I Think I’m Having A Wedge Issue

Hey, peeps!  While we sweat out the election results, test your trivia chops and you might win a Cute Overload Page-A-Day Calendar 2009! (rules below)

(  G ) What big cat lives in the Himalayas at altitudes up to 20,000 feet?
(  E ) What TV character was pursued by a policeman named Dibble?
(  H ) Who was the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office under Margaret Thatcher and John Major?
( AL ) What author’s museum is home to many six-toed cats?
( SN ) What are the collective names for a group of cats and a group of kittens?
( SL ) What game involves cat’s eyes?


Umm ... Egg salad?  James Bond?  The Ming Dynasty?  Guam?


  1. Entries must be received by 9 PM PST, Nov. 4, 2008.
  2. One entry per person, please.
  3. One winning entry will be selected at random from correct entries.
  4. Contest open to all except employees of CuteLabs, their immediate families and illegitimate children; people who talk in movie theaters; door-to-door harmonica salesmen; and penguins.
  5. Entries will be judged by NTMTOM, whose decision is fatal.

Q: Who’s an awesome sender-inner?  A: Vanessa P.

// UPDATE: Comments are closed so as to not give away answers! //



  1. IMPORTANT: Don’t post your answers in this thread, e-mail them to the address shown above. Have fun and good luck!

  2. Mike’s decision is fatal? Getting a little power-hungry are we?

  3. I have to admit that is a beautiful cat. Downy even.

  4. How fun! I know the answer to the last question without looking it up, but the rest, I would seriously have to research!!!

    VOTED, by the way, AND, I got a 2nd CO calendar yesterday for my birthday!!!

  5. Nomtom’s comic genius never ceases to amaze.

  6. nom tom’s decision is FATAL!

    Alas, I only know one of them.

  7. I know all of ’em except for E.
    Um, not to tell you how to do your job or anything, because you know, postingks, yer doon it rite, BUT, you better do one of those “comments to this post are closed” here or peeps are going to post the answers! Ya think?

  8. People who talk in movie theaters go to the Special Hell…

  9. @pyrit: That’s a good suggestion. Commenting on this post is closed.

    [Dang, you’re fast — I was *just* doing that! – Ed.]