page again – yay!!! If you look at the original post in the comments you will find their names by collar color:

    The 6 Shiba Inu pups (3 boys and 3 girls) will turn 4 weeks old on November 4th.

    – Autumn (Purple collar)
    – Ayumi (Yellow-White collar)
    – Amaya (Red collar)

    – Aki (Green collar)
    – Akoni (Black collar)
    – Ando (Blue collar)

    Not that I am addicted or anything….

  18. oooooh too cute.

  19. aw nuts. every time I look they are conked right out. the little footsie twitches are cute tho LOL

  20. LOL THey are certainly larger than the last time I looked in on them

    Tries to tear self away from pups to do work….

    CAN NOT LOOK AWAY!!!!!!!!!

  21. They’re so roly poly adorable! So soft and snuggly! And Shiba Inu’s are such beautiful adult dogs. I did not know about this web site before now. Uh-oh spaghettios.

  22. berthaservant says:

    I call conspiracy. I’ve never seen these pups. They’re GONE. Once I saw them sleeping but they didn’t move. WHERE ARE TEH DOGGEHS? Stupid Obama kids got all the pups!

  23. 3 p.m. ET and no pups to be seen. Offline. Bastages.

  24. Stephanie S. says:

    aww man, offline! I got to watch for a bit, though, and one was having a twitchy-dream fest. <3!

  25. Stephanie S. says:

    omg online!! feeding time!!!!

  26. awwww…they’re having a shnack. so qte…

  27. The pups are back. They were nursing, now they’re eating solid food it looks like.

  28. OMG this is redonk. TOO CUTE!

  29. Oh the whimperinks! Little light colored one is a girl I think. And she does NOT like having her tail nibbled by her brudder. LOL!

  30. how cuz this movee not workin. we no lik ustream silliez

  31. warrior rabbit says:

    They were featured on PopWatch today, too.

    Look how big they got!

    I can’t watch them, I get nothing done.

  32. Melissa C says:

    oh no it went offline!!! puppies come back!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaahhhhh i am freaking out, what happened?!?!?! what i am going to do to stay entertained during my civil procedure class this afternoon??

  33. Stephanie S. says:

    the one on its back is totally conked out!

  34. Katie (not the Katie up there... TOK?) says:

    Um, li’l pup up front on your back, are you okay? If’n you don’t mind, I’m going to rub your belleh, okay?

    Shiba chub… those Japanese! *fist shaking*

  35. Look at the pup on the right side! He’s dreaming about running, I bet. 😀

  36. OMG — it’s like watching Tai Shan on panda cam all over again!

  37. the one in the red collar has an addition to pup butts.

  38. NOW how am I going to get anything done???


  40. HA! amaya just climbed over everyone and started to take a nap on ando. now ando has moved over the other puppile. Looks crowded in there don’t you think? Is this a giant bin that they’re sleeping in?

  41. michellemybelle says:

    This was on Gawker yesterday and one of the commenters was liveblogging all the action – it was adorable and hilarious. I love these Shibas 🙂

  42. eeee! I just heard a puppy sneeze!! So cute!!

  43. Purple is wreaking havoc!

  44. MaggieBee says:

    The purple one Autumn seems to like wreaking havoc….she played with the tennis ball, then annoyed Ayumi until she left, then chewed on the punkin, then tried to wake up more siblings, then left herself!!

  45. OMG, this is so cute! Yeah, Autumn (purple collar) does seem to be awful rambunctious, but she’s off to nap now & it seems like Ayumi is taking her havoc-wreaking place!

  46. Awwh they are so cute!! i love them

  47. persnickety says:

    Danger, Will Robinson!!

    If you start watching this puppy cam, you will NEVER. STOP.

    Not that I’ve been watching them for the past 2 weeks or anything. *whistles and looks away*

  48. You, Meg, are facilitating my addictions to these pups. If I can’t finish all the work I have to do today, because I am watching puppies (just this one more time – I promise) I blame you. This is too much overload even for cute overload – I’m just saying.

  49. I had been watching that an hour a day for a week, then the election sucked me in. ACK! I missed two days of yipping and rassling and growing! *rushes back*

  50. Haha, green-collar puppy was face-washing like a kitteh. He has being-a-kitteh dreams. X3

  51. Ha. He’s all “I’m bitting your face.” And they are all “Piss off, we’re sleeping.”

  52. I..just..can’t..stop..looking..

  53. Mmm, puppy pile……….a butt for a pillow……….someone’s twitchy foot under my chin………..I hope that’s your tail………….my brother just crawled over my head…………who’s licking me?

  54. Wow, they’ve all grown legs and curly tails. 😉

  55. ha! someone is sleeping in the most hilarious full-frontal legs akimbo position… don’t know where to look!! learn some dignity pupster!! SO CUTE!

    oh dammit, he’s just rolled over.

  56. I hope these adorable roly polies get to go outside sometimes and romp!

  57. I was watching at work and did not realize 25 minutes had gone by while I sat here staring at live puppies with a sh**-eating grin on my face.
    When I first started watching, one was on his back, leaning in the crook of two other pup’s backs, passed out and twitching. Then as I watched, THREE MORE joined the sleep/twitch party. I will have to keep watching this.

  58. *chomp* *push* *step on* *chomp*

    Ahh, siblings!

  59. Oh my, one of them just had a nightmare!! he was screaminks!!!! =*(

  60. I totally forgot what I can online to do.

    [You were going to look up which movies Michael Crichton screen-wrote, besides Jurassic Park. Trust me. – Ed.]

  61. Troost&Frankie's Mom says:

    They just moved the camera so you can see them playing in their little “yard”! Precious!

  62. Troost&Frankie's Mom says:

    There’s a white Shiba Inu at my local shelter. I’m seriously thinking about adopting him, but I’ve never had a dog before, so I’m nervous about it.

  63. Oh look at the play. Such fun. I just love these little puppies.

  64. Aw, puppies playing. So cute!!

  65. omg they are going crazy playing!! I LOVE PUPPY CAM

  66. nutty_mcbutt says:

    2 of them are currently working very diligently to destroy their wee-wee pad. I can not tear myself away

  67. Troost&Frankie's Mom says:

    This is more addicting than drugs.

  68. It appears to be offline at the moment!

  69. Autumn (Purple Collar) was cuddling a monkey plush and salmon plush — AT THE SAME TIME.

  70. biskitmamma says:

    I just moved my cursor over one to tickle it. And it moved!

  71. 4:15 PST….all the puppies are sleeping…and twitching from dreaming!! XD TOO CUTE


  73. Last week all six could fit on one narrow end of the bed, now they take up the whole bed. They are really growing fast.

  74. kittypoop says:

    I don’t understand why the puppies lick each others’ crotches. Doesn’t anyone else find that deesgustingks?????

  75. Beth (in NC) says:


  76. ohmygoodness! these pups are so cute! so delectably chubby! when i was watching a second ago, they were all sleeping(or trying to) but one was running around like crazy but then he stopped and shnuggled in next to his brother and the side. beyond cute.

  77. I honestly didn’t think it was on at first, everything was so still. But I heard a rustle in the background which caused one pup to pop up it’s head, then a biiiig stretch, reposition, and still…again. Hehe. At least I know it’s working. 😀

  78. Okay, today is the first I have heard of this puppy cam, and when I first clicked on the link, they were all sleeping. I make the link a Favorite, and forget about it while I’m doing boring stuff at work. I check in with CO this afternoon, and there are the puppies again, so again I click the link and AGAIN THEY ARE SLEEPING. I am very jealous of the people describing the puppies romping around. I like a squibby little sleepy puppy as much as anyone, but I especially love a squibby little MOVING puppy. Geesh. I’m probably getting screwed on the time difference.

  79. Is Little Ms. Yellow Collar an outcast? They wuz all honk-shu and den they got up and left her.


  80. How adorable! They just made ONE GIANT SIX-PUPPY PILE! I’m dying of an actual Cute Overload. Probably time to go to bed — dreams don’t get sweeter than this.

  81. omg sleeping puppies…! perfect.

  82. scooterpants says:

    nope shes not an outcast, shes an ‘independent spirit’
    and she rocks, she is my fav and i think the ‘runt’ although , ‘MR Hands’ has not confirmed this as many times as i have asked.
    isnt she just the most adorable thing? she is the ‘Shibas Shiba’ I am totally enthralled by her and her antic’s.

  83. scooterpants says:

    yer kiddin right?
    they are puppies.
    thats what they DO. 🙂

  84. scooterpants says:

    OMG!!! mama! she is SO brave.
    good bye nipples!
    good mama.

  85. Down from six to four?

  86. Right now mostly napping, but Amaya would really like to snack on puppy drumstick.

  87. almost as good as the Panda Cam over at the Atlanta Zoo! Not much can beat a mommy panda and a baby panda spooning ALL DAY LONGS. Also, the baby is often caught wiggling awkwardly like most babes do.


    (requires windows media player)

  88. Aw, they were playing and chewing on eachother, and then the people came home and the sound went away and all the puppies got excited and jumped out.

  89. Oh! They changed the camera angle and they’re all running around in their pen 😀

  90. Clawed Monet says:

    LOL They all look like little furry angels when they are sleeping! Earlier they were beating the beejeezuz out of each other XD!

  91. Daphne Moss says:

    I am going to end up sleeping under a bridge because I’m going to lose my job because I can’t stop checking in to see what the pup-pa-ses are doing.
    And they are always doing something interesting. Then there is the drama…is Autumn OK? She isn’t moving and Ando is chewing her collar!
    Hub-boy…This is like puppy crack!

  92. AlbertaGirl says:

    Somebody in really cute shoes is holding the puppies up to the camera one by one and introducing them. Too cute!

  93. Strange, but all I see on that link is 4 guys talking about a webathon… :/

  94. Argh! Sorry – the video didn´t show on my page here, so I clicked the Ustream link and got the 4 guys chatting… looks like the pups are off air at the mo… 😦

  95. See? I told you so! No work while puppies are sleeping- the typing keeps them awake- Shhhh. I haven’t seen them do anything but sleeping! I’ll come back during the day and hope for the best.

  96. AKZombie, every time I check in, they’re either sleeping or the camera’s offline; I’ve yet to see them do anything but snooze, so I’ve got to work on my timing 😦

  97. How, please PLEASE tell me how to linky linky to this webcam? (think Roger Rabbit here) PPPpppppleeese?

  98. Oh, they are hungry ATM and calling for food. Let’s hope mom ccomes back to feed them before too long. Adorable!

  99. Click the link for UStream and then click on Live. These puppers are the first link I saw. If you register (free), you can chat with other pupper-watchers.

  100. Pussytoes says:

    OMG Nursing!!!

  101. Man, they are rocking and rolling right now!!! hahaha

  102. How do the puppies know to poop on the white pad? Anybody know? It will be sleepy time soon, alas….

  103. Capt' Tightpants says:

    OMG – purplecollar is a sexual predator! First she was gnawing on PinkCollar, now she’s moved onto YellowCollar. (Sorry, I still don’t know their names).

    I have puppycam on in the background, and when I hear squeals and growling, it’s always because PurpleCollar is going to town on one of her siblings.


  104. gravyboat says:

    OH MY GAWD. Is there anything as delightful as a basket of friggin’ puppies?!?

  105. Girls:
    – Autumn (Purple collar)
    – Ayumi (Yellow collar)
    – Amaya (Red collar)

    – Aki (Green collar)
    – Akoni (Black collar)
    – Ando (Blue collar)

  106. Jenn in IL says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. 10:26 AM central time and they are playing and rolling and yipping and OMG OMG OMG OMG.

    They keep falling over and rolling around!

    I’m killed dead.

  107. Jenn in IL says:

    Shows how hard puppies fall…

    10:27AM central time (AS I WAS TYPING THE LAST COMMENT) and they’ve all fallen asleep with the exception of Autumn in the purple collar, who is quietly chewing on a toy.

  108. Look at these 3 looking out the door…wish we could see that cuteness from the front!!

  109. Jenn in IL says:

    10:30AM central time…and now they’re all sleeping…

    *giggles softly so as not to disturb* G’night, precious loves of the World Wide Web…

  110. Captivating! An exceptional time waster:-)

  111. Every time I come by they’re sleeping. Just DumBunny luck I guess.

  112. Why are they always asleep when I look in? 😦

  113. If you scroll down on their page, it has a list of their names so you can keep them straight.

  114. Okay, uhm, I watched this for, like 5 minutes, I just watched puppies sleeping for 5 minutes. And I feel great because of it. This has actually made me happy. Thanks to whoever runs this live stream. I mean it.

  115. scooterpants says:

    that’s their ‘girls next door’ back cover page photo, for Playpuppeh magazine. I actually think its cuter than the original, although T and MTMTOM would proly disagree.

  116. scooterpants says:

    oops, i renamed NTMTOM,
    ha. sorry.

  117. Just checked on the puppies — all are asleep.
    The one in the purple collar — little Autumn– must be dreaming, her legs and ears are moving like she’s chasing something!
    So cute!

  118. ahahaha..the purple collar one is totally nomming on another one

  119. Anybody know of a kitten cam somewhere? I would be forever grateful…

  120. Christine says:

    good luck to the person who will be adopting Ms. Purple Collar – puppy lessons immediately! she is such a trouble maker – but oh so cute!

  121. compy-saur says:

    I really like the puppy with the red collar. 🙂 He/she seems pretty dominant.

  122. Pink collar pup is nomming on the pup with their feets in the air, who just wants to sleep!!

    nom nom nom…

  123. Fat Tabby says:

    Red Collar (Amaya) is the nom-master at the moment!

  124. Yep, I’ve got one window open with the work I’m doing and one window open with the puppy cam so that I’ve got a morale booster when the going gets tough.

  125. Christine says:

    ‘scuze me, coming thru, coming thru – i like how they just step on each others’ faces to get from here to there ..

  126. KarenBinTo says:

    ‘Scuse me, but are these test puppies? Every SINGLE time I’ve watched they’re asleep.

  127. Wheres mum?

  128. Christine says:

    they have these 5-minute spurts of activity and then they sleep for 10 minutes. omg. even in sleep i can watch them and feel my blood pressure go down.

  129. I repeat my earlier conclusion from the other post, and add one more.

    One – puppies sleep a lot.
    Two – I like watching them sleep, for hours.

  130. scooterpants says:

    you just need to wait about 10 minutes, they ‘cat nap’ all the time, they’re like the weather in oregon, (if you wait a couple minutes it’ll change). they’re really rambunctious now compared to this time last week. They’re CRAZY!

  131. warrior rabbit says:

    I love it when they sleep upside-down (er, belly up).

  132. This is the next best thing to having my own pile o pups!


  134. Spamamander says:

    Shibas. ’nuff said.

    Yes I’m slave to a shiba, why do you ask?

  135. KarenBinTo says:

    Well, at 2:46 ET there was a BIT of action — I watched a puppy dream transfer from one to another to a third. Interesting paw twitchiness.

  136. Kari, thanks. I’ll try to put a shortcut on my desktop. Purplebaby plays too hard. Bites Yellowsweetie’s nose! I have now infected two co-workers with this live streaming….heh, heh….wish we could hear them without getting busted!

  137. Christine says:

    red collar: Please, wake up, play with me or i’ll have to go back to sleep!

  138. Looks like Amaya is giving Autumn a taste of her own medicine… EAR NOMMAGE!

    This makes me want to install a webcam in my living room so I can see what my puppy is doing all day! And figure out how the cats manage to wreak so much havoc…

  139. Spamamander – ’nuff said, indeed. Internet crack. One look was all she took.

  140. From the way they’re all crowded into that corner you’d think there isn’t enough space in there!

  141. Can’t…. stop….. watching…

  142. Katie, “This makes me want to install a webcam in my living room…” I’m riveted by a stranger’s pups – could we actually keep our jobs watching our OWN beloved puppehs??!!

    (where are these skwunchable fluffballs, anyway?)

  143. scooterpants says:

    head phones. 🙂

  144. Christine says:

    it’s like there’s a force field at the opening – green collar is STOPPED!

  145. Christine says:

    i LOVE you nipples, i mean .. Mom …

  146. 3:15 central time is FEEDING FRENZY!!!!!

  147. Christine says:

    those little stumpy tails!!!

  148. Feeding Time … Puppy puppy puppy squeel

  149. Soitera– no, you’re right. I would be fired. “I have to go home! My puppy is whimpering!” Either that or I’d be yelling at the monitor, “NO! NO! Do not pee on that!” Obsessive ShibaCam viewing is definitely distracting enough.

  150. scooterpants says:

    so funny! look at em!, they’re all “you gotta be kiddin me”
    I dont think they get that they’re supposed to eat it. 🙂

  151. scooterpants says:

    Nice red fingernails lady does a LOT of scrubbing.
    how fun!

  152. i just checked in at 4:32 EST and it looked like one puppy was biting another puppy’s nads off. not cool, dude! but then i saw it was just the puppy’s leg. much bunny-kicking ensued. cuuuuute.

  153. Right now green collar puppeh is gettin his butt whupped…cmon puppeh get off your back!

  154. scooterpants says:

    oh man the screaming and the ficious fighting are incredible. purple collar puppeh is so MEAN!

  155. I would love to see different color collars on them so I can bet on the wrestling matches.

  156. Oops, maybe they already have different colors lol sorry.

  157. Autumn is such a beast! She has been since the day we stated watching weeks ago. I’ll take her……

  158. sweet little twitchy puppies – i wonder if they dream the same dreams at the same time.

  159. . . . someone is standing on my head . . .

  160. It upsets me when they bite so hard!

  161. i swear, in just a couple of days these guys have gotten so much bigger! Look at how they fill the bed!

  162. Today I put this up on fullscreen on the computer in my art class, which everyone can see from their seats. People loved it! The puppies were mostly just sleeping on scratching themselves but it was so cute and calming.

  163. My partner studies the beautiful wild dingoes on Fraser Island in Australia and we’re lucky enough to observe them from the time they are tiny puppies and they look so much like these little cuteys!! We call it a pupple when they get into a pupppy puddle like this. Adorabubble in the extreme! Thanks for the undiluted puppyjoy crack that is this live feed!

  164. These just may be the Most Watched Puppies of All Time. There are close to 600 posts on the original post of this video (from 10/25) and there are chapters of Puppaholics Anonymous (PA) that have sprung up all over the globe as a result! SOOO adorable. Ayumi (yellow) and Autumn (purple) are MAJOR instigators and just love to harrass their sleeping siblings…

  165. i let my dogs watch… they loved it..
    i have not seen the mom yet..
    they are going to have to start puppy cam anyonomous…
    Hi my name is Lee and i cant stop watching the puppy cam…”(HI LEE)”

  166. Fransouah says:

    ear nommage alert

  167. Oh god, such a cute pile of fuzziness. I haven’t checked on them since last week so I’m happy to see them again. Including the pumpkin plush.. I hope they play with it so i can watch :D.

  168. gravyboat says:

    OH MY GOD. They’re all heaped in a corner snoozing away. I want the whole batch


  170. Hey fellow PA members – finally made my way over here.
    Nik – thanks for redirecting me
    scooterpants – sorry to hear about lay-offs at your work – hope things are okay for you
    As for the pups – beautiful as always 🙂

  171. I just peeked in at the shiba-pups page on ustream and SFShiba (aka Mr. Hands) said that there are more than 12,000 viewers on line and 1200 people in the chat room right now! And the puppy cam was on the Bonnie Hunt Show this morning and on MSNBC. These are famous little puppies!

  172. Hey there Sherb! Aren’t our little babies getting big?!

  173. Hi rhubarb – so that means you are Australian (… or at least lucky enough to live here 😉 )? I am also a rep of the Australian PA (Puppaholics Anonymous) chapter. And very envious of the work you partner does on Fraser Island!!!!

  174. Hey Nik – they won’t be our little babies for much longer … sob …

  175. Sherb, I know. Just a few more weeks. I’m trying to prepare myself…

  176. Close Up!!!

    Nik – my partner suggested maybe I could just go to the dog home and pat a dog there – he has NO idea …. and he must surely know if I did that I’d be bringing the dog home …

  177. Little Mr. Blue Collar needs to stop stepping on all the sleeping faces and biting and GO. TO. SLEEP! LOL!

  178. Mrs. Hands, You are such a good puppy mom! Look at all of those cuties crawling all over you to get tummy rubs! I’m so jealous!

  179. Lucky Mrs Hands – pups crawling all over her … and biting her …
    Bye bye until tommorrow Autumn, Ayumi, Amaya, Aki, Akoni and Ando

  180. Michelle S says:

    sherb – That sounds a bit like my parent’s idea to give me riding lessons as a small child so I would get that obsession with horses out of my head once and for all. Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. ;D

  181. It’s off air now over here 😦
    Is it me or?

  182. im sad… no puppies on a saturday morning

  183. scooterpants says:

    i think they can only be dreaming about what they know.
    playing, fighting, nipples, Mr hands and Nice Red fingernail polish lady, playing, fighting, nipples….

  184. Oh, oh, oh, they’re eating! And I can see their play area! Why won’t they show the care takers and the mommy too…

  185. Christine says:

    i saw the mom yesterday – they put her in the bed and she was pounced on by all of them! that didn’t last long. but you could tell she was a good attentive mom – she cleaned everybody’s faces.

  186. Wow I had it open but was looking at another screen b/c they were asleep and suddenly there was a puppy sized scream. Not sure if it was a bad dream or someone in the puppy pile got kicked but aww pooor thing!
    (think it was a bad dream cause now one is up and looking for love.)

  187. Christine says:

    some puppy is totally getting smothered! All you can see is his hindquarters sticking out from under the other 3! I hope he can breathe.

  188. “okay, since we are awake and they aren’t let’s all jump on HIM and wake him up- then we’ll all jump on HER and wake her up- and then, and then, wait I lost count. . .”

  189. So meanwhile back at Puppy Central, little Autumn is up to her usual antics…she and Ando can’t decide if they should attack the trout or chew on poor little Akoni, who is trying very hard to take a power nap. It’s hilarious how two pups can be so very busy while little Akoni sleeps right on through the trouncing! Ah, just another day in Puppy Paradise…

  190. I have heard the puppy scream a couple of times. I think that there is some rough play sometimes and they probably have little teeth now and I know from experience myself that those little puppy teeth can hurt.
    I now have 2 cats, but these puppies make me want to have a puppy. There is nothing like a puppy.
    But the potty training and the chewing that goes along with it makes me very happy that I can watch these little guys to get my puppy fix.
    Thanks to the human puppy parents for all of their hard work and for sharing with everybody.

  191. Christine says:

    the pumpkin has left the building!

  192. ^^ Last night, all the puppies started roughhousing Akoni. At first, SFShiba just let them do their thing, but it got to the point where Akoni started screaming unhappily. Then, SFShiba quickly told all of the puppies off. The puppies all turned to look at him with these confused “What?” expressions on their faces. Oh, puppies.

  193. Autumn (purple collar) made a break for it a few minutes ago. Was back in the box in 20 seconds with a seeming whole new perspective on the world…. she watched the opening for a while, stared at the side of the box when she heard an outside noise…funny.

  194. It sounds like someone is quacking at the puppies. WTF?
    or maybe a squirell got into the trash? THere was a lot of banging a minute ago. .

  195. Mr Hands and Ms Red Fingernails- I think you have a squirrell problem. I can’t see it, but I can certainly hear it- it sounds JUST like the ones that chide me on my walk to work. If your trash is all over when you get home, it wasn’t YOUR fuzzies, and your brave puppies have cornered the squirrel somewhere off screen.

  196. Ando (blue) either has ADD or sleep issues. He’s the one that wakes everyone else up by stepping on their heads and biting their body parts. LOL!

    He’s also got to be King of the Mountain (of puppies). Hee hee…

    Ayumi (yellow) seems so complacent.

  197. scooterpants says:

    Nice Mr Hands just gave the babies some food, and now they’re all screaming and crying at the fence for him to come back.
    they really like Mr Hands.
    So much Cryink!! E-gads! So Loud!

  198. Hahah, they just got mom and she was totally mobbed. You hear all the little slurping sounds as they start nursing.
    Also, does mr Hands have a tattoo? wicked! Love tough guys who play with puppies!
    And I just realized I’ve had this open for about 6 hours. : ) happy me

  199. scooterpants says:

    there he is again.
    you can really tell how little they are when they are around his feet and hands.
    so cute!

  200. scooterpants says:

    i am curious as to how much they weigh, they are much smaller thatn i thought they were.
    i think we have a few more weeks with these little guys! 🙂

  201. mr hands has a scorpion tattoo on his forearm! :0

  202. What I can’t understand is why there isn’t someone there 24/7 snuggling with those cute little pups. If there isn’t, I volunteer myself!

  203. I just watched them all sleeping, except for one, and he was like “screw this” and started walking on/nomming all his brothers and sisters waking them up. ^^

  204. My first look for the day and all I could see was 2 sets of ‘tocks and 1 little pink belly underneath – now it’s puppy mayhem!

  205. I saw Ms. Red fingernails playing w/ them last night. She was cuddling a couple of them, and Ayumi was on the side. Ayumi wanted attention, so she started tugging on ms. Red fingernail’s sweater. It was very cute.

  206. Ayumi is just sitting watching her brothers and sisters wreak havoc – I would so love to cuddle her right now …

  207. mandy_Reeves says:

    I’m suprised the pumpkin is not a huge pile of stuffing by now! My tzu would be all over that thing picking at any loose thread or tiny hole til it got to be a gigantic hole…and pulling out fluff while violently shaking it to death!

  208. Christine says:

    my hands is playing with the pups! i’m so glad! they need the human touch!

  209. Christine says:

    mr hands, that is. got a little excited there – i WISH it were my hands.

  210. Clean bed!

  211. Christine says:

    they think it’s a toy, a CHEW toy. Hahaha!

  212. Christie L says:

    does anybody else notice that when they open up this link that their own webcam settings pop up? I have a paranoid feeling that they are collecting video of people watching the puppies. Who is running this site?

  213. where are these puppies located? state?

  214. jklvjaklasjfklajsdk

  215. Please, please, please keep this on the front page for a while. Must have puppy live-cam fix!

  216. No sound? Or is it me?

  217. They are so adorable in their puppy pile by the door.
    I remember the times I have had a puppy and how it would cry at night for a while and how a ticking clock or a towel or a tee shirt with the smell of the owner is supposed to do the trick. But to see this litter of puppies be so close is a lesson to me.
    They are so secure in their little world now and of course they are going to miss each other and the coziness that they have now (even though there is some rough play and sharp little teeth) they love each other.

  218. notbetty:
    I bookmarked it on the comments page. Easy to get to that way.

  219. scooterpants says:

    christie L- WTF are you talkin about???

    theo?? reasonable or foolish?
    me votes stupid.

    carole- that’s jus the way it tiz. believe me they are the LUCKIEST puppehs in the WHOLE WORLD right now, even if they have to whine a little when they get seperated. heavens….
    letz all grab a pair now and realize what we’re looking at here. they’re not alley-born starving motherless Mutts or anything. We should have “happy thoughts” YA KNOW??? ppffftttt.

  220. scooterpants – simmah down now. Really.

  221. awww the only thing cuter than when they’re in a pupple is when they’re walking around and their lil tocks look like they’re operating independently of the rest of their body!! I love this stage of their walking development – the lil loose caboose stage! hilarious! so ridiculously sweet!

  222. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA) says:

    AAAAH! Ms. Pretty Red Fingernails Lady is showing the puppehs and saying hiiii! hiii puppehs! I missed you!

  223. Scooterpants, believe me I know how these little pups compare to the unwanted in the world. Part of what is so enjoyable to me is seeing them in their warm small safe world now.
    But, in my opinion anyway, it is a fact that they will miss their litter mates.
    I agree with you though, they are very lucky pups.

  224. Scooter — uh what?

  225. Aaawwh sleeping pups – just what I need to relax after my work pc crashed and lost major updates to a document 😦 Now, if only I could get inside my pc and join them … I’m sure I could somehow fit in there with them if I scrunched up real small

  226. hey scooterpants – deep breaths in and out, in time with the pups breathing … We at PA are here to help if you need to relax

  227. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA) says:

    awww my dog is tilting her head cause the puppehs are whining! so cute!!

  228. How adorable they are tonight! Just LOVED it when Mrs. Hands held one of the pups up to wave at the camera. Soooo sweet. Sherb, sorry about your computer crashing, but what a great idea you have–how cool would it be to be able to crawl inside the computer to cuddle with the puppies! Ah, if only…

  229. Amaya would not let Aki sleep … and then once she settled down, Ayumi started disturbing her … very funny

  230. But then Ayumi finally exhausted herself and joined the pile of snoozers. She put her arm around her brother to snuggle herself to sleep. C.U.T.E.! Sweet dreams little puppies!

  231. Hello anyone!! I no longer have any sound for just the puppy cam. I have checked in on them and followed all your great posts for days now with no problem. All of a sudden this afternoon around 3:00pm (CST) I lost the volume. Checked out other sites and UTube with no sound problems. I miss hearing the puppies. Can anyone out there help me. Tkx

  232. Oops sorry! I also forgot to say that I have no problem with any sound on the other Cute Overload Videos (like the little dog trying to get comfortable). Any help or advice would be greatly apreciated. This one has stumped me for hours and I was recently a tech support person so have checked all settings. Tkx again.

  233. Jollysmom, sometimes the puppies’ owners turn the sound off so they can have conversations without all of us hearing them, or if it is raining there, they turn off the sound because it sounds like popcorn being popped non-stop…

  234. Nik, I kindo thought that might be the deal but when I checked the last bunch of hours I didn’t have the sound, including around 5:00pm when the lady was in there with them. I checked the posts to see if anyone else out there was having the same problems and I noticed a post at 7:01pm and the person wrote like they could hear the puppies whining. Hmmm?? I even went to the UStream link posted under the puppies to see if my settings got turned off and I couln’t find anything there either. This is bizarre!!!
    I did see at 2:39pm where someone couln’t hear but was wondering if you have heard anything since I checked in around 3???
    Thanks for responding to me so quickly. These little ones have become an addiction with me. Aaagh!! I feel like I need a puppy fix or something and I have a dog and two cats of my own. LOL

  235. Hey!!! Yippee!! Sorry for all the posts. The sound is back. 🙂

  236. I love how the people in the chatroom call the owners Mr & Mrs (Hand of) God.

    “Where’s the last puppy??”

    “Mrs God took him away for a while.”


    Yay for puppies healing the world…

  237. Amaya and Ando are being brutes today! LOL!


  238. I think the fish is ded…D-E-D…ded. Somepuppy nommed it’s stuffinks out of its tail.

  239. All the other pups are in sleep mode, except for one who is definitely in play mode and won’t let the sleeping dogs lie.

  240. knightofmonarch says:

    Human mon was just in the room , nice voice , sounds like she loves her pups , good looking set of legs in brown slacks , comeon show us your face !!

  241. So! Cute! I know that they are known as Mr. Hands and Red Fingernails, but I can’t help but think of them as John Dear and Darling. Darling came in and the pups hearts and tails were all aflutter. They were crawling all over each other. “Pick me up!” “No, me, me!” And then Darling walked out of the frame and you could hear the door creak shut. And the pups were suddenly totally still, their eyes trained on the door. Sad puppies!

  242. Mr. or Mrs. God just posted on chat room about the audio. Sez: “FYI – If you don’t see that chat room on or you don’t hear audio there is nothing wrong with your computer. We’ve likely turned those functions off temporarily. =)”

    Also, I think the popcorn sound from a coupla days ago may have been rain. My guess is that are somewhere in Pacific Northwest, where rain happens a lot.

  243. Little Aki was trying to entertain himself by rolling around and biting his own paws, as all the others were piled up the end snoozing .. so cute

  244. aawwh – one of them was just howling in response to a siren going by, they are always doing something to entertain us (well me at least …)

  245. Earlier they were all underneath the white rug in their crate.
    A new game – new and different and they sure seemed to have fun.

  246. Amaya’s the only one visible (and she’s sleeping). Where’s all the other pups? Are they getting outdoor time?

  247. munchkin32lam♥ says:

    this puppy r so cute i think i will never get my school work do

  248. I think “SF Shiba” stands for San Francisco (Pacific Standard Time is posted on their website as well). So if your in the area…lucky you might get to see them about in the city later! I would suspect every Shiba I saw and behave like a long-lost auntie.

  249. So this is heaven…sigh. 🙂

  250. scooterpants says:

    OMG! hilarious. so now, UNDER the bed is the place to be? maybe they want to hibernate? ha!
    So adorable!
    I’ll bet Ayumi is up to at least 3.55 lbs by now. Shes a big girl. 🙂

  251. scooterpants says:

    TIME magazine. Oh my, havent we moved up in the world now.
    So famous! So deserving!
    Congrats Nice Mr Hands , Ms Red Fingernail Polish Lady. You should be so proud of your Kiki and her kids!

  252. What do you mean? Did you see them in TIME magazine?

  253. I think I just heard Mrs Hands talking about someone who had come to look at the pups … she was talking about particular physical features of Aki and Ando …

  254. Puppy cam pic up on woot.com =)


    — Dav

  255. their tails are starting to curl over … They’re getting to be grown-up pups.

  256. Poor momma Kiki. I wonder how long she’ll keep nursing.

  257. scooterpants says:

    j- there is a link to the article on their webpage,(SFShiba) very cute!

    sherb! say it isnt so! make the bad people go away!

  258. Amaya LOVES to sleep on her back, that’s her thing!

  259. All those lovely toys – yet is that a shredded piece of paper I see at the bottom of the screen ….? Typical pups 🙂

  260. I luv their drumstick legs!!! I want to lie down and take a nap with them!

  261. autumn! Stop it! She is such a pain in the azz!

  262. scooterpants says:

    they are all so aggressive now.
    they scare me.
    and the drumsticks legs???…
    those use to be fluffy lil
    ‘i cant-hardly-walk for my fluffitude babee phat legs’
    so scarey.
    bring on the buyers! their bout ready to Go!

    *tears of joy/sorrow run down my face*

    God speed our beautiful Babies! We Luff you all!

    Thank you Mr Nice Hands and Ms Red fingernail polish lady , and Kiki (damn) for sharing your gorgeous litter with us all.

  263. scooterpants says:

    post script
    I will miss Ayumi most of all, she is my favorite, and such a special girl. i hope her new family is deserving of her sparkling personality.
    *i am sad now*

  264. Oh my, look at Mr. Hands playing with them all and talking. Too cute!

  265. I saw them on CNN tonight, the Campbell Browne show. So cute. The pups have discovered that the wee wee pads make nice toys.

  266. I am going to miss these guys when they have gone – maybe they should produce a calendar of their cutest pics to help us cope … though choosing those pics would be *very* hard! Yesterday only 2 pups were in site and then they lifted the cover to show the others snuggled up underneath … so sweet

  267. 2 pups under the dog bed, and 2 pups on top! Hilarity!

  268. Stephanie S. says:

    Tee hee, I was watching this morning, and two were UNDER the bed fighting, while another two were on top of the bed fighting! then they started biting at the bed because it was moving from the two fighting underneath it! awwwwwwwwwww

  269. i can’t believe how they change every day!

  270. Wow, are they of age to be taken from Momma already? Oh, I will miss my purple Autumn, good luck to the lucky peeps who get her! What a cutie! I will really miss this site. Thank you to the friendly and caring people who put it up for us the watch.

  271. Oh dear Bast, I tuned in just in time to see a puppy howl! XD
    *dies of cuteness*

  272. Where are two of my babies? I only see 4, and little Autumn is howling! Please tell me they’re still there; I didn’t get to say goodbye yet:(

  273. They’ve been in & out of the puppy bed. Earlier, there were only 2.

  274. Nooo!!! Where are the other 2?

  275. Aki and Akoni, where are you?

  276. Alexandra (Mexican chapter of PA) says:

    WOW! almost 25000 viewers right now! Love is spreading all around the globe!

  277. Phew, the boys are back!

    Mr. Kind hands and Ms.Pretty nails, can you please have the pups say goodbye to the camera before they are adopted and record it for their fans. I was so sad when I thought 2 of them were gone without seeing them one final time.

  278. What a great idea puppy cam. I should do this with my kitten. AKI is bad, bad, bad! He needs a time out.

  279. We have a basement full of teenagers right now, and I’ve just put Puppy Cam up live, on the Movie Wall. (That’d be my homebrew home theater. 5.1 surround, 160″ on the diagonal, and of *course* a homebrew PC driving it all.)

    Background, y’know. Wanna set the right sort of mood.


  280. (and eGAD, they’ve gotten pudgy)

    (…I mean the PUPS, not the teenagers… oh never mind)

  281. none of the puppies have been given away yet – i see six chubby little sleeping pups right now!

  282. Akoni is trying to Kill the carrot!

  283. j – I definitely agree we need them to record a farewell for us! I too would hate to miss that chance to say goodbye.

  284. I think the date of their leaving us should be announced in good time… otherwise they might just disappear and then how will we get closure?!

  285. Gina Barger says:

    I got to see mommy nursing them!

  286. They have grown up really fast. They fill up their bed now when they sleeping. Remember when they would climb to the top of the pup pile to sleep-sometimes they would be three bodies deep. Time flies.

  287. Looks like they have a new bed – which Aki is trying to demolish …. and where they can now jump on each other from all sides – what fun!

  288. scooterpants says:

    wouldnt it be lovely if Mr Nice Hands and MS Red fingernail polish lady would/could post a nice variety of “growning up” photos for those of us that dont get to purchase one of these lovelies?
    it would be a wonderful so-long gift for all of us Voyers! God Speed little babies! I always knew you were all spoken for!

  289. Something looks different and I had wondered at first if it was the camera angle or was there a larger bed area with lower sides.
    It is a differnt arrangement and it is brighter and roomier.
    It seems like one of their most favorite things to do – other than sleeping – is to wrestle and bite each other.
    As I watch all of the activity, I cringe when I see the biting and hear the crying.
    I’ll bet that they have very sharp little teeth and they seem to go after the tenderest places.

  290. scooterpants says:

    ha! i love it. Mr Hands is all “now dont kill each other, be nice”. (just guessing what he is saying from their confused little faces)
    they’re SO agressive! amazing little dogs, how fabulous that they follow their breed standard so exactly already! what a great litter of pups! covgrats to YOU Mr and Mrs Nice Hands!!! Bravo!

  291. Look at the little tails wagging at Mr Hands – sound is off so I can’t hear what he is saying but they are loving it 🙂

  292. I wonder why the pups lost their collars?? We live in Holland and we LOVE the pups!! Did you change the basket too?

  293. I am so impressed that these young puppies already seem to be puppy pad trained.
    Their humans are doing a fantastic job and the pups are cared for so lovingly.

    The puppies are of course adorable and so alert and I enjoy seeing them, but I also enjoy seeing the wonderful care that they are getting.

  294. scooterpants says:

    omg. the curlie tailios!
    they are fabulous!

  295. scooterpants says:

    um, Mr Hands? Your puppeh with the green collar has taken quite an interest in the camera. I hope this doesnt mean the camera is not long for this world, cuz it looks like tasting it is the next step.
    (not to be a tattle tale or anything like that.)

  296. Gee, these guys are still so adorable when they are all snuggled together … I hope their new owners give them lots and lots and lots of cuddles when they are separated

  297. hey scooterpants – do you think we should join the latest new thread that has started before Theo gives us a reminder? 😉

  298. scooterpants says:

    ya, i went ‘over there’
    yesterday and started postingk.
    wouldnt want to “get a reminder” 🙂 BUT! all those people are NEW on the “NEW” thread and they dont know about Nice MR Hands and Ms. Red Fingernail Polish Lady, and the puppehs history and all.
    DANG those new peeps!

  299. Omg, yesterday Lil Red’s ears were still a little droopy and today they’re perky!!! GROWING UP TOO FAST!!!!

  300. Tuned in this afternoon and wondered – What happened to their bed?!! Evidently, they have so far had a busy day rearranging.

  301. They are wrestling with their mattresses! So funny!

  302. They’re actually using the pee pads for their intended purpose! I love them!

  303. giant puppehs!

  304. i am missing these puppies already …

  305. What’s the crate for?

  306. I just have to say – – nothing better than puppy love. Notice how wonderful all of the posters here are? No nastiness. And from around the world. My poor Maggie is in failing health. She loves puppy cam when the sound is on. She comes next to my laptop and watches and I swear, she’s smiling too!! We call them ‘her puppies’ (since she’s never had any) – Thanks Mr. Kind Hands and Ms. Loving Hands! You’re great puppy parents!

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  308. foxtoy – i’m sure they’re just introducing the crate to the pups for future use. When they leave to go to their homes. And i don’t even want to think about how sad that’s going to make me.

  309. Spamamander says:

    Sigh… crates and looking less like fluffballs and more like little Shibas. We haven’t much longer with the puppies I’m afraid. One thing though, with those who commented on the pups using the wee-wee pads- Shibas are incredibly easy to housetrain in general. They are difficult to train in other things, as they are smart but extremely stubborn, but cleanliness habits just come naturally. I think my Nori took about a day and a half to completely “get it”, even in the midwinter snow in North Dakota. Then again, she adored the snow even when it was higher than her puppy self.

  310. Oh no — -what’s going on??? Mr. Kind Hands and Ms. Loving hands were being so smart with these pups. Introducing them to the blow dryer so they aren’t afraid when they experience it. Today, it was an into to the vacuum cleaner. Easing them from potential fears. The new parents are going to get some really well adjusted pups….but wait – — a couple of the babies were just put in a crate – the door was closed and they were lifted out??? Where are they going?? Brothers and sisters are looking on and seem sad!! Are some of the babies leaving the nest?? I don’t think I can cope!!

  311. These pups are so brilliant. Using the pup pads. I love my shibas and now want 6 more! Don’t they leave the nest at 8 weeks? That means we only have 1 more week!!! 😦
    I can’t bear to think about it.

  312. awwwww

  313. lynardbeezard says:

    I am so happy this site was sent to me…it’s such a stress buster to watch these little ones sleep, grow, and play….

  314. Fighting, biting, yelping, running and sleeping in a puppy pile. Adorable!

  315. So far today I’ve only seen 3 puppies…have the others left? (sigh) Sooooo cute!