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  1. whoot first post!

  2. what a cute leetle booboo

  3. clearly wishes he were free — he is running away from all the humans trying to grab him — but of course, sadly, in the end, they did grab him, and he will not be free, not now or any other day until he dies and finally goes where humans with ropes and fences can’t follow him.

  4. Yeah, Cephi, ’cause he’d do really well in the wild.

  5. berthaservant says:

    I have to agree with Cephi — horseh has the illusion of freedom (which is nice) but is in fact confined.

    But having fun. Go horseh!

  6. Can’t…stop…laughing…

    What IS that little thing?

  7. lol!!! cant touch this!

  8. fish eye no miko says:

    …out where he can die of diseases, or get killed by predators, and will have to struggle to find food…
    “Freedom” isn’t always the beautiful, idyllic life for animals that people like to think it is.

  9. you really never know my pigs runs like that when she gets outside but when shes in her pen all she wants is a belly rub right now all you could be seeing is the out of the pen part.

  10. Bwahaha! Looks like none of the tiny cowboys remembered to bring their tiny lassos.

  11. Too moishe! Who’da thunk a horse could be a pocket pet?

  12. stuck@work says:

    I just love how the announcer drones on and on while members in the audience can be overheard laughing.

  13. Poor me – I thought – squeeeee! and came to the comments area to feel surrounded by everyone’s love of the OMGPonies!1!!! – just to find a bunch of nuffin’.

    I wasn’t really in the mood for pudding today.

    I’ll just watch the vid again – get back to squee mode.

  14. That’s teensiest of horsertons.

  15. I thought li’l horsie was just having fun running around. Probably gets to do that at other times too. All that energy!

  16. OMG PONIES!!1!!!11

    This video really made me laugh.

  17. Let’s all ignore the nuffers. Don’t respond to their negativity, it’s what they want–to suck everyone into their sorry and black lives! I know it’s hard, but we are strong and funny! Let’s keep CO sweet and light and happy! Yay tiny horses who run around like maniacs!

  18. That wee little pony – excuse me, horse in miniature – is all kinds of energetic. 😀

  19. Capt' Tightpants says:

    can someone please ‘splain to this Lucy what OMGPONIES!!1! is from?

    I get the use of the 1, for in excitement, not everyone keeps the shift button down – but I know not from whence this meme comes.

    also (in little Jenny voice)

  20. Teensy weensy horse really needs to LAY OFF the ‘metric ton of sugar cubes for breakfast’ routine >_<

    Oi ay grevault….

  21. OMG that’s cute! LOL! 😀

  22. are miniature horses actually found in the wild?

  23. Ha, I thought it was a dog at first.

  24. OK, that’s funny. When I saw this on the RSS feed this morning, I assumed it WAS CO. Now I know it was BoingBoing.

    Too much internet.

  25. Capt’ Tightpants –

    Purely a internet thing, probably originated from some infamous source that, in its original form, had nothing to do with innocent ponies.

  26. Like most horse breeds these were bred for a purpose, in this case to be awesomely cute – so no miniature horses in the wild, Katie, nope.


  27. totalee puppy says:

    Agree with Berthaservant…
    Keep going, caballito! (little horseh)

  28. (the original) Mel says:

    WHY oh WHY isn’t the theme song from Bonanza playing?

  29. OMG. thats the cutest friggin “horse in miniature” i’ve ever seen.

  30. Siirenias says:

    Other Benny Hill classics are acceptable.

    Actually, the nuffer only reminded me of a great, legendary song about freedom and blues. Which is win.


  31. I had to come back and watch that video again, it cracked me up so completely. I love that little horsey dude! Definitely needs to lay off the caffeine!

    I would happily take him home if I could ever get him to slow down…

  32. I’m free. To do what I want. Whenever I want.

  33. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    well my fav part is Meg. You kill me with the Freeeeeeee b***ches!! LOL

  34. My cat does this. Runs around the house like a demon and then collapses in a comatose heap onto her favorite chair. All this little guy needs is a favorite chair.

  35. CLASSIC.

  36. miniscule ponitude!!!!

  37. MoonCatty says:

    He’s off the reservation!!!

    heh… heh…

    First time at a pony show leetle one?

    “Look at me run!!! Look at me ruuuun!!! I’m havin’ so much fuuuuuuuun!!!!”

  38. girlnextdoortn says:

    Oooohh, lots of squealy laughter happening at my house right now.

  39. THAT. IS. GREAT.

  40. You are now free to move about the arena.

  41. free ponies says:

    wow Midget McClomperson is having a blast!! Run!!!

  42. AlbertaGirl says:

    Go, mini horse, go!!!

  43. Teehee. Made me laugh. If I had little legs that could prance around that fast, I’d totally cause chaos.

  44. LOL Metz!!

    That vid had me LOL – such a cute lil critter, and SO fast!!

  45. Catch me if you can.

  46. eikoleigh says:

    I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time….wow…

  47. Wow he’s fast! ZOOOM! ZOOOOOM!!!

  48. platedlizard says:


    I suppose one or two might escape on occasion but they would probably die in the wild. They’re highly domesticated, it would be like a chihuahua trying to survive in the wild.

    Fortunately they’ve got people to feed and groom them. This little guy was probably just very excited and racing around in fun, rather then trying to escape IMO. (or rather, he was avoiding being caught because then he wouldn’t be allowed to run around and SCARE THE OTHER PONIES OMG!! you know he was getting a kick out of that)

  49. Aww that was so cute! Such gleeful fleeing!

  50. Siirenias says:

    Other Benny Hill classics are acceptable.

    Actually, the nuffer only reminded me of a great, legendary song about freedom and blues. Which is win.


  51. I think it was a widdoo foal, actually, I bet it went back to its mummy eventually.

    Now explain “OMGWTFHORSYBIRD!!!1!!”, Hibiscus 😉

  52. pa-da-dump, pa-da-dump, pa-da-dump, pa-da-dump, pa-da-dump, pa-da-dump, ,
    I’m pooped, but this is so much fun pa-da-dump, pa-da-dump, pa-da-dump, pa-da-dump, they can’t catch me! pa-da-dump, pa-da-dump, pa-da-dump, I’ve got to keep up appearances, pa-da-dump, where’s Momma?,pa-da-dump,
    Aw, come on, soomebody catch me already!pa-da-dump, pa-da-dump, pa-da-dump…

  53. Michelle S says:

    heeehee. He looks to be enjoying the game of Catch Me If You Can. Horses are very social and very playful creatures. I grew up with them and I know for certain they love a good game of chase. Any notion of “running free” a horse born in domestic captivity has, is not likely very similar to what humans conjure in their own imaginations. He’s just having a game, showing off for his new pals at the show. Srsly peeps – try and lighten that burden you place on yourselves and the world.


    Oh teh glee, teh cute.. eet ees keelinks me!

    When I saw this, heard the Radetzky March in my head accompanying the little hoofs.

    Run leetle horsie, RUUUUN!

  55. Some miniature horses were bred as pets for royalty, but more were bred for pulling carts in coal mines. Now that those sad days are past, they are bred for pets and show by people who love the breed. There has even been work done to train them as guide animals for the blind.

    Also, Squee!11 *bouncebouncebounce* heeheehee!


    However, the simple fact that this sproinging McClompersons came via BoingBoing was even more amusing than that video.

  57. I love how after like the first 20 seconds, most everyone starts to kind of ignore him, and go on about keeping tabs on their own ponies. They’re all like, meh– he’ll stop eventually.
    My dog does this too, figure eight circles (about 11 of them) through the living room and dining room until she collapses in the middle of the living room floor!
    So cuties!

  58. This leetle guy prolly wuvs his owner to death, but is so young that he can’t resist frolickin’ care-free with absolutely NO MANNERS whatsoever. Some of you are being kinda overboard with the animal rights thing here (and I’m a vegan.) I just imagined him as a lil’ toddler pony and giggled for 54 seconds. 🙂

  59. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    They also use those miniature horses and ponies as guide animals, instead of dogs in some cases. They are very good at it, but I don’t think they would be thrilled with the job.
    He is very adorable, I am around horses a lot, they just have a tendancy to go on a wild bolt now and then. They need to stretch their legs, although this tyke doesn’t have much in the leg department.

  60. Enough with “B***hes!” Three times in two days? Really?!? Not so cute.

  61. wannadance says:

    i bet he is full grown and i bet he is just playing. no panic, no fear, no full out run, just a canter/gallop, fast little varmint but not fleeing. maybe just exercising.

    and the best: no way to catch him! he’ll stop when he’s ready.

    i love to watch horses, love to ride. too bad they don’t like me and try to get rid of me. interspecies misunderstanding, i guess…

  62. If you don’t like it, pretend you didn’t read it.
    Anyway… HAH! Why is he the only baby?

  63. wannadance says:

    oh, wait, no: that is a colt. duh.

    boy is he ever sweet. wish he’d just run right up onto my lap…

  64. Jennie Mello says:

    I love how this video was educational. I learned a lot about mini horses. Will never call them ponies again. (Obviously an insult to both parties). It is not every day that I go to C.O. and come away the smarter for it. I usually just shoot for feeling warm and fuzzy. Today, I got it all.

  65. cheesybird says:

    Jennie Mello, I was thinking the same thing! I love how I’m getting teh knowledge with mah cute!

    Yeah, Meg, gotta watch your language. All those asterisks are hard to take. 😉

  66. That is hilarious. I’ve seen dogs do that at dog shows too! Freeeeeeeeee (at least for a minute!!)!!!

  67. haha!

    he pwners the ring

    everyone else wants to join him by the end

  68. Ponies have no manners. Seriously. They are the rogues of the horse world. This little dewd was probably like, “CHAOS! Anarchy! DOOM! Weeeee!” And was running around just to give his owner a headache.

  69. oh, crazy little ho-ho’s!

  70. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  71. He’s totally enjoying a game of tag. You can tell by the way he runs right at the people trying to catch him, then turns on a dime and zooms away before they can quite touch him.

    I once spent 10 minutes trying to catch a dog doing the same thing on a roadway, and he thought it was wonderful fun to have all the people getting out of their cars and try to chase him!

  72. HAHAHAHAHA! That is the best thing ever. It reminds me of my Westie when it gets out of the bath. CRAZY!

  73. At first I thought that was a dog, and then he slowed down just enough for me to see that he was the TEENIEST, TINIEST WITTLE HORSIE I EVER DID SEE!!!!!! And having as much fun as the goggies I meet at Happy Puppy Park (otherwise known as Trinity Bellwoods). Perfectly adorabubbles.

  74. You can’t catch a horse by CHASING it (but for some reason, that’s always what someone tries to do when a horse gets loose at an event). All you’ll do is make the horse more excited, make him run faster and try to get away from you.

    That little guy probably wouldn’t have spent all that time running around crazy if, when he got loose, they had just given him a sec to calm down and then simply walked up to him.

    Baby horses are SILLY when they have a chance, though. Get them excited and they won’t stop scampering until they collapse from exhaustion. “LOOOOK what my little legs can DO! WHEEEEE.”

  75. Were Rob and Big at that show?

  76. “Bwahaha! Looks like none of the tiny cowboys remembered to bring their tiny lassos.” Hahahahahaha! Love!

    And agreed with G. As prey animals, horses’ only instinct (and only form of defense) is to run faster when something is chasing them. I’m sure this little guy would have wound down eventually, but noooo all the tiny cowboys had to try chasing him!

  77. hahahahahahaha fantastic. i teared up on that one.

  78. Oh oh oh
    Oh M’Gawd! PONIES!!!!
    Hehehe, I’m one of those. I am not a tween anymore but I still call out “HORSIES!” when we drive past horses in a pasture. ~sigh~ Cute little brat, let him run, he’ll be a trained grownup all too soon, plodding along on some stupid merry-go-round at the fair with an endless procession of brats gripping his mane. Cute little baby, come live at my house! We’ll feed you tasty things and curry your sweet mane and tell you you’re wonderful Every Day! (I wish. Sigh)

  79. OMG ITS A PONIE!!!!!!!11!!!
    So tiny… so.. wittle.. (yes I said it)

  80. Furbabies says:

    That little horsie reminds me of my puppy, Rodney. That is how Rodney is after he has a good poop. He runs around like a nut, cause he feels so good.

  81. Yitzysmommie says:

    That ees hysterical – I didn’t know miniature horsies could run so FAST!!!

  82. I’m not a nuffer or anything, I think this is hilarious, but I remember watching Planet Earth and there were some wild little horses that they filmed. They were brown and spotted and it was in the desert. Maybe those were ponies…

  83. platedlizard says:

    LOL, the announcer guy is wrong though, a pony is any full grown horse under 14.3 hands (1 hand=4 inches) tall, which definitely includes miniature horses. They’re supposed to have the proportions of a horse, even though most of the ones I’ve seen don’t.

  84. Run free little pony, RUN FREEEEEEEEE!

  85. Alrighty, y’all weren’t listening to Mr. Announcer Dude Guy when he said, “…these horses are not ponies. They are horses…in miniature.”

    LOL 😛

    Sooo cute though, my gosh. Run little one, ruuunnn! Use them legs!

  86. notyeroctopus says:

    you can’t catch me! nanner nanner boo boo!

  87. That is a miniature horse foal (which technically is teeny squared) and he’s having a ball. Just like kittens, they run and romp and play really hard.

    There were a couple of mini foals where I board my horse – the smaller came up to my knee and had little hoofies as big around as a silver dollar! They also have proportionally high, squeee-inducing little whinnies.

    Baby minis can kill with the cute.

  88. “…he will not be free, not now or any other day until he dies and finally goes where humans with ropes and fences can’t follow him.”

    Cheer up, emo kid.

  89. Mary (the first) says:

    Freeeeee to be! Runnin’ freee! Wheeeee! Look at meeeeee! Wheeeeee!!

  90. OMIGOSH!!!!! That is the cutest, most anerable My Little Pony I have ever seen!!! He looks like an animal cracker!! I want to cuddle *bleen-squeal!* ^.^

  91. Is that “Top of the World” playing????? By a PERUVIAN PAN FLUTE BAND?????

  92. Holy crap. *I* want a little dog-sized horse!

  93. Raemie L. says:

    I also thought that bebeh(?!) miniature horse looked like a sheepdog running loose at a pony show. So cute!

  94. I agree with the Boing Boing commenters who recommended Yakkety Sax as the musical accompaniment.

  95. LOL! Look at it gooooooo! 😀

  96. Thinks she could argue with berthaservant re: definition of freedom…but is too tired.

    I’ll just quote Lao Tsu (i think) “There is no freedom without constraint”.

    Go horsey.

  97. Horsies the size of doggies are precious and cute, but they’re still horses and need all the handling of a full-grown horse. Many ponies, and particularly mini horses, are ROTTEN little critters because they are spoiled and poorly handled; think about the worst “accessory lapdog” you know (ill-disciplined, nippy, jumps all over people, bad attitude, etc), then make it the size of a Great Dane or a Saint Bernard.

    Domesticated horses don’t usually have any problem with domestication; a few acres of good grass and regular meals make a great life for a creature who’d otherwise spend 20 hours out of every 24 desperately digging through wild foliage trying to find enough sustenance to live. Horses are very much creature of habit, so once domesticated, they can’t imagine any other life. They certainly don’t long for freedom, the way a person would if confined.

    But if you’re going to handle horses, it’s important to be aware of their natures, and treat them as a member of a herd of prey animals. A tiny horse needs proper handling fully as much as an adult horse–moreso, in fact, because anyone ELSE who sees the horse will treathimlike an adorable oy instead of a genuine horse, and proceed to destroy all the good work his regular handler does. Mini horses are TOUGH to own.

    ~ ~ ~

    And yet the level of “squee cute” makes it worth it, sometimes. I visited a farm where a teeny mini had been born that very day, and she was all kinds of “oh my GOD I can’t believe how cute!”

  98. I will now test out the radiation on this medium sized giant shetland pony.

  99. this comment under the picture was so funny it tickled my funny bone, about ,Im free b****hes,if only that were true, like maybe its not the best that they were breeded so small to begin with.I had to laugh hard seeing that cute lil pony running his lil legs all over the place with all that energy,hes too cute,but i hope its not harmful over energy to him over the long run. although Im concerned about them breeding them so small ,if it causes the animal suffering with anxiety hyperactivity problems, but if they have lots of room to run im sure it relieve it for them if thats the case. Blessings to the sweet lil creatures. May God watch over their sweet lil hearts that they dont get too overexcited and any harm come to them from breeding that is to satisfy people wanting the cuteness of small animals,this has happened with some bunnys too,some of them suffer from being man made breeding for such smallness they suffer with hyperactivity ,all bunnys may be a lil nervous thats normal,but the man bred ones, some Ive seen are too hyper to the point of causing them pain of overload of anxiety which is so suffering and causes them having behaviour problems and biting and other things,then people dont want them, and then what happens to them then,poor little babys.Bless the animals,we are too take care of them, not make them breed for our selfish desires of vanity and cuteness.Bless our gifts from God to care for the sweet creatures in the world.

  100. was not allowed to comment with kind respectful concern, how sad that I cant speak for the lil creature,that Im concerned that they breed them too small and it may cause harm,they may not mean to,but its possible its not a good idea for their health.

    [No worries, I keep an eye on the spam filter, which sometimes catches comments that aren’t spam… – Ed.]

  101. cute lil pony, comment is cute under picture, Im free b *** thats cracked me up,lol, freeeeeeee at last,lol oh if only, hopefully he will be loved and well cared for.

  102. “…he will not be free, not now or any other day until he dies and finally goes where humans with ropes and fences can’t follow him.”

    The ground?

  103. little gator says:

    Cephi- are you from New Hampshire, where the motto is “live fre or die”?

  104. Carolina2 says:

    I WANT!! I SERIOUSLY want! I’ve read about them, and they aren’t misbred. They are seriously adorable though.

  105. at first I thought it was a little doggy 😛

    Then I’m like “SHEET DAT”S A HORSE”

  106. This little guy’s got a lot of “ehn!” in him!