What “new puppy” should President-Elect Obama bring to the White House?

You all just heard him…

"Sasha and Malia, I love you both so much, and you have earned the new puppy that’s coming with us to the White House".

What kind of puppy will it be!? What would you suggest?


Yanyg yanyg yanyg [bone chewing sound] from Nora 🙂



  1. definitely a corgi puplet

  2. warrior rabbit says:

    It should be a rescued mutt! (Mutts are the best, and of course we want to help a shelter pup.)

  3. lesleyann says:


    He owes it to them, considering their IMMENSE support.

  4. +1 for corgi.

  5. The Queen favors corgis…

  6. littleredhen says:

    I hope they rescue a dog from a DC area shelter.

  7. Agree…pound puppy.

  8. The underdog!

  9. Maybe kind Mr Hand and Ms Prettynails will give them one of the shiba-inu pups. It’d be used to the spotlight.

  10. faeregina says:

    You cannot go wrong with a Pug.
    Politicians and visiting dignitaries would be powerless against a Pug. They’d see its cute little face and totally be on board with our policies.

  11. my mother predicts (and i agree) something either like a bichon, OR a lab/retriever type.

    but the puppy in the picture here looks pretty good, too.

    and: congratulations to everyone who voted n stoated!

  12. Critterfriend says:

    Yes, rescue pup for sure! As long as he’s rescuing the nation, and all.

  13. +1 for Corgi as well!

  14. Michelle S says:

    Wouldn’t a Corgi be a great White House dog? Smart, friendly, active, adorable. I think it’d be cute to see one try to herd all the secret servicemen into one room. >.<

  15. I vote for a shelter mutt. The Washington Animal Rescue League has tons, they do great work. Transcend breed, vote mutt!

  16. Ginger Bird says:

    A corgi is too royal family. My best choice would be a pug, but that’s because I love pugs. Maybe a miniature schnauzer?

  17. My vote is for a shelter pup! Maybe not from a DC shelter–urban shelters don’t get a lot of puppies–but he could find one in Illinois, or Virginia, or, hm, (consults electoral map) Iowa.

  18. Oh, gosh. There are just 13 comments/suggestions so far and I’m already saying, “Oh, that’s good!” and “Oh, that’s good, too!” and being totally torn! (I ask, why must cuteness bring such strife?)

    That said, I think a rescue hound would be the best, but I am definitely a strong corgi supporter! It would be so great if it could be both. I’m sure whatever is chosen, though, will be tewtally luffed.

  19. cuuuuuuutest puppy ever!!!

  20. i vote welsh corgi all the way!

    or…. i mean, why cant they get a cat too!?

  21. katykat29 says:


  22. This and the thing about him taking his kids trick-or-treating despite all the stress he must have had been going through…I vote Obama as best daddy ever!

  23. a pair o’ corgi…one for each of them, of course.

  24. It’s gotta be a shelter mutt. It just goes with the theme— multi-racial, from humble beginnings… HOPE!!!

  25. some sort of terrier…

    “He pals around with TERRIERS” don cha know.

  26. You guys, corgis are great, but remember this is for the White House. We need an American symbol, and they’re are so tied with English royalty. Definitely a good mutt. I live basset mixes, but also I think a longer legged dog would be great, so the girls can chase it over the White House Lawn and force the Secret Service to chase THEM.

  27. Another vote for Pound Puppy.

  28. Well I vote for retriever from a shelter

  29. AuntieMame says:

    A shelter mutt. And why does it have to be a puppy? I think they should get an elderly dog that would have trouble otherwise finding a loving home.

  30. How about a lovable Lab?

  31. I aslo hope they rescue a shelter dog. It’s the canine version of the American dream. One day you live in a cage in a room full of other unwanted dogs and the next day you’re peeing in the oval office. Now that’s Ameirica!

  32. The humane society already reported that they will get an adopted dog. I hope they stick with this. I think there are plenty of puppies that need new homes, and are easier to train. But yes, in general older dogs are less adoptable and people should consider them.

    Yes we can!

  33. I believe the Obamas are already planning to adopt a rescue dog. Given current prejudices and the spread of breed-specific legislation, a pit bull or pittie mix would be a fabulous (and loyal and adorable) choice.

  34. King Charles Cavalier Spaniel! They’re the friendliest dog in the world!

  35. A mutt and must have a kitty too.

  36. Definitely a resQ doggy. Heck, the White House lawn is giant — why not adopt a couple?

  37. Best Friends mounted a campaign to get the Obamas to pledge to adopt, and they agreed. The First Dog will be a rescued dog.

  38. Raemie L. says:

    LOL at the bone chewing sounds, I like to dub that sound for doggeh chewing too. This puppeh is really cute!
    I’m lame at remembering dog breeds, but I’d suggest a shelter pup.

  39. Elizabeth says:

    A newfie puppy! There are plenty of rescue newfies that would love the white house lawn!

  40. lol @ trin.

  41. Well, President Elect Obama recently mentioned that Malia is actually allergic to dogs, so they’ll probably be looking into something that won’t make her feel awful all the time. I vote Golden Doodle, myself.

  42. The yanyg yanyg yanyg of a shelter rescued puppeh of course! Come to think of it the white house is in desperate need for some rescued LOLcats too.

  43. Obviously they need an American Cocker Spaniel. Not that I’m at all biased.

  44. berthaservant says:

    WHATEVER THEY WANT. (ResQ dog is good idea).

    But I think the oval office should have a marmie.

  45. pugs! hundreds of them!

  46. Even though I voted for him, I have to respectfully disagree w/ the President-Elect.

    They should get a soft, squeezable kitteh.

    Hey, he said we wouldn’t agree with all of his decisions.

  47. omg i LOVE you Meg.
    that possibly is my favorite part of the speech.


  48. Miss Malice says:


    Stuff those sissy little dogs, get a REAL dog hehe

  49. Wasn’t it also leaked somewhere that Joe the VP gets a pooch, too? o.o

    That aside… hopefully we get some feline representation in the Obama administration. Preferably something orange. >_> <_ <

  50. There are some really good shelters in Northern Virginia where I come from, about twenty minute’s drive outside of DC. I hope that they adopt a shelter mutt puppy from one of them!
    Cute Overload, I will be looking to you for up to the minute updates on the presidential puppy position!

  51. Who cares what sort of puppy he deems his children worthy of while his relatives slaughter bulls and goats in Kenya? He is “The One” in the libs eyes thoughI obviously love animals more by not voting for a man who pretends to care about their welfare. OBAMA, ADDRESS ANIMAL TESSTING ON BEAGLES IF YOU WANT TO WIN ME. Until then, McCain has my PROUD VOTE.

  52. I so knew this would be on CO. As long as the dog is referred to as Name-the Dog…it will be ok. Even though I doubt I’m allowed to vote (not american, but soon moving to the states) but I would also go for shelter puppy. And cats.

  53. A PIT BULL!

  54. SaintStryfe says:

    Shelter dogs have been good to me.

    Though I do have to give in to my deep fondness for Corgis.

  55. Killer Corgi has asked me to ask you to consider a fine, American bred Cardigan Welsh Corgi (the one with the tail (i mean buttons)).

    A Corgi would be the perfect doggie to squire around two adorable and adoring little girls.

    I add my voice to the Corgi contingent. If one of the First daughters is allergic, then I strongly suggest a Standard Poodle. Bright, fun-loving and non-allergenic, a Standard will give them so much love and affection, they will want for naught!

    Killer Corgi got two new rawhide chewies this morning and she is very grateful to be in a land of hope.

  56. I love that the Obamas have said they’ll go the rescue route. What a lucky pup the Presidential doggend will be!

  57. definitely a shelter dog! why not throw in a cat and a hamster for good measure?

  58. It should be a mongrel shelter doggie, because he is the president of hope primarily and what doggie in the shelter doesn’t need hope? Also because he stands for change and tolerance and not caring about such petty things as race. So a mongrel shelter dog it must beeee!

  59. Maybe Ellen can find them a nice rescue puppy? She already gave them a White House-shaped dog-house!
    AuntieMame: That would be kind, but an elderly dog probably wouldn’t be much fun as a pet for kids. It’s the girls’ reward for putting up with all the tsuris of the campaign and I’m sure they’ll want one that is playful and energetic.
    Ogopogo: That was incoherent and weird. I am sorry to tell you ‘Bruiser’s Bill’ never actually happened.

  60. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Decca: FTW!! Truly the most vivid depiction of American Dream!

    Oh, it MUST be a shelter pup. Maybe an adult doggie AND a puppeh? (And may they be accosted at the shelter by a lovely (tuxie?) kitteh that they can’t leave behind!)

  61. Something from a shelter or reputable rescue agency, preferably a beagle.

    Because we all know beagles are the cutest.

    Corgies. *snort* What-ever!

  62. Something from a shelter or reputable rescue agency, preferably a beagle.

    Because we all know beagles are the cutest.

    Corgies. *snort* What-ever!

  63. Something from a shelter or reputable rescue agency, preferably a beagle.

    Because we all know beagles are the cutest.

    Corgies. *snort* What-ever!

  64. Something from a shelter or reputable rescue agency, preferably a beagle.

    Because we all know beagles are the cutest.

    Corgies. *snort* What-ever!

  65. Something from a shelter or reputable rescue agency, preferably a beagle.

    Because we all know beagles are the cutest.

    Corgies. *snort* What-ever!

  66. Something from a shelter or reputable rescue agency, preferably a beagle.

    Because we all know beagles are the cutest.

    Corgies. *snort* What-ever!

  67. The one in the picture! The one in the picture! Or a sweet little shelter dog.

    Also, why on EARTH aren’t Sasha and Malia on CuteOverload by now?!

  68. he promised he would adopt from a shelter- another reason to love Obama!

  69. I vote for a pound puppy.

    And they won’t have to pick one out — you know how this works: they just go to the shelter, and the right puppy will pick them ^_^

  70. So, SO many Good Dogs are at shelters. I’d definitely recommend going “adoption shopping” for the pup that bonds best with the First Family Elect.


  71. fluffernugget says:

    Since one of their daughters has allergies I vote for a rescue Bichon Frise!

  72. I don’t know….I’m going to have to go with everyone saying CORGI. Like, a FLEET of Corgis. Or what about a Corgi, and then a puppy from the shelter? That’s a big house, they could handle a couple puppies! 🙂

  73. Andrea the Librrrarian says:

    I also hope he adopts a mix from a shelter!

  74. ‘cmon, people. two little girls? definately going to be a chihuahua.

    though a pound puppy would be nice. 😉

  75. ‘cmon, people. two little girls? definately going to be a chihuahua.

    though a pound puppy would be nice. 😉

  76. A pound puppy – hopefully a beagle mix – cause beagles are the best -though housebreaking in the White House – that could be interesting!!!

  77. a beagle!

  78. I agree with faeregina and Pat: it’s time to put a pug in the white house!

  79. temperance says:

    since one of his daughters has allergies i suppose that would make getting a mutt chancey, which leaves us with:


    even pure breds need rescuing sometimes. personally, i’ve always enjoyed the ‘lamb-i-ness’ of a bedlington terrier.

  80. The White House has had English Springer Spaniels in the past, and should continue to have them! There are plenty of Springers who need rescuing too. Springers make wonderful additions to the family, and they are very photogenic, just like the Obamas. 🙂

  81. Marie-Claire Camp says:

    The Washington Humane Society has so many puppies available, ANY of them would be perfect for those two lucky girls. http://www.washhumane.org/adopt/adoptdog.asp

  82. lauraborealis says:

    An Australian shepherd! In honor of my friend’s beloved Aussie who died unexpectedly last week. They are such wonderful dogs! And so fuzzy when they’re puppies 🙂

  83. I think they should each get their own puppy! Two isn’t really more work than one.

    Mutts are the best. Something with a healthy dose of beagle, though!

  84. who is that OGOPOGO person and what planet does he/she live on?

  85. Pound puppy. But if not: Dachshund, Basset or Corgi

  86. Springer spaniel – from a shelter!!

  87. mandy_Reeves says:

    I’m gonna go rouge and maverick-ey on ya’s. SHIH TZU!!! lots of rescue groups and they are non allergenic (I are proofs of that…doggehs and kitties make meh sneeze) I say shih tzu and hope that if thats what they pick, that it will give them all the love and adoration that my tzu puppeh gives to me every day

  88. “Until then, McCain has my PROUD VOTE.”

    I hate to tell you this, but the voting thang was yesterday. And I doubt McCain will be fit enough for another round in 4 years’ time.

    Anyway, a pound puppy gets my vote too! He did promise them a puppy, not an elderly dog, AuntieMame.

  89. Well, I’d suggest by pound puppy, but since there’s only one of him, definitely a Welsh Cardigan Corgi. 🙂

  90. I vote for a shelter dog! One that’s a good playmate and listener.

  91. bettyGIRL says:

    corgi of course!! stubbies for obama!!

  92. I think a kitty shouldn’t be out of the question.

  93. Go Obama, go. With that one puppy promise, he has given thousands of puppies new homes and helped thousands of shelters.
    (There are about 3500 animal shelters in the US. Also, this happens to be Animal Shelter Appreciation Week! http://www.animalsheltering.org/ )

  94. Another vote for a mutt from a shelter! Mutts make the best doggies!

  95. Add another vote for a lab. With a tortie kitteh on the side. =D

  96. RedKitten says:

    Yes, if one of the little girls has allergies, then that definitely has to be taken into account.
    I’m sure they’ll make the right choice — this appears to be a couple with very good common sense and judgement.
    I’m throwing in a vote for a Wheaten, though. 🙂

  97. Get a Great Dane or a pug!!! My favorites!!

  98. SHELTIE! The Sheltie’s time is NOW!
    and yes, by all means, make it a Shelter Sheltie!!

  99. A rescute pup!

    And although this election wasn’t about race, it would seem to me quintessentially American if they opted for a dog that was a bit of everything. 🙂

  100. TrumanRabbit says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be a puppy from a shelter!!! What a great example this would set for our citizens, B****es!

  101. Katiedid — a Great Dane in the White House?!?? zoicks

  102. A MUTT FROM AN ANIMAL SHELTER! i think that would be the bestest.

  103. A rescue pug!

  104. ElleBelle says:

    A border collie!

  105. Most definitely a shelter dog, and since we just passed a measure here in MA to ban greyhound racing I might recommend rescuing a greyhound…but really…any rescue puppy will do! (also that was probably the absolute cutest line in that entire speech!)

  106. Pussytoes says:

    A black, white and brown beagle, which represents unity.

  107. And the puppy’s name? Baroo Obama, of course.

  108. Mutts are the smartest dogs! There are so many adorable pups to be adopted!

  109. Beagles for Obama!!

  110. Must be a Shih Tzu!

  111. They should get some random mongrel shelter doggy with a funny inside out ear so he can poke his tongue at the prosh pedigrees while hes relaxing in the white house!

    A corgi would be cool tho! International pup solidarity!

    They should definately get a shelter dog puts the right message across 🙂

  112. Definitely should be a rescue puppy. It matches his philosophy of helping others and doing our part.

  113. A pound puppy for sure – he sets and example in everything else, why not this too?

  114. ogopogo, you douche bag. they EAT the animals they kill because they have to. How about YOU go to Kenya and try to be a vegetarian? and way more animals get tested on than just beagles, why the prejudice? if you can’t do your homework before you vote, much less make a comment on CO, you shouldn’t be allowed to do either.

    [OK, that’s enough of that, now. Let’s move on… – Ed.]

    And what about a wiggly boxer???? You know they can win over the hearts of anyone 🙂

  115. I also vote for a Corgi!

  116. Mmmm…I don’t know. Weren’t the Bushes dog people? About time we had another CAT in the White House!

    But that is an awfully cute puppers.

  117. @Redkitten – Wheatens RULE!

    A rescued Wheaten would be great. I happen to work with a Wheaten Rescue organization…

  118. A rescue puppy!!!!!!!!!!

  119. hmmm I think a Dachshund or a Corgi would be awesome, or maybe a Basset or Beagle!

  120. I think he should go for what EVER his little girls want. A lovable mutt? Fine. A foofy toy poodle painted pink with a pink sparkly collar with fairy wings? Fine. Whatever. They earned it.

  121. Mutt Muther says:

    + 500 for Rescute mutt!
    (electoral votes, I has ’em)

  122. erineloise says:

    He needs a siberian husky! I just want to see that in the White House.

  123. RESCUE DOG!

  124. Shelter dog. Definitely a shelter dog.

  125. Ain’t no companion like a blue-eyed merle!!!

  126. There’s already been a massive petition put through to the Obamas to adopt a dog, and they agreed! Hooray!


  127. Rescue/shelter dog, please!

    What could be more “American,” more uniting, than a “designer original”?

  128. just one?

  129. Shelter dog.
    Some kind of shiny, long-tailed puppy with a big smile. They can always be found at the shelter.

  130. Very cute puppy indeed. 🙂

    Great that the Obama’s will have a dog in the white house. I think they will choose a medium to large dog. Say golden retriever size.

    The house and garden sure are big enough. 🙂

    I think little Sasha should have a pet hamster, rescued ofcourse…. And his/her own room with view ofcourse 😛

  131. A PITBULL!

    they can put lipstick on it!

  132. Definitely a mutt…and perhaps not a puppy-puppy bc puppies are more easily adopted out but maybe a youngish dog who’s already trained and they don’t have to train in the crazy upcoming months and first year.

    And maybe a dog that comes with a cat friend.

  133. @Noelegy – Yeah, I had an awfully soft spot for Socks Clinton.

  134. Ev's Mom in WI says:

    Wow, I thought I was going to be different – but YEAH! A pair of pound Corgis for sure (c’mon, each sweet girl deserves her own, and I bet they’ll take care of them too, their Da is going to take care of US!)

  135. Ev's Mom in WI says:

    Wow, I thought I was going to be different – but YEAH! A pair of pound Corgis for sure (c’mon, each sweet girl deserves her own, and I bet they’ll take care of them too, their Da is going to take care of US!)

  136. Ev's Mom in WI says:

    Wow, I thought I was going to be different – but YEAH! A pair of pound Corgis for sure (c’mon, each sweet girl deserves her own, and I bet they’ll take care of them too, their Da is going to take care of US!)

  137. Ev's Mom in WI says:

    Wow, I thought I was going to be different – but YEAH! A pair of pound Corgis for sure (c’mon, each sweet girl deserves her own, and I bet they’ll take care of them too, their Da is going to take care of US!)

  138. Ev's Mom in WI says:

    Wow, I thought I was going to be different – but YEAH! A pair of pound Corgis for sure (c’mon, each sweet girl deserves her own, and I bet they’ll take care of them too, their Da is going to take care of US!)

  139. Ev's Mom in WI says:

    Wow, I thought I was going to be different – but YEAH! A pair of pound Corgis for sure (c’mon, each sweet girl deserves her own, and I bet they’ll take care of them too, their Da is going to take care of US!)

  140. scruffylove says:


  141. Duffy Brown says:

    A Beagle! The arrooooing would keep everyone on their toes! And they love everyone!

  142. The First Pug! Pugs are good with children, clean, lovable, lap dogs, love to play or just chill with you. Could be good for foriegn relations with China. Pugs are even tempered and that’s good for the First Dog job. Tee Hee..

  143. PUG PUG PUG! They can dress him up in a Beefeater’s Outfit for all state functions. And call him Fudge! (I have this all planned out…)

  144. ThreeCatNight says:

    I love Norfolk terriers, and collies, and mutts,and lions, and tigers, and bears (oh my!), but I digress. (and, of course, cats too). Adopting a couple of shelter pups – 1 for each First Daughter – would be a real blessing. Reciprocal love, what could be better?

  145. A collie! Beautiful and mild mannered. Loyal and hard working. Definitely need a collie in the White House.

  146. He should get them a rescue puppy or dog.
    Show the world that people don’t need designer dogs, pure bred whatever ones and that there are so many mutts out there that need homes.

  147. OMG I just checked out some of the DC area shelter’s cats:

    So many great cats! I vote for either (or both!)to keep their dog in line:
    a) Frank, a white and light orange 1 year old.
    b) George, an orange kitten.

    Both sound like they have great, friendly, outgoing purrsonalities…purrfect PR for White House cats.

    I love that name Baroo Obama for a dog!

  148. A puppy rescued from a shelter!!!

  149. AuntieMame says:

    As a matter of fact, President Bush has two dogs and a cat. So there are both canine and feline residents currently in the White House. And by “elderly,” I didn’t mean old and infirm, I simply meant a grown dog that’s not as easily adoptable.

  150. Just like to reiterate these two fantastic suggestions:

    Clare – “it would seem to me quintessentially American if they opted for a dog that was a bit of everything. :)”

    Annie – “I love that name Baroo Obama for a dog!”

  151. Well it looks like the Obama family listened to PETA!! Michelle Obama announced yesterday on Entertainment Tonight that her family was indeed planning to “adopt a rescue dog,” and we couldn’t be happier about it! It’s no surprise that Obama is making the responsible decision here, especially after he had a vegan moment earlier this summer.

  152. Why aren’t we talking goldens, mountain dogs or even a standard poodle!

  153. AuntieMame, I did not know that. I’ve never seen a photo of the cat, just the dogs.

    Anyway, why not both canine and feline First Pets in the new administration as well? In the spirit of unity. After all, red + blue = purple, which is a very pretty color. 🙂

  154. Kitten, I know what you meant, but the phrase “had a vegan moment” gave me the giggles. Kind of like when people say they “had a senior moment.” I picture Obama saying, “Oh wait, that’s right. I eat meat. I just had a vegan moment there.”

  155. I’m hoping for a lab or retriever.

  156. Wait a minute: the Obamas didn’t already HAVE a pet? Why, that’s…un-American!

    (Just kidding, peeps! Good for them that they’re adopting a shelter sweetie.)

  157. Joanne Hudson says:

    Pound puppy. All American Heinz.

  158. The obvious option, I think, is to go to a breed-specific rescue group. That way, they can get the breed they want AND a rescue pup.

    I got my two from North Texas Corgi Rescue…and I have to add to the corgi vote. It is impossible to be angry or depressed when you have 30 pounds of smiling goofiness wiggling his stubby little tail at you. (My pups’ foster used to train shelties. She switched to corgis because she decided she’d rather be entertained than obeyed.)

    Our female is a Border Collie/Corgi mix…which is apparantly called a “borgi” in these part. I think a borgi is perfect for the White House: “We are the Borgi. You cannot resist the cuteness! You will be assimilated….”

  159. So here’s the most important question: How can we get through to him (or his peeps who will be choosing the pup) to make sure that he gets a pound puppy? It’s so important that he sets an example. We don’t want another designer dog frenzy.

  160. AuntieMame says:

    Noelegy, they also have a pet Longhorn, apparently. 🙂
    The cat, India (aka Willie, aka Kitty) is a black cat, and they are notoriously hard to photograph. I found this on the White House Kids page:


  161. takeabyte says:

    We’ll be more than happy to introduce them to a great dog at bichonrescue.org !

  162. semanticantics says:

    Last night I said he should get a black pug named Pugack Pugbama.

  163. I think the MOST important thing is that they get a dog that suits their personalities AND their allergy needs and will adapt well to living in their particular situation. They will have to consider temperament, and hopefully have someone guiding them in the “right” direction. I am all for a shelter dog, but there are quite a few mitigating factors in this choice. Clearly, something that sheds (collie, lab, golden (doodle or otherwise, don’t get me started), beagle, sheltie, mountain dog, weimeraner…) isn’t going to work if one of the daughters is allergic. So, while a pound puppy/mutt may be the “perfect” dog, it doesn’t seem likely that this will happen. I hope people don’t get their hopes up and then act all distraught when they pick something, dare I use the ill fated word, hypo-allergenic.
    I’d honestly say that their best bed WOULD be to go to a breeder and test out puppies to see which of them the girls can tolerate allergenically speaking, and then, if they are so determined, go through a breed specific rescue.

    *off soapbox

  164. Calvin Coolidge had a goose named Enoch.

  165. I’m owned by a pug but I actually think that a rescue is best, because whatever dog they choose people are going to run out and copycat the choice, and we all know what happened to dalmatians after 101 DALMATIONS came out. So it’s probably best they don’t go with a breed, or soon we’ll have tons of that breed turning up in shelters….

  166. A shelter or a rescue dog. And I’m voting to have a first cat in the White House too!

  167. Vicki Lackey says:

    I hope they rescue a lab or lab mix from a shelter. Has to be a shelter dog, whatever the choice.

  168. How about a tuxedo orange tabby? Give a kitty a chance! 🙂

    Personally, I like huskies. But I agree, best to adopt. Either way, Sasha and Malia will have a great First Pet!

  169. Baroo Obama. Heehee.

    What’s this “has allergies” thing? Allergic to nuts? Now that might be a problem in the White House, but not with dogs.

  170. Andrea in Canada says:

    They should go to a local shelter and adopt a mixed-breed puppy, they’re healthier and less neurotic. Once the puppy is a few months old, they should then go back and adopt an older dog as company for the puppy.

  171. Brandi7920 says:

    My vote is for a Miniature Schnauzer…not that I’m partial or anything. ; )

    But, the next best thing would be a rescued pound puppy. 🙂

  172. While I would love for them to get a Corgi (as I have two) I worry that whatever purebreed dog they get will become super popular and people will start overbreeding them. Similar situation to when 101 dalmations came out and hundreds of 1-2 year old dalmations started showing up in shelters!

    They should get a mutt from the pound to help motivate people to rescue!

  173. Most definitely a “PIT BULL, WITHOUT LIPSTICK”!!

  174. I just read on luluandlolly.com that Barack is getting a rescue puppy-yay!

  175. Well, I’m guessing a scottie is out.

    I’m really happy they are going with a rescue dog, and I’d truly relish seeing a standard poodle in the white house.

  176. thelibrarianne says:

    DEFINITELY a shelter pup. I’m thinking some sort of lab mix. I’ve had two shelter lab mixes, and they deserve a stay at the White House!

  177. I agree with a lot of the other comments. They should go to their local SPCA or Humane Society and adopt a dog from there. I think it’s not only the right thing to do but how great will it look for the new president to show compassion?!

  178. Well as every true animal lover knows….they will not be choosing the puppy. The puppy will choose them.


  179. Yitzysmommie says:

    **giggles** at Baroo Obama.
    I hope Sasha and Malia get a muttsky that they both adore, and a rescue kitteh for good measure. I hope they have a wonderful time doggy hunting. I especialy hope that the right pets make themselves as clear as we Americans did in our presidential pick.

  180. I voted for Mr. McCain, but now that it’s over, many congrats to Mr. Obama & his beautiful family! I wish them nothing but the best. And hope the kids enjoy their new puppy! 🙂

  181. I hope they choose cute and scruffy mutt!

  182. muttluver says:

    Mutt Mutt! Shelter mutt! At least that’ll be ONE thing they do right… oops, started a commentroversy, didn’t I?

  183. It should DEFINITELY be a monkey, not a puppy. Because B.O. looks JUST like a monkey.

  184. clairedeloony says:

    They’re from Chicago. They’re gonna get the usual dog you see running around in Lincoln Park – a big, happy, athletic Lab. There will be Frisbees thrown on the White House lawn. Awesome.

  185. BeckyMonster says:

    Definitely needs to be a pound puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. BeckyMonster says:


    You need to SHUT YOUR IGNORANT MOUTH. Sorry to everyone for being so aggressive in this post, but that sort of hateful bigotry is NOT WELCOME HERE!

  187. They should go the Humane Society and adopt a pound puppy! Pound puppies are ALWAYS the best!

  188. I hope they get a Chicago pound puppy & move the whole family together!!!
    Just bursting with joy today (and impressed by Chrissy’s gracious comment-biparisan America will make all our dreams come true).

  189. They should definitely adopt a rescue dog.

  190. NotAnotherMilo says:

    A rescue standard poodle. My brother recently rescued a standard poodle and she is wonderfully gentle, almost maternal, with his young children. Maybe a poodle mix would have the same allergy-free properties?

  191. I think either a Papillion or a Corgi. (:
    I hope he adopts as well….

  192. A shelter dachshund! :D:D:D:D

  193. Newfoundland puppy, obviously, to foster good relations with Canada. Or a Burmese mountain dog. Something big and cuddly that they will be able to romp with.

    Or possibly a big German shepherd to keep him safe! We <3 you Obama!

  194. Great Pyrenees, baby! One of the coolest breeds ever. How cool would that be for the president to have a mini-polar bear for a dog?!

  195. I think they need two new puppies. They need a FREAKING GIGANTIC one, like a Dane mix, and an itty tiny one – maybe a hairless variety for snorgling by the allergy prone. And they need a kitten too. At least one if not two. A tuxedo one for formal affairs, and a marmie for casual. I’ve got it all thought out.


  197. twoflyingdogs says:

    Australian Shepherd! Best dog in the world.

  198. Hannah C. says:

    It doesn’t matter as long as it’s a shelter pup. :3

  199. I really hope they get a Bernese Mountain Dog! Though a pound puppy might be more fitting because it means one lucky dog gets a great home with an even more fabulous yard to play in.

  200. I think Corgis are too closely associated with the British Royal Family. Labs are of course Canadian dogs, and Bill Clinton had a chocolate one named Buddy.

    I vote for an American dog, like an American Foxhound. Medium-sized, good with kids and cute as heck!

  201. How about this name: “Bark”Obama?
    All puppies are adorable and I have no argument with any breed. By the way Ogopogo: what sort of animal advocacy is Palin practicing when she hunts?

  202. Another vote for the Cavalier! But a pound dog is also good. And lots of pound kitties!

  203. He should get a rescue!!! It would match his job position.

  204. The Other One Michelle says:

    I didn’t vote for Obama, but now that he’ll be my president I’ll support him. But I’ll support him even more if he adopts a beagle! Yeah, yeah, allergies and all that, but c’mon! I have two and they are awesome and wonderful kid dogs.

  205. i squeed out lout when i heard him say that. most adorable comment ever!

    LMAO at the pitbull without lipsitck….

    however i am partial to pom pups!

  206. Mutt! Mutt! Mutt! With a fuzzy butt!

  207. oh and if they dont name the dog “Change” then i might stop supporting him…


  208. IheartObama says:


  209. Golden Retrievers are very kid friendly. I also vote “mutt”.

  210. What about a German Shepard/Husky mix!?
    As long as he adopts,I’ll support him.
    I hope he gets some kind of German Shepard mix. My dad’s always wanted a German Shepard..

  211. Rescue puppy for sure. And hey the White House is big – 1 puppy is not enough. 5 rescued puppies at least. And some cats. bunnies, birds.. etc.. come on. White House zoo is required!

  212. I think a rescue pup would be great! But wouldn’t it be great if it was a be giant dog like a St. Bernard that could knock down visiting dignitaries? 🙂

  213. Yes, rescue a shelter puppy. We recently got our beautiful Molly from the local Humane Society Shelter. She’s black lab mix with the shiny black fur, but she has white sox and soft white fur from her throat down to her very snorgable belleh! I hope the new White House puppy brings as much joy to the Obama household.

  214. biscuithead says:

    If they pay for a purebred + not a rescued pound mutt, I’ll be disappointed.

    Frankly, I think the White House could accommodate more than one dog.
    But if Barack must be stingy, I guess one will do.

  215. Heehee, “Bark Obama!”

  216. Karen Agugliaro says:

    He MUST save a little furry life!

    A shelter mutt!

  217. stark_rain24 says:

    Pit bull for sure! It’s time to make like WW2 and make them family dogs again. (And of course, it’s gotta be from a shelter.)

    But if that’s too much to hope for, any old shelter pup would make me happy as well.

  218. a rescue pup for sure! i was trying so hard not to cry last night, but when he mentioned that puppy i just lost it. an intelligent politician AND a good dad??? hooray!!

  219. “a giant dog like a St. Bernard that could knock down visiting dignitaries?” 🙂 LOL!!

  220. dulciesmom says:



  221. This little doll is a Papillon. I wants heem!

    Mr. Obama and his beautiful family should get whatever baby pup they want to get. And decide it as a family.

    I would vote for a rescue pup, too, but geezzz-o, it is a free country. 😉

  222. My Alaskan Husky, Sunshine, is having puppies right now. If the Obamas want a puppy, I have one for them. They’re cute, cuddly and they’ll be able to pull a sled.

  223. For the sake of my personal politics, I’d love for them to go with a pit or a pit mix. Maybe if the freaking PRESIDENT has one, people won’t continue to insist that they’re devil spawn.

  224. A French bulldog, maybe

  225. If there are allergies in the family, try an airedale. But expect a lot of work. . . so maybe not.

  226. I vote for some kind of retriever/lab mix. Or a beagle. Definitely a rescute.

    And DEFINITELY called “Baroo Obama.”


  227. Well, humane societies, etc., often have purebred pupsters at shelters who are looking for forever homes, and to me, that’s the best solution. You get to vizualize what the pupster’s going to look like as an adult, and what are its inherited behaviors (eg., beagles are like noses with legs attached–not that they are any less cute for all that), AND you are saving a life.
    Personally, I think the best dogs in the world say “Meow” and sleep 16 or so hours a day (at least that’s what mine does).

  228. brooklyndane says:

    Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League — a rescue dog big enough to enjoy that White House lawn!!

  229. Whatever breed they choose, I hope it’s a pound puppy. Rescue is definitely the theme of the Obama presidency, and there’s no reason the family pet can’t go along!

  230. Molly, pits are illegal here, because the sole reason for breeding them here is to make them nasty. Aren’t they illegal in the US?

    [Um, “sole reason?” …no. And also no to “illegal in the US” – Ed.]

  231. It has to be a pound puppy! Even if someone’s allergic, there’s no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic pet. Technically I’m allergic to cats, but some set me off more than others, and some not at all.

  232. Michelle Obama said that they would be adopting a dog from a shelter (thanks, in no small part, to obamafamilydog.com!)…but I read that one of the girls has allergies, so they will probably get a low-shedding breed. I’m thinking some sort of poodle mix? I think a retriever or spaniel mix would be good…very friendly and playful for the girls! 🙂

  233. You can predict what type of dog they will get here: http://www.hubdub.com/m10834/What_type_of_dog_will_the_Obamas_get

    Personally, I think a Wheaten Terrier is a nice mix of non-allergenic, good temperment but still solid enough to go for a run with a President. I’m a huge Bichon fan, but I just don’t see a 6’+ President playing with a little puff ball on the White House lawn.

  234. Caroline Kennedy had a pony named Macaroni. I think they need to adopt a first pony!

  235. An ADOPTED ONE!!!

  236. Oh I missed the part about the allergies….poodle then. Or how about a grey hound?? They don’t shed, do they?


    I vote for a a presidential mutt!

  238. It would be adorable if they got a dachshund.

  239. Wanda Reynolds says:

    It should definitely be a mutt from a local pound. Millions of animals are euthanized in this country every year, why contribute to the pain and the suffering by purchasing a dog from a breeder when so many are waiting for a home already?

  240. I thought I heard something about there having been a poll and Poodle won?

  241. $%#& dogs. A rescued adult shelter cat (or better still, more than one!) would be much, much, MUCH better.

  242. Dr. Emile Schufhausen says:

    My vote is for a rescue “schpuggle,” like my dog nephew, Ollie. He’s part sheltie, part pug, part beagle and wholly wonderful in every way.

  243. pound puppy for sure but OMG BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG! it’s the white house; they have the room for a bernese!

  244. tonyshuman says:

    I found it! Here’s a cute border collie-basset mix right there in Chicago!

  245. Dr. Emile Schufhausen says:

    @intransigentia: LOVE your idea of a kitty for every occasion — tuxedos for formals, marmies for casual, everyday wear.

    My own kitty is president of “Kittens for Obama West.” She’s pretty pleased today.

  246. yeah how cute was that to promise his girls a new puppy in the acceptance speech?

  247. Whoa now marishka, a PONY named MACARONI?? Eeeeeeee!!!

    I think a poodle/lab mix is the way to go. No shedding, smart, cuuuuute…

  248. I was watching the news earlier,and apparently whatever dog he gets,will NOT be allowed inside the house…

  249. Although I am partial to English setters and Australian Shepherds – I owned one or the other for 13 years each – and other setters and retrievers for up to eight years, the allergy issue gives me pause.
    I love that Michelle is committed to adopting a rescue or shelter dog.
    So … a dachshund would be nice… and there are lots of rescue greyhounds out there, Dalmatians (like some greyhounds) tend to be high-strung but also loving, smart pets. And I love the name Baroo too!

    This may be the Obamas’ first big decision. Dogspeed to them.

  250. Beagle! There are tons of them in rescue, and hey, it’s the underdog breed that won the Westminster this year. Suitable, eh?

  251. I vote Boston Terrier!

  252. Google search lover that I am, I found a site with a list of hypoallergenic dogs:


    I think if we combine one of these doglers with a shelter/rescue program, we’ve got a winner.

    I have to say, I think if they had a standard poodle without giving it the Dog Show Poof Coif, it would show everyone how beautiful and dignified they are.

    Also, I personally love the labradoodle in my family, so I have to put in a vote for them, too. (A herd of corgis WOULD be fun, though. Maybe some dachshunds, too!)

  253. scruffylove says:

    Whenever people mention giant dogs in the White House, especially a Saint Bernard knocking down dignitaries, I keep picturing some kids’ movie.

    “He was the down-on-his-luck dog that nobody wanted. But now look who’s in charge. He’s “The Presidential Pooch.” Or whatever.

  254. PLUS: I wish they would get a kitty or so, too… Can we start a lobby group? WEST WING FOR FELIN…G ? Well, we can work on the slogan.

  255. I definitely think the First Puppy should be a pit bull. They are so loving and very nurturing to children.

  256. DUH. Read all the posts, Karla! Sorry I repeated that link. I was up too late last night.

    Maybe we should be researching shelters in Chicago.

  257. Heather in PA says:

    MUT PUP! I’m sure there are lots of worthy presidential dogs at the DC shelter. 😉

  258. A Komondor for the Commander In Chief. It is perfect, you cannot deny it.

  259. Charlotte-Ann says:

    A mutt from the Humane Society or other rescue group!

  260. Everyone’s favorite breed: Rescue!

    My brother and I are Americans of typically-American mixed heritage. When we were kids, and we asked about our nationality, our dad used to say, “You’re mutts. They’re always the cutest.”

  261. mad hatter says:

    some kind of terrier..

  262. They also have a second location, which has a pile of puppies. Cute lab mix named Lex, too.


  263. I vote a lab, it would complete the family look

  264. Mommie2Mutt says:

    Oh, a rescue for sure. Preferably an adult dog, as puppies get placed more easily. For breeds, there are lots of options that are kid and allergy friendly, with varying levels of energy, different types of personalities. I would like to see the family set an example by doing some research before adopting, and by obedience training their new fur-kid. Wouldn’t a Rose Garden AKC Canine Good Citizen test photo-op be a great educational opportunity?

  265. Dave Metzger says:

    Preferably one with the plague.

  266. @Dave, hsssssssssss

  267. “Preferably an adult dog, as puppies get placed more easily. “

    But he promised them a PUPPY! That just wouldn’t be fair on the kids.

  268. Bea-gle! Bea-gle! Beagle!!

  269. Remember though, they have to get a hypoallergenic dog.


    I read it in the Post though.

  270. hopefully a real dog and not a tiny yipper dog. of course, im biased since ive raised rotties my whole life, so my vote is for a rott. when i was a boy, my first rott slept with me in my room (usually on my bed the hog!) and kept me safe.

  271. brave potato says:

    i really really hope they get a shelter dog. they have such an amazing chance to set an example. how many millions of americans heard him last night? if half that many saw the first family-elect going to a chicago or DC shelter and rescuing a dog in need, think of the positive repercussions.

  272. I’d say a rescue Corgi or shelter mutt, but those are just my personal choices ^_^

  273. A West Highland White Terrier!

  274. A Corgi, Doodle, or Spaniel you say?
    Which is the best to make their day?
    For Malia and Sasha I believe
    A fine choice is Retriever;
    It’s one way to catch the “repubs” and make hay.

  275. saucy bernaise says:

    They should get a RESCUE dog and name it BAILOUT (*snort*).

    But seriously, folks… Baroo Obama is really cute.

  276. I definitely think a mutt would send an awesome message to Americans. Mutts rocks!

  277. Michelle Obama already committed to a rescue. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, sent her a petition with some 40,000 signatures, asking them to adopt rather than buy. She agreed and went on television saying they will adopt.

  278. Michelle Obama already committed to adopting a dog rather than buying: http://network.bestfriends.org/obamafamilydog/news/29375.html

  279. Anonymouse says:

    They should “spread the wealth” and get everyone a puppy!

  280. When i first heard Obama say that…

    I said…


  281. I am totally excited they are planning to adopt from a shelter – YAY!

    Is it cliche at this point to suggest a pit bull…with lipstick?

    I’m just kidding. Seriously though, I vote NEWFOUNDLAND

  282. CORGI! CORGI! CORGI! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a corgi (or TWO!) frapping around the halls of the White House?!?!

  283. i vote for a cute one!!!!

  284. A boston terrier, of course! Proud to be an American and ALWAYS well dressed.

  285. I like the non-allergenic Lowchen (chinese lion dog). But I also agree: whatever these two girls want, they should have – he promised them the puppy a long time ago, and I bet they each have a very definite idea of what they want. but Baroo Obama is the best name ever.

    and John McCain, incidentally, is the companion of a whole zoo of critters, including a ferret and a pair of turtles named Cuff and Link.

    cuteoverload should get an exclusive interview scoop with the new Obama puppy and its family. I’d also really like to see McCain chilling with his ferret and turtles and birds and cats and dogs.

  286. I don’t see anything ‘stingy’ about getting one dog, biscuithead. There’s no rule that you have to get the maximum number of dogs you can possibly support. A lot of people are just making nice, enthusiastic comments (and wow, are some of them keen on their favourite breeds), but some people (not only you) seem to be making some strange value judgements about the choice of a pet. The pet you should get is the one that best fits your life. It’s great that people adopt animals that are getting on in years, or that have special needs, but they’re not suitable for all homes. There shouldn’t be any oneupmanship about this. Giving an animal a safe, kind, loving home is equally good whatever the animal is like. The opposite attitude makes me imagine someone saying ‘Oh, you adopted a cute, healthy puppy? That’s nice. *I* adopted an elderly ex-racing greyhound with epilepsy, and he’s really ugly and farts a lot’ and being all smug about it.

  287. I hope I hope I hope the Obama family rescues a mutt from the pound and saves a life.

  288. genavieve White says:

    corgi for sure!!!! soo cute! (but a cardigan)

  289. scruffylove says:

    I will admit to rescue dog snobbery. I ALWAYS tell people that my dog is a rescue dog when they ask about him. I used to do it because he was in rough shape when we got him. Now I just throw that in.

    Then, I used to joke that my husband and I were going to be the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt of the pet world. But, we got a chance to try out another dog and realized that our dog wasn’t into it. So, even if we only rescue one dog, that’s enough for us. But, I do donate to our local shelter whenever possible.

  290. scruffylove says:

    Oh, I just want to clarify that I like to tell people that my dog was a rescue dog because he’s so awesome, maybe they’ll think of the shelter if they consider getting a dog.

  291. Daphne Moss says:

    I’m so happy! I saw 280 comments and thought …Uh, oh … it’s a flame-fest in der!
    But NOOO! Out of all the comments, only one nasty one and Chrissy and Michelle (hope I’m getting names right) were saying that even tho this isn’t their first choice, they’re behind our new pres.
    That’s what I remember from the “old days.”
    I am so proud of everyone here! {{{{{{CO peeps}}}}}}}

  292. A Boston Terrier – the first true american dog breed!

  293. i agree with the golden doodle people… those dogs are super cute and they’ve got a wonderful disposition 😀

  294. Adopt a retired racing greyhound – they are wonderful pets and elegant too!

  295. In the spirit of the multi-racial, multi-cultural Obama Presidency, I suggest they adopt from Save a Sato. A “sato” is a Puerto Rican mutt. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes, with hair or fur that can be long, short, wiry or soft. They are smart and cuddly and brave and resourceful.

    One (or two) of them would make a lovely addition to the White House!

  296. This is for the kids, right? Corgi sound cute. Labador, or Golden Retreiver is definitely All American. But, if you want to go for the international flavor, Afgan, or perhaps Basingi for the boss himself.

  297. a puppy rescued from the pound!!!!! no bought doggies, puppy mills are bad!!!!!

  298. If this were two days ago I would try something clever like “oh, corgis are so elitist, blah blah blah”. But with what happened last night, I am now completely out of cynicism and snark.

    The girls should just get whatever breed they like without over-thinking which breed is “real/more American”, isn’t that the point of this election?

  299. berthaservant says:

    Wow. Nice job, everyone, keeping it civil. 🙂

  300. Great Pyrenees are awesome dogs, if a bit prone to think they can still be lapdogs at 100+ lbs., but they SHED! Not the greatest choice for living in historically significant surroundings. And they tend to be barky, because they’re super-protective. We have a Pyrenee-blue heeler mix. TWO protective breeds in one!

  301. nutty_mcbutt says:

    rescue mutt- but i think i pit bull mix because pit bulls get such a bad rap and they’re so sweet, they could use some good press the most.

  302. pug pug pug pug! or a mutt. or a beagle. or a jack russel!

  303. To recap:

    1) Obama promised his girls a puppy. Not “adult, already house-broken dog.” Let them have their puppy!

    2) One of the girls is allergic, therefore these dogs will NOT be on the short list:

    Pit Bull

    3) The problem I’m seeing with getting a dog, is that if it’s true that the dog won’t be allowed inside the White House…where will it stay? Will the dog have its own little palace? The White (dog)House? I can understand that one of his girls is allergic, but any hypoallergenic dog would alleviate all of the problems…

    4) I’m voting for labradoodle, cairn terrier, or a wirehaired fox terrier. They’re all hypoallergenic.

  304. A pug! No one can hate a pug! And they’re great with kids!

  305. I think a rescue dog is the way to go – save a life, find a friend!

    However, I think Malia and Sasha would be super cute with a Boston Terrier named Baroo.

  306. Buttercream McFrosting Pants says:

    As a proud member of the Corgi with Wiggling Tail Nubs Society, my vote is for a corgi.

  307. Obviously I would say, be a good example! Rescue a puppy from a shelter. Maybe more people will do the same.

    I also support getting a basset. Bassets are fantastic dogs. If they get one that is anything like my neighbor’s Basset, every time they have a conference set up on the White House lawn, you’ll hear a thunderous barking from inside the house during the entire speech.

  308. Sorry for the double post, but yes! Greyhound! Adopt a greyhound. They’re beautiful.

    [This isn’t a double post, no need to apologize… – Ed.]

  309. +1 to name it Baroo Obama

    I can’t wait to see what the final decision is!

  310. Whatever they get, they should name it Maverick ;D

  311. They should call him ‘Four Score’ for number of paws and also patriotic value! 😉

  312. I vote Schipperke! Loyal, sweet, protective, good with kids (at least mine is – loves to lick babies’ hands/feet when they are in their carseats), and just beautiful!

  313. So basically, he listened to that video by Natalie Portman and the other chick? 😀 😀

  314. I remember seeing them playing with what looked like a beagle on the news a few hours ago. Sounds like a good fit to me..

  315. Portuguese water dog! They are hypoallergenic very friendly and smart. It will take it no time to house brake.

  316. English Springer Spaniel pup! You remember how cute they were when Bush Sr.’s Springer had puppies in the White House?

    They are so chubable and snorgaliscious :3
    And the fact that their so loyal they’re commonly called “velcro dogs” certainly helps as well.

  317. +1 CORGI- great with kids and so adorable.

  318. alaskan malamute sure they are big but they are intelligent and they absolutly loves kids. but what ever he decides make sure that the puppy is a rescue pup (if the malamute is too big try a boxer they’re great with kids also

  319. Baroo Obama would be a GREAT name. I wouldn’t want it to sound like I’m anti- getting pets from shelters – I’ve never had a dog but all my cats have been adopted from the SPCA, and I have loved them very much.
    Good for you, scruffylove – I’m glad you and your dog are happy!
    For the people concerned about the dog not being allowed inside the White House, it’s going to have its own White House, a replica of the mansion in dog-house form which Ellen DeGeneres presented to Michelle Obama when she appeared on her TV show. I’m certain the Obamas will make sure their pup has adequate protection from the elements!

  320. fuzzy rescue pup!

  321. My husband and I adopt greyhounds. They are great dogs, however they DO shed, so I don’t think it would be the best choice they could make. We also had a miniature poodle who passed away in May and he was the best little guy and did NOT shed. I hope it’s not true that the pooch will not be allowed in the house!

  322. Absolutely a rescue puppy! And a mutt, yaay! A pup of mixed breeds, just like we all are.


  323. He oughta get pigs, not dogs. [cough] Animal Farm. [/cough]

  324. I don’t think the Obamas adopting a pitbull will help pitbulls, it will just hurt Obama. The Repubs will be all “Look at our crazy new president with a dangerous dog.” and he won’t make it next term.

  325. AuntieMame says:

    Blopes, that’s uncalled for. Breed prejudice is NOT a political thing.

    And why are we snarking at people for hoping they choose an adult dog? It’s not like the Obamas are reading this and are going make their choice based on our speculations anyway.

  326. totalee puppy says:

    Thanks everyone, for caring about shelter dogs.
    Yes, a shelter dog–would give a wonderful message
    to the nation. A mutt would be great! Could the girls go with Dad to the shelter and just let a puppy choose them? Sorry to hear that puppy won’t be
    allowed in the house–think that’s going to change…but could they name the puppy “Outsider”?

  327. Can the Qte feature sad puppies every day until Puppy Obama is allowed in the house? They seem really nice and super smart, they prolly already know this stuff and were learning about shelter animals already.

    Reasons to bring puppy in:
    1)How to house train puppy if no house is involved?
    2)Duggies r pack animals. B happier with their people. Concerned about welladjustedness!
    3)Set example. Is getting cold, especially at night, and humans need to know that dogs get cold, too.

  328. I really hope Mr. Obama and his family will adopt a dog (or two? ehh? ehhhh?) from a shelter or rescue! He has inspired so many, and if he did that, it could only mean wonderful things for all of our puppeh and kitteh friends who are looking for families!

  329. totalee puppy says:

    Agree with bean…Bring puppy inside.

  330. ISN’T THE ANSWER OBVIOUS PEOPLE??? A Dalmatian! A dog that is half black and half white, just like Obama!
    I have an adopted Dalmatian mix I got from a shelter and she’s just the bee’s knees as far as dogs go. Super loyal and affectionate. Maybe they can find a Dal that’s mixed with a poodle that is low allergy. A Daloodle! Hahaha.

  331. I say a good ol’ Lab!

  332. They should adopt these two little mixed breed puppy sisters! http://www.dailypuppy.com/puppies/Chloe-&-Fancy-the-Adoptable-Puppies_2008-11-06

  333. Eileen Deer says:

    I would suggest a miniature dachsund or a chocolate lab. They are both good with children and very affectionate.

  334. I live in Chicago & heard on the radio yesterday that they are planning on getting a labradoodle!

  335. I vote awesome mixed breed shelter pup! What’s more american than a mutt, right?
    Though, I think a boston terrier would be great too. Just cause they’re awesome.
    If it is a pure breed hopefully it won’t be something rare that will get overbred. Whatever it is, it will be in huge demand once there is one in the white house. i.e. Jack Russells after Frasier, or Cocker Spaniels after Nixon’s dog, Checkers.

    Here’s a fun list of presidents and their dogs. Some had a crapload of them!


  336. As a corgi person I would of course agree with several here and say corgi…but, I think rescue pup would be an excellent choice too!

  337. I say Pomeranian. I am powerless to their cuteness!

  338. it would be so awesome if he got a brussels griffon

  339. Whichever puppy licks the girls’ noses!

  340. I think a Sheltie…they are super smart and beautiful

  341. Killer corgi says:

    Definitely a corgi – from a corgi who campaigned for Obama. See http://www.flickr.com/photos/brixton/3005989948/

  342. A BORDER COLLIE!!!!

    they are so smart in wonderful!!!


  343. I think they should adopt a rescue puppy also, but a brussel griffon would be perfect for the girls. The breed is one of the most playful dogs, they love their squeaky toys and love to fetch!

  344. i think whatever the girls want they should get two OBAMA ROCKS

  345. obam’ just said in his press conf that they have to have a hypoallergenic breed (I believe that includes poodles, though I have a hard time picturing any American president with one), though they would prefer one from a shelter. Otherwise, I would vote for corgi!

  346. I vote for a miniature schnauzer or a Maltese, because Obama said a while back that one of his children have bad allergies, thus preventing them from being able to get a shelter/mutt dog. Schnauzers and Maltese are both VERY good choices for folks with allergies, and they’re loads of fun, too.

  347. Definitely a rescued puppy!!

  348. They made a commitment to get a rescued puppy! (I think to Best Friends?)

  349. A shelter dog! Maybe one that’s there because of the mortgage/foreclosure/financial crisis.

  350. The Obama family needs to get a cairn terrier from the cairn rescue. These dogs are so sweet and playful. They are also extremely smart. We love our cairn, Penny Lane. Cairns are also hypoalergenic which is wonderful because we have a daughter that is very allergic.

  351. A Newfoundland, the best dog for families and great with little kids. Plus they’re gentle giants and would look uber cute with the little girls.

  352. They need to rescue a dog from the pound or from a rescue group!

  353. Pomeranians…they’re my favourite, but loads of folks think they’re not real dogs, just because one or two celebrities carry them around, but they are the cutest dogs by far.

  354. Pomeranians…they’re my favourite, but loads of folks think they’re not real dogs, just because one or two celebrities carry them around, but they are the cutest dogs by far.