This hamster man-shons features three bedrooms (two in penhouse form), a "gym" with wheel, a "basement" for burrowing, curvy tubes, dome with drinking bottle, portable "Away" room and bath. Only one ham, Hiro, currently lives there.




Tell me there’s maid service, Rob F. Hamster Home originally uploaded by Arathrael.



  1. How fun is that!!! Makes me want to create a Ham-shon in my house.

  2. The only thing it’s missing is a garage for the hammies’ 14 cars – the orb kind!

  3. quackquack says:

    it’s not a hammie home .. it’s a spaceship!!

  4. Must be a happy hammy.

  5. zosterops says:

    glad I am not a hamster, I would never find the way back to bed…

  6. That would not be fun to clean.

  7. om-freakin-g that is HI-larious!
    and i thought my kittehs were spoiled rotten…

  8. That really is quite the apparatus.

  9. Thanks for the Hamhance.. I almost missed that guy lol…

  10. My house should be that much fun!

  11. I had something like this once (not that elaborate of course!) But I kept gerbils for several years, and we could never afford to buy a big tank, so we kept buying little ones and connecting them. The gerbils seemed to like it!

  12. ScoutsMom says:

    That looks like a lovely home. It is great that the little guy is so well cared for. But isn’t it kind of big for one little hamster? I think he needs a friend. The only thing better than one happy hammie is 2 happy hammies.

  13. *sniffle*

  14. It’s a scale model of the internets! A series of tubes!

  15. Wow. That is one sweet crib.

  16. It’s a hamshion worthy of the Hamptons.

  17. He looks a bit lonely in there.

  18. Jennie Mello says:

    I have enough trouble keeping my own house clean. Imagine cleaning his little place. Would need tiny broom and tiny mop. Or just hire Hunka and Munka. They would probably like the extra money.

  19. Luckiest ham ever!

  20. Hiro needs a friend Ando!

  21. These McHamshions are usually waaay over-mortgaged.

  22. It’s Hammie Hiro Nakamura and he’s gonna save the world! The darling lives in an amusement park!

  23. Looks like a party pad to me.

  24. Lizzadies…come on over to Hiro’s swinging bachelor pad. There’s room enough for all you chickies.

  25. Looks like my brother’s college dorm. Or was it that my brother’s dorm looked like a hamster house?

  26. Ding: Your comment made me bust out laughing! I remember when ted stevens said that!

  27. He’s living in a chemistry set!

  28. Syrian hamsters are very territorial and will fight. So no roomies for McHammerson.

    I had a hamster setup where the tubes climbed my bookcase and there was a little pod by my bed. Hammy would come over to say Hi

  29. I agree with those who say he needs a friend. I’m a firm believer in never having just one of anything.

  30. Niff Alden says:

    Ahem, excuse me, but I think that sweet creature is actually a mouse. I had a mouse with just those markings in my youth. Check the distance between the ears…The clincher would be a peek at the tail…

  31. Do Syrians just not get along with other males, or is it all of them collectively? Poor guys. I feel bad for Beta fish by themselves, too. When I had them, I’d keep at least a large sucker fish in the tank with them. 😦

  32. Speaking of puppies-yeah, I know, we weren’t, the Shiba Inu puppies are still there, HUGE and wonderful Night-nights right now. and H U G E!
    They look like small dogs now, no more newborn puppy-looks. Ehnnnnnnnn…

  33. That is a high end hamster home!

  34. Where’s the Jacuzzi? You can’t have a swingin’ hammy bachelor pad without a teeny hawt tub! Of course, next to that you need the tiny bucket of chilled baby carrots.

  35. My gerbil has two cages connected and it’s hard enough to round him up when I need to take him out…

  36. @ Brinnann, all of them collectively! They will fight and it can be really bad. So I don’t think they miss hammie company. It’s their nature to be by themselves.

    I had a boy and a girl, they lived separately and when I tried to get them to have babies they both got bitten badly even though I tried to be careful. It all happened in a second. Never tried that again.

  37. Speaking as a hammie owner, I am amazed and jealous. However, I am cringing at the thought of cleaning that thing. Ugh.

  38. So how do Syrian Hamsters breed, if they instantly attack each other? I guess quickly and with an element of surprise.

  39. Lol! Dorm room, party pad, chemistry set!? You nutty people are a lot of fun! 😀

  40. How sad, I read on their site that the hammy pictured named Hiro died at the age of 9mo from a tumor. Great home, I hope they have another ham living there.

  41. @ Hon Glad – “…and with an element of surprise.” That’s great! hahahaha

    That is one kickin’ crib. I’m totally jealous!

  42. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    A friend of mine has a set-up almost like this for her rat. He never wants to leave his home – except to play hide-and-seek with his “mom.”

  43. WickedWendy says:

    Boy! That is one lucky son of a gun Hammie!

  44. I did this with a hamster once. Only hamster I ever had that didn’t keep trying to escape. Little goof was HAPPY! Hamsters and Betta fish are true loners. Unlike humans they really don’t appreciate someone all up in their faces. Baby mammas are one-night stands only and then get lost. Hamster’s breed like mice so it doesnt take long to get out of hand when you try and solve your impression of his loneliness. We are not all alike, especially those who are not our species! Hamsters love to explore. Cleaning the tubes quickly got too much, he peed in all of them constantly. So when he died I sold off the set to someone else. End of hamster ownership.

  45. Oh so nice! I had a big cage (ferplast Mary) connected to a little pod, my hamm used to love it and the tube that would lead there. He even left his wooden cabin and move his sizzle* up there…

    All syrian hamsters don’t get allong – female-female, male-male and female-male don’t get along. They can get along when they are in the nest with siblings for a few weeks, but will fight sooner or later.

    Why they can breed; the female will be “willing” when she smells the male. And is old enough ofcourse. They have good smell so they know who is “mate-able”.

    Males aren’t nice to babies so no daddy in the cage with them, ever. 🙂 kthnx.

    *cardboard strokes for small animals: http://www.vsro.nl/img/bodem/sizzle.jpg

  46. berthaservant says:

    We must not breed a generation of spoiled hams. Spread the wealth!

  47. This is a sweet set up and for those who don’t know I read some where that in the wild Hams travel about five miles a day foraging for food. An amazing distance for such little guys .

    They also do NOT like rats and Rats DO NOT like them.

    And they are ferocious fighters too.

  48. Hiro needs a couple of hammie pals. He’s lonely, I can tell…

  49. I made the mistake of putting my hammy and my room mate’s in a cage together once. Yikes. There was blood. Hammies are solitary little dudes.

  50. *snerk*

    @Hon Glad …”quickly and with an element of surprise.” So, like many men?


  51. My immediate thought on seeing this was the same as so many others’… “Oh god, the time it must take to clean that.” Whoever said that hams love to pee in their tubes was dead on. And the tubes are a pain in the patootie to clean.

    What a lucky ham to have owners generous with their time (and cash!) enough to give him such a crazyawesome pad.

    And yes, hamsters = totally solo. I always cringe when I see cages of them at the pet store because I know they’re seething with hatred for one another.

  52. I wish my mom let me have a hamster. It’s so cute but she scare of smell and poo.

  53. That is one pampered hamster! Contrary to what some people said about it looking lonely, it isn’t! Hamsters are solitary creatures, and they really do not like being with other hamsters, except to mate for like 10 seconds, lol. Those that posted they fight with each other are correct! That hamster is in heaven, especially by itself, but oh my, can you inagime cleaning all those pipes if it peed or pooped in them?

  54. I wish I could live in it too. This is an awesome hamshion.

  55. The critter looks more like a mouse than a hamster to me, too.

  56. Awww, it sounds fun; but I can’t help feeling sad for Hiro. What good is a mansion if you have no one to cuddle up next to on cold nights? Or run and play games with. I think Hiro needs another ham.

  57. Yep, Syrians are solitary critters. But dwarf hammies get on fine usually. My two sapphire dwarf brothers from the same litter, Pouch and Piggles, live in harmony together. I have a few Habitrail pods connected together for them. It’s fun, but alot of work to clean though! 🙂

  58. yankeebird says:

    My sister and I had hamsters when we were kids – each of us had a setup pretty much like this. I think our family kept Habitrail afloat for awhile.

  59. “They also do NOT like rats and Rats DO NOT like them.”

    i had two rats and a hamster living together in a cage once, and they got along fine. the rats would use the hamster as a pillow sometimes.

  60. Wow. Brilliant.

  61. Seriously, people, that’s a *mouse8 right?? Pointy little face, round distinct ears, long pink feet and hands. As someone said, if we could just glimpse the tail area we’d know for sure…Do hamsters even come in that pattern?

  62. That is definitely a hamster. The pattern is called banded and I’ve had one “rust banded” myself.

    Someone here said that dwarf hamsters (unlike syrians) get along pretty well and that is true.

  63. Elisha B. says:


  64. That must take forever and a day to clean.

  65. Ham Hefner needs playmates!

  66. Katherine says:

    1. Syrian hamsters cannot be kept together. They mate only when the female is in season and then he makes tracks.

    2. Those tubes are a PITA to clean, and put back together. And the plastic collects ammonia smell like you would not BELIEVE.

  67. “Tell me there’s maid service, Rob F.”

    More of a butler service. 🙂

    “That would not be fun to clean.”

    Cleaning it isn’t actually that bad. I have a few spare tube endings, so I can just remove and clean one section at a time, closing the rest off. And hamsters tend to use the same area for a toilet, so I can clean that area more often than the rest. It’s still only one hamster’s worth of mess after all.

    “It’s a scale model of the internets! A series of tubes!”

    Hiro liked blocking the tubes. 🙂

    “Ahem, excuse me, but I think that sweet creature is actually a mouse”

    Nope, Hiro was definitely a short-haired syrian hamster and not a mouse. You can see his stub of a tail in a few of the photos if you don’t believe me!

    “Hiro needs a couple of hammie pals. He’s lonely, I can tell…”

    He wasn’t! As a few people have mentioned, syrian hamsters are solitary critters by nature. They’re very territorial by nature and will eventually fight if not separated. Some people have kept them together, but doing so is taking a huge risk, and doesn’t make them happier – if anything it will cause them extra stress.

    Some of the dwarf species of hamster can live together though – Russian Campbell hamsters and Roborovski hamsters.

    “I read on their site that the hammy pictured named Hiro died at the age of 9mo from a tumor”

    Yes, he did. 😦 But he had a good life while he was with us, and it’s great to see his photos still getting attention! I haven’t got another hamster to occupy the ‘hamshion’ yet – I’ve since moved house and I haven’t worked out where to fit it yet! But I do plan to have a new occupant in there soon…

  68. Arathrael — whoa, thanks for the epic follow-up!

    Best of luck with the new place. And please, feel free to set up a webcam (a la UStream, like with the Shiba pups) once you get a new ham situated. 😉

  69. Looks way too steep in some places. Don’t let the little buggers get hurt.

  70. This reminds me of the wonderful book Microserfs by Douglas Coupland – remember when he had the giant hamster setup that went all the way around the office?

  71. Hey thanks for the info on banded hamsters, and apologies for doubting his ‘hamsterness’; we don’t have them at all in Oz so I am woefully ignorant about these little creatures…I’ve only ever seen the much more stubby ones online (if you know what I mean) which is why I thought he was a mouse . 🙂


  73. Hi Arathrael, great hammie home! Don’t forget the Siberian Winter Whites too – my two sapphire dwarf brothers co-exist happily together.

    The new Habitrail range of tubes can be taken apart to clean quite easily, though when you have dozens of tubes like I do, it’s a fair bit of work still…

  74. wow!!! i have a hamster that loves to escape so we end up taping up the sides – quite the Houdini!!