And The Winner Is…

As the entries poured in for our game of Trivial Fursuit (bada bing, Allison Y.!), one thing became clear: Those who love Teh Qte are Teh Smrt. Out of over 540 entries in 8 hours, most of you displayed your Google and Wikipedia skills command of knowledge flawlessly.

Our winner, randomly selected from all correct entries, is Arbed. Congratulations! 

Now, the answers:
( G ) What big cat lives in the Himalayas at altitudes up to 20,000 feet?  The Snow Leopard

Duz we getz kalinder, too?

(  E ) What TV character was pursued by a policeman named Dibble?  Top Cat

Now, imagine this walnut is your brain, see ...

(  H ) Who was the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office under Margaret Thatcher and John Major?  Humphrey

I am NOT amused.

( AL ) What author’s museum is home to many six-toed cats?  Ernest Hemingway

The Old Man And Teh Qte

( SN ) What are the collective names for a group of cats and a group of kittens?  Preferred answers: clowder and kindle, respectively, but we also accepted cluster, clutter, glaring, kendle, nuisance and pounce.

Not chowder, you idiot!  CLOWDER!!

( SL ) What game involves cat’s eyes?  Marbles

I think you lost these. (*snerk*)

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated! If you’d like to see more competishes, let us know in the Comments!



  1. won’t say b word. yes! more furry contests

    [Teh Mod is pleased… – Ed.]

  2. berthaservant says:

    OH!! OH!! OH!!!

    (Raising hand “Horshack”-style).


    (I even knew five of the answers to this w/o the google by the way).

  3. YAY and YIPPEE!!!! I knew I liked you for a reason, NTMTOM! 😉

  4. Melanie H. says:

    More contests definitely!

  5. yes! please! more contests 🙂

    I am so disappointed that I didn’t win… next time, possiblez?

  6. We can haz moar contestz, plz?

  7. Michelle S says:

    grats Arbed! Yay for competischons!

  8. Michelle S says:

    The two I didn’t know were Top Cat and Humphrey (although he looks more like a Harumph-ery).

  9. AuntieMame says:

    Yay for Arbed!

    Extra credit: After whom was Humphrey the No. 10 Downing Street cat named?

  10. Mary (the first) says:

    I also didn’t know Top Cat and Humphrey. More competishes is always good! Love the games! I did not know Google and Wikipedia were legit or I might have entered.

  11. Courtney Fishaahhh says:

    YES! more cuhmpetishions!

    tehehe i got them all right =D

  12. This was fun! More please. -)

  13. KittehMamax3 says:

    Yeah. I knew I was right, but the hubbie told me I got Top Cat wrong and that it was Hep Cat. Please, can we have more, sir? I need to be able to say thhhhppppbbbbtttt to the hubbie more often when he’s SO wrong…

  14. Yes please!

  15. moar plz kthx

  16. KentuckyKitty says:

    Please oh please more competishes please!!


  17. Yes Yes Yes. more trivia please.

  18. Cute Overload : Increasing your general knowledge, one (snow leopard)kitteh at a time

    Yay for the winner!

  19. Hey, you’ve got a primo idea for ‘nuther whole C.O. calendar with Trivial Fursuit! So… TWO calendars next year?

    Oh, and yes plz, more competishes.

    The answers are the best part …

  20. Yah for competitions!

  21. Gail (the first one) says:

    Congrats, Arbed!

    I didn’t know the Top Cat and Humphrey ones, either…

  22. ey, you’ve got a primo idea for ‘nuther whole C.O. calendar with Trivial Fursuit! So… TWO calendars next year?

    Oh, and yes plz, more competishes.
    The answers are the best part …

  23. More! More! More!

    (I knew the marble one. But the others I woulda had to look up.)

  24. Aww, I was so hoping I’d win after the Phillies and Obama did. Nonetheless, congrats to Arbed! Enjoy your calender!

    I’d love more competitions, this one was fun, I learned a lot, and I had something to look forward to all day.

  25. misscrisp says:

    Ummm, so, is that a picture of chowder…somehow referring to clowder? And is nuisance a joke answer, or a real name for a group of kittens? Or…both? LOL

  26. sizzle komizzle says:

    Yes! More contests!!!

  27. Trivia is hot!

  28. Gabby Smith says:

    Contests are always teh awesome. Also more pictures of sooooper cute kittehs!

  29. Yes, please, more contests.

    Haiku Contest?

    To set the mood, imagine if you will, a single perfect cherry blossom floating in a bowl of warm sake, and to the faint strains of samisen music:

    Screen light flickers on/
    Miffed Winston, ‘tocks, plinks: brain ‘splodes/
    Cute Overloaded.

    5/7/5, beeyotches!
    Served! Woot!

  30. Nice Haiku!! 5/7/5 with brain ‘splodes!

  31. That was fun, (I sat on the sidelines, I didn’t know Humphrey, but that was fun!

    I guess more competishes could be fun,I doubt I’d play, thought, just watch!

    Thank you for teh fun!

  32. I forgot to close my parens-sorry. here it is…).

    Have a great hope-filled day, Peeps!

  33. Bummer, dude. I got the last one wrong! I put in “Cat’s Eye” because there was a game from the late 70s/early 80s called “Cat’s Eye” that had ‘cats’ eyes’ in it.

  34. @Arbed: Kewell, and goodonyer, mite.

    @NTMTOM: Lurve the competishes – I try to never lose an opportunity to learn something new, and competishes are a kewell way to do that.

  35. I had to look them all up, except for marbles!
    Congrats Arbed!

    And, yes please, can we have some more???

  36. Bah – foiled in my attempt to get a CO calendar. AND I knew all of them apart from the collective noun for kittehs…

  37. I got all of them except the last one. I didn’t even think of marbles! I used to play a string game called cat’s cradle and while you’re going through it you make cat eyes with the string. Oh well! It was still a lot of fun. 🙂

  38. Top Cat!! yay! That was my favorite cartoon was I was a kid.

  39. I loved the competition! It was fun and informative! I would definitely enjoy more games like this!

  40. bring ’em on!

  41. yes please! more furry competishes =D

  42. I loved it, it was a lot of fun! Humphrey was named after Humphrey Appleby from the British comedy Yes, Minister, a hilarious show making fun of bureaucracy and the civil service. The only one I missed was a group of kittens, I said litter. Maybe a doggie competishe would be a good next step 🙂

  43. I didn’t know Top Cat either, yay learning 😛

  44. I got them all right too. and some I knew and some required google foo.

    Yay Arbed…

    and Moar Moar Moar Contests Please!

  45. What does it say about me if my immediate answer to the Geography question was “Ceiling Cat!!!”?

  46. AuntieMame says:

    Ding, ding, ding! Kimberly wins the extra credit prize! Which is…um…well, you done good, Kimberly! *pats you on the back*

    (I lurve Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister!)

  47. Yay, more competishes!!

  48. Note on the Hemingway Museum…
    First of all it’s crap. I grew up in Hemingway’s hometown and he hated it there. Also, i have never ever seen a cat there, though to be fair I haven’t looked very hard. Also in the spirit of fairness there are gillions of six toed cats in Oak Park. So many that they aren’t even very exciting. I have one, he’s a badass rodent killing machine, but he’s an import (from WI but shhh don’t tell the Hemingway stock… they’ll tease him)