It’s Tuesday November 4, People. You know what you must do! [Totally in your face]

Vote, vote vote
like a baby stoat!


Stoat, stoat stoat
Cast a leeetle vote!

Make your voice heard
Ballot or absentee,

When you cast your vote,
That’s stoatmocracy


Get inside that booth,
pull that curtain closed,

Vote Yes on Tasty Rabbits,
No on Den-Wrecking Backhoes

If you have sharp teef,
there’ll be no hanging chads,

Put your paws up,
And high-five my pads!


Votin’ and Stoatin’ pics thanks to Worried stoat by essexjan, Where is my Mum? by John Mickleborough, stoat squared by felt_tip_felon. NTMTOM spotted this glorious one online, Stoat (I was so excited to see this!) by nutmeg66, On the lookout… by law_keven, Babies by ElliotSmith007, and finally, Licky McLickersons via The Pied Piper stoat site.



  1. yes! election day! and cute stoats!

  2. DLR in Canada says:

    Omg, that is such a cute animal! Looks like a ferret, but yet not a ferret. Oh the last picture with its tongue out, that’s tfc (too fricking cute)! Yes, good luck USA on your voting day!

  3. I’ve been waiting for this post for for-evah! (For more reasons to vote, visit my blog).

    I will be Stoat-like in the voting booth tomorrow!

    Let’s do it, America!

  4. In 3.5 hours the polls open here, and I will slip into the booth like a baby stoat heading for home!

  5. Daphne Moss says:

    I done voted already (mail ballot in Oregon), so just wish I coulda voted for deeese here behbeh stoats…


  6. victoreia says:

    I voted last week, I tell you! Please don’t bite my ankle!

  7. Stoats n’ Votes People ^_^

  8. I voted B****es!

  9. Perfect Election Day post ! I voted and stoated two weeks ago, having been goaded and stoated by some voting stoats of our own, over here :

  10. honey baby.. Prop 8 is a huge thing to the GLBT community in California, so even if you didn’t mean it, that yes on 8/beady eyes comment is hurtful to a large portion of your readers.. if you’re in California, please please please vote NO on Prop 8 to protect basic human rights and YES on Prop 2 to protect basic animal rights.


  11. I LOVE STOATS!! I played hide-and-seek with one frolicking among the gnarled root system of an old tree when I was in the Smokies, while hiking the A.T. It’s one of the best memories of my hike!

  12. Stoatys got his beady eyes on you, so get out and vote.

  13. hrh.squeak says:

    I vote YES on beeping all the moist nosicles!

  14. mervtheflamingo says:


    I urge you to look at the hovertext again. I think that was Proposition B for “Beady Eyes” and not Proposition 8.


  15. I already did the early voting thang. Thanks for da bebe stoat piccies!

  16. Coinsidering the election is in November and for head of State wouldn’t Staots in Ermine be more accurate?

  17. Awww…now I want one!

    And I DID vote! Woo absentee! :-p

  18. I stoated today! Spent about an hour in line!

    And that’s totally Proposition B, not 8. No need to get panties in a twisty formation, peoples. 🙂

  19. I’ll be singing this song all day! nice!

  20. Soon I shall stand in line with all the other stoats to cast my vote. Some here in Virginia (and you know who you are) hope the rain will suppress the stoatage, but I am optimistic that such will not be the case.

  21. Early voter here! Do I get a stoat instead of one of those “I voted” stickers?

  22. I love Election Day. It makes me feel all patriotic an’ stuff.

  23. I was in line today at 6:40 AM and there were already 30 stoats ahead of me and many more behind! Yeah, go you votin’ stoats!

  24. Apparently 1/3 of the US population has voted already. Impressive!

    Hey, I ain’t voting if I’m going to get bitten in the ankles!

  25. Go USA on your voting day!!!! This canuck is a’watchin the results with interest – whatever happens, it’s historic!!! I’m so glad there were photos of stoato’s this morno – voto voto voto!!!!

  26. Arrived at polling place at 6:05 AM (polls din’t open til 6:30 AM) and at 6:10 AM there musta been mebbe 50 people behind me….
    No coffee, and NO stoats, bebehs or otherwise, at my polling place, either. Was VERY disappointed, but voted anyway.

  27. I voted and got stoated in the ankle…and I liked it! Everyone remember to be kind to the nice stoats who volunteer time to help us vote.

  28. yankeebird says:

    I’m heading off to the polls to vote now, b***es!

  29. Transpogue says:

    Just finished voting!!

    Sadly, very sadly…no bebeh stoats. 😦

    But I marked my choice so hard with my “special” pen I’m surprised I didn’t tear through the paper. 😉


  30. Lisa (one of several) says:

    Heading out to vote for Obama/Biden here in Indiana today – we may go blue this year!!!!!

    I will wear the stoat bite on my ankle proudly!!

  31. AliceBlue says:

    I VOTED!!!!!!!

    Our polls opened at 7am, when I got in line – at 6am – there were already about 30 people there. By 7 the line snaked around the block and was several hundred people long. Yay!!!

  32. Gail (the first one) says:

    Did my ‘vote, vote, vote—like a baby stoat’ thang on Thursday!

    Get out there, if you haven’t already and participate!!

  33. Ellie in DetroitRockCity says:

    I wants a baby Stoat! Obama all the way baby!

  34. Jenni, Verona, KY says:

    MEG! Best post EVER!!!

    I voted in my teeny tiny town this morning. Got there at 6:20 and got into the booth at 6:45. It was a breeze! I’d love to trade my “I Voted” sticker for a baby stoat bite!

  35. Janewineboxhab says:

    Vote, Vote, Vote!!
    Don’t be a Fainting Goat!

  36. I’m a Virginia voter, and I voted (in the fog). Not a big turnout yet, but we shall see (we’re pretty rural).

    Rasputin the Stoat is also a Virginian (at least his creators are) – make him proud!

  37. I voted last week. Woohoo! Where’s my baby stoat?

  38. I voted! can i has a baby stoat nao?? pleez?

  39. It’s “vote vote vote LIKE a baby stoat”, not “we’ll GIVE you a stoat if you say you voted”. Freeloaders. Harrumph.


    I live in metro NYC, I am very scared to see what the polling place will be like when I head over after work!

  41. WOW! When I opened my eyes this morning, I said “Vote Vote Vote! Like a baby stoat!”
    I ran to the ‘puter like it was Xmas morning, and there he was– my favorite electioneering tiny mustelid!!!! And his friends!

  42. We’re donning our baby stoat costumes and voting, voting, voting!

  43. vote vote vote!
    like a long-eared goat!

  44. Hey no fair! Us early voters didn’t get the free coffee, the donuts, the baby stoats….

  45. This made my morning!!!
    So cute!
    I love the poem/song thingy too!

  46. I voted! Yay absentee mail-in early ballots! No excuses that way. Get out there peeps – the only way you get complaining rights about whoever wins (crosses fingers for the right candidate) is to put your choice out there.

  47. Yet another Lisa says:

    I was very glad to see this since I’ve had “Vote Vote Vote Like A Baby Stoat” stuck in my head for 3 days…

  48. Vote if you wanna
    like an itteh bitteh Llama!

  49. I woke up singing this song today. Rock the vote, peeps.

  50. you don’t need to explain
    if you vote like a babeh crane

  51. I told my husband this morning (before he left at 6:30) to go VOTE like a Stoat. He looked at me kind of funny. Then I said, “Ok, like a baby stoat? I guess that’s cuter…” And I still got a funny look. Oh well.
    I will go vote like a baby stoat at 10:30!

  52. (Psst, Theo, spelling error in hovertext for pic 5?)

  53. m in athens says:

    I’ve got so much politics in tha brain that I thought Prop B was Prop 8 at first, too, and I was all, nuh uuunnh!! But then I realized that it was a B (like beady) and the pure and unbridled joy of stoatin’ was restored. And I don’t even live in California.

    Go Vote, Y’all!

  54. >>It’s “vote vote vote LIKE a baby stoat”, not “we’ll GIVE you a stoat if you say you voted”. Freeloaders. Harrumph.< <

    Boy, is he STRICT!
    (tm “Blazing Saddles”)

  55. I hope you brought enough stoats for everyone then, J.Bo.

  56. Seven Paws says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. My election day is now complete! I was hoping for the baby stoat pix again.

    And despite giant lines at every other precinct at my polling place…I waited for approximately 30 seconds!

  57. Wow, stoats look like otters. That makes their cuteness rise into the stratosphere.

    Here’s hoping that my Yankee neighbours do the right thing and choose wisely today. Hope over fear!

    A Canuck

  58. Lisa (one of several) says:

    Theo – since I don’t get a stoat for just getting out the vote, do I get a llama since I voted for Obama???

  59. What the heck is a stoat? It looks like a mongoose or something. (Hmm – Ricky Ticky Tavi) Cute, though, surely.

  60. Stoat rhymes with vote, OK.
    But llama? Crane?
    I’m stoatally stumped.

  61. BeckyMonster says:

    That last little guy is all “Tastes like victory bitches!”

    I voted last week too, no lines for me today!

  62. momof2kitties says:

    I’m going to vote this afternoon.

    I’ll be waiting for my bebeh stoat, Theo, preferably with a big bow on top of his fuzzular stoat-y head.


  63. momof2kitties says:

    Did anybody else notice the nomming going on in the Future Stoat Voters HQ? I want in on that action!!


    Votin’ & Stoatin’! I made m’self a sticker for my car. And an Undecided For Obama one.

  65. metsakins says:

    As I waited for this page to load (slow work computer) I said there better be baby stoats up there, and thank you Meg, the post is excellent.

    About 50 miles north of NYC there were no lines at 8AM this morning, the only delay I had was a first time voter in front of me had questions. (Yay for first time voters.)

    No stickers, but there was a bake sale!

  66. Vote Vote Vote!
    Like a baby stoat!
    Vote Vote Vote!
    Go put on your coat!
    Vote Vote Vote!
    By truck or car or boat!
    Vote Vote Vote!
    Take a cow or goat!

  67. Von Zeppelin says:

    The pundits are saying this whole election will turn on the get-out-the-stoat effort. Whatever your party or candidate, take time to drive a stoat to the polls. Call the stoats in your neighborhood. Help elderly and disabled stoats mark their ballots. It’s the American way!

    Besides, if we don’t all do our part, those weasels will win.

  68. Meg for Prime Minister of hovertext!

  69. Let’s see, got up at 4. Brought Killer Corgi’s younger older brother to work at the polls(!)at 5:15, voted at 6, (I was the first in line and voted first!), set up a bake sale at 6:10 at a third voting place, just came home to let Killer Corgi stretch her legs outside and I’m going to take a nap and go back again later. Ahhhh, good day, good day…have a great election day, peeper stoats!

  70. I voted. I would endure any amount of ankle biting to vote because I’m an American!

  71. Mmmmm, stoat ears… [soft cronshe]

    Got my “I VOTED” sticker on, yeah baybeh.

  72. Hmmm, the time stamp on the CO says 7:10, it is really 10:22 here now!

  73. Bwahahaha! I love everything about this stoat – er, post.

    I stoated two weeks ago myself; no lines!

  74. Is it sad that I have been chanting, “Vote, vote, vote like a baby stoat!” for about a month now?

  75. I voted, bitches!

    By the way, my husband and I have been doing the stoat chant all morning, even though we hadn’t seen this post yet.

  76. ThreeCatNight says:

    At 7a.m. this morning,
    I did vote,
    And I just dote,
    Upon that stoat!

  77. Stoat early, stoat often!

  78. Eep… yeah. I had to do a double-take on Prop B, too. I saw some people actually did think you put Prop 8.

    Wondering if you should change it to avoid confusion.

  79. @Theo: *tthhhhhhhbbbbbpt!*

    party pooper! *hmmph*

  80. STO’BAMA!

  81. I’m votin’ Winston/Maru ’08! 😀

  82. The ermines and I all voted last Thursday, but we’re wearing our “I voted early” stickers to let everyone know!

  83. Oh, I was so hoping the baby stoatage would be here today! Gonna do my civic duty when I get off work (why, yes, I AM a procrastinator). Got a book and my iPod ready for line-waiting, plus comfy shoes.

  84. No on 8 Bitches!

    But Yes on “B” (Beady eyes for all)


  85. I can’t vote ’til this evening – too late for my free Starbuck’s! 😦

  86. Vote NO on Tasty Rabbits!!! Joe the Rabbit doesn’t want you taxing extra on his tastiness. VOTE YES ON 3! We need more ‘tocks! MORE I SAY !!!

  87. I voted! Stoaty stoated! 🙂

  88. michellemybelle says:

    I’ve been a baby stoat for 2 weeks – voted early! And I’m in Chicago, not going to the rally, but I can totally feel the excitement in the air!

  89. Awww! They are truly adorabuhls!

    In other news, Barack the vote! Gobama! I’m not even American…

  90. @ michellemybelle – I voted two weeks ago in Chicago as well, and sadly they weren’t handing out stoats for votes at the polling place I went to. Didn’t even get a sticker – they just hand out “receipts,” where’s the fun in that?!
    (Although I wonder if I can use that receipt for a refund later if needed…)

  91. I also live in Chicago and the excitement is amazing here! Please please please vote NO on prop 8! 🙂 Go vote like a stoat!!! 🙂

  92. What rhymes with peep?
    Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!

  93. I voted! Please post my baby stoat. kthxbai

  94. I marked “VOTE VOTE VOTE LIKE A BABY STOAT!” on my online work calendar … have already received several “WTF?” e-mails from people who’ve checked my schedule.

    Did my part to make history AND made others go “BAROO?” Yeah, that’s a hella good day. 🙂

  95. Beth (in NC) says:

    I started singing this song right when I was about to click on CO… and there it was! yaaaay! My favorite song!

    Barack the Vote indeed! I canvassed last night and things were looking good. Here’s to crossing fingers…

  96. I wrote this last week but since it has been called for:

    Remember in Ohio
    When Hillary stole the show
    It’s better here and now,
    I feel that good today.

    I’d like to take a walk
    To the booth just down the block
    I really got some news
    I met a man for hope.
    He picked up all my guitars
    And played me traveling songs.

    And when we got on ship
    He brought out
    something for the trip
    And said, It’s old but it’s good
    Like any other Democrat would.

    We’re gonna vote Obama
    From Maine to Texarkana
    We’re gonna need him good
    In our old neighborhood
    We’re gonna need him good
    In my old neighborhood.


  98. jennyjaco says:

    I voted, b*****s!

  99. Clearly I’ve been brainwashed by CO… I put “VOTE VOTE VOTE LIKE A BABY STOAT” into my Google Calendar 2 weeks before early voting started.

    Can someone photoshop an “I Voted” sticker onto a stoat, please?

  100. I wanted to wear my “I voted early” sticker, but my son put it in his pocket and took it to school. Now it won’t stick to anything. 😦 Maybe I’ll make my own!

    Go vote, ermines!!

  101. Evilmissmonkey says:

    I send this to my sister, and she responded with a poem:

    sweet baby stoats, theyz can fit into my totes.
    if they had saddles, they could ride goats.
    when they get cold, I’d put em in my coat. i
    I wonder in history if they ever took over boats…
    If I got sick, on me would they dote?
    I will not build a house that would have a moat.
    I bet if you bought one of those, it would cost you a note.

    hee 🙂

  102. VOTED! Now I am stoated to see landslide reports! (fingers crossed)

  103. staticgirl says:

    I also hope the citizenry of the US vote like a baby stoat too. You seem so much more ‘into it’ than we do in the uk. Still if we had ‘Vote like a baby stoat’ posters for our contests maybe more of us would get excited!

  104. Mary (the first) says:

    I was so hoping for stoat pix today! I hollered out “VOTE VOTE VOTE LIKE A BABY STOAT!” at my chorus rehearsal last night and they all looked at me “huh??” but I don’t care. I was excited. I have to drop off my ballot .. mail in here but I didn’t want to mail, I wanted to go stand in the booth, by the time I realized there were not going to be booths it was too late to mail so now I have to drive it over and put into the box.. TMI..I am rambling, sorry. Anyway I will be voting in a bit and no “I VOTED” sticker but I am wearing my flag pin in honor of today.
    I just hope the results are what I want. (crossing fingers)

  105. that third picture is BEAUTIFUL!

    What’s the difference between a stoat and a weasel? Do we have them in the US?

  106. Votin’ and a stoatin! I was hoping for stoats on CU today.

  107. That’s CO, Carol. :ahem:

  108. What’s the difference between a stoat and a weasel?

    Weasels are weasely distinguished, while stoats are stoatally different.

  109. The difference between a stoat? Nothing — stoat, weasel, and ermine are all the same animule. At least, according to Wikipedia they are.

  110. GOBAMA!! BAROO!!

    Oh, um, I mean: those stoats sure are adorkable….

  111. Oops. Make that “the difference between a stoat AND A WEASEL” up there. Stupid fingers get so caught up in typing they don’t listen to my brain!! 😀

  112. AuntieMame says:

    Rats, the next thread is already closed. I wanted to tell people how to avoid wedge issues (undies with better backal coverage). Vote your conscience, people! And don’t whinge when your candidate loses.

  113. and what about a fewett??

  114. Um, I’m all for stoat votin’, but Tasty Rabbits? Surely that was a misprint!!???!!! Wasn’t it?

  115. fish eye no miko says:

    Kar said: “Hey no fair! Us early voters didn’t get the free coffee, the donuts, the baby stoats….”

    Didn’t you get a “I voted” sticker in the mail or something? I know my sister and her hubby did. If you have that, you can get the free stuff.

  116. temperance says:

    my husband added ‘b***es!’ to his “i voted” sticker.

  117. AuntieMame says:

    Some people got their sticker in the mail with their absentee ballot. It might depend where you are. (Although my ballot was in a batch that got “lost” and had to be reprinted, so that may be why mine didn’t have a sticker.)

  118. PJ – Stoats eat small mammals like rabbits so i’m guessing it wasn’t a misprint.

  119. Jennie Mello says:

    I knew a den-wrecking back hoe once, but she didn’t get my stoat.

  120. Well, it’s like the old saying goes: If you’re an early stoat, there’s no line to vote.

    Which was why I cast my vote for Stoatbama two weeks ago.

  121. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOO – Even better, bebeh stoats!

  122. I voted on Saturday and still got coffee and donuts. Much appreciated after waiting two hours in the rain! No sticker though, but now there are stoats so I am content.

  123. Horray for democracy! And a special thanks to everyone working the polls today, making it all possible.

    (And, as a bonus, at the retirement center where I voted all the feral cats were out snacking on the little bowls of kibble they put out each morning. And one calico guy sitting on the roof making sure we were all heading for the polling place.)

  124. I actually said to myself as I walked in the rain to my voting place “Vote, vote, vote like a baby stoat!” and then I came to work and there were the baby stoats!

  125. yyyesss !
    i love this song !
    I rememeber it from some other voting thingg .

  126. “one stoat-vote in the hand is worth 4 years repairing from Bush”
    (it’s a stretch, but it was the best i could do amidst pre-wedding tasks… including voting!!) and, i’ve been chanting “vote vote vote like a baby stoat stoat stoat!” to my fiance-who-turns-husband-on-saturday all week… which is silly, because he’s british, and can’t vote… but it’s a damned addictive and motivating little chant, i tell you!

  127. All day — since long before I checked C.O. — I’ve had “vote, vote, vote!” stuck in my head, kind of a chant. I like to say “Cast a leetle vote!”

  128. FYI – all those places handing out free goodies today have to hand them out to EVERYONE. It’s illegal to trade favors for voting, so we all get free Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s, etc., etc. With our without sticker!

  129. In honour of election day, stoats, and all things hopeful, I’d like to share a blog I found yesterday through Salon. Check this out:

    And then look at the rest of the pictures. Could I please come down from Canada and cast a leetle vote for this guy?

  130. I voted beaches!

  131. Sharon Wilson says:

    It’s the Baron Weasel from “My Side of the Mountain!”

  132. “I’m gonna bite your ankles in the voting booth”.

    I’m Canadian, but I wish I could vote just so that could happen.

  133. I am Canadian but I want a vote and a baby stoat!

  134. jen — hilarious! they even link to the CO glossary for “baroo”

  135. fish eye no miko, I did get a coveted peach sticker (Georgia’s the peach state) but if I’d known, I wouldn’t have worn it two weeks ago.

    I could try with it today but I’m not sure that the stoat people would accept a clearly old sticker.

  136. Cute as can be, but a real badass.

  137. I voted because you told me to, you insanely cute baby stoat, you!

  138. I’d vote even if I DIDN’T care, with these guys exhorting me!

    But since I DO care, I have voted and you should too, people!


  139. I voted at 8:00 am and as I was dressing my 14 month old son, I sang: “Mommy’s gonna vote,vote,vote like a baby stoat!”

    He was unimpressed.

  140. fish eye no miko says:

    Woo-hoo! I voted, b*****s!
    /points to “I Voted” sticker on my t-shirt

  141. warrior rabbit says:

    I heard there were lines at my polling place this morning (and it was raining!), but I went around 3 and there was no wait at all. And no rain.

    I voted, b**ches! Yeah!

    Now, will there be a line at Ben & Jerry’s? I may not want ice cream that bad. (I certainly don’t *need* ice cream, or so my waist tells me.)

  142. I’ve known some den-wrecking backhoes xP

  143. Me too! I had the chant in my head too! So I’m so glad to see the leetle guy here too.

    Was at polling place right at 7 this am, took about 1/2 hour to get through, and wore my sticker with pride all day. Last time I was in-country for one of these things was in 1988 for Bush Sr. Proud to be American, proud to be back!

  144. Your photoshop delivered! 🙂 I didn’t really do much….copy and pasted! Plus and I added a flag… help the colour scheme! … Anyways, hope you like it!

  145. EaterofShades says:

    I was expecting something involving stoats, voting and cuteness a little sooner.

    : )

  146. fish eye no miko says:

    @kar: Oh, crap.. Yeah, not knowing about these specials, I can see why you did that. Well, drat. )-:

  147. Raemie L. says:

    Voted today – stoatally had to check in on CO. 🙂

  148. All day yesterday I had “vote vote vote like a baby stoat” in my head, and now this! wonderful.