I dare you to take this to Starbucks

See if you can get your free cup of coffee. GO ON TRY IT!!! [pushing you forward]

Print it out on a blank sticker sheet and GO!!!



  1. P. Erasmus says:

    stoated? ok…

  2. At 8:30 this morning, before I even visited Cute Overload, I made my status on Facebook say, “Vote! Vote! Vote! Like a baby stoat!” 🙂

  3. I wish!!
    Look what I made 🙂
    I actually only voted in school…..not old enough for real vote 😀

  4. I stoated early this morning. Too late for coffee, adrenaline should be enough.

  5. mini?

  6. Jess – Haha, glad to see I’m not the only one. XD Granted mine was on LJ at midnight last night, but still.

  7. Stoat stoat stoat like a baby goat? No seriously – great sticker, I don’t even need the freebies.

  8. You really, REALLY want me to go to Starbucks with that on?
    BUT-BUT-BUT I-I-I-I- oh its useless.
    Ill go.
    *walks out door*
    AWW MAN!!
    *sees starbucks across street*

  9. muttluver says:

    I didn’t vote… I’s still too little to vote. 😦 I would say more, but I don’t want to start a commentroversy.

  10. AuntieMame says:

    There are few things I wouldn’t do for CO.

    Go to Starbucks is one of them…


  11. I dunno, I’m not a big Starbucks fan, but I could see going with an “I Stoated” sticker, y’know, to see what reaction I’d get. With a camera.

  12. fish eye no miko says:

    @muttluver: What’s controversial about being too young to vote? The fact that you’re here, and talking about voting, is enough. I’m sure you’ll be a fine voter when you’re old enough. ^_^

  13. Meg, you SO rock!!!

    Meg for Secretary of Cuteness and Humor in Mr.Obama’s new cabinet!!!


  14. I want an “I stoated” steeker.

  15. I “stoated” for my first time today :]. *applause*

  16. O say, does that Starbucks-spangled banner yet wave,
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the latte’?

  17. Teho – If you came into my store, I’d give you a coffee.




  20. Yay!!!

  21. chicken1mama says:

    Not fair, miles and miles away from the nearest Starbucks and nobody around here gives out stickers for voting. Guess I’ll just have go cuddle with my puppy dogs.

  22. I took it to Starbucks, as a joke, and got myself a free cup of joe. No lie, guys.

  23. oaklandcat says:

    Yay!!!!! Just, YAY!!!!!!11!!

  24. I stoated for Barack. The guy in line in front of me had never voted before. We waited on line for two and a half hours, chatting and getting more psyched to vote. He waited for me after I had posted my ballot, and gave me a big hug! Total stranger. 🙂 Now I’m watching Harlem, Times Square, Grant Park … it blows my mind. I’m so proud of my country!!

  25. Stephanie C. says:

    I stoated early. Yay!

  26. Puppies for everyone!

  27. Screw Starbucks, break out the champagne!

  28. temperance says:

    i decided to google ‘baby stoat’. whoa. not only was it used by many to encourage tonight’s election, people are using ‘vote vote vote like a baby stoat’ for all sorts of contests.

    meg, you are truly changing the language of the world. i stand in awe of your genius.

    have any of your words made it into the dictionary yet? seriously, it’s only a matter of time…

  29. Sonia — YES! That was like a Cute Overload shoutout to the whole WORLD!!

    Sorta. 😉

  30. Temperance — I’ve got a backlog of Glossary updates, I know. Votin’ and Stoatin’ (and its various alternate forms) *will* be there.

  31. My calendar reminder to vote today said “VOTE VOTE VOTE”.

  32. Breaking news: President-elect Obama is taking a puppy to the White House!

  33. Yeah, Alex, he and Michelle promised the girls they could have a puppy if Daddy got to run for president. He had to quit smoking and promise a puppy, so they let him run. 😀

  34. Alex — Sonia scooped you, but what the hey, the Obamas will be doing the scooping soon enough. 😉

    (Presumably they’ll do at least SOME of the puppy training & cleanup.)

  35. With liberty and puppehs for all!

    [Oh beautiful, for puppy eyes, for amber fur in rain; for muddy pawpads on the rug — oh crap, that’s gonna stain… – Ed.]

  36. I’m glad we are all here to share this historic occasion together. Now it’s on to…

    Stoat 2012!

  37. balamuthia says:

    Ahahaha, hovertext is full of WIN!!

  38. Saski! Great poster!

  39. HEHE
    I love you guys!

  40. dang! not only did I wake up early to go stoat.

    I’ve been saying “vote vote vote like a baby stoat” for a couple weeks now to EVERYONE, including twitter, facebook, and my blog….
    and several other fora…

  41. As a Starbucks employee may I just say how much I wish I saw someone wearing this! Not only would you have gotten your free coffee but I would have bought you anything you wanted in the store just for wearing it lol.

  42. berthaservant says:

    Way to go, America! You really ba-racked the stoat!


  43. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Saski: I think I see a politics in your future!! Or maybe, art? Great job!

    @pyrit: You’re keeeeling me with your comments!!!

  44. I love Starbucks, cos it’s where I first met my other half “in real life”. Oh, and the gingerbread lattes are nice too.

  45. Emma, you are AWESOME! 😀

  46. temperance says:

    dude- i’m thinkin’ BIG, like the Oxford English Dictionary or Webster’s.

    Theo, you are helping to make history.

    Something tells me ‘baroo’ will be first…

  47. Welshcake says:

    I couldn’t stoat because I’m British but I tewtally would have stoated for Obama and I’m very happy he has won. Congrats America!!

  48. Temperance: It’ll be “snorgle” for certain. I’m calling it.

  49. http://img219.imageshack.us/my.php?image=fuzz08bd1.jpg

    A Vote for Lord Fuzzington is a vote for kittens.

  50. Congrats from us Brits America you made the right choice! <3

  51. I sang “vote vote vote, like a baby stoat” all the way to the polling place.

  52. There was no waiting in line to stoat last night, although it was almost literally the last minute (I squeaked into the polls a few minutes after 6 pm). I’m proud to say I cast my leetle stoat…I mean, vote.

  53. temperance says:

    wouldn’t it be ironic, theo, if *bleen* made it… ‘first!’ ?

  54. I’d vote for Fuzzington.

  55. @Charlie,

    Who can forget the headline in UK four years ago? The thing is, people are not stupid, it’s just that everyone has biases in their thinking. And for many people, their party is like their local sports team. They support it uncritically, no matter how good or bad they are. Outside of sports, this is not a good thing to do, but that’s how people are.

    Sometimes things have to go really badly, for really long time, before it pierces through those biases, and compel people to rationally do what is necessary. Change is hard.

  56. 260Oakley says:

    @Saski: Excellent votin’ stoat! Maybe the Obamas should consider getting a stoat instead of a puppy…The Stoat of State.

  57. ThreeCatNight says:

    I was singing the “stoat song” around my apartment last night before the tallies came in on TV. But I wouldn’t wish Starbucks coffee on a stoat or anyone else, for that matter. It’s awful!!

  58. muttluver says:

    Fish eye no miko: What would have started a commentroversy was my feelings on the way the election went. By the way, did most of the peeps on here vote for Obama?

  59. muttluver says:

    Paul: So would I! Elmo for Prez! Elect Alvin and the Chipmunks!

  60. So, even though I was a day late, I took the dare this morning. Printed out my “I Stoated” badge, put on my Hammiepants T-shirt, and headed over to the Starbucks by the Eagan transit station (it’s the closest). Didn’t exactly work, alas… but they *did* get a good laugh out of it & took down CuteOverload.com to look up later.

    No free Starbucks coffee, but I had an OK mocha, did a little CO evangelizing, and nobody got hurt. 😉

  61. Last night at 8:01pm PDT was the happiest moment of my life. I stoated for Obama, too, OF COURSE! I’ll pass on the overpriced mud, though, thanks. And I hope and pray the Obamas rethink the canine idea. A CAT would be so much nicer — more elegant, cleaner, more beautiful, classier, and cats are very highly regarded in Kenya, while dogs are reviled. Very wise folks, the Kenyans.

  62. I can’t speak to how many baristas would get the joke, but I for one would squee if someone had come into my store with that sticker 🙂

    As it was, yesterday was TEH WORST DAY EVAR at work. oh my god.

  63. temperance says:

    not cute, jmuhj.

    besides- he’s already promised his children a puppy, not a kitty. they want a dog. do you want him to start breaking his promises right away?

  64. BEST

    I lol-ed at my very respectable workplace. 🙂

  65. I work at Starbucks and I’d give you a free grande for being that awesome.

  66. ANd yes, it was stupid busy and annoying at work yesterday.

  67. Anyone else read the sticker and immediately picture a kitten, paw over mouth, and a caption that said “Excuse me”.

    Just me then?

  68. I’d vote for Fuzzington, but only because Winston didn’t run.

  69. lol!

  70. I dunno about the dictionary, but I just saw “redonkulous” on a billboard for the new movie “Bolt.” Only they spelled it wrong – “redonculous.” So very wrong. BTW all you Starbucks folks, thank you, even though I didn’t go get my free cuppa.

  71. totalee puppy says:

    pyrit-“the latte”-excellent!

  72. if i were american i TOTALLY would!! especially for the free starbucks!

  73. I was totally saying “Vote vote vote like a baby stoat!” to everyone all day… and having to explain it each time, too!

  74. As a shift supervisor (and coffee master) at Starbucks, all this Starbucks hatin’ makes me sad. We offer free coffee to voters, at a loss of millions of dollars for us, only to receive such harsh words? Sad. No one’s forcing you to have a free drink, after all.
    I didn’t work Tuesday, but I brought in cupcakes for my overworked baristas. Poor kids.